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  • I geared up for it just never caught on to it. Maybe the actors bore me or the chemistry is bad. I watched the first season. Catch a few eps in each season but no hope. Its just not SG1.

    With great special effects, visual effects, and ties to the SG1 it doesn't work. My first reaction was it will be good. But when it aired for the first time Dr Weir is bad just plain awful. She can not sell her role. I don't see strength, confidence, or competence in this woman. I think she is a bad actress. She looks like she works at Walmart. Shaggy and scruffy hair with no make up. She always clenches her hands and moves side to side like she is nervous waiting for her next line. I like the phd from SG1 and ok with the major but even the rest of the crew is bad. But Alantis would be a military operation not some high brow in command. To cool and slick boring. The chemistry of the SG1 wasn't forced. I am not bashing this show because I am SG1 fan. But it would have been good to make short series and restart with a new one. That I would have bought. When I watch this I never finish it. I bash the new BSG because its a remake of a quality family entertianing show. Bab5 had effects, great writing, and a sexiness since STos but their actors had to be change quite a bit. SGA is in need of good actors. SG1 has continued because the actors can sell bad writing plus you want these people in your living room every week. SGA noway. BSG and SGA are given more than enough time but they killed Firefly to me the best scifi ever produced. I just don't like this show, Sorry folks.
  • Personal favorite

    This is one of my new personal favorite show. I love this show I think all well most of the characters are great. My favorite character has to be Teyla. Followed by Rondey and Carson who I think are both hilarious especially when they are together. Then Ronon, then Sheppard, then Weir. I like the show and its characters but Im a little peed off that they are getting rid of one of my favorite characters well last time I check it said they were getting rid of the character but if or when they do I think it would still be a good enough show for me to stick around and watch season 4.
  • The lost sity of ATLANTIS, one of the manny miths in the world. Finaly the mistery is revealed, but only to those who have permission.

    After the succses of the movie STARGATE, the directors started to write a script for TV show STARGATE SG1. Few years later ATLANTIS came, and its my personal favorite TV show.
    Group of scientis is prepared to leave the Earth on a one-way trip to the lost city of Atlantis, where they hope to meet the \\\"ancients\\\", the very ancestors of the people on Earth and the rase who created the Stargate.
    Soon after they arrival to Atlantis, they have discovered a terrible truth. Only the part of that truth, rest of it is being discovered piece by piece in the later episodes and seasons.
    Aware of the danger of living in Atlantis the team is strongly decided to stay and explore the Pegasus galaxy, meet new people and make aliances. Since they arrival, they have awaken the enemy who almost have destroyed the ancients.
    Struggle for survival, preservation of the Atlantis city, and making of new aliances and diplomatic relations is what they do.
    Who ever likes Sci-Fi, this is show for him. It has adventure, comedy and action, as well as drama.
  • Greatest Sci-Fi show currently on TV. The cast have great chemistry together. The storylines and plots all come together amazingly. The graphics are out of this world. If you like stargate SG-1 then you will definately love this show, I gaurantee it.

    It's about a group of amazing people who cross the stargate to come to an anicient city called the stargate atlantis. The ancient city holds many importants secrets and misteries that the team must solve and find out about. The leader of the voyagers is DR.Weir who is both smart and sexy. Jack Sheppard is head of the defense. DR.Mckay is a canadian scientist who helps unlock alot of the mysteries that deal with the electronical work. DR.Carson Beckett is a scottish doctor who helps the passengers out if they encounter a virus and get sick. Teyla and Ronan are a group of warriors that the crew ran into while fighting the Raith. I hope this show runs as long as stargate SG-1.
  • Atlantis, the spin off of SG1. Bringing you adventures weekly from the pegasus galaxy. Well seeing as how this is my first review, it's bound to suck. So heres my summary. Stargate Atlantis. Not saying it's better then SG1 but it's not far from it!

    So. When I first found out about there being a spin off from SG1 I wasn't sure what to think. My first thought was that it was going to be good, but after thinking about it longer I began to think it probably wouldn't last. It didn't have Richard Dean Anderson or any of the people we have come to know and love over the past 8 years.(bar McKay of course) (keep in mind thats when Atlantis began. When SG1 season 8 began)

    But now watching it for two and half seasons. I've grown to like it. I\'ve grown to think of Col. Shepperd as not another O\'Neill character, but a new Shepperd character. Joe just has the right attitude and has the character Shepperd down to a tee.This is the man who we first seen as a pilot, in the pilot for Atlantis.The man who saved General O\'Neills butt. The man who was sort of Atlantis\'s version of the man himself Richard Dead Anderson, or at least Jack O\'Neill. There is but one O\'neill and one Anderson.This character has gone from being someone who wasn\'t sure about the gate to becoming someone who will do anything just to go through it.

