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  • I WANT A MOVIE OR 2!!!!

    God i miss this... next best thing after S-G1 and there was just so much more we had to see and i obsolotely love David Hewlette as McKay, i follow him on Twitter ^_^ lol just the most funny, polite, down-to-earth guy ever and fun too, they just won't let us have an Atlantis movie though while the original Stargate producers are going to re-try filming a movie but we all know how that's going to go... lol stick with alien spaceship movies is say, they did well with Indepenance Day because it's an iconic movie, even i like it and i'm usualy not into cheesy movies like that. Damn i miss this so much, most shows now are just cheaper produced stuff just to enjoy for a 1 time watch, i have no interest in buying the DVD sets but shows like Stargate, i want the whole damn collection :P and i have Buffy and Xena DVD sets too, i miss such legendary shows where they were true to the show right till the very end :) and i've seen them a few times over now, Atlantis i've seen like 3 times over now, Stargate S-G1 about... my 5th time over now lol give us these kind of amazing shows back.
  • Good Sci Fi, up till season 3, SGU also good buuut

    I really liked the Stargate series, all of them. Sometimes you have characters that you get sick of buuut, regardless, you appreciate the show and the quality of their relationships and the sci-fi element so you suck it up. Lol

    But the show was great, but only up until season 3, overall up until season 4, I'd say per season, average rate of two episodes were maybe annoying to watch cause of the character... although Dr Keller was crap, sorry, that one for Atlantis I gotta put out there, please, NEVER Jewel Staite on any sci-fi every again, PLEAASE. She's always either out of place confident (like you have no field experience and then she gets panicky like Carson used to sometimes, also how did you make PHD and get assigned to Atlantis so soon I think we were all wondering, even when she's demure, I saw no layer of scientific brilliance to her AT ALL), or under confident and it feels like nagging or whining or slow death, oh man, I had to fast forward SOOO much, my mind was annoyed ASAP by her.

    I wish they kept Dr. Weir, it was odd seeing Samantha Carter on SGA... I felt like she didn't belong... Sam was great on 'Stargate,' and Woolsey always has his shining moments but I felt horrible that Dr. Weir died.. *cries*.

    Of course all of this was season 4, which was crap. Sorry but season 4 was forced garbage/drivel. I wonder if SyFy's 'creative team' got involved at that point because the feel of SGA TOTALLY changed.

    They spent a LOT more time explaining things to you, dumbing down EVERYTHING to the point that you were like.. confused if perhaps they didn't have enough time to fill the timeslot. I literally screamed at my tv like, OKAY, we GET IT, move ALONG, this guy is BAD, now handle it QUICKLY instead of DRAWING IT OUT! Sigh, it's not like they spent creative energy on the explanation, they'd pull something out of their bee-hinds and go all "Enter Rodney: Oh crap! I'm brilliant, BUT, this guy knows more than I do, and this is IMPOSSIBLE beyond any belief! I need to explain to you for half hour just how bad this is and what I can do to fix it Mr. Bad Guy, maybe in that time, the audience will like you a little more even though they currently wish your vocals would get damaged or something.... Nother half hour later: "blah blah blah, Mr. Bad Guy just screwed us some more, gah all bad news the whole hour but MIRACLE happens and blam! Whole universe saved again! Tada!!" Seriously, how lame! Even though I like David Hewlett, his appearance on SGU was awesome.

    You know, come to think of it, Stargate Universe would have been better off without Camille, SGU was a MUCH better investment except for exaggerations as well... sometimes they get caught up with their characters that I think they miss that nothing entertaining ever happens with those characters, we don't need political statements to be embodied into every moment of our sci-fi. Also, no yelling, I'm looking at you, Camille. But SGU season 2 was much better, until Ron got stuck with her on Earth.. oy.
  • The best of the Stargate Franchise

    Stargate Atlantis was cancelled too young. The series was amazing and should have lasted 7-10 years. God, I miss Stargate Atlantis.
  • sorry

