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  • For a Spinf off of a Spin off,it caught me off guard.Not bad for a Spin off,but I think SG-1 has more potential.

    Not very often comes along a show that is a Spin-off of another Spin-off.On rare occasion,like this,they seem to be a smash hit.I must say this show caught me off guard.I was anticipating it since the previews came out.but never did I think it would be this ingenious,this entertaining,and quite frankly,last this long.If your a fan of SG-1 Chances are good that this show will soon have you hooked.Though I question their ability to keep it going,I'll be an avid viewer till the end.
  • Great show! Alot better than SG1

    I find that they had a much larger buget for Atlantis than SD1. Atlantis has a much more stimulating and interesting storyline. The show Andromeda is not even comparable to SG:A mostly because they had absolutely no buget. the buget for a show can make a huge differance notibly between SG:A and SG:SG1
  • Developing Series, Getting Better all the time.

    Stargate SG-1 has always been one of my favorite series, so when I heard about Stargate Atlantis, I was excited, scared, and skeptical, all at the same time. I was excited because there was an extension of my favorite series. I was scared that it might be the end of my favorite series. I was skeptical that it wouldn't live up to the standards that SG-1 set. I was plesantly surprised. The cast and crew are really selling the Atlantis story. I expect to see this show come up with some new and unexpected twists to keep their audience. Running in tandem with SG-1 is one of their best ideas. Having the timeline move forward in both shows near matched makes for an interesting plot tool. Not great yet, but getting there.
  • A bit of a rocky start at first, but now that it has found some footholds it's clear that this isn't just some profit-buffer Stargate tie-in. *MINOR SPOILERS*

    I'll admit, I was skeptical when first I watched Atlantis. To me it seemed like SciFi had gotten The Fear over the eventual expiration of SG-1 and had frantically scrambled to cook up something to replace it. Mmm, scrambled. I think I want eggs now.

    Anyway, when the first episode introduced the Wraith I got my own little jolt of The Fear, my mind conjuring up images of the Kro-Maggs from Sliders. I'd watched shows go down the "overpowerful genocidal/homicidal/psychotic alien villains" route before and very rarely did it turn out pretty. (Though oddly enough SG-1 managed to pull it off for 8 seasons without a hitch) I knew a half-season wait for a solution, a la the introduction of the Supersoldiers in SG-1, was out of the question. "There goes the franchise," I thought to myself.

    Fortunately, I was wrong. But let me finish talking about Season One first.

    While the first season did suffer some from the constant Wraith threat, it had its moments. There were a decent number of episodes placed throuhgout the course of the season which did not focus on the Wraith. Sometimes they didn't even mention the Wraith at all. But by and far there was too much time spent making the situation seem utterly and completely hopeless. The Season Finale only reaffirmed that feeling.

    Fortunately for we, the viewers, it looks as though the writers have figured out their blunder and corrected it before it has done too much harm. The Wraith are still a threat, this is true. However, they're not the constant, overwhelming and downright depressing villain they were in the first season. The Wraith are now in much the same status as the Goa'uld were in the first eight seasons of SG-1: always present, always dangerous, but significantly more than a hop, skip, and a jump away from annihilating the human race entirely. I'm certain that they will rapidly become a bigger threat just in time for the Season and Summer Finales, but the Goa'uld did the same thing each season as well. So long as the Wraith don't go back to the constant "we're about to destroy you at any moment" status they had in the first season all should be well, at least with the Wraith.

    Now what's been shown of Season Two thus far has impressed me, or at least reassured me that this is a show worth watching. The characters, hardly two-dimensional in the first season, are becoming more fleshed out, with depth and complexities that keep us interested. Rodney in particular is shaping up to be much more than the high-maintenance scientist he was in the first season... okay, much more in ADDITION to being the high-maintenance scientist he was in the first season. And in a surprising but potentially genius move we have Aiden Ford transforming from Sheppard's loyal Lieutenant to a half-crazed renegade supersoldier. The only character I can find serious fault with is Ronnon Dex, but only because he seems to be the end-all be-all cliche superior fighter/soldier and little more. (NOT for the performance of Jason Momoa, which is fine) In subsequent episodes we may see his character develop, but at the moment his token "the Wraith destroyed my life" backstory does little to dissuade the impression that he is nothing but a two-dimensional action-magnet.