    Then we have McKay. The man we know from the past, but never really knew that well. His been given the chance to shine and let me tell you i\'ve lookin for some sunnies :P!
    David hewlett is great. I hadn\'t heard or seen anything of him before Stargate and i\'m glad I got the chance to. His a fine actor and his character has developed over the time we have been watching him. As has everybody else but this guy went from being someone you hated to somebody you get behind.Somebody you didn\'t want to fail. I mean you know he wasn\'t gonna fail when it came to end of Atlantis or end of the world sorta stuff. But you still got nervous.

    It\'s my first review and I dont have time at the moment to do the whole cast. But I believe that Atlantis has the potential for at least 7 seasons. Possibly more, who knows what might happen though. I thought SG1 had potential for another 4 seasons, and it\'s being cancelled. Damn SCI FI CHANNEL!!!!

    So yeah, my first review. Feedback would be good....
  • In this episode, you remember the team disobeying a direct order not to do anything once they find out that Atlantis has been attacked by the replicators. Sheppard steals the puddle jumper and goes through the stargate...

    To be fair, I should not tell to much since the new episodes are not available to the U.S. yet until april or march. I have a surprise for all of you. It is playing in Canada now and I have access to the first 3 new episodes. That being said I will give you a teaser and try not to ruin it for anyone. First clue is Atlantis gets taken over by the replicators. second General o\'neil survives and yes there is a under water hanger in atlantis that has a huge part in this new episode for season 4. If I tell anymore I am sure I will get alot of bad comments...If you all want to get access to them now there is a website called (TMD-MOVIEZ.COM) When you go there it is completely free to download and when it asks you to register, there is no cost even though someone put it on there as if you do, ignore that. Download the recruit 6.0 I beleive is the new recruit and the ops on the site will help you get set up.
  • This T.V show, was really good! I only started to watch it but i really enjoy it! In australia its only up to season 2 so im up to season 2 and sometimes i watch later eps from!

    I love this show, i would rate it 10/10, i wish it was more populor and in australia its on at 10 or 11 o-clock at night so thats really late for a school night lol. This show has really good actors and characters. I wish Sheppard and Elizabeth would get together but they wont! lol for a very long time i would guess.

    Its so long what you have to write for a review, but all i can say is that i love the tv series and i wish it can kept going for a really long time.
    The End! lol
  • Reliable entertainment

    You can always rely on an entertaining experience with Stargate Atlantis. Even its bad episodes are better than most other stuff on TV. The show sports a medium sized lead cast with a large amount of recurring characters. Making for very interesting dynamics and interplay between them. The action set pieces are very well done and the special effects seem right out of a blockbuster movie. The plots are always engaging and entertaining. The writers have managed to strike on a storyline that is actually interesting. Its a shame that with the negative trend to this type of Science Fiction, this show probably won't last as long as SG-1. So squeeze every last drop out of it because this show is one of the best!
  • if you love sg-1 then you'll love this

    if you love the television show stargate sg-1 then you owe it to yourself to watch this show like angel before it this is a spin-off that is just as good and sometimes better as the original show my favorite episodes are the ones that are like my fave sg-1 eps the ones where they go to a unexplored planet and meet new people this show has everything action,comedy,drama great special effects top notch acting plus sg-1 characters there's not much else to say except that the stargate franchise is one of the best in the world stargate,sg-1,and atlantis are all good
  • Worthy successor to SG-1 continuing the Stargate franchise.

    I wasnt to sure about Atlantis early one - seemed too much of a rip off of SG-1, but it has steadily improved to become a worthy successor to SG-1.

    Some of the characters are a bit bland (they remind me alot of Star Trek: Enterprise), but the stories have got better with Season 2 on. Hopefully they will transfer Carter and Jackson to Atlantis which would give a boost of the show with familiar and popular SG-1 characters.

