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  • Same old stuff in a different way new villians. Any imagination left in this world.

    Here we have a city that is really a space ship and you
    are just now flying it that's a big hmmmm.
    The city could have all kinds of stuff left behind.
    New portals, new dimensions. They could find a stash of power gadgets. You don't have to have blood sucking villains to have a great show. Space can have all kinds
    bad guys without child like entertainment.
    They need Daniel Jackson to be called in time to time
    for new Languages and Symbols.All kinds of things could
    happen in hyperdrive. Or you could find a way to bend space
    and travel faster then hyperdrive. There is no limit to
    space fantasy.
  • Spinoff of Stargate SG1. Set in a distant galaxy, a new team confronts a new enemy.

    Stargate Atlantis might be the best show you've never heard of. I am amazed at the number of fresh ideas that are introduced in Atlantis that are not recycled SG1 story lines. The cohesion amongst the cast is as good as SG1 has ever been (well see about season 4). And the action is at a level that isn't cheesy. The quality of Atlantis combined with the legacy of SG1 is quickly making Stargate the new gold standard in science fiction tv.
  • I love it!

    After I was a big fan of SG 1 I had to start watching Atlantis too. This show was a geat opportunity to continue with the show. The actors are great chosen and the mystery of Atlantis gives us many chances for very good episodes.

    Technology is much more advanced than it was on SG 1 and so we will get much more star fights and stuff like that.

    I've alreade seen half of season one and I'm looking forward to the next episodes. I appreciate that there will be a fourth season, especially after SG 1 has now finished.

    It's amazing how the writers always find the new ideas of new enemies. But as we all know we will defeat them all!
  • Either the writers are missing the boat on Rodney McKay's character or David Hewlett can't act.

    Stargate Atlantis has many redeeming qualities however there is one flaw that needs to be corrected and soon. That flaw has to do with the role of Dr. Rodney McKay. I think it is important that the "audience" like a character regardless of how evil or "weird" that character is. As an avid viewer of SA, and of Stargate for that matter, I would venture to say that most of the episodes are very good to excellent. I think the main characters are well cast and their parts are, for the most part, well written. Naturally I assume they are playing their parts as written [with intuition guiding them]. The only exception is Rodney McKay. In my humble opinion, his character has no redeeming qualities, none. It hurts to watch an episode where Dr. McKay has more than just a few lines. As much as I love SA, when McKay is the feature of an episode, I switch channels. Either the writers of this show don't understand how important it is that we like at least "something" about McKay or Hewlett isn't doing his job as an actor. It is my opinion that either his character be "refined" or Dr. McKay be "eliminated". I do not believe McKay is a real person, despite all his eccentricies. As any movie goer will tell you, there has to something about a character that causes us to like him or her. This is just my opinion, of course.
  • A spin off of the TV show Stargate SG-1. This time it takes place in Atlantis, home of the Ancients. In charge of the program is Dr. Weir, you might know her because she was once in charge of the SGC. The team meets new enemies, the life sucking Wraith.

    I also love this show. It's not as good as SG-1 but it's still okay. Atlantis is also action packed and extremely hilarious. The Wraith are a great enemy and I find them extremely cool, especially Michael. The cast is great though I do miss Paul Mcgillion as Carson Beckett. John Shepperd is great, Rodney McKay is hilarious, Teyla is awesome and Ronon is cool. This show does have a good plot but reminds of SG-1 a lot. Besides that I love this show and a hope for many more seasons of it. Maybe it will last as long as SG-1, though I doubt it.
  • No SG1 but worth watching. Needs better villains.

    Granted I'm only up to Season 2, episode 16 - so maybe it all changes.... but for now..

    I don't know why, but I just can't get into SA as much as I like SG1.
    I like having a civilian based command, headed by a woman. I like that they get all this new Ancient technology. I even like all the main characters.

    Maybe it is because I just don't find the Wraith as interesting bad guys as the Go'auld or even the Ori. Ok, they're vampires, but there's none of that interesting Egyptian mythology or quandries over human hosts and Jaffa that made SG1 interesting. Nor is there even the philosophical debates like the Ori are now sparking about organized religion and the harmful effects of fanaticism and prosethylizing.

