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  • Really really cool...

    Well it's a spin off from Stargate SG-1 and I was having doubts if they could think of new scenarios and things... but they did a great job and it rules almost as much as SG-1 and I cant wait untill season 2 is out on dvd...
    And they're going to do a season 3 as well... so I'd say: a recomendation to everyone who would like to watch something exciting an interesting...
  • It`s coooooooool!!!

    It`s coooooooool!!! I love it. It has action. It has romance. It has adventure. And most importantly, I has Sci Fi! I am a personal SciFi geek and it is one of my favorites. I actually think that it`s better than the original, but it`s very close. The graphics rock, too! All I can say is, Power to da SciFi and watch it!
  • As with last year,Canadian fans have been able to enjoy the new episode of Stargate:Atlantis before the rest of the world,its just a shame that "Hive" was this strangely empty conclusion to the promising two part cliffhanger that we were left hanging on b

    As with last year,Canadian fans have been able to enjoy the new episode of Stargate Atlantis before the rest of the world,its just a shame that it was this strangely empty conclusion to the promising two part cliffhanger that we were left hanging on before the shows mid season hiatus.The whole episodes time line seems to be very skewed with McKay's cold turkey recovery from his enzyme addiction to perfect health it what seems at most to take about 24 hours and yet you have this feeling that Sheppard and his team have been on the wraith ship for only a few hours.Add to that the wraith that are supposed to be nearly unkillable getting soundly thrashed by the pesky humans again and coming off as really stupid and gullible makes them look like an all to beatable enemy and not really the scary immortal vampires that they started out they don't even seem like much of a challenge to beat which takes a lot of the enjoyment out of watching...we want to see our guys struggling against the odds...not go in as the odds on favourites.And i hope they're not going to use the pathetic "We escaped through a space stargate" ending to often because it was just pathetic cop out writing and a kick in the teeth for us fans.Note to writers - Must Try Harder!
  • The Goa'uld are still trying to turn Earth into flaming ruins,so General Jack O Neill decided to seek out the Lost City of The Ancients.In a secret base in The Anarctic a bunch of scientists have unlocked that door and have been sent to the planet.

    This show is the best thing I've ever seen since the first StarGate movie. This show puts a brand new on the story of Atlantis. The Wraith are so much cooler than the Goa'uld. The Wraith sleep for a thousand or more years,suck life from humans,and mate like bees (That is so wild).The Scientists live in a totally different galaxy and make some neat friends with indigoneous sentient life forms. There is some very cool technology,like that really cool spaceship and that neat energy sheild from that darkness episode. There are some wild stories that really bring some interesting thoughts. The whole show has everything
    I like and I'm learning a little physics
  • Top notch show, just stop breaking it mid way through the season for 3 months.

    This is a top show, that extends and develops the original idea of Stargate SG1. The plots are often amusing and original (which must be challenging at the best of times when you consider SG1 has run 9 seasons and still going strong). The only annoying thing about this and other SciFi shows, is the stupid break halfway through mid-season. Just stop it and get on with the show or I can see newcomers getting extremely fed up and loosing interest.
  • When a secret base abandoned by the Ancients the original builders of the stargates is found buried in the ice of Antarctica, the Stargate Atlantis team is recruited for the most daring stargate mission yet a one way expedition to the dis

    This show is my favorite. i have watched it ever since i heard about it from the tv commersels. In my opion this show is the best and in a sense i do believe that everything on this show is real but that the U.S. Military is hiding it from us and that the show is a way of telling us when they started Stargate sg1 and stargate atlantis they probiliy started because their cover was blown and when thay eventually let the truth out they will say that they did tell us about it through the show. My personal Favorites are Rising parts 1+2, the storm, the eye, sanctuary, before i sleep, the siege part 1+2+3,trinity, and aurora.
  • Great... A good spin off from the original!

    Initially I though that this show was "oh not another spin off", but I have consistantly surprised by both it's content and originality of storylines, that both reflect the original Stargate theme as well as 'somethig fresh' for a new setting. Great to hear that the series has been picked up for another season - well deserved.
  • A fine spin off

    Though not quite it's counterpart, Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis is a very compelling show. The characters have a good sense of humor and each get their time to shine, though it often centers around the show's main character, Sheppard, this will no doubt be ratified in later seasons. Atlantis gives a sense of independence and discovery that SG1 has lacked for a while, which is quite refreshing. Its effects are spectacular and unappreciated by people who give out awards. This season is turning out better than most episodes last season, especially in the way of character development, so I'd recommend it highly to anyone who watches television!
  • A great new show from the people who brought us the fabulous Stargate, SG-1. I was upset what they have done with the Lt. Ford character. I hope they will eventually bring him back to the regular cast instead of a reoccuring role.