    In short, the show looks as though it's a worthy "brother" to SG-1. If show continues along the path it appears to have set for itself this season we very well might have an SG-1 successor as well.
  • getting better and better

    ive always liked stargate sg1 and when i saw stargate atlantis was premiering i jumped at the opportunity to watch it. i really enjoyed the premiere alot and kept watching.i soon realised that the character developments werent fully up to scratch but it just keeps getting better and better. the edition of ronan dax in the place of lt. ford couldnt have been a better choice. he pulls off the bad boy act really well. rodney mckay is so funny and has me in stitches, while sheppard and all his witty and sarcastic remarks add to the lightheartedness. all in all id say this is a show well worth watching and is coming on in leaps and bounds. i hope it stays around
  • At first I was Skeptical about this, but now the show has grown on me and is one of my favorites.

    At first I was Skeptical about this, but now the show has grown on me and is one of my favorites. I think that with each season it gets better and better. I think that Sheppard and Ronan Dex are some of the coolest characters in the show yep that about sums it up.
  • a personal favorite as chosen i have watched up to the episode where they are being attacked by the bug on the main characters neck thats a good episode

    This series i have only just been introduced to as i have never seen it before but the first 4 episodes are a fantastic watch my personal favorite so far has got to be the one where the shadow is around atlantis also rising part 1 and 2 were also a fnatastic watch im will most surely keep watching his but so far my favorite character is the doctor as his accent is the spot on choice for the act in which he plays the wrathe seem to be an arch enemy for the people of atlantis so i am looking forward to what happens but theres one thing i dont understand when the wrath get shot in the head they dont regenerate this confused me i wonder if in the following episodes it will explain why this is even though its highly doubtful o far only two people have died one main person and sum1 that never even go to say "go to hell" as shown in rising part II but as said earlier i will be watching this to see how it goes and what surprises are install p.s add me as a friend thx Younger_ajax p.p.s i am not danish i got the idea from Age of mythology p.p.p.s dont forget to add me as a friend thx
  • Atlantis, a gigantic-city built by the Ancients, is now home to an expedition-team of Earth. The leader of the team, Colonel-Sheppard, leads four-people through the Stargate to find (Ancient) techologies to protect the Atlantis and other-humans throughout

    Between the new advanced technology and the Wraith, the show definitely has potential to match Stargate SG1.
    The show is excellent, but seems to still be missing something. The Atlantis plot and cast is dangerously similar to SG1, but don't get me wrong, the cast and plot is how SG1 has been going on for nine seasons now.
    The Wraith seem to be the baddest enemy any human has ever had to face (even more advanced than the Gould and more brutal than the Orii). I honestly like this enemy because it seems like there is no hope to ever winning this war.
    I think we all want to see some more Daedalus hive ship battles (and puddle jumpers vs. wraith darts), but the show is called STARGATE; so we should stick to going through the gate.
    I believe all fans want to see some Atlantis techology within Atlantis. We don't want to see dark entities hiding in Atlantis or a Wraith nanovirus, we want to see a hidden laser or defense canons or something.
    Everyone should see this show once, because once you do, you'll love it. Don't get me wrong it is a great show to watch after watching SG1.

    Good job Stargate writers and producers! Way to expand the Stargate "program!"
  • Explorers from modern-day Earth discover the lost city of Atlantis in a far-off galaxy.

    This show sucks.

    No, really. It sucks. The writing is trite, stereotypical sci-fi, eminently predictable, and full of cliches. The dialogue is flat; as are the characters. Even the bad guys are uninteresting.

