Stargate Atlantis

Season 1 Episode 1

Rising (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jul 16, 2004 on Syfy

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  • legendary

    Quite simply one of the best ever tv pilots ever. Great guest appearances by Shanks and Andersson and Joe Flanigan is great too. Awsome story, This show should have had 20 seasons, not 5. :(
  • deawil

    Is very good episod
  • A Continuity Problem?

    The impression given in this first episode was that Atlantis had just been discovered. The multi national team of US, Canadian, Russian and err Scots were on a supposedly one way trip from Earth to Atlantis. However I seem to recall from Stargate SG1 that a team had already visited Atlantis. Since Stargate SG1 predates Stargate Atlantis can any of you lovely people explain the apparent anomaly? I suppose in fairness it pales into insignificance when you consider all these aliens speak perfect idiomatic American English!
  • Look at Episode Summary

    Great start to a promising spin off series of Stargate SG-1. The integration of original cast crossing over in this episode lends credibility in establishing the new characters for the show. The premise of the show itself is brilliant and follows in the footsteps of its predecessor by using our own ancient mythology. If there is any seed of truth to it, Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis both have believable, and somewhat (it is syfy after all) logical stories that explain our own history and possible reality. The writers and creators do a great job of tying our own historical and current experiences, myths, and legends into a universe I suspect is more like ours then we know. Great way of explaining mythology logically, its all about frame of reference. Stargate Atlantis, and SG-1, are the experience of what they discuss on History Channels Ancient Aliens Series.
  • The discovery of a very ancient site in Antarctica brings Stargate personnel to investigate the makers of the Stargate's and the lost city of Atlantis. Major John Sheppard and Dr. Elizabeth Weir lead a one way mission to the Pegasus galaxy and Atlantis.

    I saw this episode on SyFy Channel recently and it brought me to this series. What a wonderful mixture of Stargate and the lost city of Atlantis. The science and discovery is endless and brings a whole galaxy of possibilities.

    Major Sheppard's obvious connection to the technology of the ancients and his skills otherwise make him the perfect choice as the military liaison for this mission. Sheppard played by Joe Flanigan is the leading character in this story. Robert Patrick plays the Colonel Sumner the military leader and Weir is played by Torri Higginson. The opening hour deals with getting to Atlantis and the failure of the power systems of the city which have obviously been abandoned for centuries.

    We also see cameos from Richard Dean Anderson as General Jack O'Neill and Michael Shanks as Dr. Daniel Jackson from the original Stargate SG-1.

    The trip to Atlantis is a one way trip as the power needed to produce the trip is not available readily on Atlantis at this point and the people realize they may be stuck there on arrival.

    Great opening episode and a wonderful story. I really enjoyed this. Thanks for reading...
  • this episode was for me

    The discovery of an outpost, left behind by the Ancients in the most unlikely of places, leads a new Stargate team to the distant Pegasus galaxy. Once there, they discover a planet of humans being decimated by a terrible alien race know as the Wraith .This was the best season finale on the WB this year, from the plot line, including the twists, down to the very background music. The actors make the whole show, and the sarcastic writing makes for a more subtle type of humor that, nevertheless, has me laughing out loud.I can't wait until next season 5.this was an ok episode
  • There i finally watched it, was not disapointed

    Honestly, this show surprised me so much. I hadn't expected much from it, and especially not that it would be the only new WB show this year that will return for a new season in the fall! This was the best season finale on the WB this year, from the plot line, including the twists, down to the very background music. The actors make the whole show, and the sarcastic writing makes for a more subtle type of humor that, nevertheless, has me laughing out loud. I was really disappointed with some of my other favorite shows this year, but Supernatural came through with flying colors, especially with this ending. I can't wait until next season!
  • Stargate Atlantis is perfect for all Sci-Fi fans. I loved it from the begining. A great spin off from SG-1 and introduces some interesting new and old characters. Great episode to kick start a new show!!! :)