    I'll keep watching, and maybe hoping that when it ends some of the SG1 writers will come over to write for this show.
  • A brand new team travels to another galaxy to find the lost city of the Ancients. And now that SG-1 is off it is the best show on tv!!!

    What can be said about this show Stargate Atlantis.
    I've loved it from the very beginning.
    At frist I thought that the show would be a poor
    clone of SG-1, but not so. It has a strong story arc and
    characters that are very well played by the actors,
    must of all Joe Flanigan and Rachel Luttrell how realy are vert good, and let us not forget Hewlett, Higginson,
    Momoa, and sadly KIA Carson Beckett. As for the Wraith I like them as the new bad-guys I now some people do not. And the Wraith ships that some-what like Farcape more or less.
    And for the Daedalus I like how it is in more they just a few eps at a time like the Prometheus not that I am saying that the Prometheus is not so very cool that it is.
    Over all I realy like this show and I hope that it stays on
    for 10 years like SG-1. FA---out...?!
  • ... I love this show.

    I don't know exactly what it is about this show, but i absolutely adore it.
    Maybe it’s the characters: all of them have SERIOUS flaws, and god help me, maybe that’s why I love them. Stargate Atlantis has had truly wonderful episodes and some seriously bad episodes (planet kid kill anyone? ... this joke won't really make sense if you haven't listened to the audio commentary), but it doesn't matter because with every episode that they do, it is obvious that they are trying to give the best possible episode that they can provide.
    It’s a series that in touch with their fans (big props to Producer Joe Mallozi, who update his blog on a daily basis),

    This is my favourite show.
    10 out of 10
  • Once it was the greatest show ever, starting a bit slow first season, being top in second but going downhill the last episodes of season three. What happened?

    The reason seems obvious: Too many changes, too fast. In addition there was the character problem in season two. You can not build a show on two character's bickering all the time. I do admit that it's funny and I liked it but it was too much. Poor Teyla/Rachel Luttrell was reduced to standing in the background and stating the obvious quite a few episodes prior to Michael, all the same Jason Momoa.
    TPTB threw out Beckett/Paul McGillion and made Weir/Torri Higginson a recurring character. The good thing about Stargate Atlantis was that it WASN'T a second Stargate. It was a unique show in a completly different environment.
    I think the decision to build a connection between the Pegasus galaxy and earth was the first mistake that lead to a lot of rather unfortunate developments in the series.
    And I'm not even going to start on Amanda Tapping taking leadership in season 4. She was my favorite character on Stargate. Thanks again, TPTB.
  • Stargate Atlantis is the kind of show that gets you to change your schedule just to catch the new episodes.

    As a Stargate SG-1 fan, I can't get enough of Stargate Atlantis. While I will always prefer the original series, Atlantis provides an excellent direction for the Stargate concept. Sadly though, I can only give it a 9 because the show itself is not an original idea, nor does it have the best acting. Overall though, the show is probably the best branching series I have seen. If only it didn't have the simple concept of one enemy out to destroy humanity/conquer the galaxy. Nevertheless, the show is worth watching and enjoying if your a fan of the outer-space/alien shows.
  • I'm hooked..

    Over the course of three hours I became completely hooked. I love the characters and the development of the characters. I also love the plot lines. It is one of the best sci-fi shows so far, and is also one of the best overall shows on TV right now. I can not wait to catch more episodes of it on Sci-Fi. Even my friend, who absolutely hates all sci-fi shows, loves this show. I'm very excited about watching more of this show and seeing how the characters are developed more (at least for me, coming in late!). I hope this show lasts as long as the original Stargate has so far!
  • Better than Stargate SG-1, the best sci-fi on air.

    Dr. Jackson discovers the last symbol of the 8 digit code for Atlantis, the origin for the lost city Atlantis, the location not being earth, but much further away in a galaxy called Pegasus. Dr. Weir, who took control of the SGC facility in SG-1, have been appointed leader of a expedition that travels through the StarGate to find the lost city, together with Major Sheppard (Joe Flanigan) and his team they explore the lost city Atlantis and the Pegasus galaxy, hereby encountering a new all-powerful race 'The Wraith' that supposedly have wiped out the 'human' race The Ancients.

