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  • Sci-Fi Channel Idiots Cancel a classic

    The finale was a pretty good one but it left a lot of unanswered questions. I hope they make some movies to finally get closure on converting or destroying the Wraith. This show could have lasted easily another 5 seasons especially with the new enemy they unearthed a few episodes ago. There were a lot of special effects in this episode and I was glad to see them spend some money so they can stick it to the Sci-Fi Channel dimwits. The City blasting in using a new super travel technology will change the Stargate storyline forever. Still, I want to see some movies with Rainbow Sun Francks being cured and brought home in the Movie that brings Atlantis back to the Pegasus galaxy and sees McKay marry the hot doctor in a double ceremony with Ronin and the hot Marine chick. Let's all hope that Sci-Fi doesn't cancel Stargate Universe before the story is told.
  • Very good Sci-Fi with many characters to love and wonderfully played. Flanigan and Hewlett are awesome!! Please don´t let it be cancelled.

    I totally love the show. Only began watching it in mid-season 2, but became hooked after the first 15 minutes when John Sheppard (played by Joe Flanigan) sat down in the chair making it glow. "Was that me?" *looking totally naive and cute* Him and Dr. Rodney McKay (played by David Hewlett, known from "Cube" and "Treed Murray") are the characters I love most. John is the Colonel who dropped a coin to decide if he went to Atlantis, totally loyal to his other team camerades, not letting one die after his past in Afghanistan, more intelligent than he lets on (could have been in Mensa). Rodney is a total, obnoxious, highly intelligent, annoying nerd! And played wonderfully so by Hewlett. We fans totally love him although (because) he has got light hair and a bit of a stomach. He brings us to laugh with his epi-pens, his cries of fear when lemons are near him - or enemies, when he drops his ammunition in the middle of a fight or teleports his other self in this dimension while destroying 3 solar systems in 2 episodes.
    Then there is Teyla, having enemy DNA in hers an awesome fighter and singer and with baby. Ronon, the big warrior with a sad past who almost never talks (and tries to take away "Rodney´s girl"). The everchanging commander of Atlantis (3 in 5 seasons) and the beloved doctor Beckett who gave his life for a patient and came back as a clone. All in all a very, very good sci-fi serie.
  • Fantastic characters played by actors with great chemistry, combined with cool technology and snark.

    Fantastic characters played by actors with great chemistry, combined with cool technology and snark. What's not to like? Since the PTB have determined that I am too old and the wrong gender to actually enjoy this show, it will end soon. It's their loss. The strong fan base of this show will survive and we'll find other ways to follow John and Rodney on their adventure. The PTB have made some really bad decisions with some casting choices, etc., but at least for the 100 episodes that we'll all get, the show deserves a 10. And deserves to continue in something other than DVD movies.
  • Every episode gets better and better. It is suspenseful, gripping, edge of seat, action packed adventure. Thrills with humor, clean wholesome fun, filled with personalities of all kinds; human or non-human. The thrill keeps you coming back for more!KEEPER

    Stargate SG-1 came on like gangbusters and won the world over. Then in the midst of it all they brought out Atlantis; yet another great adventure with a storyline that conquered the hearts of Stargate fans EVERYWHERE. It has all of the fabulous qualities, entusiasum, gusto, thrills, adventure, humor, its own intriguing personality, as well as the mystery and nailbiting suspense. Not to mention the wonderful actors/actresses that made the show so much more worth watching. Their features and personalities combined makes this one great program with everything that TV viewers want to see. Wrapped in a "FAMILY" OBTAINABLE scenerio that was totally well written and captured the heart, mind and soul of millions of FAMILIES and INDIVIDUALS, who were compelled to watch week after week after week. Through the past years and including this season Atlantis has grown bigger and better and is by far one of the best SciFi series worth anticipating and watching every week. Atlantis needs to continue more seasons!! It just keeps getting better and better.
  • This has got to be one of the best science finction series that has ever been made, apart from the original " stargate SG1" which sme would say is better that atlantis, but well i have to say i like them both 50/50.