    The Stargate franchise, though not as cult-like as Star Trek could evolve into a similarly long lives series of shows. One similarity to Star Trek is both had an ill conceived animated series that died a quick death (Star Trek had a cartoon series and so did Stargate with "Infinity") After Atlantis completes its run they should do a series of theatrical movies before picking up with a 3rd series to give the weekly grind a breather.
  • It's not SG-1

    This show is a spin off of SG-1. I don’t think it’s as good as SG-1, that is asking allot. It’s a great show to watch after watching SG-1. Now that SG-1 is over I can’t see this show lasting much longer. Many fans of SG-1 watched this show just to stay in this universe, to get out every little bit. It is a fun show because of the fact that every thing in this show is alien unlike SG-1 that does take place partly on earth. I would like to see then exploring more of the base, Atlantis. It would also be nice if they talked about some of the charters from the first season that seam to have left the show. I know they are now off the base and on the island but I would like to see more of them. They added allot to the aliens of the cutler.
  • This show has <b> EVERYTHING</b> Action, Drama, Romance, Humor, Science Fiction! Its perfect.

    I LOVE Stargate Atlantis! I've been a fan since it first aired on Scifi.
    I love the action thats in every episode and how they always do the impossible. Its just very addicting and turly amazing! The actors and actresses on the show are superb. The writing and plot lines is what keeps me coming back. Great show!

    Look forward to it being around for at least 10 more years! :)
  • A great show! Not quite as cool as her older sister, but Atlantis is well on her way.

    I think this show is pretty cool. I like SG1 better but like any other spinoff or sequel, that tends to be the case. Both are creative and interesting and gives their watchers action, suspense, humor, and drama- all in an episode. The thing that makes them both differ from eachother is that SG1 is more modern day set and Atlantis has more of a futuristic setting to it. Because of this factor Atlantis isnt just another cheap cookiecutter knock off of a popular show like most spinoffs tend to be, but instead has it's own personality while shareing some of the same characteristics of it's big sister. They storylines are creative and well written. That goes for most of the characters as well. I like the character Rodney McCay, he makes me laugh. Joe Flannigan is hot, but his character, Major Sheppard, kind of annoys me with his irratating "Im cool" ego. I also think tht Torri Higginson is a little over dramatic, but then again that might actually be how her character is supposed to act. Other than that, the show is great! Scifi has done it yet again. Keep up the good work Atlantis! Now with SG1 leaving us, you got some high expectations to live up to...and I think you'll do just that.
  • sweet

    Stargate Atlantis is the best spinoff ever and it is spun off of one of the best shows ever. It is everthing stargate sg1 is but at the same time it's not. They encounter a new enemy in the wraith. They spend the better part of season 1 trying to figure out a way home because they are stranded. You get to see some characters that you might have seen on stargate sg1 like Dr. Rodney Mackay from season five of sg1 and up and you also get to see Dr. Elisabeth Weir from the first two episodes of season 8. Their leader is Major John Sheppard(now Lt. Colonel) and he is the Jack O'neill of Stargate Atlantis. then their is Lt. Aiden Ford, and Teyla an Alien they meet and becomes their friend. Season 3 is currently airing but Iam watching season 2 and I like what I see so far. That was my review for stargate atlantis and if you havent guessed it I think it is awesome. I just wrote a bunch of meaning less crap that you guys probably alredy know. Later....
  • Great spin off

    Stargate Atlantis has proven to be a match for its sister show Stargate SG1 a great and appreciated spin off, with a stella cast who fit the show like a glove to the as expected enthraling story lines, sub plots and links with Stargate SG1 the show is everything a true gater could wish for.
    Factor into this multiple new worlds a new enemy or two the use of ancient technology and your on your way into the realms of stargate where SG1 have yet to step givin Atlantis the edge it needs to be as much a separat show as it is a spin off, still that said i avidally wach both so i'm a bit biast lol.
  • I really think that this is one of the best sequels ever.

    Stargate Atlantis is much better that I thought it would be. When it first aired I was a bit worried as most science fiction sequels are a poor reflection on their respective originals. But 'Rising' showed that Stargate Atlantis would be every bit as good as its older brother. The acting is top notch and the storylines are both exciting and involved. I look forward to watching the new season 3 every week. I hope there is a season 4 and more as Stargate SG-1 is finishing. It will carry on the baton and bring Stargate to a new generation of fans.
  • Has overtaken its big brother in the battle of the Stargates. Is the best show on TV by far.

    When Atlantis first hit our screens I was dubious, it just seemed to be the same as SG1, just repackaged. How wrong I was, the stories are better, the characters are infinitely better and the effects are just mind blowing.

    The Wraith are a far better enemy than the goa'uld in terms of TV viewing. The introduction of the puddle jumpers and the interstellar space craft is also a welcome addition. The removal of Lt Ford at the end of season 1 was a fantastic move, that character just irritated me and has done so on his few story lines since.

    All in all a fantastic show, keep up the good work.
  • Has surpassed SG-1's quality, a show all its own and its absolutely great!

