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  • One of the most enjoyable shows to grace my TV set and at times a little lacking. It was still an excellent show. Mission success.

    Although sometimes there seemed to be rather a few filler episodes the show mostly was a battle for control of Atlantis.

    The battle was finally won and the whole thing was flown back to Earth. During this time there were a number of enemies each rather powerful in their own way. But each lacked the ability to adapted like the team on Atlantis.

    There was constant upgrades, battles and things to find. Much like SG1 the Stargate was of heavy use. However there was far more enthusiast on ship to ship combat which was at a point in Stargate universe when the game was getting to powerful and easier to win.

    In the end, there was only one out-come.

    Mission success.
  • Best ever!

    I absolutly love show! This is one of my favourites! I really like season 3, season 4 and most of season 5. The finale is absolutely fabulous! My favourite characters are Rodney McKay, Jennifer Keller, Radek Zelenka and Ronon Dex. There should be more Rodney Episodes and less John episodes if you know what I mean. My favourite couple are Rodney and Jennifer and my favourite duo is Rodney McKay and Carson Beckett. This is positively on my most favourite shows ever list. There are a few episodes that I don't like, like "Inquisition" but it is a brilliant show.
  • The decision of ending the show wasn't so bad after all.

    I wasn't happy when they announced this would have been the last season of this great show, but after seeing the finale i'm happy with the decision they made : the battle and the way it ended ( the usual get in, drop the bomb, nobody gets hurt, etc..) plus the lack of focus on the Wraith and a certain number of "filler" episodes. they were running out of gas, and i'm truly sorry to say this. this remain, however, one of my favorite shows, a show able to create a whole new universe, full of marvels. Good Bye, Atlantis.
  • A spin-off from Stargate SG-1 that is almost as good as the original.

    As I have already said this is that most rare of things - a spin-off that is almost as good as the original. The show manages to keep those elements of the original stargate that we all know and love but also makes the show different and edgy enough so that it is not simply a clone of SG-1 as so easily could have been the case.

    In many ways it is a shame that this show was not allowed to run for as long as the first because if it had I think it may have been able to surpass it's predecessor. This last season in particular has very much raised the bar and the show will be greatlymissed now it is gone. I for one look forward to the upcoming TV movie with great expectations.
  • Truly abysmal.

    I'm a Stargate fan. I watched all of SG-1 growing up in middle and high school. I enjoyed it and I felt it showcased the best of humanity when it came to the concept of us exploring the galaxy and later universe. Stargate Atlantis is such a horrendous failure that it's not even funny to watch. The premise is sound and the Ancient story thread is one of the more compelling ones in the Stargate series. Atlantis follows the same formula from that of SG-1. A single enemy to focus on with a flagship team the show focuses on. Let's start with the enemy, the Wraith. What an excuse for an enemy. A hive species that is dumber than bricks but somehow managed to destroy the most advanced species the universe has known? Oh, they're dumb as hell but they can build way more ships than earth with far superior technological capabilities. I would have loved to sit on the meetings where they thought this one up. Next you have the team. Overall, I'm okay with the character and actor choices until you come to one Dr. Rodney McKay. He is by far the most annoying character on the series and yet the show focuses on him so much. Also, he was the "stupid" scientist when he appeared on Stargate SG-1. How did he become the lead scientist on the Atlantis expedition? The character of John Shepard exacerbates the annoyance by constantly asking McKay if he's done with whatever scheme they happen to be working on. He doesn't ask once but often times twice and sometimes more. There are plot holes galore in this series. It also showcases the worst aspects of humanity. Whatever they don't understand they blow up. I don't find that to be the actions of a group of explorers. This is a show to be avoided.
  • This show is amazing!!

    I am a fan of stargate and when i watched this it became my fave scifi show its great! Season 1 had lots of fun guest stars n really found its self so quick. In season 2 Jason Mamoa was a great addition acting as there Teal'c Telya and is also a great character. Elizabeth was a great character but i wanted to c her fight.

