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  • i would love to give a review of atlantis but have never seen the show it was on chanel 5 last night but i missed it and i thought this site would show it. no trailer option have tried to no avail any advise would be wecome

    ok so this is how it goes can not review a show i have not seen but if it is better than the original then it will be very good and should please a lot of people i am hopeing to get to see it soon then i will be able to give a better review
  • No where near as good as Stargate SG1

    I was at first excited at the prospect of a fresh new Stargate series, but this was a big disappointment.

    Some of the characters are interesting, but in general I find some characters annoying - like it is a cast of good looking actors...too good looking, like that is the focus of the series to draw people in.

    I find myself bored whenever I tune in, the stories just not getting me involved or interested to the point where I care what happens next. I haven't seen any 'edge of your seat drama'.

    It was a good idea, but sad to say, I just don't like this spin-off.
  • Take cream of Stargate SG1--the way it was in the first few seasons. Mix in interesting characters. Slowly add a growing threat. Add a dash of good subplots, some great new environments, and lots and lots of mystery, and VOILA!!! You have Atlantis.

    That's right--Atlantis is better than I could have possibly hoped. Most people who watch atlantis now got there from SG-1. Me, it's the complete reverse: I began watching SG-1 because of how awesome I thought that Atlantis was.
    And I couldn't be happier, either. somewhat-unknown actor Joe Flanigan is an awesome actor. Surrounded by other great actors such as Torri Higginson and David Hewlett, the cast create believable characters that we can all follow along with.
    But it's not only the characters. The sets are amazing, especially the ones within the city itself. Every object looks as though it has a definite purpose, and although the control rooms in Atlantis and SG-1 have the same exact purpose, they are each interesting in their own ways.
    The direction in this show is nothing short of perfect. All of the action is done at angles that don't make you dizzy yet also let you know what's going on. You'll never get lost in a battle, and you'll never stop rooting for the good guys.
    If you haven't seen this yet, check it out. If you have tossed it away, you have done so prematurely...this show is the epitamy of Sci-fi and Stargate philosophies. ROCK ON!!!
  • Much More Then A SG-1 Spinoff.

    This show was a great idea and came out at the prefect time.

    I have to say Sci-fi friday has never been better with this one its line up.

    A groups if highly trained military and the finest minds on Earth go to Atlantis to find the tools to make Humanity better and ways to defeat the Ghou'ald.

    While there they find and awaken a new and even more deadly enemy the Wraith.

    With no no Major friends to back them up like the Asgard only a few famers for help they stand at the edge of death with no way to return home.

    Now that the new season is on its way and the have a Red beray team and The newest Space Battle ship the Daughtless, they might have a chance to defend Atlantis and finally strick back at the Wraith.
  • Not that bad

    I have to admit, when I thought of a Stargate knock off, I neither impressed or even aiming to ever watch it. But I did, and am I glad.

    Its a great show, It has many different aspects to its older sister show and I suspect it will go on as long as Stargate does.

    A real must watch.
  • This show suports my interest greatly

    I was expecting a boring spin off similar to some ( Some not all ) of the Star Trek series', but I was pleasantly surprised. Instant action in the pilot episode when Dr. McCray nearly shoots down Gen. O'Neill's helicopter with the ancient's weapon. Thought it was rather fitting that Daniel really, really wanted to go with the Atlantis team....but of course, Jack said no.

    The Wraith are a whole new nemesis for the SG team to deal with on a weekly basis. They are ugly creatures that I think could crush the Goa'uld in a heartbeat. The healing ability of these creatures is amazing. The Atlantis team members pretty well have to blow them to bits at point blank to defeat them. Excitement in every encounter with the Wraith.
  • This is an improvement from SG1. Atlantis is a great mixture of suspence, action, & drama. All the makings of a sci-fi dynasty hopefully to last a long time.

