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  • this show is awsome and is the best Sci-fi show I watch.

    This show is my favorite sci-fi by far because of the wraith with their vampiric life sucking hands. The atlantis team is cool with Wier as the head of the whole operation. But you can\'t have stargate without the military. Sheaperd is the military leader that makes the show worth watching with his amusing allusions. Without any knowledge of where they are going the team walks through the stargate and ends up in an abandoned city that far surpasses their own technology. Their purpose is to learn as much as possible about the Ancients, the inhabitants of atlantis before Wier\'s team, and thier technology as possible.
  • Great show... Love the characters!

    I actually started watching Stargate Atlantis before I ever saw Stargate SG-1 and I just fell in love with the characters. Especially going into the 3rd season, the characters provides such fun and contrasting personalities taht it really makes for an interesting show. I love Lt. Col. Shephards sense of sarcasm even in the impending death situations. I also love the class of personalities with having both Ronan and Theyla on the same team.

    I think that Stargate Atlantis is a great show and something that I fell in love with right away. It's awesome for both dedicated fans but also very interesting for the casual viewers. Love it!
  • I was worried about this series at first, but is living up to the Stargate rep.

    I absolutely love Stargate:SG1 so I was willing to give this series a shot. I was worried SG1 would be ending soon, and wanted to enjoy this show so I could keep watching. A few early episodes were a little bland, but the series ended extremely well.

    The action improved greatly and ties in with SG1 nicely. Now the question becomes: Do they allow Atlantis constant communication with earth or keep them cut off. A connection to earth allows characters to cross over if SG1 comes to a close after season 9 (pray it doesn't).

    I will definately continue to watch, sometimes a series needs a season or 2 to hit their stride and really create some good TV.
  • Stargate Atlantis is really mysterious and always adds new things to the program. Especially with all the things that happen into it.

    Atlantis is really good, and I think the actors they choose for it are perfect. The show is always getting you to continue wanting to watch it, and I am always looking for little hints on the next episode. I am actually the only one who likes in my family, I think. Also, the drama and graphics are perfect, the whole thing looks completely realistic.
  • Satrgate SG-1 was really good and Atlantis is even better.

    After our friends at Cheyenne Mountain find some clues about lost city of Atlantis, a new team of experts are sent to the mysterious Pegasus Galaxy is the search for Atlantis. There they encounter new races, new planets, new technology, and a new threatening mennace!

    That mennace is the Wraith!! Bassicily Intergalactic vampires Who think humans are lunch. Then they roll in a superiority complex, a star ship full of high tech gadgets and gozmos, and the abillity to feed through their hands instead of needing fangs. Last add in a little bad attitude, and then you have the Wraith.
  • A great spin-off!

    After finding the lost city of Atlantis, a new team of experts are sent to the mysterious Pegasus Galaxy where they encounter new races,new planets, new technology, and a new threat.

    Stargate Atlantis does a great job of expanding on the universe already set forth in SG-1, but also makes a part of that universe thiers. While the story does rely on some things from its predecessor it is not a rehashing. There a many things that differ Atlantis and SG-1.

    Atlantis has more of an exploration feeling than SG-1, which allows them to meet new fantastic races of people as well as discover more information about the ancients and led them into trouble.

    A fascinating show that as everything you loved from the original and more!
  • This show is great and should have lot's more season's. It's about the lost city of Atlantis being found on another planet in another galaxy. It's great because it has a basis on the hit series Stargate SG-1.

