Stargate Atlantis

Season 4 Episode 3


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 12, 2007 on Syfy

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  • Another fantastic action episode.

    Any episode involving Ronon fighting the Wraith seems to showcase Atlantis at its best. A heart pumping, cutting edge adventure with plenty of drama and action, last year it was Sateda, this year it's Reunion. Compared to the mediocre Doppelganger (which I saw before this) Reunion is in a different league. The new tone of the series is evident here, with the violence having been toned up considerably (the throat slashing scene a particular example).
    All characters and actors are on top form again and the writers manage to introduce Carter as the new leader of Atlantis quite well, which is something coming from me as I am against having her on the show.

    The episode's primary detractor is its slow start, it messes around with Carter's introduction and Ronon's "I wanna bring my friend's to Atlantis" angst before getting to the good stuff, still, a minor niggle.

    So, while not quite as action packed as Sateda, this episode is still just as enjoyable and is less Ronon-centric, getting the rest of the crew involved in the action as well, a gripping, exciting and fun episode, may this be an indication of things to come.
  • Starts off cheesy, and ends up predictable. *Spoilers*

    For me, I thought that this episode started off a little TOO cheesy... A little dialogue between Teal'c and Carter was a bit too much, the tear looked a little too fake to me. This episode was another reunion for Ronin with other survivors of his home planet, and for me, the ending was a bit predictable for me, as I guessed it would've happened about half of the way through.

    The good action scenes and Ronin made up for the bad parts of the episode, being like Ronin as always. I particularly enjoyed the first time Carter and Ronin met, and the comparison with the scene with them two together in the jumper.

    Lastly, I thought the replicator was a bit out of character... Yes, they have the new directive, but it shouldn't stop them from hurting the non-replicators? To conclude, not the best episode, but not the worse.
  • See Summary

    Reunion was a good episode, though some parts could have been better. I was glad to see Colonel Samantha Carter taking charge of Atlantis. It is a Great Blend of Military and Scientist (civilian) and I think that she will have some great achievments through great challenges. McKay made some awkward conversation with Carter which was funny. Ronin kind of challenged Carter, but she established her authority well. Ronin convinced Sheppard and Carter that they should do a mission with his friends to hit a Wraith out post. They do, but end up being betrayed, and Replicators attack. We learn a little more about the characters, but over all I feel some scenes could have been better in some ways. I enjoyed it very much though.
  • good episode...

    I actually enjoyed this episode, though it was very predictable. I'm not a big fan of Ronon and his story lines, but I did like this episode. Ronon meets his buddies and they embark on a mission together, which goes terribly wrong when Ronon's buddies turn out to be wraith worshipers. I thought it was really funny when the replicator escaped and just killed all of the wraith. How did they capture it in the first place? Anyways, I didn't really like the Sam story line. I mean, I thought it was made into too big of a deal. However, Sam wasn't too annoying and I like her in the leadership role. Overall, I loved Ronon's character develop and I also liked more details about his past.
  • Carter as new commander...

    It was one of those old fashion looking episodes when they go to the mission and end the episode with the mission - so, it was somehow looking familiar to the start of the first season. And so, it would not be too unexpected that it was a episode to help Carter to come in and join the team. And as from the first moments of the episode, it is sure that she is not Weir and even if I am sure, she will be fine, still - I think it was somehow wrong to replace Weir. Those important people changes are not too easy to accept.

    On the episode itself - adventurous, Ronono episode and more about his people but... the storyline it self was not the best.
  • This was a transition episode to introduce Samantha Carter as the new CO, and to complete here contract she had with the Stargate series. I do not mind her coming to this show at all, a good match.

    With Carter here now, her role changes from part time or support to others as one of the major pieces of the show. Her character has more experience with most alien species and they will be able to build on it. Also the fact she is a super genius engineer will ruffle Rodney's feathers but they will eventually compliment each other.
    I was not sure I would like this transition but I did. This is the start of a new era, and let us see where the show will go now. I would like to see Daniel and others having cameo spots in the next year.
  • Not bad, but not great.

    I had mixed feelings about this episode. It was good. But not good enough to stick in my mind. The reunion between Ronon and his Satedan friends was interesting. It was a good idea. But I found myself really wanting him to leave Atlantis and stay with his 'friends.' He got annoying after a while. And this is the episode where Carter joins the cast of Atlantis. Yippee. I was really hoping she would fit in better, but she is awkward and seems unsure of her place. This is alright, as long as it doesn't keep up. I understand that she'd feel awkward in the new situation, but she's Carter. Carter adjusts to just about everything. It doesn't make sense for her character to be that uptight. I just hope she doesn't take too long to get adjusted to her new environment. Overall it was a decent episode (I love that Ronon's "buddies" were, in reality, bad people..very good plot twist).
  • Another excellent episode! I can't wait for more!