    The show is really good. I loved the first season. I am not thrilled about the direction of the role of Lt. Ford. I really like his character last season. In this year's season opener, Lt. Ford is attacked by a Wraith infiltrator and is blown into the ocean with the the infiltrator's hand stuck to his chest. This resulted in an overdose of the chemical the wraith release into the human body in order to suck all the blood out. They do rescue him, but the damage is done. The rest of the people on Atlantis don't trust him, and he eventually escapes.

    I like most of the characters, I was glad they seem to have done away with that one whinny scientist that had the ponytail and didn't like Weir.

    I would like to see a relationship between Col. Shepard and Teyla. What can I say, a shipper to the end!

    Watch the show, it grows on you. The one thing that isn't so great is that they have a split season. They start in July and go to the end of September, and then take a hiatus of sorts and begin the second half of the show in January. It hard to wait so long for the second set of episodes, but it is less waiting between the end of one season and the beginning of the next. Maybe that is why they structured it this way.
  • Stargate Atlantis is a good sci-fi show , it will never do to sci-fi what Stargate-SG1 did , but , still it has it’s moments and if you like sci-fi it wont hurt you to watch it and maybe just maybe it will feel right for you.

    Stargate Atlantis has the potential to be a great show, it has all the necessary elements, but , unfortunately the show producers and writers are indecisive and therefore the show lacks cohesion and homogeneity. One episode can be amazing: thrilling and exiting and the episode afterwards can be a total waste of time.
    I don't think the people behind Stargate Atlantis have decided their target audience, some episodes can't be watched if you are above the age of 12 , I'm 32 Y.O. I love sci-fi and try every new show in a hope it will work for me. Stargate Atlantis sometimes works great and makes me think it's one of the best shows out there but on the other hand with episodes like "Instinct" or "conversion" I can't help it but lose my faith.
    For conclusion ; Stargate Atlantis is a good sci-fi show , it will never do to sci-fi what Stargate-SG1 did , but , still it has it’s moments and if you like sci-fi it wont hurt you to watch it and maybe just maybe it will feel right for you.
  • Stargate Atlantis (as the spin-off of Stargate SG1) is not just a spin-off. It's a series that stands by it's own, on 4 feet, ready to attack you. You'll just say: Incredible.

    Atlantis (a.k.a. the Lost City) has been found, deep under the ocean, in the far away Pegasus galaxy. Now it's time for the Ta'uri, from earth, to follow their ancestors, the Ancients, and to inhabit the city of the ancients. It is the greatest discovery of mankind. A large city, filled up by the most advanced, incredible and unimaginable technology. But nothing can be only good, right?

    Well, Weir's delegation to Atlantis gets there very happy. Soon they find out why exactly the city was drowned. After encountering the only enemy the Ancients could not stand against, the had been forced to hide the city and to return to Earth, in the Milky Way.

    Far more dangerous than the Goa'uld, the Wraith consider planets as feeding areas. People are their food. With their pretty advanced technology, they are something you should be afraid of. Especially if you're human.

    Now the Wraith are awake again. And they're hungry than ever. Having heard that the city of the ancestors is inhabited again, they go all over the Pegasus galaxy in order to collect people to be their food. On the way, they head to Atlantis, not to destroy it, but to get to Earth. Because now they know that Atlantis could lead them to a place full of billions of humans. Food.

    Atlantis team needs not only to explore this new city, and this new galaxy, as Earthlings, but also to defend themselves (and whoever they can) against the Wraith. Earth sends (beginning of season 2) the new battle cruiser Deadalus in order to help.

    Will the Ta'uri prove themselves once again, after defeating the thousand-year's Goa'uld rule, that they can use ancient technology more wisely than the Ancient themselves? Are we really the next evolution of the Ancients? You better watch Stargate Atlantis to know the answers. You won't regret it.
  • stargate atlantis this is one of the best shows i have ever seen in my life i love stargate sg1 and stargate atlantis its very good i want it to continue for a long time. i just think that this show is very intersting

    stargate atlantis

    this is one of the best shows i have ever seen in my life i love stargate sg1 and stargate atlantis its very good i want it to continue for a long time.
    i just think that this show is very intersting
    i think it takes us to the future

  • This is a brillant show to set aside from the normal adventurs of sg-1, New: galasey, enimys, allies ect. this show is eaven better than sg-1

    The series has set a new standard by having a team of humans stranded in the middle of another galasy with no way to get home. This puta together a grate charater lineup with a: diplomat, pilot, desendent of a half human half wraith and a scientist. The new enimey the wraith is eaven more dandrous then the goul'd and the replicator combined with their ability to heal they can take a lot of punishment befor they die. This passes sg-1 as a brilliant show with a grate line up of cast and a brilliant storyline this takes the stargate saga to a whole new level
  • This show has taken off were stargate SG-1 left off. Its a real good show and I think everyone who likes sci-fi shows should give this show a try.

