Stargate Atlantis

Season 5 Episode 15


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 14, 2008 on Syfy

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  • A slight disappointment

    The previous episode was fairly intense, even as predictable as it was, so it's a bit of a letdown to see the writers stray back into less interesting territory. Episodes like this make me wonder if the studio wasn't right to put an end to "Atlantis" and option a new series with a broader premise. It's getting harder and harder to tell stand-alone stories with genuine surprises. Much like the Star Trek franchise, it may be time to shake things up a bit.

    The most interesting element of the episode was Woolsey's realization that he was sent to Team Atlantis as a puppet of the IOA, and they are not happy with his quick and responsive independence. Woolsey, despite the fears of the entire team (and most of the audience) has been a capable commander. He's a bit naïve at times, but that only serves to make the character more endearing in the end.

    Frankly, I was expecting a lot more time to be spent this season on the struggles with the IOA and the general impression that Team Atlantis is a collective of loose cannons. Bringing it up this late in the season was therefore a bit of a shock, even if it was a welcome chance for Woolsey to defend himself and show loyalty to his people.

    Unfortunately, Sheppard's apparent encounter with Kolya was only fun until the point where John lost a hand. At that point, it was clear that something else was going on, and that it was probably related to the artifact that Rodney and Radek had recovered. After all, once it was clear that something was unusual about Dr. Conrad, it didn't take long for the pieces to fit together.

    The premise strayed into territory that would have been overly familiar in the Trek universe, so at this point, a lot of people in the audience have seen it all before. I wouldn't say that it made the story entirely predictable, but it did mean that there were few surprises. I'm a sucker for the more thoughtful episodes in the "Stargate" franchise, but this one never went anywhere fresh.

    Which brings me back to where I started. I think that my growing dissatisfaction with this season is not simply a matter of wishing the series had ended on a higher note. I think it's the feeling that the cancellation has placed the remaining episodes under a more critical eye, as I hope for a strong sendoff, and it's not measuring up to expectations. If anything, I might even say there's a hint of complacency in the material. With another season and all the time in the world, that might have been ignored, but now I fear it's glaring. Perhaps shifting to a new series will give the franchise a fresh start and a chance to reshape our expectations.
  • See Summary

    Remnants was a great episode of Stargate Atlantis. This was a fun episode to watch, and it was not exactly easy to figure every thing out before it was revealed. I enjoyed watching this story unfold. An alien device is found on the ocean floor of the planet that Atlantis now resides on. Mr. Woolsey is up for review by the I.O.A. who have sent a representative to make a full report. Unfortunately she has her own agenda, to get Woolsey's job. The alien device had its own A.I. technology and this A.I. connected with Woolsey and Sheppard seperately, and made them both see things. For Woolsey it was a hot woman, for Sheppard it was Colya from the Genii, so it through us all for a loop. The alien device was meant to re-seed a planet to condition it for the rise of Sentient Beings, based on the civilization lost so long ago. This was a cool story, but how often do they change leadership at Atlantis, seriously! Also it was crazy when Sheppard got his hand cut off!!!
  • What seemed like a good episode with flaws ended up a great episode with twists.

    I am really gonna miss this show. I have a hard time being surprised by most TV writing, save for Lost and a little bit of by Heroes this season, but Remnants really gave me a great ride.

    When I saw that Kolya was in tonight's episode during the preview last week, I was certain that it was an hallucination, but after his little explanation, I bought that he was real. Halfway through the episode I was
    ready to lambaste the writers for the exact same problem I had last week; a known, violent, thug leaving our people alive (and in this case stopping the bleeding of a severed arm) when killing them would've made more sense.
    In this case though it was even more logical and had it not been for Michael doing the same last week, maybe I'd have seen it as a clue. I found the last fifteen minutes of this episode delightful; from Woolsey keeping his job, to realizing that Zelenka never actually called Rodney brilliant. I do kind of wish he had told the IOA rep that, while it it would be educational for her to take the leader role and learn that rules and regulations don't cut the mustard in the real world, the Pegasus galaxy might not have time for the learning curve. That being said this was a tremendous episode and I eagerly await the rest of the season and as many SGA movies that they can make.
  • Probably the best episode yet this season.

    *spoilers below*

    While I still feel Robert Picardo is a bit wooden in his performances so far, he gets a good bit of character development in the subplot regarding his future as the commander of Atlantis.

    This was a great way to bring back Kolya, who was an excellent nemesis for Shepard in the first few seasons. The loss of the hand was an intriguing twist in the story, and left me wondering what kind of adjustments Shepard would be going through for the rest of the season. While it was of course "all just a dream"; even after Woolsey's new girl was revealed to be not so real, I did not connect Shepard with having a hallucination until it was revealed.

    Overall, an excellent episode that had many clever twists, with solid performances from Picardo and Flanigan.
  • An old school stargate episode that keeps you thinking til the end.

    Right from the bat I just want to say that I love watching Robert Davi as a bad guy. He's simply cool to watch. This episode reminded me of season 1 of Atlantis and the early years of sg1. McKay finds a device in the ocean while sheppard encounters Koyla again. Meanwhile Woolsey has a smitten relationship with a new member, Vannessa.

    Without giving anything away, the story seems flawed and messy but it all intertwines very nicely at the end. And for me that's what a good mystery does, by placing all the pieces of the puzzle together = giving you a nice fuzzy feeling. I liked the ending when we saw the true nature of the beings. Overall, a classic Stargate episode. I tip my hat to you good sirs and madams.
  • Nothing what you see is like it looks...