    Unfortunatly I am not a SG1 fan. Stargate the Movie is much better in my humble opinion, and much better acting. Atlantis follows a different premis, that the discovery of the lost city of atlantis in a completely uncharted part of the universe brings a lot of imagination and new possibilites to mind. Upon the cities discovery, the crew finds the city in a poor state, and the suprising the discovery of a alien species that is vast in numbers and like to absorb humans. (scary) This show also has mostly unknown cast, which I do like. (provides a new show feel)There appears to be decent dialogue, good action, plenty of suspence, great writing, and no boredom here. Plenty of eye candy, which is again provided by amazing CGI. Must watch show. Two thumbs up!
  • I am 31, so I have seen my share of sci-fi. This is one of the best sci-fi shows that I have seen to date. I hope the show keeps up the good work.

    I am pretty picky about which sci-fi shows I do watch. But this show appears to have good writers and amazing dialogue. It is a great improvement over the old show from days of old. Because of new technology it is possible to bring epic battles as well as close encounters to life that is really amazing to the eye. (CGI)
    Edward james almos, (if i spelled that right) does an amazing job portraying the hard ass captain and having an mostly unknown supporting cast doing their part to bring the stories to life. Two thumbs up!
  • Sci-Fi lovers Favorite.

    The latest installment in the Stargate series, Stargate Atlantis is a Sci-Fi show that is very interesting. A team of highly trained soldiers, foreign technology specialists, and skilled doctors find the city of Atlantis unharmed. They start researsh there and they find a Stargate there. Soon they start travel to other worlds encoutering friends and enemies and sometimes invasions in their own base. The Science Fiction is very interesting. The scientifically accurate stuff will pull anyone in. Plot is very developed so everyone that watches this show knows whats going on. Dramatic scenes are entertaining to. A must watch for any Sci-Fi lover. 9.6/10
  • A brilliant spin off of Stargate SG-1.

    Stagate Atlantis is a great spin off of Stargate SG-1 it is easily as good as SG-1.
    I can't wait to see what happens in the second series I think that it will be at least as good as the last series if not better.
    From what I have read about the second series there are a lot of interesting things that are going to happen in this series.
    If you like SG-1 then you should definitely check it out.
  • Stargate Atlantis is definatly better than even SG-1.

    Stargate Atlantis is the spin-off show of Stargate SG-1. The show focuses on one person, Major Sheperd instead of a specific group. The show always has something differant going on while keeping the main enemy, The Wraith in mind. This, of course, is the same formula SG-1 follows. The one thing that sets this and SG-1 apart, is what the producers have done in terms of CG effects. The worlds are more vibrant and more old-style than SG-1's planets. It's just stunning what they've done. Along With things you couldn't even imagine happening in SG-1. Atlantis definatly proves itself worthy of being SG-1's succesor.
  • An incredibly fantastic, dramatic, and futuristic television series that has gone above and beyond what most fans of Stargate SG-1 could have ever hoped it to be. Filled with incredible people, places, and technology this show has surpassed what most exp

    An absolute favorite and must see for any true science fiction fan. The story of an earth expedition force sent to find the lost city of Atlantis, the crown jewel of the Empire of the Ancients, the builders of the Stargates. Unfortunately, with the main power systems of Atlantis depleted, the city is all but dead. And, in the beginning we learn of the down fall of the Ancients, at the hands of their greatest adversary, The Wraith.

    The Wraith are beings/creatures that, most likely, were created due to the superiority that most advanced cultures have exhibited so far in the Stargate series. Some believe that these beings were created when the DNA of Ancients and a primitive life form, found on another world that drains the life out of other creatures to survive, were mixed together. However, it should be noted that the ancients had superior technology, but, were so severely out numbered that they could win every battle, but saw no end to the war. So, in a last effort to save themselves they decided that abandoning Atlantis was their only option at that time. So, the Ancients than submerged the city and left it to slumber, until they could solve the problem of the Wraith.

