Stargate Atlantis

Season 5 Episode 15


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 14, 2008 on Syfy
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While exploring the mainland of Atlantis' planet, Sheppard is captured by a foe believed to be long dead. Meanwhile, Woolsey's job is at risk and he has an important decision to make and McKay and Zelenka make an interesting undersea discovery.

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  • A slight disappointment

    The previous episode was fairly intense, even as predictable as it was, so it's a bit of a letdown to see the writers stray back into less interesting territory. Episodes like this make me wonder if the studio wasn't right to put an end to "Atlantis" and option a new series with a broader premise. It's getting harder and harder to tell stand-alone stories with genuine surprises. Much like the Star Trek franchise, it may be time to shake things up a bit.

    The most interesting element of the episode was Woolsey's realization that he was sent to Team Atlantis as a puppet of the IOA, and they are not happy with his quick and responsive independence. Woolsey, despite the fears of the entire team (and most of the audience) has been a capable commander. He's a bit naïve at times, but that only serves to make the character more endearing in the end.

    Frankly, I was expecting a lot more time to be spent this season on the struggles with the IOA and the general impression that Team Atlantis is a collective of loose cannons. Bringing it up this late in the season was therefore a bit of a shock, even if it was a welcome chance for Woolsey to defend himself and show loyalty to his people.

    Unfortunately, Sheppard's apparent encounter with Kolya was only fun until the point where John lost a hand. At that point, it was clear that something else was going on, and that it was probably related to the artifact that Rodney and Radek had recovered. After all, once it was clear that something was unusual about Dr. Conrad, it didn't take long for the pieces to fit together.

    The premise strayed into territory that would have been overly familiar in the Trek universe, so at this point, a lot of people in the audience have seen it all before. I wouldn't say that it made the story entirely predictable, but it did mean that there were few surprises. I'm a sucker for the more thoughtful episodes in the "Stargate" franchise, but this one never went anywhere fresh.

    Which brings me back to where I started. I think that my growing dissatisfaction with this season is not simply a matter of wishing the series had ended on a higher note. I think it's the feeling that the cancellation has placed the remaining episodes under a more critical eye, as I hope for a strong sendoff, and it's not measuring up to expectations. If anything, I might even say there's a hint of complacency in the material. With another season and all the time in the world, that might have been ignored, but now I fear it's glaring. Perhaps shifting to a new series will give the franchise a fresh start and a chance to reshape our expectations.moreless
  • See Summary

    Remnants was a great episode of Stargate Atlantis. This was a fun episode to watch, and it was not exactly easy to figure every thing out before it was revealed. I enjoyed watching this story unfold. An alien device is found on the ocean floor of the planet that Atlantis now resides on. Mr. Woolsey is up for review by the I.O.A. who have sent a representative to make a full report. Unfortunately she has her own agenda, to get Woolsey's job. The alien device had its own A.I. technology and this A.I. connected with Woolsey and Sheppard seperately, and made them both see things. For Woolsey it was a hot woman, for Sheppard it was Colya from the Genii, so it through us all for a loop. The alien device was meant to re-seed a planet to condition it for the rise of Sentient Beings, based on the civilization lost so long ago. This was a cool story, but how often do they change leadership at Atlantis, seriously! Also it was crazy when Sheppard got his hand cut off!!!moreless
  • What seemed like a good episode with flaws ended up a great episode with twists.


    I am really gonna miss this show. I have a hard time being surprised by most TV writing, save for Lost and a little bit of by Heroes this season, but Remnants really gave me a great ride.

    When I saw that Kolya was in tonight's episode during the preview last week, I was certain that it was an hallucination, but after his little explanation, I bought that he was real. Halfway through the episode I was

    ready to lambaste the writers for the exact same problem I had last week; a known, violent, thug leaving our people alive (and in this case stopping the bleeding of a severed arm) when killing them would've made more sense.