    After discovering that Atlantis may not be on Earth as was believed, Daniel Jackson believes he may have found the gate address of the planet where the lost city. Dr Ezliabeth Wier heads the expedition who head to the pegasus galaxy. After arriving in the city and discovering the city's shield is colapsing a mission is underway to find a planet to vaccate to. While exploring planets Major John Sheppard comes accross Teyla Emmagan (the leader of her people known as the Athsoians) and a new enemy known as the Wraith. As this is happening the lost city rises from the depths of the ocean. When a culling takes place on Teyla's planet a resuce mission takes place to rescue the people who have been taken. Though they lose some people they return to atlantis ready to fight so that they can live in this galaxy.
  • Atlantis... under water

    For a start, this was really stunning and to be honest, made me so much to want to see what comes next. All the familiar things - stargates and the dialing but it all looks so much fancier now, the quality of the computer graphics. It really has all the mystery old good SG-1 had but now - the smell of new adventures and mysteries, all the new characters and team - so much to learn and discover, really promising and great thing as I have felt there have not been too many good sci-fi series out lately.

    This serie really caught my attention and is now on my watch list.
  • new bad guy...

    A new team journeys to Atlantis to try to set up a colony and learn about the ancients. Dr. Weir leads the team, Colonel Sumner is the military leader with Major Sheppard as second in command. McKay is the main scientist person. I really like and dislike the new characters. Dr. Wier annoys me and just doesn't seem like a good leader; Sheppard is very funny and interesting, but he almost seems like he's trying to be O'Neill too much; McKay is halarious and different; and I really like Sumner...but...Anyways, it was a good start to the show. Basically, when the team gets to Atlantis they find out they have to leave because the sheild is failing. They meet Telya and the wraith, which are a really cool bad guy. I like the wraith. They really creeped me out the first time I saw them and they're different. Overall, it was a good episode, but a little slow just because they had to introduce a lot of people and do a lot, but it was still good.
  • A great start for a great show.

    After this great episode I had to watch the rest of the show. I'm a SG 1 fan and so there were many high expectations for this Spin-off show.

    But cast and crew did it so well that there's no doubt there will be many more episodes to come.

    All caracters were great introduced and I love the scene where Sheppard sat down on the chair and Beckett is so afraid something terrible would happen.

    The looks on their faces were great!

    Then the first step on Atlantis...wonderful scenery and an amazing introduction to the site where most of the next episodes will take place.

    I'm a little dissapointed that the writers tried to make a similar team like in SG 1. A military officer, the scienitist, the member from another planet and Ford/Ronon. they had problems to find the Ronon type of person for the first season and I guess the Ford caracter wasn't really interesting for the viewer. So they decided to get rid of him in season 2.

    Altogether it was a great beginning and I'm still enjoying watching Stargate Atlantis on DVD.
  • New team, New adventure...

    This is a great way to start off stargate atlantis. It was good having Daniel Jackson and O'Neill in this episode. Daniel discovers the gate adress to atlantis and there is a team already to go. The leader of the team is Dr. Elisabeth Weir, she was in a few episodes of SG1, I like Tori Higginson better than Jessica Steen. This pilot had everything a great story and of course a new enemy. It was funny how Daniel said to O'Neill right before the Atlantis team left "I could get my stuff it would only take a few" and O'Neill of course said "No". At the end of the episode the shot of Atlantis rising out of the water was really cool. Later...
  • Welcome to Stargate Atlantis.

    This was a great first episode to Stargate Atlantis. Right from the get go we are introduced into a new world. The Atlantis team upon arrival immidiatly run into trouble when the shelds that are protecting Atlantis begin to collapse. With Dr. McKay's help they stop the power levels from failing. Atlantis from the start promises to be a great show. Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper have done a great job in developing this Stargate spin-off. Charactors from Stargate SG1 appear in this episode, Dr. Jackson and Jack O'Neill. Atlantis is a great show, with new and fresh ideas to expand the Stargate universe.
  • The first episode of the Atlantis mission gets off to a slow start to let you learn about whats going on, then they throw you right into the action.

    An amazing start to the series, i've rewatched it recently and really enjoyed the character by play and introduction of the new people like Sheppard to the show (as played by Joe Flannigan)
    The troubles they encounter seem realistic and well played out, the stargates new dots instead of sigils is a different take and the shield is pretty damn good.
    Puddle jumper is also alot better name than gate ship :)
    The fact that they get this wrong like the drone acidentally going off is most amusing.
    I still think Dr Weir looks like Sigourney Weaver, i'll have to catch up with a few more episodes as and when i can but rewatching it really helped me reenjoy atlantis.
  • An expedition to Atlantis has given way to an entirely new galaxy to explore, new technology, new friends and of course, new threats.