    So i was happy when Carter came in she really meshed with the cast. Jewel Staite is a also a great actress and i love her character. The show has really evoled over the years but it is all together SUPERB!!!!
  • Sci-Fi Channel Idiots Cancel a classic

    The finale was a pretty good one but it left a lot of unanswered questions. I hope they make some movies to finally get closure on converting or destroying the Wraith. This show could have lasted easily another 5 seasons especially with the new enemy they unearthed a few episodes ago. There were a lot of special effects in this episode and I was glad to see them spend some money so they can stick it to the Sci-Fi Channel dimwits. The City blasting in using a new super travel technology will change the Stargate storyline forever. Still, I want to see some movies with Rainbow Sun Francks being cured and brought home in the Movie that brings Atlantis back to the Pegasus galaxy and sees McKay marry the hot doctor in a double ceremony with Ronin and the hot Marine chick. Let's all hope that Sci-Fi doesn't cancel Stargate Universe before the story is told.
  • Did someone die!?

    Sheesh - I've been waiting these weeks for Atlantis to return, and THIS stinker is what we are greeted with?

    The actors seemed to be either heavily medicated, or perhaps it was depressed. (Did someone die and while filming this episode and I missed it!?) It is almost like because they know the show hasn't long to go, they came up with a plot that required the least amount of effort.

    Some characters had so few lines, it was pointless them even being included, apart from filling up the required time to produce an episode.

    Hopefully this isn't an indication of what the remaining episodes will be like.


    This episode really doesn't deserve any points. But I reset my score and gave a couple just because the actors at least bothered to turn up for filming.
  • Stargate Atlantis still possesses some of what made SG-1 great, but is lacking in many areas. The shows big flaw, in my opinion, is the enemy, The Wraith.

    I think the stories are still quite good, but my one great complaint with the show is the enemy. The Wraith, simply put, suck. Especially when compared to the gould, replicators and Ori. They're basically space vampires! Just not original at all. Also, it is of course a bit silly to nitpick plausability on a sci-fi show but the wraith are just commpletely nonsense, uninteresting and not in the least threatening as an enemy. I just can't believe a bad guy who spends 5 minutes screaming and running around like a wild animal and then suddenly can disassemble and reassemble a spaceship. It's like watching planet of the apes or something.
  • The words 'lead' and 'balloon' come to mind.

    This show was a breath of fresh air during season one but all joy was completely drained out of it when the main plot completely faded. The show is plodding along with meaningless one-off side plot episodes regurgitating variations on the same theme. Admittedly the show doesn't have a lot to work with - One of main characters was written out after season one and not really replaced (acting wise), the original stargate isn't really cancelled but reduced to TV movies and now they've lost the plots where SG-1 and atlantis would be running simultaneously and interlinking occasionally. The show suffers from a lack of acting, writing and the age old stargate budget problems - oh look its another episode where we visit a society thats less evolved than ours or visit the exact same wraith mothership again (!).
  • This was tied with SG-1 for my favourite show for its first 3 seasons.

    There are so many wonderful things about this show. The best thing is that it is part of the Stargate Universe. I will never cease to be amazed by the initial idea behind the movie and both series, simply amazing. Another wonderful thing about this show is the Wraith. They are a very interesting enemy (better than the Ori, IMO). Their style is so cool. The look of the species, their clothes, their ships. Everything about them is cool (except for the fact that they kill ppl, but they are bad guys). I also love the whole city itself and the idea of having the SG spin-off being in Atlantis. It is a beautiful city. The whole show has an amazing style and mood to it. The characters are amazing as well. I especially love McKay. So incredibly arrogant, but he is almost right about himself. In "Inferno" Sheppard wasnt even worried because he knew McKay could fix it. Although, he makes mistakes once in awhile (i.e. "Trinity"), which he should for it to be realistic. I also love Dr. Weir. She is such a strong woman. If SG were real Weir would make me more proud of my gender than even Sam could. She is a wonderful leader and all those millitary men who were trying to remove her from her position really need to shut up. Sam was a great addition for S4, and Woolsey was coming into his own when S5 ended. Altho S4 and 5 were low points for me. Its unfortunate it had to end when it was down. S4 and 5 spent way too much time in the city instead of on missions, which is what SG is supposed to be all about, adventure and exploration. It also focused way too much on Michael. The Wraith in general are a much better enemy instead of trying to focus on one at a time, like they did with the Goa'uld in SG-1. The Wraith dont have as much personality as the Goa'uld so it doesnt work. And another complaint I have about the show as a whole is the character relationships. SG-1 were extremely close friends, even Sam and Jack, regardless of what else they might have wanted. But in Atlantis they seemed to try to play off the success of Sam and Jack as a ship, by adding scenes between all the characters. I have heard of fans of pretty much every combination of characters as a couple, except McKay/Teyla, but who knows, they might be out there. In Atlantis they left the shipping wide open to try to please everyone, but I find it ruined the team dynamics. Are Sheppard and Ronan fighting over Teyla? Are McKay and Ronan fighting over Keller? Are Sheppard and McKay fighting over Weir? I dont wanna have to worry about that. The team are supposed to have each others backs. Dont get me wrong, I love shipping, but the writers just didnt seem to know what they were doing here, which I think is a really bad idea in a show whose predessor is famous for great character interaction. I think they should have stuck to what works.