    In this case though it was even more logical and had it not been for Michael doing the same last week, maybe I'd have seen it as a clue. I found the last fifteen minutes of this episode delightful; from Woolsey keeping his job, to realizing that Zelenka never actually called Rodney brilliant. I do kind of wish he had told the IOA rep that, while it it would be educational for her to take the leader role and learn that rules and regulations don't cut the mustard in the real world, the Pegasus galaxy might not have time for the learning curve. That being said this was a tremendous episode and I eagerly await the rest of the season and as many SGA movies that they can make.moreless
  • Probably the best episode yet this season.

    *spoilers below*

    While I still feel Robert Picardo is a bit wooden in his performances so far, he gets a good bit of character development in the subplot regarding his future as the commander of Atlantis.

    This was a great way to bring back Kolya, who was an excellent nemesis for Shepard in the first few seasons. The loss of the hand was an intriguing twist in the story, and left me wondering what kind of adjustments Shepard would be going through for the rest of the season. While it was of course "all just a dream"; even after Woolsey's new girl was revealed to be not so real, I did not connect Shepard with having a hallucination until it was revealed.

    Overall, an excellent episode that had many clever twists, with solid performances from Picardo and Flanigan.moreless
  • An old school stargate episode that keeps you thinking til the end.

    Right from the bat I just want to say that I love watching Robert Davi as a bad guy. He's simply cool to watch. This episode reminded me of season 1 of Atlantis and the early years of sg1. McKay finds a device in the ocean while sheppard encounters Koyla again. Meanwhile Woolsey has a smitten relationship with a new member, Vannessa.

    Without giving anything away, the story seems flawed and messy but it all intertwines very nicely at the end. And for me that's what a good mystery does, by placing all the pieces of the puzzle together = giving you a nice fuzzy feeling. I liked the ending when we saw the true nature of the beings. Overall, a classic Stargate episode. I tip my hat to you good sirs and madams.moreless
Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa

Ronon Dex

Rachel Luttrell

Rachel Luttrell

Teyla Emmagan

Joe Flanigan

Joe Flanigan

Major/Lt. Colonel John Sheppard

David Hewlett

David Hewlett

Dr. Rodney McKay

Jewel Staite

Jewel Staite

Dr. Jennifer Keller

Robert Picardo

Robert Picardo

Richard Woolsey

Tamlyn Tomita

Tamlyn Tomita

Chinese Ambassador Shen Xiaoyi

Guest Star

Jonathon Young

Jonathon Young

Dr. Parrish

Guest Star

Anna Galvin

Anna Galvin

Dr. Vanessa Conrad

Guest Star

David Nykl

David Nykl

Dr. Radek Zelenka

Recurring Role

Robert Davi

Robert Davi

Commander Acastus Kolya

Recurring Role

Chuck Campbell

Chuck Campbell


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • It's revealed that the blonde, Swedish, female scientist that has been seen throughout the series has the given name "Ellen".

    • Sheppard: I killed you.
      Kolya: You shot me. There's a difference.
      Sheppard: No – I killed you. Beckett confirmed it – you were dead.

      They are referring to the season 3 episode "Irresponsible."

    • The capsule and the premise of the Humanoid median are very similar to the Stargate SG-1 episode "Scorched Earth," where a large ship had been sent across the Milky Way to search and terraform a planet for a Sulfur based life form, the Gadmeer, as well as all of the organisms of their homeworld and the knowledge of their race.

    • Chronologically, this episode takes place several weeks after "The Prodigal" and nine months since the events of "The Seed."

    • McKay: We need to get rid of it. Look, the energy signature that device is giving off is very similar to one we encountered on M1B-129. It can induce mass hallucinations.

      McKay is referring to the Wraith device in the season 3 episode "Phantoms."

    • Sheppard: (referring to Dr. Parrish's alarming reaction to a plant) Oh god, Lorne warned me about this.

      Sheppard is referring to a scene in the season 2 episode "Runner" in which Dr. Parrish has a similar reaction to the discovery of a rare plant.

  • QUOTES (23)

    • Conrad: I'm sorry I made you doubt your sanity.
      Woolsey: Who are you? What are you?
      Conrad: I'm a physical manifestation of your subconscious romantic and sexual ideals.
      Woolsey: Oh, God...