    However, it is believed that when they returned to our galaxy, that their species was wiped out by a plague that destroys the immune system and that they were unable to find a cure for. And so, some of the Ancients found a way to ascend to a higher plane of existence where they exist only as non corporeal energy based life forms. So far in the series we have seen many things, from the ancient Wraith hive ships which sleep for so long that entire forests grow on them, to the puzzles of the brother hood of 15, a group of 15 men that guarded a ZPM (Zero Point Module). We have even learned that the fate of the Atlantis expedition was altered from what it originally was when another Doctor Elizabeth Weir was discovered in an Ancient stasis chamber, and it is determined that she has been in the chamber for nearly ten thousand years, since the Ancients abandoned the city.

    Filled with action, heroic acts of bravery, compassion, betrayal, kindness, sorrow, death, and above all else, hope. This series is one that I believe that it is and instant classic, and will be remembered for generations to come as one of the defining features of science fiction television and entertainment.
  • When i first watch Stargate Atlantis i thought it never be as good as the original as SG-1 got better every season and tis would have to be something special to even come close.

    When i first watch Stargate Atlantis i thought it never be as good as the original as SG-1 got better every season and tis would have to be something special to even come close. I like the idea of them being in another galaxy, so there is plenty enough there for new and different story lines to come up with and to my surprise they came up with one of the best baddies i have seen in a while the wrath (moden day vampires) with great special effects and a great cast i think season two will be even better and draw in more SG-1 fans with the new season.
  • This show did what most spin-offs try to do, but never manage. This show has actually surpassed its original and has become a far better program than its predessesor. A better cast (I never thought I would say that) and a more interesting story. Check

    This show did what most spin-offs try to do, but never manage. This show has actually surpassed its original and has become a far better program than its predessesor. A better cast (I never thought I would say that) and a more interesting story. The sets were well built, and the visual effects make the show a treat to watch. I was very skeptical of this program and was shocked when I found myself hooked after the second episode. If you give this program a try you will too. Something you might also want to consider is this program takes place in a completely different galaxy. If you have never seen an episode of SG-1, or you have and you hated it. Fear not, this is very different.


  • Stargate Atlantis is excellent! It's a great spin-off of SG-1, while still keeping what was good about the original Stargate.

    I was apprehensive about stargate atlantis when I first heard it announced. I am a huge stargate SG-1 fan and when I heard that there was going to be a spin-off I was tempted to not even watch it. I figured I'd watch the pilot and see what it had in store and fell in love with it right from the start. It's a great series, has references back to it's roots and some of their missions, and it doesn't take long to fall in love with the new characters as much as you loved the original SG-1 team.

    My only complaint is that I think that they made Sheppard too much a replacement for O'Neil. He is always trying to be witty and a smart alek. I'd rather them leave the wittyness to Jack and let each of these characters have their own personality. With that said, I still think this is an incredible show, with a lot of potential. I can't wait to see where we go and what happens in Season 2.
  • When Stargate SG-1 first came out I thought, this is a really good show but then Stargate Atlantis came out and i thought, this is the best show ever! My favourite show today by far.

    Stargate Atlantis is a show ahead of its time. A spin-off to Stargate SG1, Atlantis has a new plot, new enemies, new friends and technology and new crew. With a bit of humour along with action, this sci-fi show is the best show i have ever seen with amazing special effects and a story line that makes the show such a great success. The show is very stabilized showing you what you want to see but at the same time surprising you by doing something you thought they wouldve never done. This show has everything a good show needs to be successful. Anyone who likes Stargate SG1 or even Sci-fi shows should definately watch this.
  • Cool - Good to see a "Spin off" That Works

    I was a Stargate SG1 Fan alas times have changed. I have lost interest in SG1 and become a firm Atlantis Follower. Since I am not a spin off fan it's good to see that occasionally it does happen with the entrance of a new baddy new cast add's new depth to the show - Way looking forward to the new Season
  • Has what StarGate doesn't