    But, the main thing is the adventure and there was plenty of that, even in S4 and 5 there were some great episodes. This show is well worthy of its Stargate name.
  • Abysmal. I enjoy CSI, but if I'm in the mood for CSI, I'll just watch CSI.

    Abysmal. I enjoy CSI, but if I'm in the mood for CSI, I'll just watch CSI. For all its trademark effects, CSI is a character driven show. Remove those characters, and there's really little to recommend it. SG:A is also character driven. Somehow this episode managed to remove those characters as well, by placing them into the CSI setting and entirely altering their personalities. And then there was the incongruence of the almost comical inclusion of the wraith... in makeup (to Marilyn Manson, no less.) All-in-all, there were only two highlights to this episode - the sound track, and the guest stars in the poker game. Not enough to hold it together, I'm afraid. Far below the SG:A standard. Essentially 40 minutes of filler, for no other reason than to get us to the last few minutes - how the wraith manage to make it to earth for the series finale I guess.
  • thats not a season ender thats should have been the start of the next season (sga) stargate atlantis should have started season 7.

    stargate was the best show ever it had the best everthing, the guns the tech even the babes,but that a side the show was ahead of its time the episode was ok lots of shots fired people not dieing and atlantis back on earth i dont know if atlantis could ever go back the pegasus galaxy it took all three Z.P.M. to get to earth and i dont think humans have another three any where on earth.

    i wonder how the staight to dvd of stargate atlantis will be better be good.i heard there are even more sg1 dvd coming out to as well as the atlantis dvds well only time can tell .
  • This is definitely not one of my favorite shows, but i still like it. it was to early in the series for it have been canceled. It was still growing, maybe not thriving, but i still watched it. Personally...

    This is definitely not one of my favorite shows, but i still like it. it was to early in the series for it have been canceled. It was still growing, maybe not thriving, but i still watched it. Personally, Atlantis has nothing on Sg-1 but that's ok, they're different shows, but nearing the end, i started to notice that they seemed very very similar.

    The Last Man: Time travel episode, solar flare. Couldn't we come up with something new please?

    First contact/ lost Tribe: Okay so the asgard, not so original, but i liked it, the asgurd are cool. :) but the whole gates blowing up because they are drawing power from the wormhole? it's been done, where's the creativity?

    my favorite season was season one, because it had better episodes, in my opinion, than all the others. i also liked this season better because it had a fair number of what i'm going to call "mission" episodes. where the team goes to planet to meet new people and socialize, yada yada yada, you get the point. I liked those episodes. but in recent ones it's been; oh no! the wraih did this, the wraith did that. blah blah blah. not a horrible show, but it could have been better.
  • ok so i am a stargate fan and most things sc fi. i think atlantis was up there with sg1, and am sad that it is cancelled. it had superb characters and storylines and will be missed.