    • Zelenka: My point is, it wouldn't hurt to be thorough.
      McKay: My point is your point is pointless.

    • McKay (irritably): I'm sorry, you know, I don't mean to complain or anything. It's just that, you know, I have spent the better part of a day making sure this was in working order ... (He gestures at the device.) It'd be kind of nice, you know, just to get a little face time with the...
      (He gestures angrily at the device again.)
      Conrad: Here you are, Doctor McKay.
      (Rodney turns in surprise as he hears her voice.)
      Conrad: The true form of the Sakari.
      (She morphs into a slender, bald, skeletal humanoid shape with a silver skin. Rodney stares.)
      McKay: Neat!
      (Richard smiles a little at the alien.)
      Woolsey: Good luck.
      (It bows its head to him. A transporter beam whisks the device away and the image of the alien melts away. John and Rodney start to leave the room.)
      Sheppard: "Neat"?!
      McKay: What? It caught me off guard! What did you want me to say?! What would you have said?
      Sheppard: Uh, "weird."

    • Woolsey: Hello there, Chet.
      Chuck: It's Chuck.
      Woolsey: Excuse me?
      Chuck: It's Chuck, sir. My name is Chuck.
      Woolsey: Oh, of course! Chuck (pause) Chet's on the late shift.
      (He walks away as Chuck looks him and shakes his head in irritation.)
      Chuck: There is no Chet.

    • McKay: Hey. What happened to your offworld foofoora? Thought you were the guest of honor at some big diplomatic dinner on M2J.
      Zelenka: Yeah, I was, but the festivities ended early when three members of Lieutenant Donovan's team suffered a severe allergic reaction to something that we were served at the grand banquet.
      McKay: Yeesh.
      Zelenka: Come to think of it, I think it might have been those little green berries with the purple specks on them, because my tongue did seem a little bit numb afterwards...
      McKay (already bored): Yeah. F.Y.I., this conversation ended six seconds ago.

    • Ronon: (about Woolsey) Sometimes when I walk by his quarters at night, I hear him crying.
      McKay: What? Really?
      Ronon: No.

    • Zelenka: Oh, you'll think of something.
      McKay: Really? What makes you so sure?
      Zelenka: Well, because you're brilliant.
      McKay: That's true, that doesn't mean I'm going to…. wait a minute, what did you say? Why did you say that? Are you sick? Am I sick? What have you heard?
      Zelenka: No, nobody's sick, Rodney. I said you're brilliant, Rodney, because… you are. I rarely say it because you're a difficult man to compliment. You're egotistical, you're arrogant, you're stubborn…
      McKay: And brilliant.
      Zelenka: Yes, Rodney, you're brilliant.

    • McKay: I'm not getting anywhere with that. I mean, despite the fact that I am a genius.
      Zelenka: I said you were brilliant, I didn't say you were a genius.
      McKay: Aw, same diff.

    • Zelenka: Sorry, I just… I didn't want to disturb you. You seemed deep in thought.
      McKay: I'm always deep in thought. Keep me sharp. And sleepless.

    • Woolsey: You poached my private spot.
      Conrad: What?
      Woolsey: Uh, what I meant to say is you discovered my personal little area.

    • Conrad: John, I realize it may have been an unpleasant experience.
      Sheppard: Yeah, well, just a little bit.
      McKay: What? You can see her too?
      Conrad: And I want you to know I'm sorry for what you had to go through.

    • Woolsey: So what happens to you when you reach your final destination?
      McKay: Destination, uh, um, you're talking to the A.I. aren't you?

    • Parrish: Colonel, where were you? Do you have any idea how long we've been sitting here waiting…?
      Sheppard: Shut up. Get in the jumper.

    • Kolya: You disappoint me, John. I didn't think you'd be this easy to break. Even those two scientists you came with put up more of a fight. Before we killed them. Just another two you couldn't save.

    • Kolya: You're an interesting man, Sheppard. You travel to another galaxy, risk your life defending a bunch of people you don't even know. You ask me, you're either someone with a death wish, or someone running away from something. So tell me, what are you running away from?