    This is a bad spinoff from the original seres. Everybody concidering watching this should watch universe instead. This more like a crazy comedy than sci fi.
  • Agree with below

    The first three seasons were great. I thought they would use so much going Into 4. I liked Elizabeth Wiers character, I find she doesn't et enough justice. The writing was great they made it interesting giving her replicator powers and I thought wow they are going to make this interesting maybe take out some wraith now after the replicators but the just ditched her chatachter and threw in Amanda Tapping which I found as great as she is was a terrible replacement choice as the the season just dragged on after the first three episodes and then season 5 was meh. The writers had a great thing going and they screwed it over. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Look at Futurama it kept coming back. Not entirely the case but the series went to shit after the ditched Elizabeth Wiers chatachter.
  • Amazing show.

    I watched all 5 seasons in just a few weeks. This is one of the best Sci - Fi shows out there. Great cast, great stories, great setting. Witty banter. The first 3 seasons were truly amazing. The last 2 were lacking a bit and sadly it just started to pick back up again at the end of five. I am sad this show was canceled and the movie never made. However, its still worth the watch because the ending isn't really a huge cliffy. Its like the ending to a chapter or maybe the first book in a series.
  • Too much Wraith

    After watching all 10 seasons of Stargate and all of Stargate Universe I was really looking forward to Stargate Atlantis. I thought it would be the best as I was under the impression there would be a lot about the Ancients and cool adventures off-planet as well as some enlightenment and wisdom for the Atlantis crew. What I have seen so far is killing, killing and more of the same and always the Wraith. They could not be uglier or more hateful. So far, very disappointed.
  • The best from all the SG series

    I've just finished all the SG series (SG1,SG Atlantis then SG Universe). To my opinion, SG Atlantis is the best,with lots of action,I liked the casts, some humour here and there. All of these made me to keep watching from 1 episode to another the note,McKay sometimes really annoying).

    Sadly that the producers decided to end the series on its 100th episode (season 5).

    SG Universe is the most boring of all the SG series.
  • Great Series

    The cast of characters and stories made for a rich universe, especially Rodney and John Shepherd. It certainly was a growing experience as they discover the home of the ancients and deal with the demons of their past and the problems of their own creation.
  • Totalyy agree with "bush101dan" - Rodney ruins it.

    bush101dan said: "great show shame rodney is the most annoying character like most of the characters but rodney is so annoying i cant watch it again in 99% of the episodes"

    If an episode features too much of Rodney, I switch off. Simple as that. Why should anyone want to watch a pathetic, whining, unattractive wimp as Rodney? Whoever created this character should be shot, as it ruins what could have been a great series.

    He even made a - thankfully short - appearance in SG1, the episode where they traveled back in time - the "There are no fish in my pond" episode.

    The question is "why would anyone create such an annoying character, and then promote it to be the main character? It was an idiotic decision. He, of course, was based an Daniel Jackson and has some of the same characteristics, . talks much too fast (deliberately) and is very knowledgeable in his field. But he lacks the most important characteristic of all: attractiveness, likeability. He is the opposite and ruins the series.
  • Best show ever

    Yeah I'm pretty much in love with this thing. Probably forever. Great cast, good writing and wonderful visual effects. What sci-fi is supposed to be
  • Great Cast

    The writers and producers did a great job with show and we were all sad to see it end.

    With new production tools the Stargate could prove to be like Star Trek and continue for a long time with another new series holding true to old style of character development.