    as i have said before. i am a stargate fan, and was over the moon when they decided to make a spinoff series from sg1. at the time i did not think that it could be as good as sg1, well it was. ok so it based along the lines as sg1 in the fact that they are fighting one main enemy in the wriath. as with sg1 one the characters and story's were excellant. with the exception of doc keller all the characters were brillant. right from the start with elizabeth weir. showing who was and would be in charge at all times. then the stunningly good looking Taylor who was a leader and feared no one. later on there was Ronan who was your typical warrior, and basically just like hurting people particularly with is gun. and was a gaint of a man, who ever came up with the idea of dreadlocks for him was spot on they just gave him pure menace. then there was beckett the good doc. the man who never did like going through the gate really, and who along with the death of doc fraser in sg1 provivded the most poingnant and sadiest moment in any of the atlantis episode's. Sunday is up there with any episode in any series that involved killing off a main stay character. Jon sheppard the man trusted to lead the star team. good looking, daring, yet mild mannered, but again a true leader of men. finally on to the man who made the whole series for me. Dr Rodney mackay. this man is one of the most complex men ever created. as he was all of the below. arrogant, talented, cowardly, amusing, greedy, and most of all not selfless. me me me at all times. and played to perfection by david hewlett. when the creators cast torri higginson, joe flannagan,rachel luttrell, david hewlett, paul mcgillion and eventually jason momoa they must have hoped that it would be as good as sg1, and to see that it was must have been like a dream come true. to see the cast work as well as the sg1 cast must have been really pleasing. i for one will miss atlantis as much as i miss sg1.
  • Well worth the watch, ending too soon.

    Its a shame this series is coming to an end. All about making money I guess. Direct to DVD is more profitable shame fans have to suffer. Although, if they do release Atlantis films and the new Stargate series takes off, will be acceptable to this fan.

    Looking forward to the new Stargate series SCIFI has coming out. The Stargate franchise is very smart and has always been done well. So many SciFi series are corny and unbelievable, the Stargate series does not fall into that category and is well worth the 5 season watch. Its a good series.

    Bring back Firefly!!!!!!!!
  • Underappreciated, but that seems more to be the fault of the writers than the viewers.

    I don't watch much television, but I became a fan of Stargate SG-1 after a friend convinced me to (begrudgingly) watch a couple of seasons all the way to the end. I think what carried that series was the real character insight of Richard Dean Anderson, and his direction of the series. In SG-1 we see real character development, and real characters. Their driving forces are not just their existential struggle, but are their own essential drives, which change and grow throughout the series. Midway through season 6 of SG-1 we see a culmination in the exchanges between Jack and Daniel, as Jack is facing repeated tortures and death and Daniel attempts to convince Jack he has some quality of spiritual redemption.

    Unfortunately, this depth of character is wholly missing from SGA. I wish it were not so, but alas it is. SGA seems to fail in that trickiest of tightrope walks in science fiction: it focuses on technology and aliens as inherent plot devices rather than focusing on their influence on and insight into us.

    SGA is still better than most of US television, dominated as it is by flesh peddling and social voyeurism, and it has been thoroughly enjoyable for five seasons. However, the return of Richard Woolsey, immutable as he is even after several repetitions of the same epiphany, simply serves as the starkest reflection possible of the immutable nature of the show itself. The best thing that could happen to SGA is a pink slip notice with enough time to force the introduction of some sort of climax and resolution.
  • Such a Big Occassion, I expected more.. Give it some more episodes

    This was supposed to be a big end and needed to have a good ending so that they could connect it to the movie they will be releasing in the summer of 2009.

    But this episode just felt rushed, I would think they should have split this over 2 episodes and not even bother showing IDENTITY (which just seemed like something they had produced and just through in, so they could bring up the production numbers)

    everything seems to just happen within a blink of a second that once, that you cannot feel any suspense.. Because as soon as something is going wrong! BANG!! its been sorted out

    Why end a Great show like this.. I am sad to see it go, as I dont believe there are enough good SciFi shows to watch currently.

    My Final thought:

  • This is one of the best shows i have ever seen.

    Stargate atlantis, in my oppnion is a work of art. Setting a sci-fi in the present day is superb. The idear that all this is going on right now just makes you wounder of something like this is going on right now.

    And unlike other sci-fi shows they keep the actual science itself to a minimum and Never push so far as to make it seem like it was impossible or out of human reach. But at the same time you wish that it was pushed.