    I have to say that season one has been a great season. I can't wait till I get to see season two. When Stargate SG-1 ends I know I can still get my Stargate fix. What I have seen so far I must say its been a fun ride. I don't know how people can think this kind of stuff up, show after show it gets better and better.
  • Well, It's pretty darn good.

    Stargate Atlantis. Cliched, yes. But entertaining none the less. The cast works, the sets are sweet, and it's even funny at time, even if the storylines have been, or have elements, seen before. It's simple enough for casual viewers watch and enjoy, yet providing elements that keeps hard-core viewers watching. Overall it's a decent show, and if you haven't you should give it a try.

    -But Then I Could Be Wrong-
  • An excellent show about a team of adveturers who travel to the lost city of Atlantis to explore its secrets only to awaken an alien race called Wraith who are hellbent on finding Earth in order to drain its inhabitants of life. A scifi drama with plenty

    This is a show that is easy to fall in love with. It has a rich cast of characters including a fearless leader Colonol John Sheppard, a proud leader of her people and trained in the art of close combat, Teyla, a brilliant physicist (Rodney), and a combat/weapon specialist who has been continually hunted by the wraith. Not to mention a smart tactical leader of Atlantis(Dr. Weir), a talented doctor and ladies man (Dr. Becket), and a half human/wraith who struggles to prove his sanity and rejoin SG-1 (Lt. Adien Ford). This show also contains episodes that literally take you to other worlds each with its own importance and subplot amd still remains incredably hilarious and entertaining. Throughout the series you will follow the SG-1 team members, who are based out of the Ancient homebase of Atlantis, through the stargate (a wormhole creating device that allows travel to other planets/galaxies) to other planets and dealing with what they find. What they find varies from a homocidal race of parasitic-like aliens determined to find earth to drain its inhabitants of life to humans who still remain deeply rooted in past cultures and ideology, to technologically advanced ancient civilizations. The whole time they are on these palnets they are constantly looking for allies or other ways to defeat the wraith. All of this still only describes the basic premise of the storyline, there are always new internal problems/conflicts within the SG-1 crew and towards other cultures. These circumstances are always allowing different unexpected plot twists to pop up. Nothing is as it seems keeping you at the edge of your seat every time they enter the gate.
  • Season 1 was good, ended in an AWESOME battle scene. Season 2 is off to a good start as it looks like the true war is starting to kick off.

    Atlantis is my new Stargate best friend. SG1 seems to be on lifesupport, with all attentions focused here. With season 2 just kicking off it really feels like some big battles are yet to come, and with Sci-Fi throwing more money into Atlantis than SG1, the special effects are just superior.
  • This show, in general, is completely for nerds to enjoy. It should go back to nerd central, Sci-Fi

    This show, in general, is completely for nerds to enjoy. When you look at it, you can see how bad the story line is, and how bad the sequences are. If you want my opinion, this show should go back to it's Sci-Fi channel with all the other nerd shows. This show, and all shows like it, should be tossed into a furnace and never come back.
  • bad cast, bad script, boring unoriginal show.

    The first season wasn't that bad, specially the begining but now the grace period is over.
    The cast is terrible.
    David Hewlett excepted, I don't understand why those actors were selected.
    Joe Flanigan keeps thinking he is Harisson Ford, please someone tells him he is not !
    Acting besides, the script is boring at best.
    Dead times of the show are filled with parallel adventures of the characters ... just to make an episode 40 minutes.
    Unfortunate, it could have been good, but not with that team (Actors/writers).
  • Across the board, this is a very unappealing cast. Unoriginal stories. The scripts tend to duplicate or 'steal from Stargate; some evenings the same (general/ hidden) theme is used in both. This may partly be because of the use overlap of the wr

    We looked forward so to this new series before it started. We were truly excited that this show was being added to the Stargate 'family'. After all, isn't Stargate one of our favorites? And with the new/old Battlestar Galactica, a whole evening of good sci fi; hooray!

    Our disappointment has been truly great.

    In season 1, we watched for several months. Even then we kept watching in hopes that Atlantis would 'grow on us'. And perhaps it did; sort of like a wart or ringworm.