    Bring it back we are all tired of instant star shows and New Jersey fools.
  • great show shame rodney is the most annoying character ever

    if u liked sg1 you will like this the show hits all the right buttons and i think it ended at the right time u dont what it to get stale most of the time u will enjoy watching the wrath r a great enemy but at times stuff from sg1 is just repeated with different characters eg the replicaters
    had enough of them in sg1 and the sg1 movie

    i like most of the characters but rodney is so annoying i cant watch it again in 99% of the episodes
    rodney at some point it is impossible and he suddenly can at the last minute with is fine but its in most of the episodes which gets annoying

    thats why is a 9 and not a 10 all in all a great show would recommend if u r still readin at this point
  • Stargate Atlantis

    Well what to say about the show, It came at the right time when SG-1 was coming to an end a nice smooth cross over and from there the show did prove itself. But 5 seasons by NO means was enough oh were finished with this but here is something else and we promise a movie then they had the nerve to stop everything saying it was due to money ok fair enough maybe it was but it was also claimed that there would be no movie due to the fact Atlantis fans would not give SGU a fair view but enough of the past when do we see the movie MGM is currently (slowly) getting back on there feet movie straight to dvd would be a nice kick off along with another SG-1 movie.

    Atlantis had it's fans it had it's stories and a great crew you could sit back and laugh at some great moments or sit at the edge of your seat.

    The episode that I love (they are a few) but the one that I enjoy is "Midway" it had the action a small hint of comedy (like many episodes) we all sat and watched as Ronon & Teal'c where for many the favourite from each show are now together for one episode and you knew it was going to be great and it was.

    I say enough is enough either bring it back or give us a movie or three.
  • Where's the new episodes!!!

    Ok, I think we have waited long enough for a new episode. I am losing my patience and may have to take it off my favorite list. I watch the show faithfully and keep looking for the new episode date, Finally July 14th, 2006. Rodney McKay is my favorite character, he's the main reason I watch Atlantis, not to mention Leutenant Colonel Sheppard. Now why is it we have to wait so long for another episode!!! Just when you think it may have been cancelled it appears again.

    WOOHOO!!! I can't wait. I wonder whats in store for the Atlantis team...stay tuned till July 14th, 2006.
  • great spin-off from SG-1

    please lete there be season 4 and beyond.There is so much comedy,twist,sci-fi and drama and it's just great.Can't wait for new episodes every week along with original Staragte SG-1.My favourite character is dr. Carson Beckett and then also Rodney Mckay,Shepard,Teyla,Ronan,Elizabeth and Zalenka.Can't wait what they will discover and what will they find.Cool that they bring new enemy in Atlantis(well not new ,really,eh!) and I hope that we will see more of them.My favourite ep in season 3 was Progeny and Sateda was also amazing among others.I also liked cross-over in STargate SG-1,ep 03 in season 10.Once again season 4 and beyond
  • Couldn't appreciate this show


    I loved watching SG-1 and I was very excited when this spin-off was produced. But after I watched some episodes I couldn't appreciate this show.Whereas SG-1 was blessed with good actors and interesting stories, Stargate Atlantis has poor plots and bad, sometimes even annoying actors. This show totally lacks charisma, humor and credibility. The weird aliens, the flashy action sequences and the tough female character didn't attract me at all. I couldn't find any reason to continue watching this bad show.

  • A good show, but every time you make a copy of a copy, resolution quality begins to fade...

    In the beginning, there was Stargate the movie. One hell of a film. Extraordinary film. Then came Stargate SG-1, an exceptionally well made sci-fi series, but not quite as awesome as the original film. Then there was Stargate Atlantis, which...though quite a good series in it's own right, fell just a little bit short of Stargate SG-1. I'm just making an observation here, I'm not complaining about the series at WAS good. It's just that when you make a copy of a copy, resolution and quality begin to fade a little, no matter if you're using a Xerox machine or a television show. It was watchable and enjoyable, and I did enjoy it.
  • A new take on a good story.