    Major Sheppard, being a resemblance of Brigadier General Jack O'Neill, of course stirs things up, and awakens The Wraith, and hereby the battle between Good & Evil begins in the Pegasus galaxy.

    SG:Atlantis is a lot like SG-1, don't get me wrong though, it's not entirely the same, but if you have seen the SG-1 show, you will know what I mean, it all begins in the same track that SG-1 did. To cut it short, Atlantis is more of the show we all love, SG-1, but in a new package, maybe even a better package, remember the budgets being bigger and bigger for the SG shows. I personally like Atlantis, it's not like I'm seeing anything shockingly new, but it's the fascinating universe of the SG, which we all love, and the more the merrier.

    You don't have to know the SG-1 show, to enjoy Atlantis, even though you don't have the full insight of the SG world from the former shows, you can still enjoy Atlantis, and part by part learn about the SG universe, so don't be afraid to watch this show, even though you haven't seen the movie or SG-1.

    Enjoy your journey with StarGate Alantis.
  • Its Stargate but in a different galaxy.

    Stargate Atlantis is the spin-off of the popular Stargate SG-1 series. Since its a spin-off, they do the same things as the original but for some reason it doesnt get old for me. They do something that keeps me interested and makes me tune in every Friday. As with the original SG-1, the show involves a lot of shooting and overcoming what seem to be impossible situations. They always seem to make it in the end which is why I didnt give it a perfect score. It just kinda got a little predictable. Another reason why I didnt give a perfect score is because of the wraiths. They are stupid looking and are just annoying. The replicators though are pretty cool. I really enjoy watching this show and its a good way to end my Friday night.
  • A spin-off from the hit TV show Stargate SG1.

    This show has proven worthy of both Stargate fans and Atlantis. The plots and stories have been very strong from the first series. The charactors, Rodney, Sheppard, Ronan and Weir are all great. The show is both complex in mythology and in charactor interaction. Now that Stargate SG1 is over fans may well tune into Atlantis. The writing standards on this show are very high. I really like the Waith stories and even the acient story lines. I hope this series stays at a high standard now going into its fourth year. This show is equally as good as Stargate SG1 so i wish it all the best. Brad Wright and Robert c. Cooper have done an excelent job so far, lets hope it stays that way.
  • This is a decent show and probably the only reason I will return to watching the Sci-Fi channel, since SG1 will be ending.

    What I like about the show...what's not to like about the character John Sheppard?! He is true blue and has a "never-say-die" attitude; he is also faithful to a fault. His amazing wit amid the trials the team encounters is the icing on the cake. He regards everyone on his team with respect. This is more than a job for him, though he would probably not tell that to Rodney. Sheppard is the kind of person that people love to root for. He is definitely the key to this show; like O'Neil was for SG1. (Look what happened when O'Neil left SG1; the ratings plummeted. I hope the people behind the scenes of "Atlantis" don't make that same mistake). It is my humble opinion that this show, to this point in its production, is popular because of the actors who bring out the best in the characters they portray. Kudos to all!!
  • Stargate Atlantis is great!

    Stargate Altlantis is not quite unique because of its predecessor Stargate SG-1, but its enemies and overall ideas are. The wraiths are awesome evil people because they actually creep me out. The point of a blue thing sucking my life out through his hand is just horrifying. Though, they have a terrible aim, they are my favorite bad guys I've seen in a while. Shepard is a good character and so is Becket and McKay, but all of the others get on my nerves. Tayla and Ronan just annoy me. It's like they try to act too hard and it screws up the already annoying characters. When Ford was around he annoyed me also. I just wish they had better characters, but, overall, the show is great with its ideas and writing and I can't wait to see the next episode!
  • One of the few sci fi shows that i really got into!!

    After not really getting into Stargate SG1 i was a little skeptical when Atlantis came out, now i don't miss an episode. Personally i like the characters, the music, the atmosphere and the enemy much better than SG1. The introduction of Ronan Dex in season 2 has done wonders for the show and im hoping that Jason Momoa stays for many season yet! I also hope that some romance develops this season. Thats probably the one thing that seems to be missing. Yes both Sheppard and Ronana seem to like Teyla so heres hoping that something gets done about it this season!