    One of the worst parts of the show is Dr. Elizabeth Weir, played by Torri Higginson, who is the leader of the base. Not only does she look like an anorexic zombie on camera, but the character consistently displays a complete and utter lack of leadership ability. She takes stupid and risky actions for no good reason. Admittedly, this is not only the fault of the writers, but also the fault of the actress. Higginson does not have chemistry with any other actors. She might as well be acting to an empty room. The writers attempt to set up the potential for a romantic relationship between Weir and Major John Sheppard, the star of the show, smacks more of desperation than any real character action.

    A character who very well might be worse than Elizabeth Weir is the other female on the show: Teyla Emmagen, played by Rachel Luttrel. She simply cannot deliver a line. Also, the writing is even worse than usual where this character is concerned. Teyla is also meant to be a leader to her people; however, as soon as she joins the show, she turns completely whiny and loses any knack for leadership she might once have had. Her character lost all potential in the first three episodes of the show.

    Really, what is it with these peole and the inability to cast actresses?

    Next complaint: The Wraith. The Wraith are the bad guy on Atlantis. They suck the life out of people with their hands, and are the incarnation of evil. With the making of the 'absolute evil' people, the creators of the show turned it into what looks like a hopeless fight against a completely implacable foe. The way they're treating it, it's suddenly become one of the least interesting conflicts on television because the Wraith have no depth. There is no culture there, no common definition except 'let's eat people'. It doesn't make any sense. If the showrunners are going to expect people to be really involved in this conflict, they have to let people know about both sides of it. They haven't done that.

    There are some positive aspects of this show. For example, there are two and a half real characters on it. The half-character is Major John Sheppard, played by Joe Flanigan. Major Sheppard is vaguely interesting from his backstory. However, the show seems to completely ignore his backstory and make him the typical 'Kirk'-like hero, charging off to help people at the slightest provocation. It makes him an impulsive and annoying character. Also, Flanigan is a little bit to whiny to play the badass the creators wish Sheppard were. Besides a few priceless expressions, there really isn't much to Sheppard.

    Another real character is that of Carson Beckett, played by Paul McGillion. The Scottish doctor comes across as a very sweet and intelligent person--an immediately sympathetic character. Also, he seems to be one of the only actors on the show with comic timing, which means that the random quips that are so common in Atlantis are actually funny when he says them. Not so much with some of the other characters.

    Undoubtedly the best character is Dr. Rodney McKay, who is written pretty typically as a whiny astrophysicist. Strangely enough, McKay's actor, David Hewlett, manages to take the role beyond that and make McKay into one of the only 'real people' on the show. More than that, he actually interacts with the other actors. Also, McKay's odd, snarky friendship with Sheppard, and Flanigan and Hewlett's chemistry, make the show worth watching on occasion.

    All in all, Atlantis is really a bad show. It has a spirit all it's own, however, which tends to attract fans, and it also shares a name with Stargate SG1. But I'm still convinced that Atlantis only looks good because it airs in a time slot between Battlestar Galactica and Stargate SG-1.
  • A spin-off of Stargate SG-1 but still gives a punch like the original.

    I'm a canadian and well, we don't get the SCI-FI channel up here but we do have the movie network which does happen to carry it. The first time i saw it, i was supperised at how well the they handed the bar over to Atlantis. This show is totaly great in every way, with a bit of work this could get a perfect score. To say this show is my new favorite show ever. Now I just can't wait until the next season comes out.
    Aug, 10, 2005

    Now that the second season the show realy is showing what Special effects can realy do. This truly somthing to be savored. I'm just waiting till the Episodes come out on DVD. Cause well as i said I'm canadian and i can only see the show at my friends house on the Movie network so the suspence of the next release of the next episode kills me. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not exacly the kind of die hard fan that goes to the conventions and is desperate to meet the actors but the show gives me somthing to look forward to.
    (plus it gives me a reason to go to my friends house on week days)
  • The SGC away team for Pegasus, finds them selfes stranded, and under attack from a great ancient enemy of the ancients. How to preveil!?!