    Atlantis was definately it's own show. It didn't try stealing from sg-1 or anything. I like the fact that they got away from the religious aspects of the enemy race. The wraith are probably my favorite alien race. Diferent enough to say they didn't just throw on a wig, yet human enough where they weren't bizzar to look at like those aliens on Universe. There explanation was pretty alright too. I don't think they had enough reacuring wraiths. Don't get me wrong, Tod is one of my favorite bad guys of all the SG series. But they still could have had another. I didn't like the Genii as a reacuuring race.
    Back to the more general plot. It was nice bringing the eighth chevron into play. There were a number of good stories. The characters/actors were alright. I liked Ronan well eough but he was a bit flat and underdeveloped. I get that was kind of the way he was supposed to be, but he could have offered a bit more. Then there's Tayla. The Teal'c or Mr. Spock of the series as it were. Just a lot more boring. I know every show has to have that "spiritual" character, but she was just rediculous. Of coarse, I'm a little biased of sorts. I hate pretty much all female characters in all movies and shows. Don't think I'm sexist, I'm a female myself, but male characters just tend to be better. The show really didn't have that impact that sg-1 did. There wasn't that underlying progression in story or technology. Also, the threat to Earth didn't come across as so iminant.
    In the end, I truly enjoyed the show. Infact, I had a twenty minute rant with my living room wall after finnishing the last episode and realizing the movie never aired.
  • An amazing show that shouldn't have been canceled!!

    I love this show. Not only do you have great storylines and lots of action you have humour as well. Sometimes you will be on the edge of your seat wondering how they got to where they are, how they will get out of their situation and who will make it out alive. The way some of the charaters are make for some good scenes, like Mckay who is the intelligent one who doesn't let you forget it. Ronan (comes in at season 2) who is a great tracker and fighter, and others.
    Overall i love this show and would recommend it to anyone who likes action and those who just love a good show.
  • SG1 was the beginning, new adventures await!

    Atlantis is the second series in the Stargate franchise that shows a lot of promise in any way i can think about. I began re-watching SG1 since it's been a long time and also with the intention of starting to watch Atlantis and i just couldn't let myself not seeing where it all started. Atlantis picks up from SG1's 8th as i remember when Dr. Weir is sent to search yet another myth that proves to be real, the Ancient Underwater City of Atlantis. With a promising start and a few guest stars like Daniel Jackson and R. D. Anderson, it's time to focus our attention to nothing else but this new team that apparently have charm and dedication to keep such an interesting storyline alive. Adding a new enemy to the stargate franchise...the Wraith and assembling a capable team and various allies it's time to embark and enjoy the adventures that i personally take joy to watch, in SG Atlantis.
  • Oh Atlantis, how I love you!

    I love this show! I L-O-V-E this show so much! It is truly one of the best shows (with SG1 in the lead ;)) I can't get over how much I love this show and how upset I was that it was canceled. Sheppard and McKay the best pair of best friends ever!

    Especially after seeing episodes of Universe I have a new appreciation for Atlantis and SG1! Oh I love Atlantis.

    I've always had a peculiar interest in the lost city and the fact that Stargate explored that made me so happy. . . my how I miss this show. Its originality, its lightheartedness, its awesomeness.

    I love this show, in case I didn't say it enough.
  • A realy good spinoff of the SGC series and definitely worth watching.

    Stargate Atlantis follows a mixed group of scientists and explorers from a dozen countries to the lost city of Atlantis. It all starts with the discovery of an ancient base in the Arctic (could be the Antarctic, don't remember) that leads to the discovery of the lost city of the Ancients, Atlantis. Just one problem, it's in the Pegasus galaxy, which is where the ancients were and the power available to get there is enough to make just a one way trip. With that in mind, the trip is made and the adventure begins.

    In this new galaxy the team comes across all sorts of interesting foes such as the Wraith who are the Pegasus galaxy's version of vampires, responsible for the extinction of the Ancients, and the primary antagonists of the Atlantis expedition. Many of the episodes deal either directly or indirectly with them, and prove to be a quite resourceful, and exciting to square of against.

    Replicators (not quite the ones found in SGC) where the other big threat to the Atlantis team. These replicators however were actually created by the Ancients to fight the Wraith but then abandoned because of their imperfections. This caused them to hate the Ancients, and the Atlantis team. Like the Wraith, they were formidable foes and interesting to watch.

