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  • Amazing if you take it for what it is.

    This is an action comedy sci fi and thus should be taken light heartedly. If it annoys you when characters make amazing saves, when they always seem to survive by some miracle at the very last second, then you may not like this show.

    Oh and In my defense, before I go on, if I spell a few of the characters names wrong its because I didn't look them up so I apologize. Myself I love this show, its a good blend of SCI FI with could banter and humor between the characters. It builds on the successful Stargate universe, but this time they have access to the technology of the ancients making for bigger and better fights. Gone are the days when earth didn't have any vessels or means of defending themselves (like early Stargate). The wraith make the great bad guy with a pure numbers advantage just like a swarm of insects. On top of this, often you cant help yourself seeing the wraiths point of view (after all they need to feed to survive), this is especially improved with the introduction of Todd (think of him as a SGA version of Yu in Stargate). Providing more humor and better story lines. Later the Stargate expedition find more allies and more bad guys to build on the ever growing galaxy of species.

    The actors are great, you may find Rodney or Woolsey a little irritating at first but there is excellent character development through the series and they are greatly improved as time goes on (for their roles they are meant to be a little annoying at first). And while I am talking about great actors the side ones are amazing, Zelinka, Beckett, Todd, Micheal, etc, rarely do I see a show where there are so few characters who annoy me (perhaps slightly Weir and Cavanar). I find myself always wanting them all to make it because I don't want any of them to die.

    Another point that makes this show great is the amount of filler episodes, in my opinion their arent many. Obviously there are some that are devoid of any story advancement but I find them great none the less. One thing I found amazing was how little cross over there was with Stargate story lines, you would think with 10 series of Stargate and 5 series of SGA, there would be recycled series from Stargate in SGA, but there is very little of this (at least less than I would have expected), which just adds to the entertainment value.

    To sum it up, if you want an action comedy, you liked Stargate or Farscape, you will love this. However do not take it as serious as Battle star galctica or Star trek because it is a slightly different genre and you won't enjoy it as much as you could have if you do.

    hope you enjoy it as much as I did (and still do, over and over)