    So far as for the first session the show is doing fine, we get to know more of the more powerfull races, always hinting the explanation of the ancients and their downfall, but never quite giving up too much info at anytime. When seeing this you can truly feel that it's the same team as those behind SG-1, and thank god for that. It's nice to see that it actually is possible to make a spinoff series that is every bit as good as the original show. As with SG-1 the cast is superb. and as with SG-1 they do have some bad shows sometimes but as most of them are quite good and well made, the hole serie does well. It one of those either you simply love it or you just hate it.
  • The Lost City of Atlantis Has Been Found! A secret group of scientists have discovered the location of the famous lost city of Atlantis, but it's not on Earth. It's located in another galaxy altogether, the Pegasus galaxy.

    This show caught me off guard, im a big fan of sg1 and originally frowned upon a new version of it. While the situations this new team are put in seem somewhat familiar it still feels completely fresh. If u were a fan of sg1 this is a must watch.
  • A new gate will open. A lost city will rise. The location of the lost city of Atlantis is discoverd but It's located in another galaxy. Their mission: investigate the secrets of Atlantis, built by ancient powerful beings. They will be all o

    the first time ever where the spin off is better then the original. stargate atlantis has better wepons, better fights, more comedy, better storyline, better characters and better villans. This show is quickly becoming one of my favoerite shows. I dont usually like sci-fi and the first stargate wasnt that good i only watched the first few episodes. But stargate atlantis will be on my viewing list for a long time to come. and i have a feeling the show will only get better...
  • A rich and exciting series with lots of surprising twists and a bright future.

    Although I usually don't like shows that are spinoffs of others, Stargate Atlantis is a pleasing exception. As a branch off of one of my favorite series, Stargate SG-1, it contains many of the same features that make that show so great.

    The story line is pretty much as follows: As the first explorers from Earth to make it to the Pegasus galaxy, the Atlantis team finds the lost City of the Ancients and takes up residence there. They soon discover a new threat called the Wraith, a race of life-sucking aliens that are the scourge of the galaxy. As they continue to use the Stargate and the aptly named "Puddlejumpers" to explore the galaxy, they meet new friends and foes around every turn.

    The show is only in season two, and already the characters are developing and dynamic plotlines are emerging. This show definitely has a bright future ahead of it.
  • The show has all the StarGate SG-1 had and many more. It is wull of new adventures and we see a lot more aliens.

    The show started at the same time as StarGate SG-1\'s season 8. Before watching the first episode, I checked out who the actors are going to be. It seemed like this is going to be a disaster. But once I started watching it, I right away became addicted to it. Since the fist episode, this became one of my favorite shows. It is full of plot twists, action, adventure, everything that you would expect from a show.
  • Wow, its like Stargate SG-1 with no Richard Dean Anderson and even worse plots! Now THAT is impressive. YAWN!

    I give it a 1 rateing, because the special FX are kind of cool and McKay is interesting.

    Couldn't they at least have cast some hot women for me to gawk at? At least Amada Tapping is soft on the eyes, even if she can't act. This cast is almost completely devoid of talent or chemestry.

    The plots are dry and boring. The concept for the show is offencive.

    Don't bother with this show. When "Atlantis" comes on, just get up, turn off the TV, and walk away for exactly 1 hour. Why? So then you can come back, turn on the TV and watch the new Battlestar Galactica.
  • A really great show, definitely much more then just a spin off. This is in a distant galaxy so there are many new things like new people, new structures, new very bad bad enemies. It is very different than Stargate SG1 cause, of course, it's not about SG

    A really great show, definitely much more then just a spin off. This is in a distant galaxy so there are many new things like new people, new structures, new very bad bad enemies. It is very different than Stargate SG1 cause, of course, it's not about SG1 anymore.
    The cast is great, so is the team. I hated McKay in Stargate SG1 but I love him in SGA. Weir makes a good leader for the expedition and it's refreashing that Atlantis isn't under military command. The new character, Ronon Dex seems very interresting.
    All the episodes are fabulous and the new bad guys make everything even better.
  • Starting to take off... into the stratosphere!