    Lesser foes included a human civilization called the Genii. Probably the most advanced of the human civilizations in the Pegasus galaxy that started out as allies but a few plot-required incidents and their taste for Atlantian technology put them at odds with the Atlantis team. A character called Michael who proved to be quite a thorn for Atlantians. Him and his minions came very close to capturing Atlantis but at the last moment were thwarted.

    Besides dealing with the bad guys, the show also had a lot of episodes that dealt with development of the various characters in the series and how they dealt with love, friendship, death, and just the internal struggle for power to lead Atlantis, which turned out to be quite a contested job.

    I personally was never a big fan of the Stargate franchise until I started watching Stargate Atlantis. I found the few episodes of SGC that I watched a bit too cheeky for my taste. Almost everything was a joke to O'Neil that for me just ruined the entire experience of watching an episode. Atlantis on the other hand had a decent balance of humor and seriousness. I found McKay's character very annoying and the writers could have definitely reduced his constant need to talk, especially the over the top yelling (which he did often) but other then that the characters were pretty relatable.

    My favorite was Ronon. His portrayal of the muscle of the team was very authentic. The part of Dr. Weir was also very well played and I was sad to see that Character leave in season 3. Sheppard was also pretty good, although many times he seems to channel O'Neil and that at times took away the seriousness of a particular scene.

    The season 5 ending (and the series finale) could have been used to create some incredible stories for 6th season but alas the show had to end at some point. Overall I would definitely recommend this show to both fans of SCIFI and non SCIFI. It may not get your heart pounding or make you jump off your seat (everybody's different so I could be wrong) but it wont bore you either.
  • Amazing if you take it for what it is.

    This is an action comedy sci fi and thus should be taken light heartedly. If it annoys you when characters make amazing saves, when they always seem to survive by some miracle at the very last second, then you may not like this show.

    Oh and In my defense, before I go on, if I spell a few of the characters names wrong its because I didn't look them up so I apologize. Myself I love this show, its a good blend of SCI FI with could banter and humor between the characters. It builds on the successful Stargate universe, but this time they have access to the technology of the ancients making for bigger and better fights. Gone are the days when earth didn't have any vessels or means of defending themselves (like early Stargate). The wraith make the great bad guy with a pure numbers advantage just like a swarm of insects. On top of this, often you cant help yourself seeing the wraiths point of view (after all they need to feed to survive), this is especially improved with the introduction of Todd (think of him as a SGA version of Yu in Stargate). Providing more humor and better story lines. Later the Stargate expedition find more allies and more bad guys to build on the ever growing galaxy of species.

    The actors are great, you may find Rodney or Woolsey a little irritating at first but there is excellent character development through the series and they are greatly improved as time goes on (for their roles they are meant to be a little annoying at first). And while I am talking about great actors the side ones are amazing, Zelinka, Beckett, Todd, Micheal, etc, rarely do I see a show where there are so few characters who annoy me (perhaps slightly Weir and Cavanar). I find myself always wanting them all to make it because I don't want any of them to die.

    Another point that makes this show great is the amount of filler episodes, in my opinion their arent many. Obviously there are some that are devoid of any story advancement but I find them great none the less. One thing I found amazing was how little cross over there was with Stargate story lines, you would think with 10 series of Stargate and 5 series of SGA, there would be recycled series from Stargate in SGA, but there is very little of this (at least less than I would have expected), which just adds to the entertainment value.

    To sum it up, if you want an action comedy, you liked Stargate or Farscape, you will love this. However do not take it as serious as Battle star galctica or Star trek because it is a slightly different genre and you won't enjoy it as much as you could have if you do.

    hope you enjoy it as much as I did (and still do, over and over)
  • Stargate Atlantis was a brilliant series and unfortunately it was cut too soon. It was doing very well in the ratings.