    Stargate Atlantis is now the best show still running on tv. Stargate just got worse and worse. Atlantis came on at just the right time(otherwise I'd have nothing new to watch on tv).
    When it first came on tv, I thought the show was going to be awful. But the comercils did not do it justice. I was hooked from the first episode(stargate was the same when I started to watch it seven years ago). I'm glad they finnally did a spin-off of stargate, maybe they should do another.
    This show is about a team of scientists and Air Force officers.(unlike stargate which was explorers and Air Force officers). A civilian/diplomat leads the operation of running Atlantis - a city on a diffrent world in a diffrent galaxy. Dr. Weir(the civilian/diplomat) is like the General Hammond/Landry of SG-1, only Hammond was better, Landry worse.
    Colonel John Shepard leads the off-world missions. I think he works great for this show. He is, of course, worse than Colonel O'neill on SG-1(he's the 2nd best fictional character ever created in books, movies, or tv), but is 100% better than Colonel Mitchell of SG-1.
    Rodney Mckay is the scientist, like Sam Carter on
    SG-1. He makes this show funny and worth watching(and I might say he is much better on Atlantis than he was when he was on Stargate).
    Tayla is the local alien, like Teal'c on SG-1. Tayla is just like the girl form of Teal'c. She's needed to balance the show out.
    Ronan is the newest adittion to the series. He's a warrior like Tayla. Unlike Tayla the series shows him getting used to earth's culture and way of doing things. Tayla kind of picked up on that right away. I believe he is a good addittion to the show, but I also think he's a little to violent and needs to be toned down a little bit.
    Lt. Ford was a regular in the first season, but his charactor never took off. His was almost ignored like Travis Mayweather was on Star Trek Enterprise, but not quite to that exstent. At least the writers did somthing about it.(unlike Star Trek). I didn't want to see Ford go and I'm glad they kept him for some episodes. What they did for his charactar was great. He's now a good charactor for the show.
    Dr. Carson Beckett was good in the first season, and I'm glad they didn't make the same mistake that they did with Stargate's Dr. Janet Fraiser.(they never made her a main charactor, like I always thought they should have done). Since Beckett is a main charector now, they just have to make sure they continue using him and maybe to a little more exstent then they are now.
    Atlantis has done a great job on side charactors. There're memorible(even if I don't know half there names). Dr. Zwalski(somthing like that) is a great charactor and I always like to see him argue with Mckay. Blond pony-tail guy was good because he showed that not everyone wanted to be there and was the local annoying guy to everyone, including Mckay. Caldwell is kind of like the Kinsey of Stargate, only not as powerful or annoying. Which makes him a less enjoyable charactor to watch.
    Even though the badguy's are disgusting sometimes(they will hopefully fix that)they are good badguys. There're worse than Stargate's Gould, but 1000 times better than Stargate's Ori.
    All in all I think this show should definetally stay on the air for a long time. It does need two things: They need more episodes that explore the charactor's personality and their past, and they need more episodes with kids in them.(the one in the first season was great, and some of Stargates best episodes involved kids in some way. Including the ones who kept coming back, Cassie and Ry'ak).
  • Stargate Atlantis is about team of scienctist who found the lost city of Atlantis on another world. It's a spinoff of the hit series Stargate. It's a really cool show!

    I liked this show from the beginning, I wasn't sure if it was going to be good or not, but it turned out superb. The characters are awesome and realistic, and the story lines are fantastic.
    My favorite character is Rodney, he's cool, funny, and realistic. I also like Shepard and Dr.Beckett. All three are good for the show. Tayla is also pretty good, but not as good as the other three.
    Ford use to be okay, but he's better as a badguy. He wasn't on to much when he was a good guy, it makes it harder to tell if he was good or not.
    I like Ronan, but he's not quite as good as McKay. Ronan was a good addition to the show.
    I don't like Dr. Wier, she's the worst person on Atlantis.
    The Wraith aren't very good badguys, perhaps if they weren't so disgusting they would be better.
    Atlantis is among the best of shows on television, perhaps the best still on air. It would be cool if Atlantis became the longest running show ever, but only if they don't do the same thing to Atlantis as they they did to SG-1.
  • A fun spin-off the requires very little knowledge of the original.

    While I respect the original and have watched the first season or two, I never really got "into" it. This show on the other hand has really grabbed my attention and kept me watching. Great humor and lovable characters. A bit fluffy at times, and a little too lighthearted at others, but overall I still love this show.
  • Thanks to a great show (Stargate SG1) now we can enjoy this spin off. Nice cast, McKay rullz.