    Unoriginal storylines. Unappealing cast. Very sad we are!
  • Great show, i am lost @ one point though

    hey what ever happened to Dr. Kavanagh, the self centered scientest w/a ponytail who is worst than rodney??? did he die or something,during the wraith attack. cause that would have been great!! either way i still would like to know wheat ever happened to him. but i would prefer hm 2 be dead.
  • a great show but not as good as the original stargate

    The cast is full of chemistry and the characters (major and minor) are all likable and have enough flaws to keep them real and interesting. There is also a bit of a military vs. civilian angle, which SG-1 has rarely played on, that is written into some stories. As well as other "tensions" that seem to arise in some episodes.The advance technology and fantastic setting only serves at the background of the show, unlike most sci-fi shows, and does not drive the story. the characters are what drive the show and that's the way it should be. they interact with each other like real people do. there are no minor characters on the show and yet the show isn't remotely close to being cluttered.
    it's great. i've become more wrapped up with how the characters interact than the continuation of the stargate mythology.

  • A Great Series in its own right.

    Yea it's a spinoff, and yea it's got big shoes to fill in regards to SG-1. My Opinion though is that the series has proven itself, especially after the first season.

    There are of course a few things to forgive in that every species they meet speaks english and there's not much of a cultural and mythology angle as with SG-1 in the beginning. And for the most part, there still needs to be some backstory.

    There are however, glowing highlights that might even surpass SG-1 (which I have been a fan of since the beginning). The cast is full of chemistry and the characters (major and minor) are all likable and have enough flaws to keep them real and interesting. There is also a bit of a military vs. civilian angle, which SG-1 has rarely played on, that is written into some stories. As well as other "tensions" that seem to arise in some episodes.

    The stories themselves are usually well written and seem to always subtly include a revealing bit about a character which is always fun. Action sequences are well done as expected, and the humor in the stories is true to SG-1 precedents.

    There is still the question of whether this series has enough gas to keep going at the pace it has been. I really hope so since I enjoy it much more than I thought I would a spinoff. Like I said, it's a good show in its own right. I even look forward to the DVD releases of the season sets, becuase I am very curious to see the special features of documentaries and commentary bound to be included.

    Some people might need a few episodes to warm up to it (hopefully they catch a funny episode in what they see). Pretty soon however, they'll wish that it was on more frequently.
  • This show just keeps getting better and better.

    This show just keeps getting better and better. It was great the first season and now that it is in its second season it is even better. At the rate this show is going the third season will be gripping. Every new episode this show has leaves you wanting more and more. The writers for this show are brilliant. They know how to balance the seriousness of the show and the humor. 'Atlantis' is the perfect show to watch on a Friday night.
  • Stargate Atlantis ROCKS!!

    I am seriously addicted to the show!! So much so that it hurts to wait for the next episode!!

    I'm not sure what fascinates me more, Ancient Technology, the Raith, or the people on the show! I love it all!!

    Atlantis definately stands on it's own and should not be looked at as "just another spin off"!

    To the producers...GREAT JOB!!
  • people think show is not as good as sG-1 but it creates new ideas not just trying to find ancients finding people trying to help them and they end up disliking us. Different thought of the once tired series.

    A cutting edge show where people go to the stargate travel to a lost city and end up at war with a galaxy killing species called the Wriath. A new genre on the old stargate with a definate twist. It is kind of sad though that they removed the very talented Rainbow of the main cast but hopefully they will return his charcter because the humor between the charcters Col shepered and doctor Mckay is not the same with out him.
  • Incredible Spin-Off

    This show was written very well. They incorporated SG-1 into the series well. I am very impressed with this show. It gets better with every season and every episode. I like the fact that they are bringing SG-1 into this show. This is one show I hope runs for a long time. I even like the new additions to the cast. Overall a great viewing experience that will leave you wanting more every episode.
  • A great show, that is starting off perfect. Show the alien and "hick-up-girl" more please.

    Stargate Atlantis is a spin-off of SG1, unfortunatly this season SG1 seems to be starting off following the pace of Atlantis. Always have been a huge fan of SG1, but as things are after the premieres, Atlantis has the most promise. (who doesn't like a little attitude in your alien?) The new cast additions and story line looks to be pushing the show in a great direction. Nice work from writers that have always been great.
  • The lost city of Atlantis was found... only in another galaxy, found with it a frightening race of aliens who feed off of humans. It's up to John Sheppard and his team to save earth from these aliens.

    This show is far better than the commercials make it out to be. It has everything a show needs, action, suspense, and a little bit of romance. Wether or not it is the best in it's genre I would not know because it is the only sci-fi show that I watch.
  • A spinoff that could surpass its predecesser!

    When I first heard of Stargate: Atlantis, I thought "Not another spinoff". But I was pleasantly surprised by the series premiere.

    And then it got better and better. I mean, sometimes, there are a few stray boring episodes and fillers, but mostly, it's great.

    It hasn't fallen into the trap of being too much like the show it was spun off from and it feels refreshing to watch Stargate... only not.
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