    I love this show. Who would have thought that it would surpass the original? It really was brilliant from the get go! The action, camaraderie, adventure and family friendly content really does make the Stargate franchise unique. SG1 was brilliant and so far reaching I didn't think that anything could top it then along comes Stargate Atlantis. You really do start to love it from the very first episode. This does not include Stargate Universe which is absolutely rubbish! I can't believe that Atlantis was canceled for Stargate Universe which has been nothing but disappointing so far. Cancel SGU and bring back SGA!
  • This is the greatest Stargate series by far!

    This great show would be nothing without some great characters. The characters that made a difference are Colonel John Sheppard, Teyla, Ronon Dex, Dr. Rodney McKay, Dr. Elizabeth Weir, and Dr. Carson Beckett. You can't have this show without Colonel Sheppard, because he is the life of the party, so to speak. Well you could have this show without him, but it wouldn't be a very good one. Teyla, well she's kind of hard to describe, but she's a must have in this show. Dr. Weir I could do without, but I have to admit that without her, Colonel Sheppard would never have gone to Atlantis. Ronon Dex... all I can say about him is that he's being chased by the wraith and he tends to over react, but he's a great character too. And of course Dr. Carson Beckett, let's all admit that without him probably most of the people in Atlantis would be dead right now, because he is the doctor.
  • Great spin off the mark of excellence being how well the show distingished itself from the original Stargate show.

    Great spin off the mark of excellence being how well the show distinguished itself from the original Stargate show. A cast of interesting and mostly consistent characters. By the end even the scifi stereotypes were fun to watch. Teyla was more than a hot Amazon her character brought great strength and rarely a boring story line. Ronan even transcended the typical super warrior and we saw him as a human being and valuable member of the team. Shepard was a great lead and person you enjoy seeing out front of a team just like O'neal. McKay and Keller rounded out the core group with comic relief and compelling personal dramas. Why this show was canceled after just five years I will never know. It's sad to think all the network cares about is syndication and then the next five year journey and onto the next. I hope to see all these actors in many other things to come. They did great jobs and the loss of such a wonderful universe of Atlantis was heart breaking.
  • Great addition to the Stargate universe

    I was a fan of Stargate and when they announced the spin-off to original and was slightly skeptical about the spin-off. But when it premired I could not get away from it. It was awsome, and it just made me wan to see more.

    Set in a different galaxy than the original, SA does not deal with Gou'ald very much, the main villians for much of the original series, but instead with a race called the Wraith. These guys live off of human life force. The main story is that for the first season they are stuck in this new galaxy because they do not have the power to get home until the 2nd season. Many of the adventures are about finding out about the galaxy that they now live in, but also about the city, Atlantis, that they live in.

    Old players fromt he original series do pop in occassionaly and they are welcomed, with Sam taking over control of the Atlantis base for a while.

    A great show and definately worth a watch on tv or dvd.
  • This is the spin off of the successive stargate sg1 series but this show really kicks it up a notch.Being set in another galaxy the atlantis team is left to fend off the new enemies the wraith who are the show's main nemesis.

    Stargate Atlantis begins with a bang with the first episode Rising which basically set the pace for the entire show.Atlantis is far from a copy of sg1 being set in another galaxy plague with it's own problems and a new enemy known as the wraith.The wraiths motives are different from the goauld of sg1 however they both have an egostical and manical nature that sometimes has an alluring appeal to them.I would admit that the show does have it's low points filled with filler episodes that do nothing to advance the overall plot of stoping the wraith.Another
    great aspect is that we get to learn so much about the ancients or the lantians as they are often called,in a way humanising a race that we as viewers had no real connections to.
  • SG-1 spin-off but much better

    This is a wonderful spin off of Stargate SG-1. Stargate Atlantis is an excellent show with a great cast. The writers do a wonderful job with character interaction as well. The CGI is a major hit in this show. When a show that relies so much on the CGI it is important to make it good and this show gets the job done brilliantly. Atlantis takes the Stargate program to a new galaxy, with new characters and a new enemy. The enemy is a race called the Wraith. Dr. Rodney McKay returns to the Stargate franchise as a main character in Atlantis. I really like him heresince I never did in SG-1. And John Sheppard makes the show more fun.