    Reunion centers on Ronon and his decision about whether to stay on Alantis or join a group of Satedan surviors. This was an excellent episode and the writers should write more episodes for Ronon who is in my opinon a somewhat underused character. Don't get me wrong I love the characters of Mackay and Sheppard and their chemistry is wonderful but hopefully the focus will shift somewhat to other characters this season. I really loved the fact that Ronon had no compunction about confronting Carter before she even had time to unpack and I think it will be very interesting to see how those two polar opposite characters interact with one another in upcoming episodes.
  • Reunion focuses on Ronon. He reunites with three of his own people. They launch an attack on a Wraith lab, and Ronon convinces Atlantis to help out. Little does Ronon know, that his friends allied with the Wraith.

    Reunion focused on Ronon. He reunites with three of his own people. They are planning on attacking a Wraith lab, and Ronon convinced the Atlantis team to join them before he leaves with them. Little do they know, Ronon's fellow Satedans are now Wraith worshippers. When Sheppard, Teyla, and McKay are captured, it is up to Ronon and the newly appointed leader of Atlantis, Colonel Carter, to rescue them. While Carter goes to find Sheppard and the others, Ronon faces off against the Satedans. He kills two of them, and the third runs away. When he reunites with the Atlantis team, Carter asks where his friends are. Ronon says they're right here.
    This episode builds Ronon as a member of the Atlantis team, and it shows him as a more compassionate, if still rough around the edges, individual. All-in-all it wasn't a bad episode.
  • It's great to have them back

    My one problem with Stargate Atlantis of old was it's direction. Don't get me wrong i loved the stories and most of the plots but i found their decision making and inappropriate compassion worrying at best. But it didn't used to matter as i'd always be able to switch to SG1 and find all of those qualities there. But when season 10 ended I worried i'd have no where to go. But this episode has restored my faith in the brand and, i hope, will represent a new focus to Atlantis that will continue for ever more. Firstly how fantastic is it that Dr Weir is gone, may her overly sympathetic, ineffectual, tactically naive, weak character be forever banished to the Replicator home world. And as an added bonus the lovely Colonel Samantha Carter, strong decisive and truly brilliant will be taking the helm from now on. "Hooah". It was quite cool seeing some of Ronon's old buddy's even if they were double crossing wraith loving scum. His character could do with more reunions, especially if we get to see more fight scenes like that! Also, how cool was it to see Mark Dacascos. I wondered where he'd disappeared to after making such 90's classics as 'DNA' and 'Solar Strike'. Although 'Reunion's' plot wasn't oscar winning i can't say i've ever felt better after having watched an episode of Atlantis. Long may it continue.
  • Satedans survivors find Ronon right in the middle of the transition to the new leader that will take over Atlantis.

    The episode start with Mckay anticipating the promotion the rumor has it will go to the foremost expert on Ancient and Replicator technology, meanwhile Teyla is far too worry about Ronon to mind anything other than the fact she has hit him 3 times during their sparring session and he hasn't said a word about it. The truth of the matter is that Ronon is just as torn because of this new found satedan fellas as Samantha Carter – a.k.a. the foremost expert on Ancient and Replicator technology – is to leave her team on earth to move to Atlantis and Rodney doesn't make it any easier with every clumsy attempt not to make it more awkward (at least he doesn't tell her about Sam the whale). However, McKay does represent such a real tangible connection to Atlantis for Carter as Teayla does for Ronon and the only difference is that its easier for the runner to leave his former team behind once they reveal their true colors than it is for Carter to leave the life she once knew to assert her authority on a new position and yet the beginning of the beginning of their mutual respect begins this day in which Carter embraces her new role as Ronon reasserts his allegiance to Atlantis.
  • A good, solid character-driven episode

    The third season Ronon-centric episode, "Sateda", was an exercise in self-indulgence and posturing, and the story and character suffered tremendously as a result. So when I heard that this episode would focus on Ronon again, I was more than a little worried.

    The opening teaser could have been stolen from the beginning of any fifth season "Andromeda" episode, which was not a good sign. Not even Teyla draped in gorgeous corseted leather could overcome that kind of start. Thankfully, as conventional and predictable as the story was, the episode worked as a solid transitional tale. This was all about dealing with change in the most positive and negative manner.

    Ronon may have been designed to bring more action to the series, but his character is a testimony of survival and perseverance. His personal circumstances changed dramatically, and he had plenty of chances to give up and accept death. He chose to resist and live to fight his enemies another day.

    That makes the Satedans of this episode look even worse in comparison. It may be possible to understand why they chose to work for the Wraith, but when compared against Ronon and his dedication to his people's memory, they were absolute traitors. That makes the character dynamic far more interesting, and the inevitable betrayal for more satisfying. It may make it easier on Ronon, since his loyalties are clear by the end of the episode, but it serves its purpose.

