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Syfy (ended 2009)





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  • This is the spin off of the successive stargate sg1 series but this show really kicks it up a notch.Being set in another galaxy the atlantis team is left to fend off the new enemies the wraith who are the show's main nemesis.

    Stargate Atlantis begins with a bang with the first episode Rising which basically set the pace for the entire show.Atlantis is far from a copy of sg1 being set in another galaxy plague with it's own problems and a new enemy known as the wraith.The wraiths motives are different from the goauld of sg1 however they both have an egostical and manical nature that sometimes has an alluring appeal to them.I would admit that the show does have it's low points filled with filler episodes that do nothing to advance the overall plot of stoping the wraith.Another
    great aspect is that we get to learn so much about the ancients or the lantians as they are often called,in a way humanising a race that we as viewers had no real connections to.