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  • This has got to be one of the best science finction series that has ever been made, apart from the original " stargate SG1" which sme would say is better that atlantis, but well i have to say i like them both 50/50.

    This has got to be one of the best science finction series that has ever been made, apart from the original " stargate SG1" which sme would say is better that atlantis, but well i have to say i like them both 50/50. The new stargate atlantis season ( 5 ) has me gripped and im eagerly waiting episode 11 up to know this has been one og my favourite shows of all time, if not the favourtie.

    I would recommend this show to anyone who is into sci-fi "Its a MUST"

    Roll on the 10/10/08 for episode 11 we are all waiting.
  • Fantastic characters played by actors with great chemistry, combined with cool technology and snark.

    Fantastic characters played by actors with great chemistry, combined with cool technology and snark. What's not to like? Since the PTB have determined that I am too old and the wrong gender to actually enjoy this show, it will end soon. It's their loss. The strong fan base of this show will survive and we'll find other ways to follow John and Rodney on their adventure. The PTB have made some really bad decisions with some casting choices, etc., but at least for the 100 episodes that we'll all get, the show deserves a 10. And deserves to continue in something other than DVD movies.
  • Very good Sci-Fi with many characters to love and wonderfully played. Flanigan and Hewlett are awesome!! Please don´t let it be cancelled.

    I totally love the show. Only began watching it in mid-season 2, but became hooked after the first 15 minutes when John Sheppard (played by Joe Flanigan) sat down in the chair making it glow. "Was that me?" *looking totally naive and cute* Him and Dr. Rodney McKay (played by David Hewlett, known from "Cube" and "Treed Murray") are the characters I love most. John is the Colonel who dropped a coin to decide if he went to Atlantis, totally loyal to his other team camerades, not letting one die after his past in Afghanistan, more intelligent than he lets on (could have been in Mensa). Rodney is a total, obnoxious, highly intelligent, annoying nerd! And played wonderfully so by Hewlett. We fans totally love him although (because) he has got light hair and a bit of a stomach. He brings us to laugh with his epi-pens, his cries of fear when lemons are near him - or enemies, when he drops his ammunition in the middle of a fight or teleports his other self in this dimension while destroying 3 solar systems in 2 episodes.
    Then there is Teyla, having enemy DNA in hers an awesome fighter and singer and with baby. Ronon, the big warrior with a sad past who almost never talks (and tries to take away "Rodney´s girl"). The everchanging commander of Atlantis (3 in 5 seasons) and the beloved doctor Beckett who gave his life for a patient and came back as a clone. All in all a very, very good sci-fi serie.
  • Daniel Jackson in atlantis at last! woooh!

    its been a long time coming but i was still pleased to see D.Jackson in atlantis for the first time since the cameo in the pilot episode.
    for me D.Jackson is one of the most influential members of the stargate universe and it is great to see him finally fulfil his dream of arriving at atlantis to study the ancients.
    the bad thing about this episode is that D.Jackson does seem out of his element as a cross-over to atlantis even though it is clear that the show could do with his added talent (M.Shanks is brilliant as an actor) and also there has been a cultural link missing from the series that is partially filled by Teyla which i think should go to D.Jackson.
  • First Contact Part 1, well this was a intresting episode. Daniel Jackson came to Atlantis to do some research on a Lantean researcher called Janus. He believed that there was a hidden research lab within Atlantis....

    First Contact Part 1, well this was a intresting episode. Daniel Jackson came to Atlantis to do some research on a Lantean researcher called Janus. He believed that there was a hidden research lab within Atlantis. After he and the brilliant but social distorted mckay found it they got abducted by a new alien race which hasn't been seen before. After they been abducted they needed to start an ancient device which will destory the wraith ships when they try to enter hyperspace for travelling. Todd the "good" wraith notice this and takes drastic actions. We'll see what happens on Part 2 of the show.

    I really love the new look of the aliens they encountered the huge armor plated battle suits and there nifty technology make them a formable opponent to the people of atlantis. It was also nice to see how Jackson and Mckay interacted with eachother.
  • Great Keller episode! She so belongs to Rodney!

    I was looking forward to this episode as opposed to many others I guess. Because they thought it would be one of those whiny Keller episodes like Missing.
    I got my hopes up that this one would be better and it was in many ways.
    I think Keller is a fantastic character and she was very lovable in this episode. Rodney and Ronon on the other hand bothered me a bit in this one. I seemed that Rodney just could shut up.

