Stargate Atlantis

Season 4 Episode 3


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 12, 2007 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Teyla and Ronon are talking about Ronon leaving Atlantis, Teyla mentions leaving her people saying she was just a short trip through the gate, whereas when she left her people they were living on Atlantis and ended up moving to the mainland neither requiring gate travel. They didn't leave the mainland until episode "The Return (1)".

    • When Rodney McKay comes to bring flowers to Samantha Carter, the first shot of her quarters show a picture of Jack O'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson).

    • Goof: Whilst Teyla and Ronon are conversing in the sparring room, The position of the teeth on Ronons necklace changes from together, to apart, and then back again.

    • This episode marks the first cameo by a Stargate SG-1 star, in this case Christopher Judge, since the series ended.

  • Quotes

    • Carter: Ronon, where are your friends?
      Ronon: They're right here. Let's go home.

    • (McKay sees a basket of fruit on the desk)
      Carter: Oh Colonel Sheppard dropped that off. Apparently it's a sampling of fruit from the home worlds of our various trading partners. I thought it was a really thoughtful gesture.
      McKay: (mutters) Son of a...

    • Sheppard: What's that?
      McKay: It's a selection of fruits from various worlds we trade with. I thought it would be thoughtful.
      Sheppard: Try lame.
      McKay: Really and what would you suggest?
      Sheppard: Maybe flowers, you could brighten up her quarters.

    • Carter: Still, I know I am going to miss this place and all of you.
      Teal'c: I would have been offended had you felt otherwise.

    • McKay: Heard the rumor?
      Zelenka: No, what rumor?
      McKay: Nevermind. Forget I mentioned it.
      Zelenka: What is this about?
      McKay: No, it would be irresponsible for me to say anything. All right, look, if you're going to twist my arm the IOA has made their final decision. They've chosen the new leader of Atlantis.
      Zelenka: Well, who is it?
      McKay: Well, there's been no formal announcement, but word is they're going with their foremost expert in ancient technology and replicator activity. Who does that sound like to you?
      Zelenka: You?
      McKay: Yes, who else?
      Zelenka: Well, I heard they were leaning towards someone with a science background.
      McKay: And why not? It's about time that one of us end up in a position of real power.
      Zelenka: Oh, and by us, you mean you.
      McKay: Exactly! It's kinda scary, though, you know. I'll be making decisions that not only affect just the city but the entire galaxy!
      Zelenka: Yes, scary. VERY SCARY!
      McKay: On the other hand, a leader never second guesses himself. I'm up to the challenge. I know I am. I'm going to make them proud! Radek, I'm going to make you proud!

    • Rakai: We know what we're looking for.
      McKay: And we don't? This isn't exactly our first op you know.
      Rakai: Really. How many Wraith have you killed in hand-to-hand combat?
      McKay: I...I hardly think that's what this is about.
      Rakai: That's what I thought.
      McKay: You know, we've taken out entire hive ships okay. Compared to us you are amateurs.

    • Carter: So I can expect you guys to come and visit sometime?
      Teal'c: Undomesticated equines could not keep me away.

  • Notes

    • In one early scene, Rakai gives Ronon a new tattoo on his forearm. The writers were forced to accommodate actor Jason Momoa when he returned from hiatus with the tattoo, which he says took some two hours to draw and six hours to ink.

    • Rachel Luttrell is visibly more pregnant in this episode then she is the following three. This is because even though this episode aired third it was seventh in the production order to give the art department more time to build the Wraith set.

    • International Airdates:
      Canada: October 15, 2007 on The Movie Network and Movie Central
      UK: October 23, 2007 on Sky One
      Syndication Premiere: October 4-5, 2008
      Czech Republic: July 6, 2009 on AXN Sci-fi

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