    This has got to be one of the best science finction series that has ever been made, apart from the original " stargate SG1" which sme would say is better that atlantis, but well i have to say i like them both 50/50. The new stargate atlantis season ( 5 ) has me gripped and im eagerly waiting episode 11 up to know this has been one og my favourite shows of all time, if not the favourtie.

    I would recommend this show to anyone who is into sci-fi "Its a MUST"

    Roll on the 10/10/08 for episode 11 we are all waiting.
  • Stargae Atlantis is a great family show!

    It's not just about scifi but about how the characters of the show have grown together to try to save the Pegasus Galaxy from the Wraith.
    It has action, adventure, scifi, special effects, but most of all it has characters I love to watch and follow. Characters that I have seen grow closer with each passing year to become family. Characters played by fantistic actors who make them come to life each week. I don't understand how the decision could have been made to cancel this show! Even the promo commericals on the SciFi channel keep telling us how great this show is. I just wish that Stargate Atlantis would be renewed for another year!
  • This is the greatest Stargate series by far!

    This great show would be nothing without some great characters. The characters that made a difference are Colonel John Sheppard, Teyla, Ronon Dex, Dr. Rodney McKay, Dr. Elizabeth Weir, and Dr. Carson Beckett. You can't have this show without Colonel Sheppard, because he is the life of the party, so to speak. Well you could have this show without him, but it wouldn't be a very good one. Teyla, well she's kind of hard to describe, but she's a must have in this show. Dr. Weir I could do without, but I have to admit that without her, Colonel Sheppard would never have gone to Atlantis. Ronon Dex... all I can say about him is that he's being chased by the wraith and he tends to over react, but he's a great character too. And of course Dr. Carson Beckett, let's all admit that without him probably most of the people in Atlantis would be dead right now, because he is the doctor.
  • First Contact Part 1, well this was a intresting episode. Daniel Jackson came to Atlantis to do some research on a Lantean researcher called Janus. He believed that there was a hidden research lab within Atlantis....

    First Contact Part 1, well this was a intresting episode. Daniel Jackson came to Atlantis to do some research on a Lantean researcher called Janus. He believed that there was a hidden research lab within Atlantis. After he and the brilliant but social distorted mckay found it they got abducted by a new alien race which hasn't been seen before. After they been abducted they needed to start an ancient device which will destory the wraith ships when they try to enter hyperspace for travelling. Todd the "good" wraith notice this and takes drastic actions. We'll see what happens on Part 2 of the show.

    I really love the new look of the aliens they encountered the huge armor plated battle suits and there nifty technology make them a formable opponent to the people of atlantis. It was also nice to see how Jackson and Mckay interacted with eachother.
  • Stargate Atlantis follows the adventures of a human expedition to the lost city of Atlantis in the Pegasus Galaxy.When in the pegasus galaxy they meet alsorts of interesting cultures and some very dangerous enemies.

    I have been a big stargate fan for along time since the Movie, when atlantis came along at first i was abit sketchy about it at first when it came out but i got into it and i loved it.The city the enemies the different races it is all good to me,i enjoy watching each new episode that comes along. Stargate altantis is one of my favourite shows ever, each time a new season comes it just gets better and better and the cast is amazing they do a wondful job every time. With the great work the cast and production team do Stargate atlantis is in my opinion simply amazing and is one of the best sci fi shows out there.
  • How awesome is this show, words in existence today are not good enough to describe SGA!!!