    But loved the interaction between the Runner and Keller. I very much hope we get to see him back (though the season isn't that long anymore)
    I do however wonder how Keller got so skilled in blocking Wraith attacks :o

    The lovetriangle is kinda cute and I hope she ends up choosing Rodney. For his sake I hope he doesn't screw up!
  • Stargate Atlantis follows the adventures of a human expedition to the lost city of Atlantis in the Pegasus Galaxy.When in the pegasus galaxy they meet alsorts of interesting cultures and some very dangerous enemies.

    I have been a big stargate fan for along time since the Movie, when atlantis came along at first i was abit sketchy about it at first when it came out but i got into it and i loved it.The city the enemies the different races it is all good to me,i enjoy watching each new episode that comes along. Stargate altantis is one of my favourite shows ever, each time a new season comes it just gets better and better and the cast is amazing they do a wondful job every time. With the great work the cast and production team do Stargate atlantis is in my opinion simply amazing and is one of the best sci fi shows out there.
  • How awesome is this show, words in existence today are not good enough to describe SGA!!!

    Stargate Atlantis - what can you say , awesome show , awesome cast (after some excellent cast changes in season 2) , enemies are superb , the idea behind this version of Stargate is while investigating the snowy surrounds of Antartica the SG team discover another Stargate which leads to the lost city of Atlantis , on arrival the city is submerged in water , the team find they have no way of escaping the back to earth while the shields are caving in leaving them in a perilis situation and an alien race,called the Wraith, is coming and unfortunate for the SGA team they awaken the entire Wraith population and a war is begun , twists , turns , backstabbing , suprises and some very good cast changes after the 2nd season make this one of the most entertaining TV shows i have ever watched and i recommend this to anyone even if you are not a lover of Sci-Fi shows i am confident this will rock your world. Ronon Dex is my favourite character since Data from Star Trek TNG and while he is the SGA equivilent to T'ealc from SG1 i think he is even better ass-kicking wise , season 4 episode called Midway is my favourite episode , watch it and you will understand why , i think i have rabbited on about this long enough so i shall wrap up , SGA considering it is in one way or another in competition with SG1 and has had to come out from underneath the shadow of that 10 season epic i would have to say i loved SG1 - but - SGA is even better still , if you dont own the dvds buy them , if you aint seen this show , get hold of it , if you're not interested then get interested because you dont know what you are missing! Thank you SGA you shall be missed but not forgotten.
  • Ace!

    This show is absolutely amazing im always eager to watch the next episode as soon as i watched one. it is ageat follow on from stargate sg1 i loved watching all of those and was sad to see it end. it becomes a ritual watching these programs as they are so intense and leave you ont he edge of your seat all the time. The actors and actresses in this program are amazing at what they do. i really thought that we were going to lose rodney on the last episode and thank god we didnt. i hate it when people leave the show especially sam carter she was great i think they should bring her back!!
  • Love this show.

    This is one of the shows I wait all week to watch. I find the stories great. As my profile says I love sci-fi and this show brings all that I love together. My favourite episodes include Rising, Aurora, Aurora, The Tower and The Daedalus Variations.

    The episodes follow the same build as sg-1 the great thing is they can introduce new enemies and new allies.

    To hear recently the show has been cancelled was not good. Let's hope the new show Stargate Universe will be as good or better.

    For everyone who liked SG-1, this is a must see.
  • Stargate Atlantis Review

    Stargate Atlantis is a spin off of Stargate SG-1. Witch take the same formula and put different charters in the same situation but in a different galaxy on the long lost city of Atlantis. Overall Atlantis is not as good as SG-1 but still has the same fun adventures as its sister show. The wraith aren't as much fun as the Goa'uld but still they are entertaining. One of the coolest thing about Atlantis is the main set it looks truly interesting as it dosent look dull are anything like that. My over all rating for Stargate Atlantis is 10 our of 10.
  • Stargate Atlantis is a really good show because of the things the team gets into

    I love Stargate Atlantis. It is my favorite show because of all of the funny things that McKay would talk about with his science talk. I also like the show because of the Characters in it. I think that the cast does a really good job every week and also they have a great producer from Stargate SG-1. I know that I have to see Stargate Atlantis every Friday. If I can not see it then I make sure I will record it on DVR because it is too good of a show to miss and that is the truth. I also like the way on how the story line is put out on every episode.
  • StarGate Atlantis is one of my all time favorite shoes