    Excellent way to start the series! The characters for the most part are pleasing in their performances. Dr. Wier is not one of my favorites, but she grows on you. Maj. Sheppard is another Jack, a perfect and necessary piece to the Atlantis puzzle. The way that this expedition is more scientifically based than military, gives it its own little twist and not making it a carbon coby of Stargate SG-1. Some of the scripting could have done better, but at the start of a series that almost always tends to be an issue. As the series moves on, the scripting and acting both enrich the show.
  • this is the best episode to truly reveal the cool series of stargate atlantis! you have kick asss action and very hot guys *Joe Flannigan* and some halarious antics and jokes that are sure to have you rolling on the floor laughing!!!!

    well apart from what i have already said this series has got to my one of my many obsessions! :) i mean who wouldnt want a drop dead action hero like "john" kickin some alien wraith butt??? i mean come on!!! teamed up with "Rodney" the (not meaning to be) halarious dude & hero.i luv this episode especially coz it is funny, full of drones chasing planes and ancient technology that has its own mind.... this series is awsome!!!
  • It\'s a shame this wasn\'t longer!

    Having only recently become a fan of Stargate SG-1 I cannot express how amazed I was by this development of the Stargate franchise. With some notable exceptions, spin-offs are generally disappointing to say the least. Stargate Atlantis however is the opposite of this. Somehow despite having a lot of the elements that Sg-1 has this new program manages to keep a tremendous amount of freshness to it.

    This quality is in no small part due to the cast. Joe Flannigan as Major Sheppard is at first glance a just a copy of Jack O\'Neill from SG-1 however he is so much more than that after you have watched him for more than 5 minutes. Yes his sense of humour is very similar in style but he has a certain \'charm\' that O\'Neill sometimes lacks. Torri Higginson as Dr Weir has this vulnerability that both Hammond and O\'Neill have lacked as leaders of Stargate Command so Weir leading Atlantis has given this new location some much needed heart. Not to say in the least that she is weaker than either Hammond or O\'Neill, in fact she proves to be stronger - I especially like how she knocks Colonel Sumner into his place! Teyla is an extension of this. I thought she would be a dry, slightly \'simple\' native, instead she is a wise warrior leader whilst also having this mother quality for her people. Mckay is annoying but considering the lack of that kind of character on SG-1 (main characters that is) it is quite refreshing to have the \'big headed whimp\' here, not my favourite character but I have the feeling he will grow on me. Ford is young a \'playful\' and has an almost younger brother feel, especially around Sheppard which gives an almost family feel to the programme and this unit of characters. I look forward to seeing more of Beckett as well.

    Atlantic itself is an impressive set and the visuals, as I have read everywhere are amazing. The Wraith, while they are not what I would call really terrifying (please remeber I am comparing them to the Goa\'uld who are snakes that can enter anyone\'s body and take control), are menacing. My only concern about them is that their main fear seems to stem from the fact that they defeated the ancients which, yes is a tremendous thing to boast, but is only said - not yet seen. That being said this is only an hour and a half of TV so I\'m sure they will prove me wrong in the future.

    To sum up this looks to be the beginning of a fantastic series with a strong cast to boot. My only main complaint about this pilot is that it isn\'t longer - damn networks!!!
  • Great premiere.

    this show starts with an exciting introduction. the premise is similar to SG-1, but just a different stargate team. the story makes a fast introduction to the characters that feels relevant to the plot. they get into the action quickly which is good for a sci fi show, you don't want getting bogged down with too much boring drama. this show comes with the goods. the effects are really well made, the producers made sure this show didn't look cheap, the sets are amazing, they did a really great job with this show. the story is exciting to watch, it's fun watching it.
  • Great show to begin with!