    Another thing that i find amazing is that there is alot of the conflict for the charecter is everyday problems, like a mother diciding wheather or not to go back to work, or getting a new boss you don't like or two men fighting for one womans affection.

    To reinterpate, Stargate Atlantis is a work of art.
  • It was an interesting view of the team (or a part of the team), with a different, but nevertheless interesting John Sheppard and Rodney McKay. (slightly spoiler...:)

    I don't look at this episode as a filler, as some other reviewers, because it has serious connections to other, older episodes, and it seems it will affect also the storyline in the 'original' universe. I liked how they played a bit "CSI Las Vegas", and it was nice to see the slightly different Sheppard and McKay from a parallel universe. Of course, knowing that there is only one episode remains from the show, it would be better if they had used this episode to clear up some of the issues from the series, but I guess that when it was made they didn't know about the cancellation of the sow.

    Of course, it's not the best episode of the show, but I think it is a fairly decent episode. By the way, Brad Wright appears in one short scene, but this time without Siler and his monkey wrench.
  • What happened to this series?

    Don't get me wrong, i like the stargate franchise, but i can see why the show is getting canceled. here is another sg1 plot ripped off and modified to make another filler episode which this entire season has been except the first episode and maybe a 2 more.
    I don't even have a problem with Atlantis taking ideas from sg1 and reusing them for their story lines, if it works use it right? But the mckay/keller story line that is dragging the quality of stories down and would of gone no where if the series hadn't of been canceled anyways, is definitely the worst part and maybe the biggest reason for the series not getting renewed. i know this will probably get deleted because negative criticism apparently inst allowed since my last post about jewel statie being the death of shows was taken down, but while it is up consider what i've said.
  • Spin-off and better show of Stargate Atlantis

    When i first heard that there was going to be a spin-off of Stargate SG-1, i was both excited and scared. Excited in ways because they would be expanding the stargate universe and new characters. But i was scared for similar reasons because i didnt think the characters of Atlantis could out-shine the wonderful characters and plot-points in SG-1. Boy was i wrong.

    Atlantis is on almost every level better than SG-1. I some ways because the stories are more often character based which i prefer and the plot in general was just more intriguing than SG-1. Bad guys (wraith) are more evil and clever than SG-1's baddies.

    But like a lot of my favorite shows its getting canceled after its current season. Over before it reached its true potential.
  • Getting really tired of things-already-seen... and Keller

    First of all, I have no problem with certain elements being reused form SG-1, or previous episodes, if anything, I think it makes for great continuinity. But only if they are used in a „new light". This was not too different from SG-1's episode, and most of the fans had it figured out in 5 seconds when they saw Keller's reflection. It was only a matter of time before they found the device, and shut it down. On the other hand, episodes like Doppleganger, or The Last Man pretty much reused the same ideas form SG-1, even referencing it, but they were much more interesting than this, bringing Atlantis elements into it, and showing them in a totally different light - making them one of my favorite episodes of the season. Second, Keller. I actually liked the character when I first saw her in First Strike. But ever since Missing, and her obnoxious whining, I just can't seem to stand her. I thought only „the best and the brightest" were suppoused to join the Atlantis expedition, and in my opinion, this includes the bravest. She constantly doubts herself, and in my opinion lacks the strength a person in her position should display. Yes, she is a only a medical doctor, and regardless of her fine medical skills, a CMO in another galaxy should have more than „just" the medical expertise. Third, those other two lead characters...what were their names again? Ah, right, Ronon and Teyla! I think I saw them in this episode, even heard a few lines... but I am not sure, as I have not seen much of them this season. While Ronon was always more of a silent type, Teyla was more open and I miss seeing her doing anything on the show. She used to spar with Sheppard, could really kick some buts when the situation called for it, and she was the most diplomatic of the team. I don't recognize this person she became, when she became a mother. I have to say, I really miss the old episodes, with much more team development, gym sparring sessions, and new and exciting missions. I don't even want to start on how TPTB are neglecting Sheppard. This might be the best season ever, but some episodes are just...out of place, totally pointless, and I strongly believe that the success of the this season has a lot to do with old fans just not giving up on the show and hoping to get answers asked long ago.
  • Stargate Atlantis is a spinoff of Stargate SG-1 set in the Pegasus galaxy. after discovering the Pegasus galaxy through the stargate,explorers set up base in the ancient lost city of Atlantis. while exploring, they wake a dangerous race called the Wraith.