    Ronon's crisis is nicely tied to Colonel Carter's arrival on Atlantis as the new mission commander. While Sheppard and McKay have little choice but to adjust, and Teyla is unlikely to go anywhere else at this point, Ronon was in an alliance of mutual convenience. Of all the characters, he was the most likely to resist Carter's authority. This episode may resolve that anticipated conflict a bit too cleanly for my tastes, but it highlights an issue that should dominate much of the early part of the season.

    In fact, I'm glad to see that Carter's reassignment was handled in more than a single scene. The cameo by Teal'c placed events in perspective in terms of the continuity, and it was good to see her misgivings. The stage was set for future cameos, of course, but I would like to see as little of that as possible, especially in the first half of the season. I think it would be far more interesting for the writers to make the transition hard for Carter, rather than just another situation where she has all the answers. Only time will tell, but this is a good start.
  • Ronan is reunited with his old friends, and decided to leave atlantis

    Well I did like this episode i thought it was a little stupid, it was VERY obsvious that there was somehting wrong this Ronan's friends. While I admit I was a little surprised they were wraith worshippers, it was painfully obvious that they were not..... 'nice people'

    I really think that they should have left out the scence with Carter and Teal'c, becuase not we know that most if not all of SG1 survives the Ori invasion, and while yes, that was obvious, it take some of the fun out of watching the movies now that there is no doubt that at the very least teal'c and carter survive.

    but oh well

    all in all good episode, still sad to see wier leave
  • Ronon is reunited with a few fellow Satedans but ends up in the middle of a set-up.

    At first I wasn't too excited about this episode. It reminded me too much about previous Ronon episodes and it was obvious even before Reunion aired that the Satedans were not to be trusted. Evenso it turned out great. I loved the scene with Carter and Teal'c. It was also very funny that McKay thought that he was going to be the new leader of Atlantis. It was good to see that they did show the SGC this time. The SGC is a important location and to ignore it would be quite dumb. The action was good, I like the overall plot and the struggle within the group of Satedans was well written and well acted. I think that Carter will be a great leader and the mid-season three parter will be fantastic. Things are looking good for Atlantis. At least production-wise. The ratings however aren't that great.
  • Is Wier still a main character?

    Dont get me wrong I am a HUGE Stargate Atlantis fan but if they axe Wier the series will suffer. I have not yet seen an episode of season 4 but it has been rumored that Wier will either die like Beckett or leave and make reappearances like Ford. I am pretty sure that when Wier leaves Carter will take over control of Atlantis. I couldnt even see Carter as a main character in this series because Teyla is already a female fighter and McKay does everything she does in the SGC here. The only person I could see running Atlantis except for Wier would be Daniel Jackson. Honestly lets face it who would be better to run Atlantis than Daniel. He has been at the SGC since 1997 and has spent a year as an ascended being and is good ffriends with every Earth ally. I still think that Wier should run it though. But if they get rid of Wier the chemistry of the whole team would be gone. I'm still getting over the death of Beckett I can't have another main character go especially now since SG-1 has been cancelled and Carson dead. Wier has to stay she is what holds together the whole expidtion. So my final say on it is. I am huge fan of both Carter and Wier but have Carter come into Wiers galaxy and take her role asa soon as her show is cancelled is just wrong. Hey there could be no point in reading this article right now because Wier might not even go. Lets hope she doesnt.
  • Average episode

    hmmm, well this was a not-so-exciting episode for me. Didn't really learn much - replicators are kicking some wraith butt and Carter is now officially the new leader. On her first day as leader of the base she leads a rescue team! I don't know how appropriate that really is, but I like it - showing her military background. And the fact that she's a genius and has always displayed diplomatic skills in Sg1 (great complement to O'Neill), she will be a multi-faceted leader.

    Ronon does what he does best - well, actually what he only does - fights great. His fellow Satedans gave in to the wraith, which was unfortunate but not incomprehensible given their torture.

    Hopefully future episodes will be more interesting.
  • As the team struggles with life on their new planet and Carter settles in to her new job as boss. Ronan meets some of his people and military leaders he knew from Sateda. This was a fun action packed episode the Sateda people are

    As the team struggles with life on their new planet and Carter settles in to her new job as boss. Ronan meets some of his people and military leaders he knew from Sateda. This was a fun action packed episode the Sateda people are all great fighters apparently and Ronan even faces off against his crew in a four way battle royale. Plus we get to see Carter make tough choices and even get in the field with a p-90 and do some fighting. Plus we finally get to see what a replicator can do to a wraith and I really want to see large scale battles between the two factions after that. Good episode I really think the show is picking up some momentum and getting back to what we liked about the show from the start.
  • Ronon meets some old friends and decides to join them.

    I really did not like this episode. I swear they did this one already, with Ronon! Anyways, besides having that feeling, it was just to predictable an episode. Wasn't as fun as I thought it would be. Really the only twist was that the one member turned on the other two. I guess Ronon called it perfectly, they were all mesed up. Hopefully the season get's better. I don't think this show was ever as good as SG1, but it did get a lot better in the secon season onward. I hope it gets better, I really do. The next episode looks promising though.