    Atlantis is a wonderfully done sci-fi show, one of the best running shows at this time. The special effects just keep getting better and better with each season. Season four has just been absolutely incredible with what they have done. In the episode Quarintine when John climbed out on the tower, the effects were done so well that even I felt a sense of virtigo. It was just incredible. The storylines are great, although they do have a few continuity flaws to them. The characters are dinamic and changing each season. One can see Rodney maturing with each episode, and Sheppard slipping into darkness. All in all, I love this show. The main attaction to me is the storyline of the ancients. I want so much to find out more about them and their past, and hope that later seasons include more and more of them.
  • Stargate Atlantis

    Stargate Atlantis is one of the most popular sci fi shows and even thought Stargate Atlantis is the sequel in the Stargate series,it still got more popular than the original Stargate series:Stargate SG1. Four seasons of Stargate Atlantis have already been made and the fifth season is in production. Only Joe Flanigan,Rachel Luttrel and David Hewlett have stayed in the show for all 5 seasons,but it's only David and Joe that have appeared on ALL of the episodes. I hope Stargate Atlantis i going to have as much episodes as Stargate SG1 has because i really believe that Stargate Atlantis is much better than SG1.
  • I dont know what i have to do here. Could you help me about this?

    The whole crew you are all cool. I love Sci-fi. You all have an amazing act on the show. There are many questions I would like to ask but i won't type them all down.

    1. Why did Beckett have to die, me and my friend loved his act? I know it sometimes means that they quit but why?

    2. Why did Dr. Weir have to turn evil or is she evil know?

    3. Will the replecators return?

    That is all of my questions, i still have more but like i said i won't give them all to you.

    I hope each episode will get better and better.

    My email is

    Thank you
  • SG-1's sister show...

    Some shows have spin-offs and they are not very good or they can be one of the best shows on television today. That is certainly the case with Stargate Atlantis. You have to start with the cast of this show Joe Flannigan brings alot of humor to this show as Richard Dean Anderson and Ben Browder did to SG-1. Then there is crossover characters like Rodney McKay and Elisabeth Weir and later Samantha Carter that are main cast members. Teal'c guest starred in season 4 and Daniel Jackson is coming mid season 5. Atlantis has really grown on it's own ever since SG-1 was cancelled. In my eyes it is no longer seen as just as spin-off to SG-1. Ican see this show going just as long as Sg-1 did, if not longer.
  • Like most Sci-Fi (nowadays), more then special effects and the futurama of technology.

    Great cast, Mckay... you can say the show is his. Watch him from the start, feel his character evolve in everyway.

    He is new, different, and most importantly FUN TO WATCH!

    Traditional shows focus on the 'barbaric-do it all' leader, in Atlantis I find it a team, they have their own part. It seems to fit better then Stargate. (Is it just me?)

    Everyone plays their part / role, the ennemie Wraith are FRIGHTENINGLY INTENSE!!! (Maybe too much for younger audience, lol). It seems more toned down these last 2 seasons.

    Effects are great, story lines, it's clever, humorous... it has it all well packaged.

    The world needs a hero, until then, we have Atlantis!
  • This is the best Sci-Fi on the telly!!! Totally addictive, Huh-Ra!! A great looking, intelligent, action packed 'Worm-Hole' ride in a 'Galaxy far far away' … and boy wouldn't we all like to be there fighting the good fight in Atlantis!

    This just doesn't feel like a spin off, it's original, clever and exciting. The overall storyline with the Wraith is engaging; the huge scope of this being the driving force of the series. But it's the secondary storylines and fantastic characterization that brings you back through the stargate week after week. But, for all us Sci-Fi fans out there, it's the science and the special effects that we crave, and this series has it in Spades! We want more! More ridiculous scientific theories, more razor sharp wit, more 'too-close' close calls and most of all we want more Alien Space stuff!! And we want it now!!
    After seeing the first Episode (Awesome by the way!) I am looking forward to this new seasons adventures!
  • this show is one of my few favorites its in my top 5 right after sg-1 and I'm looking forwards for all the new seasons i hope there will be more than 10

    1-great show
    2-great acting
    3-great direction
    4-just perfect in so many ways i just hope that they make more
    episodes per season like 40 that will be nice 5-wish they bring some old characters like Hammond or Thor even oneal ,jackson,tealk well this show is a #1 show an a class show a very good show.
    6-.......bring more races,more technology more allies different kind of action even a second base of operations.
    7-i would recommend this show to any sci-fi lover and the people that like star gate 8-waiting for the new season impatiently and very exited to see how the are going to pull off season 5
  • Just a brief bit about why i like Star Gate Atlantis over other scifi shows out now. Be kind, I'm older and this is my first computer.