    When i first heard that there was going to be a StarGate spin-off i was filled with joy, i love stargate.Stargate Atlantis is better than stargate in so many ways. The city (Atlantis is awsom better than i could have dreamed) The way Teyla can feel the Wraith is awsom, but seems like a copie of the way Teal'c can sence the Retoo. It brings to mind what would happen if the Goa'uld takes a Writh host man its mindblowing. But the main factor that make Atlantis better is the Stargate it self it looks way better. All in all i think i can say this is one show that has supassed it counterpart.
  • This is a brilliant show I definately recommend watching this. I wouldn't say that it is as good as Stargate SG1 but it's still great.

    This is an amazing show it is almost as good as Stargate SG1. It has great action scenes in it and it is very exciting. The characters and the actors are all superb.

    The only thing that I thought was wrong with the show was that the Ancients seem to have been weaker than you would have thought them to be.

    If you liked Stargate SG1 or shows similar to it then you will certainly like Stargate Atlantis.
  • A spin off that hits the mark.

    I have found myself to be a bit resistant to spin offs. I keep remembering shows like After M*A*S*H and Joanie Loves Chachie. Actually, I have nightmares about these shows. So, when I heard that Stargate SG-1 was creating a spin off, my reaction was, "Here we go again!"

    But, Stargate Atlantis has not only captured my interest, it has also got me wanting more. The characters are interesting, the stories entertaining (as long as you do not think too much), and the villians both obvious and subtle. I even enjoy the little jabs that each of the "countries" make at each other!

    I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised. Stargate SG-1 and the movie Stargate were both excellent (even though I am generally unimpressed by television series spun off movies). If Stargate SG-1 could do the impossible, why not Stargate Atlantis?
  • The spin off of Stargate SG-1

    This favourite Sci-Fi show apart from Stargate SG-1 from which this is a spin off show. It is about a group of explorers from many different countries of earth go to another galaxy to find the lost city of the ancients. I like this show as it is very interesting and introduces lots of different powerful technologies and very dangerous enemies.
  • This incredibly weak spin-off of Stargate SG-1 deals with another team who are out to wipe out the enemies of the Ancients'.

    This show is terrible, plain and simple. It has none of the charm of the original, the stars have no chemistry together and the acting ranges from tolerable to inept. The only thing more preposterous than this is that a group of isolated humans in another galaxy are supposed to have a chance against an enemy supposedly many times worse than the Go'a'uld. Oh well, at least I wised up and stopped watching it after the first couple episodes.
  • Atlantis has made good points and has developed some intriguing new possibilities that Sg-1 would not have been able to. However, while the characters and stories are compeling, the show isn't as good as SG-1 is. Time will tell if Atlantis can be as goo

    While definitely not as good as the original Stargate Sg-1, Stargate Atlantis has managed to impressive me within one season. The characters are complex enough and have already started to evolve within the one season this show has had. The storylines are intriguing enough, but one cannot help but notice that the new "bad-guys" heavily resemble the old "bad-guys", Goauld, in voice if nothing else. I do like the way Atlantis introduced other enemies that are not so stereotypically branded as villains. Of course, I already hate all the enemies trying to give the Atlantis team a hard time, but that only goes to show how good the show is at making us CARE about its characters.

    Overall, this show presents possibilities that SG-1 could not entertain considering its long history and already heavily complex storyline. But Atlantis has yet to achieve the status of greatness that Sg-1 has.
  • New Stargate team in another galaxy...?

    Upon first glance, my impression of Stargate Atlantis was that it was a younger Sg-1. Then, as the show carries on, and after a few episodes, personalities quite unlike Sg-1 develop. After Major Sheppard tones down his ego a bit, the show is really quite good. The Wraith are a new enemy that are unlike the Goa\'uld, and leaves Atlantis and Sg-1 galaxies apart. (Like it should be) So, I give this show a good rating for originality without being too much out of this world.
  • when i first heard about Atlantis i was very skeptical but i am glad i was wrong it is a great show

    this is a great show i was not disappointed
    by Atlantis it has a great story line
    for a show in its first season because the
    universe was set up by SG-1 and i love SG-1
    so i loved learning about the ancients
    over all a small part of me like Atlantis
    a bit more than SG-1
  • Who would have thought a spin-off of SG-1 would have been this great?! This show is awesome!

