Stargate Atlantis

Season 4 Episode 13


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 18, 2008 on Syfy



  • Quotes

    • (The self-destruct alarm has gone off. Ronon and Doctor Keller are in the Infirmary. Ronon is trying to get the door open)
      Keller: Ronon, we've already tried. It's not gonna open!
      Ronon: We'll just have to blast a hole in it!
      Keller: With what? You don't have your gun.
      Ronon: Got any C4 in here?
      Keller: In the Infirmary?
      Ronon: Anything we can use to act as an explosive?
      Keller: I don't know, oxygen tanks, maybe?
      Ronon: Sheriff Brody did in that movie...Jaws!
      Keller: Yeah, I know, I've seen it. What are you...?
      (Picks up an oxygen tank)
      Ronon: Alright, all we need is a gun to shoot it with. You got one in here?
      Keller: Again, Infirmary, not armory.