Stargate Atlantis

Syfy (ended 2009)





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  • SG1 was the beginning, new adventures await!

    Atlantis is the second series in the Stargate franchise that shows a lot of promise in any way i can think about. I began re-watching SG1 since it's been a long time and also with the intention of starting to watch Atlantis and i just couldn't let myself not seeing where it all started. Atlantis picks up from SG1's 8th as i remember when Dr. Weir is sent to search yet another myth that proves to be real, the Ancient Underwater City of Atlantis. With a promising start and a few guest stars like Daniel Jackson and R. D. Anderson, it's time to focus our attention to nothing else but this new team that apparently have charm and dedication to keep such an interesting storyline alive. Adding a new enemy to the stargate franchise...the Wraith and assembling a capable team and various allies it's time to embark and enjoy the adventures that i personally take joy to watch, in SG Atlantis.