    I went back and watched the first season of SG-1; and I realized something... SG-1 began much the same way Atlantis did... by taking an already established idea; [The movie] fleshing it out; [the Goa'uld] tweaking it, [Jack O'Neil's morbid jokes became Jack O'NeiLL\'s wry sense of humor] and throwing new characters in [T'ealc, Captain Sam Carter]

    It seemed to much of a clone at first, and you couldn\'t connect with the character's that quickly, save for Sheppard and Mckay. But remember it took T'ealc and Sam a while to get their footing too; and now look what\'s happened: Ford, Teyla, and Weir, who all faded into the background before have jumped to the foreground with more of a grasp on who they are.

    We're starting to see more and more of the Pegasus inhabitant's desperation at the hands of the Wraith, willing to kill half their planet to poison the Wraith, willing to kill themselves at a young age to keep the group small; and we seem to see how twisted the wraith may truly be... and how blurry the line is between us and them.

    This is starting to get really good
  • Very impressive! I was reluctant at first, thinking it would be a bad spin-off of the original idea, but this blows me away!

    We were all awe-struck with the amazing achievements of StarGate, and the follow up of the movie inspired TV show StarGate SG-1. It brought forth new ideas and new views on what space travel could be like with aliens who viewed themselves as the embodiment of gods, to enslave an entire galaxy of people.

    Stargate Atlantis brings a whole new spectrum to the table, now knowing where the StarGate originated and who were responsible for building it and spreading this technology over the universe. Branching off from the original seven chevron encoding for the gate, the SG teams discovered an eighth chevron that rather than traveling throughout the galaxy, actually jumped them to another galaxy of planets altogether! The catch is: they only have enough power for a one way trip!

    It's wildly entertaining, and the modern feel of a lax military base really contributes to a unique and spectacular story of a city of people trying to survive in a new galaxy, against new odds, and with no idea how to use their technology!
  • Great spin-off to a great show

    When I first heard about this show(before it premiered) I remember thinking that it could end up being just another SG1. But it ended up being very good and and even had its own look. The wraith make a very intresting enemy and will allow the show to go on and be an intresting enemy for the alantis team. I also like how in the new season they brought on a new character and the city now has the deadalus to use along with a ZPM. So overall this show did not disappoint but at the same time I cant say I like it more than SG1.
  • I Love Star Gate Atlantis and Major John Sheppard i quter then prometet ;-)

    The star gate Atlantis has mor exatment and so bot i wod lov tu see som mor radikol teknologe diskoveris on Atlantis och oder fon things :-) bot besaids that den i Love the ny Star Gate seris :-) And i hop that it vill kom tu Sweden sun so i kan se it on mai tv in sted of a frend sending the episods on cd :-(

    I Love Star Gate Atlantis and Major John Sheppard i quter then prometet ;-)
  • excellant show love it

    love the banter between rodney and john love all the cast hope it goes on as good as SG1 a great series and the WRAITH are great too whats not to love i cannot say which ep i liked best in the first series all so very good bye bye
  • I very good surprise.

    At first i thought that Atlantis was going to be a really lame spinoff of an awsome show, but Atlantis proved itself from the very beginning and has kept me riveted from the first moment they entered the pegasis galaxy.
    I thought that they couldn't possibly be as good and keeping with SG-1 and still be able to make it's own unique stamp, but i was completely wrong. They have accomplished that plus so much more and it has been a complete surprise and the characters have made me fall in love with them completely and i have only the best wishes for the show as well as the hopes that the storyline will never get stail
  • best spin-off?

    i think atlantis is a great show. they chose the best way to do a spin-off. when stargate SG-1 started i knew it would stand the test of time, i have the same felling about atlantis. there are still many story lines to go down and if they can rejuv like stargate it will be around for some time. i think atlantis adds to the greatness that is THE STARGATE SAGA!!!
  • Dialing address to .... My review. This is one of my favortie shows. Stargate atlantis is about the Finding the City of Atlantis or is it. Once the team got there they discovered they were in for more than they bargained for.