    • Kolya: Last chance, Johnny-boy. Are you gonna give me that IDC? Didn't think so.

    • Sheppard: Tell me what plan B is, or are you just gonna surprise me?
      Kolya: I'm gonna have my men repair the damage they did to your Puddle Jumper, and use it to attack the city.
      Sheppard: Well, I hate to be mister negative but I can think of at least one problem your gonna run into.
      Kolya: Yes, I know all about the Ancient gene needed to operate the Jumper. But that's not gonna be a problem. Because you're gonna give us a hand.

    • Kolya: You can tolerate more than any man I've ever known. Now why is that?
      Sheppard: Well, I was married once.
      Kolya: Huh. You're here in the Pegasus Galaxy to protect your people. But half the time you can't even do that. That's what drives you, isn't it? Your past failures. (punches Sheppard) You think by not giving me your IDC you're keeping your people safe? You're just putting off the inevitable. It's over, you can't protect hem. You, those scientists, your friends back on Atlantis, they're as good as dead…I see that asking nicely isn't working. I'm going to have to make other plans.

    • Sheppard: What are you gonna do?
      Kolya: Send an explosive through your gate. Cripple the city's defenses. But for that I'm gonna need something from you. I think you call it an IDC.
      Sheppard: Go to Hell.
      Kolya: Yeah. I thought you'd need some convincing.

    • Sheppard: I killed you.
      Kolya: You shot me. There's a difference.
      Sheppard: No, I killed you. Beckett confirmed it, you were dead.
      Kolya: Yeah, I'm sure that's what he thought. Let's just say your friend, what was his name, Lucius? He wasn't the only one using ancient technology that day.
      Sheppard: How'd you get here? How'd you find us?
      Kolya: Turns out some of your off world contacts aren't as trustworthy as you think. Your secret's out Sheppard.

    • Sheppard: (referring to Dr. Parrish's alarming reaction to a plant) Oh god, Lorne warned me about this.

    • Sheppard: You know what I don't get, is the A.I. thing revealed itself that morning, you discovered the device that afternoon. I mean, that's perfect timing.
      Woolsey: The Colonel's right, that's very coincidental.
      McKay: I know what you're implying, ok, but my mind was clear. That device was found because of my brilliant thinking and, as much as I hate to admit it, a little help from Zelenka.
      Sheppard: What are you talking about? Zelenka's off world.
      McKay: No, he's not, he came back yesterday…Lieutenant Donovan had a nasty reaction to something he ate, they came back early. Didn't they?
      (McKay realizes he met the A.I. too)
      McKay: Son of a…
      Sheppard: Guess it wasn't that much of a coincidence after all.

    • Kolya: As a soldier you were a threat. If anyone was to use force to secure the repository, it would have been you, the military man. So I connected with your mind to distract you.
      Sheppard: Distract me. Making me think the jumper had been sabotaged would have been enough of a distraction.
      Kolya: You would have discovered the subterfuge. I am unable to maintain a static illusion over time. It was necessary to keep your mind occupied.
      Sheppard: And that's what you chose.
      Kolya: What you chose, I didn't have full control over your hallucination, or the direction it took. It was your mind driving the diversion. I merely played along.
      Sheppard: You're saying I tortured myself.
      Kolya: You torture yourself every day, John. But in this case it was your mind manifesting your darkest fears. You were the architect of your own self-deception.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Anna Galvin (Dr. Vanessa Conrad) previously played Dr. Reya Varrick in the Stargate SG-1 episode "Collateral Damage."

    • International Air Dates:

      -This episode aired in Canada on November 17, 2008 on Movie Central and The Movie Network.
      -This episode aired in the UK on November 25, 2008 on Sky One.
      -This episode aired in Sweden on January 2, 2009 on TV6.
      -This episode aired in Germany on October 28, 2009 on RTL II.
      -This episode aired in the Czech Republic on November 24, 2009 on AXN Sci-fi.
      -Syndication Premiere: March 6-7, 2010.
      -This episode aired in Australia on April 28, 2010 on 7TWO.