    Now we (sci fi followers) can enjoy two expectacular series SG1 an Atlantis. It was a great idea to create this show, because it makes the Stargate world more real, and makes it more interesting for the fans. Besides this means that if this series is succesfull maybe they create another one in another galaxy, i don´t know, i hope. Let´s hope they keep this show interesting and not repetitive. Maybe they should get together in some episodes the characters from SG1 and Atlantis for some mission or something ( Make two equal show but one from the SG1 team point of view and another from the atlantis point of view) It could be interesting.
  • At first when I heard they were going to branch off stargate for a second show I was skeptical, but now Atlantis is one of my favorite shows. They really tied it into Stagate SG1 really good.

    At first when I heard they were going to branch off stargate for a second show I was skeptical, but now Atlantis is one of my favorite shows. They really tied it into Stagate SG1 very well. Most show's first seasons are not that good, but this show's first season was awesome. It ended with the lost city of Atlantis being attacked by the wraith. this 2 episode season finale was explosive. On the first episode of the second season they concluded the wraith siege. It was an amazing first episode to the season and only got better as the season went on. This show has great potential and I hope it can last as long as SG1.
  • Keep with the original people.

    They seriously screwed up when they created this bull ****. There is no point to this crap. Okay I get that it is really big that they found the lost city of Atlantis but why don\'t they go to other galaxies like in the original Stargate. The creators have really gone off the deep end. They do use a little mythology but not in the way it should be used. If your going to make a show about them finding Atlantis keep it on earth, under the water. The characters are always to dramatic about every stupid ass thing that goes on. I don't care who watch's this but get this **** off the ****ing TV it is boring me to death.
  • This really suprised me

    When I first heard there was going to be a spin off from SG1 I thought it would be disappointing and I also thought it spelled the end for SG1 but boy was I wrong, SG1 has got a whole new life due to the new storyline and Atlantis is amazing due to the horrifying new enemy, I mean horrible bug descendent aliens who suck the life out of you!!! Whoever came up with the wraith is a genius. And now im counting down the days until July 14th when season three starts off with no mans land, I have a feeling season three is going to be explosive especially with the discovery of a new enemy.
  • one of the greatest sci-fi shows ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This show is great, since the first episode it has me hooked and i know i will be seeing every episode to come. i love the characters and the way they interact with each other, McKay, Weir, Shepard and Ronon are my favorites, they each bring so much to the show. i love the special effects, especially in the season 1 mid season episodes the storm and the eye, If i did not know better i would have believed it was real. the wraith are a great enemy, each time they appear they bring something new about their personalities, which of course is one of a coniving, selfish and ruthless being. I hope the show is here to stay
  • great series cant wait for series 3 to come out.

    When my friend told me about this I thought it wouldn’t be very good but after the first couple of episodes I was hooked. The storylines are amazing and the special effects are brilliant. The season finales are great and they leave you gripping to your sofa! Every episode is full of action and has very confusing episodes at times which leave you thinking for a couple of days but its just such a good programme. The first series is more to do with stargate Atlantis and the wraith and it is set on land, but season two is set more in space which in a way has made the second season very different but still full of exciting twists and turns. Overall I think it is a great series and I hope they make many more. Well done!
    Adam Phillips
  • This is a cool idea, to think that we could live on another world and still be great at what we do and kill the bad guy.

    This idea was a good one. To have us live out on another world and to be the aliens. To be the good guys and to help out other races without wanted to kill them just because they are aliens to us. The cast works good together and I love the relationship between them all. I recored this show every week and can't wait for my day off to watch. Keep us the good work.
  • Abysmal spin-off to a good series. Bad acting, cheap sets and even cheaper plot make this a series worth avoiding like Plapes (Herpes' and the Plague's unfortunate lovechild).

    I've seen this show, and it saddens me. It especially saddens me to hear that some people like it as much or better than Stargate SG-1. Oh well, to each their own I guess.
    I've decided to make this review short and sweet (or in this case, short and bitter), so I will proceed like so.