    I never had a chance to watch SG-1 when it first started I was too young to even think about traveling to other galaxies, However when I heard Stargate Atlantis was starting I quickly marked my calender and it's been marked ever since.

    The charaters are great and for those of you who are watching it right now when is weir going to make her more of shepard. I mean where's he going to go running to the wraith begging to have the life sucked right out of him. I don't think so. And how dare they consider replacing Dr. Weir with some other idiot. Shes doing a fine job and shes happy to be there. Don't fix what works!!!!!

    As for the Wraith, Capital Ugly!!!! they are freakin ugly. But hey they make a great villian and you really find no trouble hating them.

    ..............Dialing Gate Address ....Got to go Home See ya.....
  • Entertaining but flawed show

    This spin off from Stargate SG1 started with a bang but lost its thouch as the first season went on.
    It has great potential but the main weakness is that the main characters aren´t that captivating as in Stargate SG1. But we can only hope that will get fixed as the show goes on.
    Now at the start of the 2nd season it has introduced
    some twists and new characters, which hopefully will make the show more entertaining. Nice to see Mitch Pileggi from X-files again.
    Compared to SG1 series this show has alot to live up to, and im not so sure it will survive as long as SG1 has.
  • Stargate Atlantis, a spinoff of the hit show Stargate SG-1. A new ligt into the Stargate Universe.

    Atlantis, a question that has picked at our brains since the time of Plato." In one single day and night the city of Atlantis sank beneath the waves"-Plato 360B.C.As the Sci-fi/Action show Stagate SG-1 dwells into the pit of theroies with its own spinoff on the marine city. By placing it into the hands of a very powerful race called the Ancients, who had come under attack by an almost equally powerful race called the Wraith. Sinister creatures that feed on human life force. They were run out of the city that they built to help the universe. The Ancients sank it beneath the waves of a distant plant in the far reaches of space and used the Atlantis Stargate to come to Earth and live out the rest of their lives. Using a power source found in an ancient outpost left behind. The SGC opened a wormhole to Atlantis and sent a team through to the abandoned city only to find the city to be lifeless and about to collapse under the pressure of hundereds of feet of water as the city detected life forms in danger a safe guard acted and the city rose to the surface. In countering the same enemy the Ancients did the team must defend the city.

    This incredible tale of heroism and good conquering over evil just gives me a warm tingling feeling inside. A branch off the the incredible series Stargate SG-1. It lives up to my expectations and exceeds them. This is must see T.V.! I'm not saying forget about the old just imbrace the new! Any fans of Sci-fi must see this . Two-Thumbs up, Five out of Five, Ten out of Ten.
  • A brilliant spinoff!

    In the words of Paula Abdul: "YES! YES! YES! YES!"

    Truly brilliant, quirky cast; although Flanigan can be a bit wooden. The recent season 2 premiere completed blasted SG-1 out of the water. Good job, guys.
    I'm looking forward to alot more brilliant episodes from a rapidly developing phenomenom; a real hit.
  • One word says it all...great!

    A very good show! One of the best sci-fi shows around. Everyone should tune in. Can't get better than this. Hoping show will maintain its quality. Although the stars of the shows can do better, ever other thing about it is just superb. The storyline, gadgets, technology, story twists and turns, etc. A bit different from SG-1 but still very good. Will continue to watch and hopefully it will never end.
  • Usually spin-off series are not as good as the originals but in the case of Stargate Atlantis this is a completly wrong theory.

    Usually spin-off series are not as good as the originals but in the case of Stargate Atlantis this is a completly wrong theory.
    Atlantis brings on your tv screen a new galaxy and new villains that earth people has to cross.
    I hope that the series will reach nine seasons as the original and it will never get boring.
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