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  • Great addition to the Stargate universe

    I was a fan of Stargate and when they announced the spin-off to original and was slightly skeptical about the spin-off. But when it premired I could not get away from it. It was awsome, and it just made me wan to see more.

    Set in a different galaxy than the original, SA does not deal with Gou'ald very much, the main villians for much of the original series, but instead with a race called the Wraith. These guys live off of human life force. The main story is that for the first season they are stuck in this new galaxy because they do not have the power to get home until the 2nd season. Many of the adventures are about finding out about the galaxy that they now live in, but also about the city, Atlantis, that they live in.

    Old players fromt he original series do pop in occassionaly and they are welcomed, with Sam taking over control of the Atlantis base for a while.

    A great show and definately worth a watch on tv or dvd.