    Well, it's a lot like the original star track series but that gives some of us older folk the extra fun of looking for deliberate tie ins. Makes us feel clever even when we're not. Really love the wraith costumes, lots o' leather never hurts. Just wish they weren't quite so Anne Rice-y vampy. Some times a story loses some thing when the boogie-man develops feelings for his prey. Which may or may not happen in this series but there has been mention about humans and wraith being more alike than humans will admit. But all in all I enjoy the humor and as much as the hard decisions faced in the series.
  • With strong characters and nuanced plot development, Stargate Atlantis has firmly established itself as more than just a spin off.

    The reason the series doesn't feel like a spin off is because it isn't. While it shares it's setting (to a degree) with Stargate SG-1, it's plot, characters, and cinematography are all distinctly it's own. The most noticeable difference (particularly in the first season) is it's isolation from earth. Sequestered off in the Pegasus galaxy the Atlantis expedition seldom has to put up with the meddlesome inquiries of the Pentagon and the IOA that often feel burdensome in SG-1. This nuisance is replaced with the very real dangers of the Pegasus Galaxy. With no allies, no warships, and no way out, the Atlantis Mission is constantly at the brink of destruction; whether from natural disasters, the Lantean Replicators, or the Wraith; Sinister enemy of the ancients. The wraith are also a refreshing change of pace from the constant threat of the goa'uld in SG-1.
  • Will love to see Daniel in Atlantis, can't wait.

    I just love Atlantis and it is great that we don't go cold turkey from SG 1...BUT I find that Tori Higginson is so bland and her monotone acting is so boring, I cannot see why she was chosen unless she came cheap.

    All the other cast is fantastic, they all have their own personalities, and I was so upset to lose the "DOC" I really cried as I just loved his character, why him and she is still there.

    I suppose we all have different tastes but Tori Higgingson is definitely not mine.

    But keep on going and look forward to Daniel (Michael Shanks) appearance so much..

    I think that Atlantis will be going just as long as it's big brother SG1, hopefully longer.

    Good luck to all.
  • Sophisticated scripts and arcs keep this show from feeling like spin-off.

    Atlantis seems to get better and beter every season. In the first season, the first few episodes seemed weary and supported by S-SG1 - that is to say, the first few episodes felt like a spin-off.
    However, Atlantis has developed well and could be easily mistaken as a stand alone show due to it's superb storylines, arcs and character development.
    S-SG1 kept it's 90's sci-fi feeling for the duration of it's life (until the unsettling change in dynamics seasons 9-10) which suited it well, from having RDA as the lead, to the impossible 'humans always prevail' storylines.
    Atlantis has proven to be as great a show as S-SG1. The script writers have incoporated humour into the show, and have developed the characters and storylines well. Even through losing two main characters season three, the show has kept it's feeling of 'wholeness' and still maintains great character dynamics and chemistry (something S-SG1 failed to do after the end of season 8).
    I strongly recommend this show to any one who loves sci-fi or action/adventure.
  • One of the best spin-off series ever made.

    Although I still like Stargate Sg-1 more, Atlantis is a great spin-off and pretty much the same caliber show as sg-1, especially once they got their footing.

    The writers continually come up with good stories after so many years of stargate. Some are sort of rehashes at times. But seeing them done with different characters and different reactions, just makes them all that more interesting.

    Each actor plays their character really well and in some cases to well, i.e. Mackay, making a lot of episodes center around him. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. They just need to explore the other team member a bit more.