    So, first it looks like we are getting into another reunion as Sheppard meets with Geniis in the mainland when he is talking some scientist there and oh, it gets ugly but it really rise some exciting questions - what is he running?

    But more than Sheppard and his old Genii friends, I was intriqued by Woosley storyline - he has just been there and without problems so far - not much attention, not much achievements but weirdly, he has became quite normal part and you could not imagine it without him anymore and Teyla, trying to be more friendly.. it was nice thing to do..

    Anyway, that life form.. oh.. it fooled us quite long and I liked the lovely twist in the end with McKay.

    Good episode but there have been better.
  • Sheppard runs into trouble on the mainland while escorting botanists, meanwhile Woolseys faces a review by the IOA while McKay and Zelenka grapple with an alien artifact from beneath the new Lantean ocean.

    I liked this episode - I really did, but there is something about it that bothers me. Perhaps, it felt slightly unfinished. Woolsey's story line was great - I enjoyed his adventures with his imaginary friend/ alien AI. Even though there were quite a few cliche things and I called the imaginary person aspect practically from the start, I was still entertained. On a side note: How sad that humans find the technology to go to another world and a place as fantastic as Atlantis, and it has to be subject to all the politicizing and game playing that everything else touched by modern society is. But then, where would the story be without conflict? Even the alien AI bought into it, playing favorites in making sure that Woolsey kept his position. I wonder how the story would have played out if the alien presense wasn't so on our heroes' side. The McKay/Zelenka story was fabulous, too. I totally didn't catch that Zelenka wasn't really Zelenka until the reveal. I did think he was being awefully nice and seemed to be subtly nudging McKay in a direction . . . still . . . I missed it. It was better that way, though. Surprises are good. I found the botanists, the both of them, annoying. And I was a bit annoyed with Sheppard for being all goggly eyed over the female one. Dude, you have graying hair, have been married and divorced, and supposedly grew up among the rich and famous. I really didn't agree with the characterization on that point. The torturing himself plot I completely agree with, although the whole of that was fairly dark. He was all alone out there essentially dealing with what amounted to a negative alien influence. Perhaps that's my problem. The AI was really helpful and benevolent as far as McKay and Woolsey went. Sheppard got them crap beat out of him, had all of his demons and exposed, let alone being made to face them in a very literal-looking sense, and there was no resolution for him. There was nothing to balance all of that anguish and hurt. Not even a smidgen of concern from his friends to say "dude, what happened? you all right?" or at least him making an appointment for some therapy. He's just bottled it all away and looks perfectly unconcerned by the time they're all eating together in the end. Perhaps the guy has a duel personality. Again, despite all of that. I did like the episode. I was just left feeling like something vital had been cut.
  • I have watched all SG1, Star Trek inc Voyager and all Stargate Atlantis. I think this has git to be one of the best I have seen. I hope you enjoyed it as much.

    I have watched all SG1, Star Trek inc Voyager and all Stargate Atlantis. I think this has git to be one of the best I have seen. I hope you enjoyed it as much.

    It would not be fair to give anything away except that this episode plays with you right till the last word is spoken. Do not go to the bathroom in the last few minutes.

    I cant wait to see more of the new civilization. It was about time now that the replicators are gone and the Wraith are under control that a new race appear.

    They look amazing. Great Job.
  • good episode

    John gets captured by an old foe while Woolsey is in risk of getting replaced. I love how Woolsey's "love interest" was just an alien as well as John's getting captured. It was interesting learning about the characters because the aliens couldn't just make up a hallucination environment, they had to use what was in their victum's brains. It showed that John blamed himself for failing and keeps in fighting in hopes that he will be able to save everyone. Woolsey really needs a girlfriend... he was cute. Zelenka and McKay were funny too. I really hated that they cut off John's hand though because when they did that I knew it was a hallucination. They would never actually cut off the hand of the main character... oh well. I would have rather been surprised when we found out they were aliens... anyways, interesting episode that had great character development.
  • An interesting episode

    This was an interesting episode. I have to admit, I was a bit confused about what was happening, with all the different storylines going on. Maybe the episode could have been written a bit better. Anyway, the lost civilization part reminded me a bit of Star Trek TNG's "Inner Light" episode. Here are some thoughts:

    Politics again occurring in an episode.

    Nice to see Kolya again. But I prefer Woolsey's A.I. figure more than Sheppard's or McKay's!

    I was wondering what Ancient artifact Kolya had, and also what was going to happen with Sheppard's severed hand! Obviously the hand had to become normal again. By the way, can you really just use a severed hand to operate a jumper?

    Woolsey didn't know Chuck's name? Maybe Chuck had always been an illusion! Woolsey: You poached my private spot!

    Overall, a decent episode.
  • Much better than I thought it will be

    Well this episode surprised me. I thought that bringing back Acastus Kolya was a bad choice (especially after he told that he was using "some kind of Ancient technology" blah blah), BUT when the truth was revealed about what "he" really is, I was shocked. The writers managed to fool us all and they did it remarkably well. Then Woolsey had a chance to show that he is not a puppet of his superiors. I think that the I.O.A has to much power in the universe of Stargate and something should be done about them (maybe an idea for another SG-1 movie). Oh and when Sheppard's hand was cut off I couldn't stop thinking how the hell will he get it back, but then...another great twist in the story.