    Stargate Atlantis - what can you say , awesome show , awesome cast (after some excellent cast changes in season 2) , enemies are superb , the idea behind this version of Stargate is while investigating the snowy surrounds of Antartica the SG team discover another Stargate which leads to the lost city of Atlantis , on arrival the city is submerged in water , the team find they have no way of escaping the back to earth while the shields are caving in leaving them in a perilis situation and an alien race,called the Wraith, is coming and unfortunate for the SGA team they awaken the entire Wraith population and a war is begun , twists , turns , backstabbing , suprises and some very good cast changes after the 2nd season make this one of the most entertaining TV shows i have ever watched and i recommend this to anyone even if you are not a lover of Sci-Fi shows i am confident this will rock your world. Ronon Dex is my favourite character since Data from Star Trek TNG and while he is the SGA equivilent to T'ealc from SG1 i think he is even better ass-kicking wise , season 4 episode called Midway is my favourite episode , watch it and you will understand why , i think i have rabbited on about this long enough so i shall wrap up , SGA considering it is in one way or another in competition with SG1 and has had to come out from underneath the shadow of that 10 season epic i would have to say i loved SG1 - but - SGA is even better still , if you dont own the dvds buy them , if you aint seen this show , get hold of it , if you're not interested then get interested because you dont know what you are missing! Thank you SGA you shall be missed but not forgotten.
  • thats not a season ender thats should have been the start of the next season (sga) stargate atlantis should have started season 7.

    stargate was the best show ever it had the best everthing, the guns the tech even the babes,but that a side the show was ahead of its time the episode was ok lots of shots fired people not dieing and atlantis back on earth i dont know if atlantis could ever go back the pegasus galaxy it took all three Z.P.M. to get to earth and i dont think humans have another three any where on earth.

    i wonder how the staight to dvd of stargate atlantis will be better be good.i heard there are even more sg1 dvd coming out to as well as the atlantis dvds well only time can tell .
  • Who would have thought a spin-off of SG-1 would have been this great?! This show is awesome!

    I did not expect the show to really do that well considering the constraints the producers and writers were under at the time.

    (completing season 8 and staring Atlantis at the same time)

    Any ways from what I've seen so far, about 13 episodes from the beginning, this show is making real progress.

    Its not quite straight forward as i would have predicted, which makes it all the more exciting!

    For those of you who like SG-1, this is definetly a must see.

    For those of you who don't watch SG-1 because you feel left out because you missed 6 seasons..... well.......... :)

    Stargate Atlantis is definitely on par with SG-1, and is a great opportunity to get stuck into the Stargate universe.

    PS: Think of it as Stargate - Miami.
  • Great Keller episode! She so belongs to Rodney!

    I was looking forward to this episode as opposed to many others I guess. Because they thought it would be one of those whiny Keller episodes like Missing.
    I got my hopes up that this one would be better and it was in many ways.
    I think Keller is a fantastic character and she was very lovable in this episode. Rodney and Ronon on the other hand bothered me a bit in this one. I seemed that Rodney just could shut up.

    But loved the interaction between the Runner and Keller. I very much hope we get to see him back (though the season isn't that long anymore)
    I do however wonder how Keller got so skilled in blocking Wraith attacks :o

    The lovetriangle is kinda cute and I hope she ends up choosing Rodney. For his sake I hope he doesn't screw up!
  • This is one of the best shows i have ever seen.

    Stargate atlantis, in my oppnion is a work of art. Setting a sci-fi in the present day is superb. The idear that all this is going on right now just makes you wounder of something like this is going on right now.

    And unlike other sci-fi shows they keep the actual science itself to a minimum and Never push so far as to make it seem like it was impossible or out of human reach. But at the same time you wish that it was pushed.

    Another thing that i find amazing is that there is alot of the conflict for the charecter is everyday problems, like a mother diciding wheather or not to go back to work, or getting a new boss you don't like or two men fighting for one womans affection.

    To reinterpate, Stargate Atlantis is a work of art.
  • Amazing if you take it for what it is.

    This is an action comedy sci fi and thus should be taken light heartedly. If it annoys you when characters make amazing saves, when they always seem to survive by some miracle at the very last second, then you may not like this show.