    Stargate Atlantis is a great show for anyone who enjoys science fiction and can easily spark the interest of people who don't. Although it loses some of the reality of the original series SG-1, Atlantis brings plenty of new aspects to the world of the Stargate. Instead of just traveling by the Stargate, the Atlantis team travels in different ships such as the Daedalus and puddle jumper (nickname for an ancient ship). The show features a variety of people on many diverse planets, and eventually many kinds of enemies. there is rarely a time where the series gets dull or repetitive. Atlantis might be easier to get used to for people who never saw SG-1 mostly because it does have a very different feel. SG-1 strongly depended on the historical part of the foe the Go'ald, who were depicted as gods throughout human history. Atlantis really has no historical story to it other than the fact that the city is the lost city of mythology. Fans of SG-1 will feel different about the fact that the base is run by civilians as opposed to the US military. The main roles of characters are all still there but the personalities are much different than those in the previous series.

    Note: I strongly recommend watching Stargate: SG-1 before starting Atlantis because there are many references to the events in the series in Atlantis. SG-1 is worth a watch even if you don't plan on watching Atlantis, and vice versa.
  • Another full episode dedicated just to Mr Rodney mckay. You might remember the episode were he got stuck in a sunk jumper on his own, well... now he gets stuck together with Dr. Keller... and a whole lot of brainiacs

    This episode wasn't the best the SGA series had to offer, and while many people say it was a bad filler episode... I don't think it was THAT bad.

    Rodney gets invited to a physics demonstration of a rival of his, who'm as he frequently mentions has the tendency to borrow his unpublished research and ride the high. Once he arrives and delivers the obligatory warning about how much risk is involved. the demonstration go's wrong and seals the building shut, locking up a bunch of scientists while they await impending doom. O, and there is also the potential risk of world wide destruction, So yeh... this is a series version of your o-so-typical B-movie Sci-Fi plot.

    But that aside...
    While the solution to the problem was somewhat forced it did make for an interesting look into rodney's persona and character development.
    Its not often Rodney has conflicting interests and has to chose between these... Well... conflicting interests that have nothing to do with science, saving his own life or ego that is. By the ending of the episode Rodney has to make the choice to either put his ego aside or risk losing the woman he's been pursuing for several seasons now.
    The way this is done and how the people around him react made me both laugh out loud and feel quite fullfilled.

    Its the chemistry between Rodney and Keller that saved the episode for me, and actually made me interested in seeing how it would end. I was not disappointed.

    In short: This episode was a filler episode based around a B-Movie Sci-fi plot. filled with save the environment messages.
    But it also contained some positive character building, it re-showed several well known (SGA) characters and put a decent and fullfilling close/start to the Rodney/Keller relationship that the show has been toying with for quite a while now.
  • A fairly decent show with some nice basic concepts that could have developed into something interesting but over the seasons opted to go nowhere instead

    I'm really more of a casual viewer of SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis but somehow (because of a lack of SF shows and a personal life) I always come back watching these two shows.

    What doesn't make them the winner for me is the far too simplistic concept of applying characterless archtypes for easy aduience catching. The charismatic leader, the gunho cool guy with dreads, the hot chick and the geeky, sarcastic wizkid that can understand an encrypted alien operating system within minutes under gun fire. Add to that some rather repetitive plotlines that sell little new each week with pointless variation and you get a rather standard "formatting your harddrive" sunday afternoon entertainment where you neither care nor worry about remember anything afterwards.

    Was this show bound to be made that way? Well, maybe the studios wanted such soup to spoonfeed the audience but actually there some nice concepts in the overall arch that could have lead to very varied and ethical challenging plots that don't resolve within 45 minutes. An alien race dependant on feeding on humans to survive themselves, extremely resilient and creative who wiped out an extremely advanced and superior race. The heroes actually screwing the balance of a whole galaxy by messing up their sleeping cycles in the process condemning thousands of humans to suffer and die because the aliens need to feed far more than they themselves had planned. A varied and far range of native human societies attempting or successfully evading the Wraith to survive. The conflict of being intruders in a foreign territory but stumbling over the most advanced tech in the galaxy.