    Stargate Atlantis is a much see show!!
  • It could be better than it is though I like sci-fi but I'm tired of the Wraith aliens.There Dr Weir but she does nothing on this show but speaks on the headset,they need to get her envoled in some of the show action some what, but I'll watch it anyway

    They need something more on this show somehow what they have is good F-X and pretty women on this show but that's all.The Star Gate SG-1 had better episodes all season long and this is a spin-off from that because they needed more villian on this show so the Wraith was it.But the Wraith are a bunch of Vampire from space that's all nothing more interesting about them.StarGate:AtLantis needs more powerful aliens;like the Klingons or something like that.but it's turning out to be really a good show.
    It will last a while make it good,lots of action and FX.
  • The best stargate for now any way

    Atlantis theses have it poor bit but most of the time it an good show but not as good as Enterprise. I like the fact that the city came fly and an looking feward for the season 4 where it is doing it. It being lost in space kind of remineds me of Voyager. I how this show run it 7 year run maybe more.
  • the actors of this are not the type you fall in love on screen that you like during the first episode. after all stargate was the steping stone for this setup.. great as the show headed off into its 2nd session. after all stargate sg1 did take off first!

    the actors of this are not the type you fall in love on screen that you like during the first episode. after all stargate was the steping stone for this setup.. great as the show headed off into its 2nd session. after all stargate sg1 did take off first!

    Stargate is a great show and ill support it until the day i die. i think that this show will take stargate on to its next life and hopefuly take more viewers. now i also gues the producers can spend more time trying to out do the un do able and beat their record with SG1.

    Stargate Rules!
  • The Myth, The Legend, The Tv Show! WOOT!

    God, I love this show. It's got awesome special effects,
    action and story telling and one of the BEST casts I have
    ever seen! A good cast is VERY important! At least it is
    to me. Although I don't like how they gave Rainbow Sun
    Franks the shaft, nothing against Jason Momba (I like him
    too). And the recent death of Dr. Beckett (Paul McGillion)
    ticked me off too. What is it with stargate sg-1 & atlantis
    killing off their doctors?! Bah! Okay, they did a good job
    for the replacement on stargate sg-1 w/Lexa Doig and I
    also like Jewel Staite on Atlantis. But are they gonna
    keep her? Let's hope so...
  • One of the Greatest Shows Ever!

    there is not that many show on tv that i still like but this is one of them. alot of people could disagree with me about this but i think that this show is better then SG1,Which is also a great show, one of my favorites. but there is just something about this series that i love. It might be all the cool and advanced technology that they have or the fact that they are in Atlantis which is my favorite myth or it could be something else but i just love it. It has interesting plots and storylines and every episode is action packed the only thing that could make this show better is if they had more space battles, but then again i guess thats what i have SG1 and BSG for.
    Defintly worth watching.
  • I have watching Stargate SG-1 for almost 10 years and a better sequel from Sg-1 to Atlantis. And this show is even more exciting. It's just the best show I've ever seen. Definitely better than SG-1

    exiting show one of my faves. although i haven't seen anymore that the first couple of episodes of season 2. I really really enjoy this show it would have to be in my top 3 fave shows ever, it may even be the top. Now that's saying something! I enjoy this show more than the original sg-1 i suppose because the bad guys you can really hate, i mean the bad guys on sg-1 wern't very scary. They can do more with atlantis, they've exhausted sg-1 they need new material, where as atlantis is relativly new. i'm anxios to see the rest of season 2 of atlantis, i have seen the first 2 epoisodes and i was worried because they seem to have lost power, but i'm sure it will pick back up again. I have faith in this series!
  • Spin off of the hit (and unfortunately canceled) Stargate SG-1 that follows an expedition team, headed by the lovely Dr. Elizabeth Weir, to the Pegasus galaxy.

    The show is a great creation and it is a must see for people, even if scifi isn't their cup of tea, at least once. It shows an interesting view of the mythical lost city of Atlantis that would be a joy to visit.

