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  • Stargate Atlantis

    Well what to say about the show, It came at the right time when SG-1 was coming to an end a nice smooth cross over and from there the show did prove itself. But 5 seasons by NO means was enough oh were finished with this but here is something else and we promise a movie then they had the nerve to stop everything saying it was due to money ok fair enough maybe it was but it was also claimed that there would be no movie due to the fact Atlantis fans would not give SGU a fair view but enough of the past when do we see the movie MGM is currently (slowly) getting back on there feet movie straight to dvd would be a nice kick off along with another SG-1 movie.

    Atlantis had it's fans it had it's stories and a great crew you could sit back and laugh at some great moments or sit at the edge of your seat.

    The episode that I love (they are a few) but the one that I enjoy is "Midway" it had the action a small hint of comedy (like many episodes) we all sat and watched as Ronon & Teal'c where for many the favourite from each show are now together for one episode and you knew it was going to be great and it was.

    I say enough is enough either bring it back or give us a movie or three.