    Overall Stargate Atlantis is a worthy spin-off of Sg-1 and hopefully it continues on for at least 10 seasons as well.
  • wow

    simply wow ! ! this is a really great show ! !

    better thant Stargate - SG 1 ! ! if you never see this T V Show, you must buy it, or go to your video club ! ! great T V show, with to mush action, and special effect, every S C I- FY fan must love Stargate Atlantis ! ! honnestly, i don't know what to say more than this is my favorite show than i ever seen. ok, i'm not really old, but the better T V show of my leattle live ! !!! tank you
  • Stargate Atlantis is a fairly new show to me. I only started watching it a few months ago. Yet, after watching only a few episodes on television, I have to admit, this show has the potential to become one of the greatest science fiction shows of our time.

    I shall admit it now that I watch far too much television. I have so many favorit shows, and I know when each of them is on. The one show that I look forward to by the end of every week is Stargate Atlantis. Even if it has been a terrible week at school, I can always count on an episode of Stargate Atlantis to cheer me up. In my opinion, this show has the potential to become one of the greatest science fiction shows of all time. . . or at least of our time. I have to give a large portion of my credit to the amazing writers that come up with all those hilarious things for characters like Rodney and Sheppard to say. Then, there's the directors that really know how to bring the story to life. Finally, there's the actors that do such an amazing job of getting into their characters. My favorit out of all of them is definitely David Hewlett. He makes the best sarcastic, nerdy, jerkish pain in the. . . you know. He is just awesome. All in all, this show is amazing, and I hope there are many more seasons to come.
  • A fun show.

    Unlike its mother show "Stargate Atlantis" really hooked me from the very first episode.

    It has everything SG-1 lacks for me - a great team, lots of intriguing adventures, great humor and a terrifying enemy.
    For me, the character gel really well with each other from the moment they hit the screen together.

    I love Sheppard with his dry wit, McKay has the greatest lines, Carson is my favorite doctor in Sci-Fi (next to the EMH on "Voyager")and Ronon is simply cool.
    I also liked Dr.Weir a lot and I am glad they recast the character with the start of SGA, I think Torri Higginson fitted her very nicely. I read a lot of criticism towards her which I can't understand and I was sad of the outcome of her storyline by the end of S3.
    Unfortunately the change in the chain of command brought the one character of SG-1 to Atlantis who I could do without. Thankfully so far Carters' role is minor and I truly don't think the show needed her. She has 10 years with the Stargate franchise, that's enough. SGA deserves it's own crew.

    In conclusion, with its S4 the show is still going strong and does not lack freshness. I highly recommend this show to anyone who is interested in Sci-Fi, action, drama, adventure and fun.
  • Get in the Gate!

    Stargate, and all franchises are my favorite guilty pleasure. I enjoy the actors and actresses immensely, the storytelling is top-notch, and the special effects are the best you will find on TV.

    The premise of this show is that a multi-cultural expedition of explorers and military personnel traveled through the Stargate on a one way trip to another galaxy after discovery of the ancient city of Atlantis. Atlantis was the home base of an ancient race (referred to as the Ancients) that has since ascended to a higher plane of existence.

    The continuity of the series is very good, and there is not really a Start Trek reset button, introducing an element of drama to the imbedded comedy and sci-fi genre.

    Great show.
  • The latest news on stargate

    Post #1. Sneak peek of Stargate Atlantis "The Kindred, Part 2" at Copy the link and/or download the video and post to your community pages to share with others. Will Teyla be able to free the missing Athosians? See what other fans are thinking, and find out who's got the right idea. Paul McGillion returns again this week as Carson Beckett! Friday, February 29, at 10/9C on SCI FI. Post #2. Remember to tune in and Unlock the Gate! Watch Stargate Atlantis every Friday at 10/9C on SCI FI to retrieve the gate code to allow you to enter for your chance to win $5,000 cash and an opportunity to have your image or likeness incorporated into the new Stargate Worlds video game!! Go to for more info & official rules. No purchase necessary, void where prohibited. Post #3. Jerry Penacoli from TV's "Extra!" interviews David Hewlett! Watch it here: Post #4. See the new Ark of Truth featurette, "Movie vs. TV Show" exclusively at:
  • The best sequal to a sci-fi show ever.

    This show was really good but I don't think it was as good as Stargate Sg-1. but I still really enjoy watching the show and so do all my friends. This show has gotten better with the new addition to the team and it has worked through a few of its rough patches. The episodes over here in Australia have gotten a little bit jumpy due to the tenis running to late and they just don't show that episode till next week. We have just finished series 3 and I think it is an awsome show. I recommed to watch by anyone who hasen't

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