    What I like about the show:
    Mitch Pileggi, whom I liked in the X-Files; and that clumsy scientist guy (he's kind of amusing).

    What I don't like:
    I really don't want to go into this or else I'll start foaming at the mouth. I did say I'd keep it short. My summary pretty much sums it up anyway (as summaries usually do).
  • Season 2 rocked!

    What a great season for Stargate Atlantis! The season premiere and finale were simply fantastic, the finale even better than the Season 1 finale. The premiere (Siege Part 3) was a great end to a mini trilogy which concluded with the "Atlantians" saving their city and making contact with Earth. When Ford was turned into half human-half Wraith i thought they'd never find someone else to replace him but Ronon was a very good addition to the cast of the show giving something different to the team. Furthermore, Beckett was promoted to series regular and had much more screen time. A great season led to the final episode which was fantastic, leaving all SA fans counting the days to the premiere of Season 3. This show is here to stay!
  • When you hear the words \'spin off\' you tend to shudder with dread at the usual unbelievability of it all, but Atlantis is definitely one of the exceptions!

    Atlantis is one of the best shows on TV right now, for the most part its dramatic and exciting, but add in Mackay, Sheppherd and Zelenka and what a comedy you get too! Mackay\'s arrogance at being the most brilliant scientist that ever lived (almost) is a classic especially when he came up against Sam Carter in a recent episode. She upstages him at every turn, and boy does he not like that! The invention of the Wraiths as the new baddie in the Stargate World was inventive, and has for the most part been a wise choice. I personally cannot wait for the next series! Bring it on!!
  • Stargate Atlantis Rules!!!

    Stargate Atlantis seasons 1+2 were awesome. Shepard, Normal and Enzyme Ford, Ronan, Teyla and Carson Beckett are the best characters in the show. Weir is cool. The Wraith are getting there arses kick by people that aren't even born in that galaxy.

    Season 3 will be awesome seeing as it starts with the wraith trying to get to EARTH
  • The engaging spinoff of the classic Stargate SG-1 leads us to the Lost City of Atlantis in the Pegasus Galaxy. There, an international team of soldiers, scientists, and an alien or two form a new foothold in a strange galaxy. Only to face a foe dealier th

    Dr. Weir, the UN diplomat turned leader is forced to command an alien city/ship in a strange galaxy millions of light years from Earth. With only some contact to and from the Milky Way, the tau'ri (people of Earth) and their allies must engage the deadly Wraith...a race so powerful they wiped out the mighty Ancients - builders of the Stargates and Atlantis itself. The ancestors of humanity.

    A diverse cast, excellent production values, solid characters engaged in much growth (it is in it's second season!) and wonderful writers make this show truly unique, exciting, and entertaining.

    It's just reaching the phase where it no longer relies completely on SG-1 for a story, technology, etc. It's becoming a show of it's own, and doing a darn good job at that.
  • Continuing the great legacy that Stargate SG-1 started back in 1996.

    Continuing the great legacy that Stargate SG-1 started back in 1996. This time it centers around the journeys of a team of intentional scientists and military personal whom are in another galaxy whom had found ancient legendry city of the ancients; Atlantis.
    Just like Stargate SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis, features the same type of joys, dangers, and wonders that were used in the Stargate SG-1 series, full with the same type of colorful characters as well, with only difference is the fact that it takes place in another galaxy, light years away from home.
    While, I liked the fact that in the first season, the Atlantis team were alone, that they couldn’t call home for help, because it stressed the fact they were on their own and so they had to solve all of their problems by themselves without any help from the outside. But now with the addition of Daedalus and Colonel Caldwell to the series, I feel that it a new dramatic to it, that they can get help from the outside, but it something that they could used.
    Also the special effects in this series are far more better than the ones that were used in Stargate SG-1, despite the fact they are done by the same company. It seems they are putting more heart into this series than other one.
  • Good fun for sci/fi fans

    Having tried Stargate SG:1 and finding it too much of a monster-of-the-week formula for my tastes, I didn't think I'd like the spin-off.