    A lot of SG-1 fans were speculative about a spinoff to their favorite series. A lot of fears were diminished when Atlantis premiered and it turned out to be a very stellar show. Now three seasons in, Atlantis is just getting better and better. Theres no better time than now to join the hype and get into Atlantis. It is better than SG-1 in so many ways now and its a lot better than some of those other Sci-Fi shows out there. It is THE Sci-Fi show to watch! Spread the word guys, Atlantis is here to stay and its showing no signs of slowing down!
  • Spinning off from SG-1, Atlantis begins with the exploration team arriving at the ancient city of Atlantis. The team must survive attacks by the Wraith and other enemies while exploring the city and the galaxy around them.

    (Minor Spoilers Within)
    Just as with SG-1, this show continues the tradition of fun, adventure, drama, and comedy established in the Star Trek franchise. Wrapped within a science fiction setting and special effects that amaze, Atlantis is a character story at its heart. Each episode is propelled by the interactions between the characters, mainly John Sheppard, Tayla, Dr. Mckay, Elizabeth, and Ronin. The quirky yet militaristic attitude of Sheppard echoes that of RD Anderson's O'Neill. McKay, although arrogant, is loyal and amazingly empathetic in dire situations. Tayla adds a different perspective than the normal "Earth" perspective that dominates the "Earth" team that resides in Atlantis. Elizabeth is the voice of reason (mostly) and is much more diplomatic than her military counterparts. And Ronin is a straight-foward, hard-edged fighter who has survived the Wraith but lost his world. (Recently he has shown more emotional undertones and should continue to develope to be one of the more interesting characters in Stargate lore)

    And recently the wraith have been given a surprise developement in their overall character. Touted as brutal beasts which torture humanity, one was able to show that there are redeeming qualities buried inside when the wraith saved John. And surprisingly the edge was greyed quite a bit when this same wraith explains that feeding is not a manevolent action meant to torture or maim (evil for evil's sake) but it is an action meant for survival (akin to a human eating animals). The depth of the characters, the villains, and the amazing sets and FX, propel each episode further and will carry Stargate: Atlantis far into the future.
  • Just as good as SG1.

    This show is just like Stargate SG-1 minus Jack O'Neill and Dr. Jackson. It features the cool effects seen in SG-1. The show is exciting to watch, it's got action and adventure. It expands on the possibilities of the Stargate universe not possible from the original movie. It's fun, it's exciting, you don't get bored watching it. Each episode features another adventure of the SG-1 team. The creators of this show made a really good SG-1 spinoff. It's a really cool idea. The show stands on its own, it's a legit Stargate show with all the bells and whistles of SG-1.
  • I always say i like sg1 better,but after i watch an episode of Atlantis,i realize it's just as good.And the vis. effects are awesome!

    Stargate Atlantis must have the best visual effects of any show in the world.the Stargate,Atlantis,wraith Darts and Hive has too .I do feel that alot of sg1 fans underaprciate it thing i want to know is how come Atlantis' ratings are so much better than sg1's when 1/3 of Atlantis viewers are sg1 viewers.if you like Atlantis,please watch Sci-Fi channel fridays and wathch Atlantis and sg1 to help their ratings.thats why sg1 got canncelled in the first place,because nobody watched it live.
  • Loads of people I've come across prefer SG-1 to Atlantis but I gotta tell you Atlantis wins hands down.

    I've always been interested in Atlantis, hence me studying Classics at UCL, but I've also always been a great Sci-Fi fan. Each week on Atlantis is better than the one before, and while some people find holes with certain episodes, it can't be denied that as a show, Stargate Atlantis rocks. The characters are awesome, the women are both intelligent and hot, and the men are all so humourous, it's a great show and I reckon it could go on past SG-1. The possibilities with this program are limitless, it's Atlantis of all places. Whether this show goes on for another year or another ten years, this show beats almost all of the competition out there. Battlestar is good, but it's about a constant struggle to survive, Atlantis is about surviving, while still enjoying it at the same time. How many Sci-Fi shows on today are as funny as this; one; Stargate SG-1, but the new characters give it a new vitality that SG-1 doesn't have, hence Mitchell and Vala. This program is awesome (Stargate SG-1 is also amazing, I just like Atlantis more).
  • stargate with creepy blue life sucking monsters in a galaxy far far away ....

    stargate rocks!!! shame on you if you haven't watched an stargate episode yet, but fear not my child i forgive you.
    Now let's get down to business, when the people on earth find out that there's an ancient (the race not yo momma) outpost in the pegasus galaxy they send out some chinese russian europian and american geeks out to investigate once arrived they found out things are bad very bad. The city is going downhill or downsea whatever you want because an lack of power and of course The wraith ow yeh the WRAITH, creepy blue somtimes rasta blood sucking monsters.