    I did not expect the show to really do that well considering the constraints the producers and writers were under at the time.

    (completing season 8 and staring Atlantis at the same time)

    Any ways from what I've seen so far, about 13 episodes from the beginning, this show is making real progress.

    Its not quite straight forward as i would have predicted, which makes it all the more exciting!

    For those of you who like SG-1, this is definetly a must see.

    For those of you who don't watch SG-1 because you feel left out because you missed 6 seasons..... well.......... :)

    Stargate Atlantis is definitely on par with SG-1, and is a great opportunity to get stuck into the Stargate universe.

    PS: Think of it as Stargate - Miami.
  • I'm a big Stargate SG-1 fan, so logically I started watching the spin-off: Stargate Atlantis. It begins where season 7 of stargate-sg1 ends. A group of scientists are going to the stargate to the adres what they believe is where Atlantis is.

    Stargate Atlantis starts off right away with a lot of action and very very funny characters.
    The characters in Atlantis are a bit more sarcastic in their humor but it makes for a lot of hilarious scenes.
    Also, the action and space scenes are way better then stargate SG-1 is. Especially seeing the underwater city, go up to the surface, was a jaw-opener.
    The stories follow the same basic build-up as stargate sg-1 only there are new enemies they're facing and new friends to be made.

    I highly recommend this show to SF lovers and if you do wanna go into it, I recommend SG-1 too! :p
  • Stargate

    A Nice show, not better then SG-1, but it starts just some mounths ago, and SG-1 has 9 seasons. The most amazing thing on this serie is that on SG-1 they start what Atlantis begin, the search for the Lost City and a way for a more advance technology.
    Stargate is a great serie that became more and more popular and there is nothing that can stop it.
  • Stargate Atlantis is your traditionnal spin-off : SG1 has met its public, has been on for many seasons ; the producers make a spin-off to broaden the scripts possibilities. Many times, they end up with a commercial thing that does not last more th

    So far, SGA is a recent show and no one can tell how many seasons it will be on. Yet, I hope it will be on for a good three or four seasons because the scripts keep the Stargate-SG1 feeling in all aspects and allow more variations and stories to happen.
    The cast is all right : taking guests from SG1 is a plus for the continuity. The characters are not just SG1 doubles ; they are psychologically developped.
    The Wraith is not a bad idea, but seriously, I doubted the realism of that after a few episodes.
    I mean that a life-sucking species is an eventuality, as well as their evolution, but the fact that they suck "years out of their victims" is just too big. Sometimes, they made me think of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, a show I do not really like.
    I am surprised that the writers could create new stories which have not been done on SG1, but must admit I have been disappointed by some of the season 1 episodes. Not that the humor was not present : it is, and it matches mine. Not that it was not original, or not well directed. I was disappointed by few of them, and just because they seemed too short, not deep enough. Fortunately, this only concerns one or two episodes, so in the end, this is a really good show. As I basically like shows dealing with the Air Force, science and fantasy (the view of Atlantis makes me think of fantasy worlds), this has been become over a few weeks a personal favorite.
  • Stargate Atlantis so far has been my favorite sci fi series i have seen yet

    I first saw this series available on my Rogers on Demand channel, I ripped through the first 20 episodes fast -- wanting more i went in search for episode 21 and realized im going to have to wait a month to see it air, this is the best sci fi series i have seen -- In my mind Stargate Atlantis has surpassed its predocessor Stargate SG-1, though id like to see them intertwine with eachother

    If you have not yet seen this whole first season I suggest you do before season two comes out, im counting the minutes till its out
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