    Oh and In my defense, before I go on, if I spell a few of the characters names wrong its because I didn't look them up so I apologize. Myself I love this show, its a good blend of SCI FI with could banter and humor between the characters. It builds on the successful Stargate universe, but this time they have access to the technology of the ancients making for bigger and better fights. Gone are the days when earth didn't have any vessels or means of defending themselves (like early Stargate). The wraith make the great bad guy with a pure numbers advantage just like a swarm of insects. On top of this, often you cant help yourself seeing the wraiths point of view (after all they need to feed to survive), this is especially improved with the introduction of Todd (think of him as a SGA version of Yu in Stargate). Providing more humor and better story lines. Later the Stargate expedition find more allies and more bad guys to build on the ever growing galaxy of species.

    The actors are great, you may find Rodney or Woolsey a little irritating at first but there is excellent character development through the series and they are greatly improved as time goes on (for their roles they are meant to be a little annoying at first). And while I am talking about great actors the side ones are amazing, Zelinka, Beckett, Todd, Micheal, etc, rarely do I see a show where there are so few characters who annoy me (perhaps slightly Weir and Cavanar). I find myself always wanting them all to make it because I don't want any of them to die.

    Another point that makes this show great is the amount of filler episodes, in my opinion their arent many. Obviously there are some that are devoid of any story advancement but I find them great none the less. One thing I found amazing was how little cross over there was with Stargate story lines, you would think with 10 series of Stargate and 5 series of SGA, there would be recycled series from Stargate in SGA, but there is very little of this (at least less than I would have expected), which just adds to the entertainment value.

    To sum it up, if you want an action comedy, you liked Stargate or Farscape, you will love this. However do not take it as serious as Battle star galctica or Star trek because it is a slightly different genre and you won't enjoy it as much as you could have if you do.

    hope you enjoy it as much as I did (and still do, over and over)
  • One of the most enjoyable shows to grace my TV set and at times a little lacking. It was still an excellent show. Mission success.

    Although sometimes there seemed to be rather a few filler episodes the show mostly was a battle for control of Atlantis.

    The battle was finally won and the whole thing was flown back to Earth. During this time there were a number of enemies each rather powerful in their own way. But each lacked the ability to adapted like the team on Atlantis.

    There was constant upgrades, battles and things to find. Much like SG1 the Stargate was of heavy use. However there was far more enthusiast on ship to ship combat which was at a point in Stargate universe when the game was getting to powerful and easier to win.

    In the end, there was only one out-come.

    Mission success.
  • Best ever!

    I absolutly love show! This is one of my favourites! I really like season 3, season 4 and most of season 5. The finale is absolutely fabulous! My favourite characters are Rodney McKay, Jennifer Keller, Radek Zelenka and Ronon Dex. There should be more Rodney Episodes and less John episodes if you know what I mean. My favourite couple are Rodney and Jennifer and my favourite duo is Rodney McKay and Carson Beckett. This is positively on my most favourite shows ever list. There are a few episodes that I don't like, like "Inquisition" but it is a brilliant show.
  • ok so i am a stargate fan and most things sc fi. i think atlantis was up there with sg1, and am sad that it is cancelled. it had superb characters and storylines and will be missed.

    as i have said before. i am a stargate fan, and was over the moon when they decided to make a spinoff series from sg1. at the time i did not think that it could be as good as sg1, well it was. ok so it based along the lines as sg1 in the fact that they are fighting one main enemy in the wriath. as with sg1 one the characters and story's were excellant. with the exception of doc keller all the characters were brillant. right from the start with elizabeth weir. showing who was and would be in charge at all times. then the stunningly good looking Taylor who was a leader and feared no one. later on there was Ronan who was your typical warrior, and basically just like hurting people particularly with is gun. and was a gaint of a man, who ever came up with the idea of dreadlocks for him was spot on they just gave him pure menace. then there was beckett the good doc. the man who never did like going through the gate really, and who along with the death of doc fraser in sg1 provivded the most poingnant and sadiest moment in any of the atlantis episode's. Sunday is up there with any episode in any series that involved killing off a main stay character. Jon sheppard the man trusted to lead the star team. good looking, daring, yet mild mannered, but again a true leader of men. finally on to the man who made the whole series for me. Dr Rodney mackay. this man is one of the most complex men ever created. as he was all of the below. arrogant, talented, cowardly, amusing, greedy, and most of all not selfless. me me me at all times. and played to perfection by david hewlett. when the creators cast torri higginson, joe flannagan,rachel luttrell, david hewlett, paul mcgillion and eventually jason momoa they must have hoped that it would be as good as sg1, and to see that it was must have been like a dream come true. to see the cast work as well as the sg1 cast must have been really pleasing. i for one will miss atlantis as much as i miss sg1.
  • Spin-off and better show of Stargate Atlantis