    The pilot episode in which Richard Dean Anderson, the original lead actor makes an appearance as he tries to help the new crew get off the ground.
    Dr Elizabeth Weir heads up the team as the Major Sumner, as cocky and arrogant as he can be, is also very smart and handsome as well.
    The team must learn to work together to accomplish their goals!
  • A good episode, but not the greatest thing I have ever seen

    "Rising" was an interesting episode to start the brand new series with. It has good character introduction and guest appearances by Jack O'Neill and Daniel from SG-1. The downside to this episode is that "Rising" part one is really just a lot of talk talk talk. Shepard, with everone else, are all great characters. I haven't seen the rest of the series yet, I'm a little behind I know, but it has the right stuff for character developement. Robert Patrick makes a guest appearance in these first two episodes, he does a great job in this episode as he does in almost everything he is in. Overall enjoyable, just a little too much dialogue and not enough action in this episode for my taste.
  • Stargate is back and a good episode to start.

    This episode got me excited because it was about Atlantis. I love Stargate SG1 and Atlantis. I love Atlantis just as much as SG1. The characters here are good because you get to know them a little. The Wraiths here was a bit scary but hey, SG1 had to face an enemy and in Atlantis, same here. I'm looking forward to the Wraiths actually because I want to know what is their intention with the city of Atlantis.

  • A great start to an even better show...

    This is the first EVER episode of Stargate Atlantis and because it is a branch off of a really amazing show, it makes you wonder...Could it really be as good as SG-1? In my opinion, It's even better. I saw Stargate Atlantis before SG-1 and it will always be my favorite. This episode is, of course, very important to the development of the show. Finally it isn't just the go'uld but a whole new enemy that you learn a little more about as the show continues. In "the rising (part 1) there are new characters that you are introduced to, such as Major John Sheppard, Dr. Carson Beckett, Lieutenant Aiden Ford, and Tayla Emmagan. There are also some old faces like Rodney Mckay and Dr. Elizabeth Weir...although she got a face job and dyed her hair since "The Lost City" (721-22, SG-1). With twists and turns, and the fear that they may never be able to return home, expedition sets off from earth to travel to a new galaxy. They arrive and the city can't sustain the shield and it starts to collapse. A team (including Colonel Sumner, Major Sheppard, and Lt. Ford) go through the "Puddle" to another planet to find either a ZPM or a safe place for the rest of the Expedition to go to. They meet the people on that planet and their leader Tayla Emmagan. Tayla goes to show Sheppard a cave and part of the team investigates a ruined city. Then the wraith come…but what are the wraith?
  • Bravo for Franchises! Stargate Atlantis opens with a bang!

    When I first heard they were doing an off-shoot of Stargate SG1, I have to admit I was of two minds about it. On one hand I was excited to have more Stargate and on the other, I thought...what on earth can they do that will be new, different and keep people wanting to watch?

    This first episode, while it has its little problems, essentially hits the ground running. First up we get a glimpse into the past as the city of Atlantis leaves the Milky Way galaxy which I think is a nice touch. Then we hop to the future where we encounter the present members of SG1 (Daniel Jackson and Jack O'Neill). Through them, we are introduced to Major John Sheppard and we learn a little more about Dr. Weir who is currently in charge of the Antarctic research of the Ancient Outpost.

    But I don't want to spoil it too much for those who have yet to see it. All I can say is that it is refreshing and exciting. But, as I said before, it has a few small problems and I think the lack of character development in the Pilot is one of them. I, for one, would like to know more about John Sheppard's motivations, his decision and just to learn a little more about him. Same goes for many of the other characters.

    But that isn't enough to diminish my enthusiasm! I love this show and the Pilot was pure fun!
  • about stargate atlantis

    i love stargate sg1/atlantis they are the best and they are cool so please keep me updated
    the cast and crew are brillant!i love dr weir and amanda tapping and the other ones they are cool and i am surpised sometimes they are not afraid so good luck and i will be watching them!i am a no.1 fan bought all the dvds so far.the stargate are brill they are exicting and very funny sometimes and sometimes nerve racking
  • Its vas about some people ho was going in a hole to a different world.

    This episode was very exiting because when they was going in to the stargate to a different world, No body was no what is going to happen.The wraith was a litle bit scary. So the U.S.A was traing to help the people from the other world and that was that i don´t like.No ten score because the U.S.A was so fu that wasen´t good
  • That's what I call a pilot episode.

