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  • Totalyy agree with "bush101dan" - Rodney ruins it.

    bush101dan said: "great show shame rodney is the most annoying character like most of the characters but rodney is so annoying i cant watch it again in 99% of the episodes"

    If an episode features too much of Rodney, I switch off. Simple as that. Why should anyone want to watch a pathetic, whining, unattractive wimp as Rodney? Whoever created this character should be shot, as it ruins what could have been a great series.

    He even made a - thankfully short - appearance in SG1, the episode where they traveled back in time - the "There are no fish in my pond" episode.

    The question is "why would anyone create such an annoying character, and then promote it to be the main character? It was an idiotic decision. He, of course, was based an Daniel Jackson and has some of the same characteristics, . talks much too fast (deliberately) and is very knowledgeable in his field. But he lacks the most important characteristic of all: attractiveness, likeability. He is the opposite and ruins the series.