    When i first heard that there was going to be a spin-off of Stargate SG-1, i was both excited and scared. Excited in ways because they would be expanding the stargate universe and new characters. But i was scared for similar reasons because i didnt think the characters of Atlantis could out-shine the wonderful characters and plot-points in SG-1. Boy was i wrong.

    Atlantis is on almost every level better than SG-1. I some ways because the stories are more often character based which i prefer and the plot in general was just more intriguing than SG-1. Bad guys (wraith) are more evil and clever than SG-1's baddies.

    But like a lot of my favorite shows its getting canceled after its current season. Over before it reached its true potential.
  • Ace!

    This show is absolutely amazing im always eager to watch the next episode as soon as i watched one. it is ageat follow on from stargate sg1 i loved watching all of those and was sad to see it end. it becomes a ritual watching these programs as they are so intense and leave you ont he edge of your seat all the time. The actors and actresses in this program are amazing at what they do. i really thought that we were going to lose rodney on the last episode and thank god we didnt. i hate it when people leave the show especially sam carter she was great i think they should bring her back!!
  • The decision of ending the show wasn't so bad after all.

    I wasn't happy when they announced this would have been the last season of this great show, but after seeing the finale i'm happy with the decision they made : the battle and the way it ended ( the usual get in, drop the bomb, nobody gets hurt, etc..) plus the lack of focus on the Wraith and a certain number of "filler" episodes. they were running out of gas, and i'm truly sorry to say this. this remain, however, one of my favorite shows, a show able to create a whole new universe, full of marvels. Good Bye, Atlantis.
  • Stargate Atlantis lives up to its SG-1 counterparts, mostly.

    Stargate Atlantis isn’t Stargate SG-1 but its close to reaching its glory and fame. I think its first season was amazing and I hope the seasons to follow are just as good and better. The first season to me was more of an introduction to the Pegasus galaxy and all the dangers and relationships that come with it. The Atlantis crew while there made friends and enemies and learned a lot about the Ancients past. I think when SG-1 first came out the writers didn’t have to do as much work to create an environment as they did when Atlantis came about. They did that work here because they wanted to keep the two shows separate and in order to do that they had to isolate Atlantis. So they really had to put a lot of effort on creating the Pegasus galaxy, and the various cultures as well as creating an enemy worse than the Goa’uld. I think they did an excellent job in introducing us to the Pegasus Galaxy, the Atlantis crew, the Genii, and the Wraith. I also think it was a great idea to not have the shows crossover at least for the first season, because it gives Atlantis a chance to stand on its own legs.

    The characters like SG-1 characters are well structured and I predict they’ll become as amazing as SG-1’s characters soon enough. I think in Season 2 the show will be able to expand more and become as great as its SG-1 counterparts.

    Show you should definitely watch Stargate Atlantis and don't forget to watch its parents show Stargate:SG-1.
  • Great Series

    The cast of characters and stories made for a rich universe, especially Rodney and John Shepherd. It certainly was a growing experience as they discover the home of the ancients and deal with the demons of their past and the problems of their own creation.
  • The best of the Stargate Franchise

    Stargate Atlantis was cancelled too young. The series was amazing and should have lasted 7-10 years. God, I miss Stargate Atlantis.
  • Great Cast

    The writers and producers did a great job with show and we were all sad to see it end.