    That's how it's done. Really. The ancients storyline is set up from the first scene (for those who haven't watched SG-1), and all the characters are introduced immediately, without embarassingly forced introductions. The inclusion of Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson didn't bog down the episode, but helped it glide along, providing exposition in healthy doses.

    The scenes in which the members of the Atlantis expedition say goodbye to their families were well written and woven together, giving us a tantalising glimpse of our new characters' lives before they set out to the Pegasus galaxy.

    The arrival in Atlantis was well-paced and believable, giving each of the characters ample screen-time. The revelation that the city was rapidly losing power soon brought a sense of impending disaster upon the team (which would later be expertly revisited in a later episode), moving the episode forward to the first off-world encounter.

    The Athosians were your run-of-the-mill humanoid, English speaking aliens, but something about Teyla gave her an alien quality. The talk of legends of the Wraith were expertly woven into the Athosians' dialogue, leading the the cliffhanger ending - one of the best I've seen.

    All in all, a brilliant pilot, with impressive FX - hopefully all the production values, writing and acting will remain at this level for the entire run of the series (crossing my fingers that that'll be a very, very long time).
  • What a great start to the spin-off.

    I really like this spin-off, the good thing about this spin-off is that even though there were some new chacter, they also had familar faces like Dan and Jack from Stargate which made the transistion quite easy. i shouldn't jump to opinion based on one episoide but i like it. Let start with amusing missle incident, that guy was so scared to sit in the chair and i hope that guy stick around because he going provide light comic relief which is good thing for this series. This was first chance to see Shepard in action trying to dodge the alien missle. i liked jack expression when it came toward and sat there, sheappard' that was diffrent' Jack 'Not for me'

    Shepard, i really like him because he has no clue what he's going face, he just found out about the stargate and now he got deal with what going happend, The thing i like about him is how friendly he is when he met other world civilsation. I got to be honest when i saw that women i actually thought she was the bad guy, i still don't know but it's from my experience any women that are that attractive have to evil, that's always been case with Stargate but i'm not sure if they will do that thing. BTW how did Sheppard get out of that chair?

    The person leading exbitation, that women i still don't know what to make of her but i think she's a good decision-maker which is good when it comes to crunch time. Still i don't get why they showed family goodbye scene.

    I really loved the double clifhanger, The first one was them running out of power and base might be flooded and second is Raven, i'm glad they decided to create new alien-bad guys. This spin-off has a lot potential to be a hit but my bet bet would be at least 3 seasons hopefully any more will prove to be a hit.

    i'm definatly looking forward to next Friday.

  • Bloody humans...

    In the very first episode the interfering humans manage to instigate the destruction of Atlantis, arrive on a new planet and threaten and practically shoot two children, and finally they awaken the ancient, most feared enemy in the galaxy and summon them to the planet.
    If I were the man whose children were threatened I would immediately throw them off the planet.
    Disgusting humans, they charge about the place as if they own it.
    I did however like the beginning of the episode, introducing the principle characters.
    The worst character in it though has to be Colonel Sumner, he's so shouty and irritating and American military, as well as his underdog, that guy who's chief of security in later episodes, hate them both.
  • Rising Part 1 is a good start to the Stargate: Atlantis series.

    This episode was a great start to this new series. The plot was great and the guest star from Michael Shanks and Richard Dean Anderson was also good.

    What I liked most about this episode (which is also it's downfall in one area) is that the writers let the viewers know enough about characters to keep us interested. We know about Major John Sheppard and his wittiness (and also has great chemistry with Teyla, I thought). We get enough from Dr. Weir, Rodney, Dr. Beckett, and even Teyla (which comes in later in the episode) to let us in on a little bit about their character.

    The downfall is that we aren't shown much about Lt. Ford. It's like he's just there, and he only fills up a space. Which is kind of sad, really, but this was a good episode. After this episode, I was hooked.
  • Just Great

    I cant think of a better way they the could have started the series it was the best episode of the first season and one of the best of both the series of stargate. With them leaving on a journey to another galaxy and pretty much as soon as they get there they start encountering problems that must be solved very fast first of which they find that the city is underwater and then they must rescue some of the team that have been captured by a deadly new enemy which is even worse that the Goa'uld.