    With no way of getting home or defending the ancient outpost the expedition team travels to planets to find weapons power sources ancients and other things that could help them.of course experiencing all kinds of trouble along the way like bugs, monsters, mckay's ego and more wraith but thanks to an ass kicking team with some ass kickin ancient technology they always save the day and sometimes even get the girl.

    btw sorry for the bad english i'm dutch
  • Gooooooo Sheppard!!!! YaaaaaaY!!! :D

    Hmm... is it me or is Stargate getting just a little bit slugish!? Dont get me wrong I still like the show, but somehow I feel like they're not putting as much soul as they did in previous seasons! Maybe it has something to do with the absence of Jack O'Neil!! I just dont know! Anyway I'm looking forward to the 2 eps from Atlantis where Major General Jack O'Neil is coming to Atlantis to save them from some pre-replicator robots!! I believe they're called Asurans, and they have a city bigger than Atlantis!! Anyway, sounds really cool! Cant wait!! :D
  • What a spinoff!

    Usually spinoffs aren't all that great, but Stargate Atlantis is really great!
    Atlantis is amazing. Great characters, awsome cast, amazing sets, and even more amazing plots. This show, like Stargate SG-1, really opens up your mind to new ideas.
    The character dynamics are great, as are the casts ability to work together.
    Although it's only been three seasnos, you can tell that this show is a classic, as is SG-1.
    All in all, it's a great show, as I have already said. Although, I don't like this show as much as Stargate SG-1, I continue to watch it and continue to be amazed.
  • Sci-Fi should never itself too seriously. Good thing that Stargate Atlantis never does.

    I am relatively new to Stargate Atlantis. I didn't start watching until half-way through season 2. Once I got caught up, I had completely fallen in love with the series.

    The Stargates never take themselves seriously, a fact that I very much appreciate because Sci-Fi without intentional humor just ends up unintentionally funny or painfully bad. I like that they reference Star Trek and Star Wars and fully admit to doing so.

    I like SG-1, but I find myself prefering Atlantis most of the time not only because of the lack of RDA on SG-1, but also because I find McKay so much more appealing than the Super!Amazing!Carter that appears so often on SG-1. Not that Rodney isn't occasionally Super!Rodney, but at least he gets ragged on my his companions.

    Season 1 was mostly (if not completely) filmed before the audiences could see it. Season 2 was filmed after the writers and actors were able to get feed-back from the fans and thus the show experienced some growning pains as it tried to balance the various reactions from fans.

    So far season 3 seems to show that the writers are finally back in their groove again. The Sheppard-McKay banter is back and, with no casting changes to get used to, the characters are able to work together more seemlessly.
  • Great show, even better cast

    Who would have thought that when I originally watched the pilot episode, simply for Robert Patrick, I would get sucked into this fantastic show.
    I was extremely skeptical at first and was not at all open to the idea, believing that it would not be anywhere as good as SG1. I am so happy to say I was wrong.
    This show is mind blowing. The graphics, the acting and the scripts work together perfectly and bring us an amazing show.
    The whole cast, including the recurring and the guest cast are always on top form and you can never really find fault with them, even if you don't like their character, their acting just makes you love them.
  • Great show, great writing, and great characters!

    When I first heard about the show and the premiere
    I was afraid that it wouldn't be at all like
    The original show but I grew to love it and it
    Has become my personal favorite and my guilty pleasure for Friday nights as who says that there is nothing at all to watch on those nights!
    Great show, great writing, and great characters IMO!
  • I just started watching and so far I love it.

    Stargate Atlantis has it all, Action, Humor and everything else that is needed for a great show.
    I just started wacthing Stargate Atlantis but so far I'm hooked. This show has pretty good Special effects and the characters are great.
    I loved it when they first got to Atlantis and started with a good story right away. It was an exiting first episode. So far, the episodes that I have seen are all great.

    The Producers of this show can go on for along time since Atlantis is so big that they can go in any direction at any time. Overall, I'm hooked :D
  • My favorite series

    Stargate : Atlantis is a lot more interesting than aging and boring Stargate SG-1. SG-1 was quite good but it went just too long. At the other hand Atlantis brought some fresh air to Stargate franchise. New characters ( Weir , Shephard , McKay , Zelenka etc ) , new enviroment , new enemy etc. And Atlantis stories are darker than SG-1. I hope writers manage to keep this interesting storyline.
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