    With new production tools the Stargate could prove to be like Star Trek and continue for a long time with another new series holding true to old style of character development.

    Bring it back we are all tired of instant star shows and New Jersey fools.
  • Stargate Atlantis

    Well what to say about the show, It came at the right time when SG-1 was coming to an end a nice smooth cross over and from there the show did prove itself. But 5 seasons by NO means was enough oh were finished with this but here is something else and we promise a movie then they had the nerve to stop everything saying it was due to money ok fair enough maybe it was but it was also claimed that there would be no movie due to the fact Atlantis fans would not give SGU a fair view but enough of the past when do we see the movie MGM is currently (slowly) getting back on there feet movie straight to dvd would be a nice kick off along with another SG-1 movie.

    Atlantis had it's fans it had it's stories and a great crew you could sit back and laugh at some great moments or sit at the edge of your seat.

    The episode that I love (they are a few) but the one that I enjoy is "Midway" it had the action a small hint of comedy (like many episodes) we all sat and watched as Ronon & Teal'c where for many the favourite from each show are now together for one episode and you knew it was going to be great and it was.

    I say enough is enough either bring it back or give us a movie or three.
  • Stargate Atlantis is a really good show because of the things the team gets into

    I love Stargate Atlantis. It is my favorite show because of all of the funny things that McKay would talk about with his science talk. I also like the show because of the Characters in it. I think that the cast does a really good job every week and also they have a great producer from Stargate SG-1. I know that I have to see Stargate Atlantis every Friday. If I can not see it then I make sure I will record it on DVR because it is too good of a show to miss and that is the truth. I also like the way on how the story line is put out on every episode.
  • A perfect spin off that is a show on its own while doing justice to the stargate name.

    Atlantis is a perfect spin off to Stargate SG1. It remains true to the stargate francihise. While being total original. It is a by no way downgrade to SG1 it has proven itself as one of the best sci-fi shows on tv. The charcters and story lines have taken the stargate series to anoter level. Atlantis breaths fresh air into an aging stargate series. It is my opinion that Atlantis will run for as long if not longer than SG1. Its new and developing plots and villians is groundbarking and I for one can't wait to see what they do next.
  • A fine spin off

    Though not quite it's counterpart, Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis is a very compelling show. The characters have a good sense of humor and each get their time to shine, though it often centers around the show's main character, Sheppard, this will no doubt be ratified in later seasons. Atlantis gives a sense of independence and discovery that SG1 has lacked for a while, which is quite refreshing. Its effects are spectacular and unappreciated by people who give out awards. This season is turning out better than most episodes last season, especially in the way of character development, so I'd recommend it highly to anyone who watches television!
  • At first, I was afraid that this would be another spin-off that doesn't live up to the quality of the orginal. Stargate: Atlantis breaks the trend of lousy spin-off shows and, in some ways, surpasses the orginal.

    i can't not say how much i enjoy this show. there are times that i stay home on a friday night and refuse to be dragged out by my friends until it is done. this show makes me wish that there are more shows written this well on cable.

    Stargate: Atlantis is a show that makes the viewer forget that it's a sci-fi show. The advance technology and fantastic setting only serves at the background of the show, unlike most sci-fi shows, and does not drive the story. the characters are what drive the show and that's the way it should be. they interact with each other like real people do. there are no minor characters on the show and yet the show isn't remotely close to being cluttered. even the so-called background characters often shine in the foreground and grow and develop as the show continues. it's great. i've become more wrapped up with how the characters interact than the continuation of the stargate mythology.

    watch the show and forget that you are watching a sci-fi show. watch the characters and be pleasantly surprised. it's worth staying home until 10 on fridays than going out for a beer or three at the bar. Stargate: Atlantis is that good!!!
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