    I like how the writers used the story line of the Ancients as a guideline and how they kept with the strict tradition of Ancient non-interference. They also made great new villans in the Genii and the Wraith, and tried hard to stay away from the Goa'uld as much as possible except for the tiny reference here and there.

    Weir and McKay are characters that are originated in the mother show (SG-1) and are great choices for leads to get the show rolling.

    This show deserves much respect and an open mind and can be enjoyed by all.
  • As a spin off from Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis is everything you'd want. As well as being an extension of the Stargate world, it also offers more. The characters are great, funny and the episodes are just what you want to see on your screen.

    Atlantis is spitting out some of the most exciting episodes that are currently shown on T.V. which makes you want to tune in every week and for that the writers should be proud, I would be. Atlantis and the wraith also give the show a never ending supply of storylines and it will be interesting to see where the show is going to take the cast.

    Talking about the cast, what an amazing bunch of actors the show has. It's been great to see the characters develop and tell their own tales and adventures. Shepherd, firstly, gives the show what 'Jack' gave SG1, humour and a great leader... good looks is a plus though...

    Another good thing about Atlantis... the galaxy is so big and will have many secrets I can't wait to learn about.
  • exiting show one of my faves. although i haven't seen anymore that the first couple of episodes of season 2.

    exiting show one of my faves. although i haven't seen anymore that the first couple of episodes of season 2. I really really enjoy this show it would have to be in my top 3 fave shows ever, it may even be the top. Now that's saying something! I enjoy this show more than the original sg-1 i suppose because the bad guys you can really hate, i mean the bad guys on sg-1 wern't very scary. They can do more with atlantis, they've exhausted sg-1 they need new material, where as atlantis is relativly new. i'm anxios to see the rest of season 2 of atlantis, i have seen the first 2 epoisodes and i was worried because they seem to have lost power, but i'm sure it will pick back up again. I have faith in this series!
  • I am glad they are makin a new season. I hope all the same cast stays with this show.They all seam to work really well together.

    I'm glad they are makin a new season. I watch very little TV I watched SG1 before they brought on the new actors, and the the show went to hell. (Why with all the great new people out there they would pick them is beyon me!)

    So I'm happy to see maj Carter is coming to the show.
    she will make an already great show even better.

    So here's to the great cast and writers of your show Please keep up the good work and I'll keep watching ,I
    hope for many many years to come.

    I know actors come and go but please pick cautiously.

  • This show's better then SG-1!

    I was a fan of SG-1 up until Richard dean Anderson left and now I'm not a fan of sg-1 anymore but i still watch it but as for Atlantis... I'm totally addicted to this show! I Love the Characters, Actors, Storyline and everything about the show! I hope this show Stays on just as long as SG-1 did.
  • In his third season this show has progressed more than his sister show SG-1 and it just keep gettin better.

    Well, I was for long time really big fan of SG-1 and when I learned that spinoff will be shot i had my doubts, but that doubts are resolved and now without a doubt i can say that this show is better then SG-1, not way better, but just better. They brought freshness into the Stargate world who is quite tired with 8 seasons dealing with Goa'uld and now The Ori. The Wraith are the coolest enemy, well except replicarter, she was cool ;). What i'm trying to say that this show is gettin better each season and each episode and just hope that it will continue to be on air for years to come...
  • The 3rd season of this show is going down hill fast. The main problem: Where are the wraith, and why do we have to deal with MORE replicators?

    After a terrific second season exploring the Wraith threat and the Genii coup, this season has gone down hill fast. The writers have ventured away from the Wraith threat and have replaced them with a completely unoriginal protagonist: replicators. Hmmm.... I've seen this type of enemy before... on Stargate SG-1. Now, of course we are told that these are not the same replicators that SG-1 faced, but instead are Pegasus replicators that emulate the Ancients. To me, this move constitutes lazy writing and is insulting to the fan base. With such a big universe out there, I am very disappointed that the writers could not come up with an original enemy. I understand that the Wraith threat is an overarching enemy and can't be the only enemy, but replicators??? Very poor effort.
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