    Oh, one could have written extremely varied and interesting stories around it.

    So why haven't they? Within 5 seasons the supposedly great villians have been demoted to the danger level of a rabid chipmunk. Instead SG-1 villians had to be introduced (Why do you recook for the nth time the replicators? The 9th time they resurrected in SG-1 already became stale). The natives were all either helpless, stupid or vilified for actually trying to enhance their chances (the Jinei were cool and kicked ass. For the show's producers that obviously made them evil Commi Nazi fascists). And for some reason it never ocurred to the good guys that holding territory in a foreign galaxy might stretch resources a little thin when you still only live on one planet and fight more evil guys on your home turf. Ahh, forget all that, who needs more than one ship to cover your base anyway?

    Really, with a little wit, more challenging storylines (without the episode reboot bug that makes shows get stuck in the 80s) this show could have been great.

    Instead it is some menagerie from so-so to okay without ever going anywhere so you won't have any difficulty to understand an episode even deep into the 5th season without ever having watched any other.

    I think like Star Trek this franchise needs some rest and only maybe another spinoff. Of course, Hollywood would simply declare a reboot and renarrate everything from scratch. What repetitive times we live in...
  • What has happened to this show ! I was a huge supporter now who cares!

    Hi Just to clear the air I am/was a HUGE SG/SGA Fan of note!
    However I have found that SGA is suffering every episode and was not shocked to hear of its cancellation.

    What ever happened to the the raith they used to awesome hard to kill and kicked some serious butt now one shot and their dead ... how is this possible.

    Why did the writers of the show start off with a good idea and as time goes by water down the story line to the likes of a soap opera !

    Maybe when the new show hits the waves again some new writers will be added as the current ones have burnt out.
  • Every episode gets better and better. It is suspenseful, gripping, edge of seat, action packed adventure. Thrills with humor, clean wholesome fun, filled with personalities of all kinds; human or non-human. The thrill keeps you coming back for more!KEEPER

    Stargate SG-1 came on like gangbusters and won the world over. Then in the midst of it all they brought out Atlantis; yet another great adventure with a storyline that conquered the hearts of Stargate fans EVERYWHERE. It has all of the fabulous qualities, entusiasum, gusto, thrills, adventure, humor, its own intriguing personality, as well as the mystery and nailbiting suspense. Not to mention the wonderful actors/actresses that made the show so much more worth watching. Their features and personalities combined makes this one great program with everything that TV viewers want to see. Wrapped in a "FAMILY" OBTAINABLE scenerio that was totally well written and captured the heart, mind and soul of millions of FAMILIES and INDIVIDUALS, who were compelled to watch week after week after week. Through the past years and including this season Atlantis has grown bigger and better and is by far one of the best SciFi series worth anticipating and watching every week. Atlantis needs to continue more seasons!! It just keeps getting better and better.
  • may i ask why episode 13 is being released before episode 12? just curious is it because 12 has a spoiler in it ? but just want you guys too know your doing a super sensational job with the series and can't wait for each episode

    may i ask why episode 13 is being released before episode 12? just curious is it because 12 has a spoiler in it ? but just want you guys too know your doing a super sensational job with the series and can't wait for each episode and more and more action to impact my life and i kinda think a few of the cast are alike with me so i want to see what they do next lol wish something like that could happen in real life because i wonder how we could stand up to an enemy like the wraith would we all have to wear bullit proof jackets to help stop the life sucking lol thanx from Slickinator
  • Stargae Atlantis is a great family show!

    It's not just about scifi but about how the characters of the show have grown together to try to save the Pegasus Galaxy from the Wraith.
    It has action, adventure, scifi, special effects, but most of all it has characters I love to watch and follow. Characters that I have seen grow closer with each passing year to become family. Characters played by fantistic actors who make them come to life each week. I don't understand how the decision could have been made to cancel this show! Even the promo commericals on the SciFi channel keep telling us how great this show is. I just wish that Stargate Atlantis would be renewed for another year!
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