    I started watching Stargate: Atlantis because I was up late one Friday and there was nothing on TV. So I watched the late night rerun of "The Long Goodbye." I thought it was fun, but still wasn't committing myself to it.

    A couple of weeks later, I found myself in the same position and watched most of "Michael." Once again, I enjoyed the show. I decided to get myself caught up for the season finale! Over the next two weeks, I did just that, watching all of season 1 and season 2. I found myself definitely hooked on this one!

    I think Atlantis has good characters and does a really good job of writing the interactions between them. There are also story arcs, not just MoTW's. All in all, good fun - I recommend it!
  • Same formula, new universe.

    Change the crew. Move them across the galaxy. Throw in a new alien. Add some new characters. What do you get? Starcraft Atlantis.

    Often this results in a less than enjoyable show. This time we got a show worth watching.

    The characters are coming along nicely, and the plot has created some interesting things to look forward to.

    I like it.
  • Stargate: Atlantis Season 2: came in with a bang but ended just above a wimper.

    First off, do NOT get me wrong. I still love SGA. It's my favorite series on TV right now and I love it to death.

    However . . . the second half of season two didn't feel like it fit very well with the show we've come to love.

    First half of the season they came in strong with Siege III the official conclusion of the Siege trilogy but a story arc they had been developing even before that with Letters From Pegasus and The Gift.

    It was all kinds of wonderful with the arrival of the Daedalus to save Sheppard from certain death while delivering a much needed ZPM to Atlantis to activate the shields and the fabulous plan to fake a self-distruct that kept them safe for months to come. We shippers even got that fabulous ShWeir hug moment that left me on a high for weeks to come. I still get all gooey over it.

    This was followed by an interesting and fun episode where we got to see the team band together to beat a computer virus while periodically getting flashbacks of what their first trip back to earth in a year had been like. It was safe to say after that that they'd all found a new home in Atlantis and earth had less of a hold on all of them.

    We got wonderful funnies with McKay in Duet. The introduction of a new character - Specialist Ronon Dex - in Runner. Elizabeth went off world - I always love that - in Condemned to save her flagship team from becoming wraith food. McKay blew of 5/6 of a solar system in Trinity. The fabulous and angst filled semi-two parter Instinc/Conversion where we saw the possible affects of Beckett's retrovirus and major angst when Shep almost turned into a wraith bug himself. A funny and touching episode with Aurora - funny for the Shep & McKay best friend banter, touch for the sacrifice made by the crew of the Aurora and the toast the Atlanteans gave them at the end. And this first half of the season came to a climactic cliff hanger as Shep and Co. were kidnapped by the renegade and severaly wratih!crack doped Ford and his goons and forced into helping on an insane mission to blow up a hive ship basically with their bare hands. Poor Rodney was stuck on the planet with Fords leftover goons for those three months of hiatus while Shep got ready to be interrogated by a new Wraith Queen.

    Whew! I tell you, every week they had me on edge.

    And then came the second half. I enjoyed The Hive - the conclusion to the mid-season finale's The Lost Boys - but it was kinda anti-climactic considering where they'd left us - IMHO.

    Don't even get me started on Epiphany. If I had to choose a SGA epi to hate it would be this one. And it's not just because Shep kissed another alien hussie. Okay, so maybe hate is a strong word. Sanctuary was worse on that score but at least that story was kinda interesting. From what I hear Joe Flanigan was disappointed as well - he'd done the story for Epiphany, so to speak - and the story was almost nothing like the one he'd started with. Still, both McKay and Shep had some great lines in this epi and Lizzie went off world again so yeah, it wasn't completely worthless.

    As for the epi's that followed, there were a few good ones - The Long Goodbye, Lizzie kicks but and we kinda get a ShWeir kiss. Coup de tet, return of the Genii, I love them as baddies. - but most were pretty lacking. When it was all said and done and the season was over my sister and I agreed that Allies would have served better as a mid-season 3 cliffie and that Michael probably should have happened a few episodes earlier.

    It just didn't seem to flow as well. The Atlanteans moved way too fast on the "let's mess with genetics" tactic when their situation was way less dier than during The Siege. Everyone seemed a bit Out Of Character overall.

    I still love the show and I can't wait to see what happens in Season 3 but let's hope this sophmore slump doesn't carry over.

    Feel free to disagree. Most people probably would. ;)

  • A wonderful spin-off of Stargate SG-1 and a strong show in it's own right.

    Stargate Atlantis has strong characters and great plot lines. The individual episodes are wonderful and the overlying story arches have interesting twists, turns, and long haired aliens. The interaction between the cast is very believable as they live their character's lives.

    The show keeps getting better and better as the seasons go on.
  • Loose your bias and watch it as something new, and you're going to love it!

    Alright, I'll admit it... I wasn't too keen on Atlantis when I first saw it.
    I have to say I think I was a bit biased with my SG-1 thing and I kept insisting that there is no WAY that Atlantis could be anywhere near as good as SG-1!
    I watched it all *I'm so not going to like this* and guess what?! I didn't!

    But now I've gotten over my biased-ness and I watched it as a new show instead of finding all of the differences it has to SG-1, and you know what? It's pretty good!
    I know, I know, complete 180! But now that I've become a bit more of a TV critic I've been giving thing's that I'd usually pass on, a go.
    Something I'm really glad I did with Atlantis.
    I recently had the pleasure of catching one of the most recent episodes "The Long Goodbye" I think it's called and I was amazed with the story-line.
    Yes, it's very SG-1like, but what can you expect when you practically have exactly the same creators behind the show with pretty much the same idea!
    I thought the way they handled the whole alien invasion inside your head thing really well and I thought that Joe Flanigan (Col. John Sheppard) and Torri Higginson (Dr. Elizabeth Weir) played their parts superbly!

    After that episode I caught the next one, and the one after that and the one after that.
    Now I make sure I catch it every week.
    I have become addicted to Atlantis!

    Fantastic show, so long as you stop looking for all the differences and just watch it as a great Sci-fi!


  • a worthy spin off.

    i have been a fan of the original stargat sg1 series for its entire run and i like many was afraid atlantis would not work. while it was slow out of the gate it has gotten to be a stand alone show. sheppard is a mix of kirk and oneil. you have the resident hotties, teila and even weir. you have the anoying smart ass in mccay. and this year the best character appeared. ronan, the strong warrior who is prone to have as many knives as needed on his body and a sword and is not as pc as the others. then the bad guys. the wraith be unlike the gould dont just use you as a vessel they use you as food.
  • This is easily one of the best sci-fi spin-offs of all-time.

    The cast, the writing, and everything about this show make it my favourite Sci-Fi television show of all time. One of the greatest parts about this show is that you just never know if they're going to make it through to the next episode. With Ford off on his own trying to fight the Wraith, and the Genii always a threat, and now, after the end of season 2, with the possibility of the Wraith reaching Earth in Season 3, you just never know what's going to happen. Most of the characters act extremely well, however there are a few lowpoints, as in just about any TV show. All in all, this series will go down as one of the spinoffs of all time, completely on its own merit.
  • Is amazing.... Tão boa qto Stargate SG-1, axo até q pode ser melhor do que a sua "mãe". Praticamente todo mundo de onde teriam surgido as lendas sobre a Cidade Perdida, por isso a série chama tanta atenção, já que "responde" essa pergunta. E os espectros.

    Já amei o filme, adorei a criação da StarGate SG-1, e agora me espaldo com Atlantis.
    Todas as teorias criadas sobre as histórias mitológicas e coisa e tal, sempre deixam as pessoas intrigadas.
    Adoraria conhecer os roteiristas que devem ter uma imaginação de fazer inveja a muita gente. Axo que eles devem ter lido "Eram os deuses Astronautas?" isso explicaria muito sobre essas mente brilhantes.
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