Stargate Atlantis

Season 1 Episode 2

Rising (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jul 16, 2004 on Syfy
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Sheppard tries to convince Weir to mount a rescue mission to free Colonel Sumner, Teyla and the others captured by the Wraith. Meanwhile, Sumner faces the Wraith themselves.

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  • Legendary

    Quite simply one of the best ever tv pilots ever. Great guest appearances by Shanks and Andersson and Joe Flanigan is great too. Awsome story, This show should have had 20 seasons, not 5. :(
  • Look at episode summary

    Wow another awesome episode! This series is taking the Stargate Franchise to a new level. In this episode we really get a good look at the primary villians of this series, the Wraith. A powerful enemy that challenged even the Ancients, the Wraith are definitely an enemy worth watching out for. I like the dark, vampiric feel of the Wraith, and the actress who played their queen did a great job, instilling fear into the audience, and perhaps more frightening than the Goa'uld or even the Ori. The Wraith have mysterious origins, and I can't wait to see how they are explained further.moreless
  • SG1 was the beginning!

    The beginning of the next series in the Stargate franchise proves to be not only worthy of the name and watching but highly entertaining and the same good quality sci-fi action adventure i've been used to with SG1. The Atlantis and SG1 character crossover has performed good in SG1 it should work wonders here as well. The mythology continues to do the trick in Atlantis too and this only being the beginning of yet another beautiful show. The intro episodes (Rising 1&2) make an absolutely incredible start for the new adventure of John Shepard and his new soon to be crew taking on some of what proves the be a new powerful enemy to the Stargate franchise but new to the Atlantis series...the Wraith, and Dr. Weir and Rodney McKay (whom we've known from SG1 as well) start settling down in their new home away from home...Atlantis the magical underwater ancient city that comes to life in all it's splendor.moreless
  • After going to another planet Colonel Sumner, Teyla, and a few others are captured by the Wraith. Sheppard convinces Weir to attempt a rescue of the prisoners. Atlantis rises to the surface of the ocean with the failure of the main power systems.moreless

    Part two of the initial episode of Stargate Atlantis. Sheppard, Lt. Ford played by Rainbow Sun Francks, and a contingent of soldiers go through the stargate using an Atlantis "Puddle Jumper" or fighter to enter the stargate in orbit around a Wraith held planet. On the planet Colonel Sumner is being interrogated by a female Wraith and she learns of the planet Earth. She is quite excited by the information of billions of humans to feed on. The Wraith technology is advanced but it seems they can be killed despite it being a difficult task. They feed on humans like cattle. It seems like they drain the energy by aging the subject being fed on.

    During the rescue Sheppard interrupts the feeding of Colonel Sumner but not before he is almost dead. Sheppard puts him out of his misery and kills the Wraith. Unfortunately in killing her he sets in motion the awakening of what looks like hundreds or thousands of Wraiths that were in slumber.

    After an interesting battle in space, the team and their rescued prisoners return to Atlantis safe and sound.

    An exciting conclusion to the first full episode of the new story. This is really an interesting setup and could be a lot of fun. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • Sheppard tries to convince Weir to mount a rescue mission to free Colonel Sumner, Teyla and the others captured by the Wraith. Meanwhile, Sumner faces the Wraith themselves.

    Visually, "Rising" is stunning. From the set design to the direction to the amazing special effects shot of the city lifting out of the ocean, the visual effects and cinematography are consistently impressive. Director Martin Wood starts with off with beautiful wide shots of the helicopter over Antarctica, and finishes with the big fight scene between the puddle jumper and the Wraith darts. The shot of the drones circling towards the Wraith dart and exploding near the space-borne Stargate will absolutely become a classic shot for this series. The lighting was very well done, almost becoming a character itself. Atlantis out of the water is filmed as warm and glowing, while the Wraith planet is blue and cold.moreless
Joe Flanigan

Joe Flanigan

Major / Lt. Colonel John Sheppard

Torri Higginson

Torri Higginson

Dr. Elizabeth Weir

Rachel Luttrell

Rachel Luttrell

Teyla Emmagan

Rainbow Sun Francks

Rainbow Sun Francks

Lt. Aiden Ford

David Hewlett

David Hewlett

Dr. Rodney McKay

Robert Patrick

Robert Patrick

Colonel Marshall Sumner

Guest Star

Reece Thompson

Reece Thompson


Guest Star

Stefano Colacitti

Stefano Colacitti


Guest Star

Paul McGillion

Paul McGillion

Dr. Carson Beckett

Recurring Role

Andee Frizzell

Andee Frizzell

Female Wraith

Recurring Role

Craig Veroni

Craig Veroni

Dr. Peter Grodin

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • In the Stargate SG-1 double episode "Moebius", SG-1 located a lost "Puddle Jumper" such as those used in Atlantis. The story of this episode involved an alternate timeline where Rodney McKay had come up with the name "Gateship 1". Daniel Jackson then comments that "Well, it's a ship that goes through the gate!" to which Jack, clearly at odds with the name, reluctantly agrees to go with. In this pilot episode of Atlantis, Rodney once again calls the ship "Gateship 1" but in this timeline, Shepard dismisses it and calls it a "Puddle Jumper". The name would be used throughout the run of Stargate Atlantis.

    • The life signs detector was capable of differentiating between Human (blue) and Wraith (red) life signs in this episode. In subsequent episodes, however, the device cannot tell the difference.

    • Strangely, the desks used in the Atlantis briefing rooms (angled with lighted surface panels and metal tubes protruding from the rear) appear to be of the same design seen in the Pentagon in the Stargate SG-1 sixth season episode "Disclosure".

    • Goof: During the battle between the Puddle Jumper and the Wraith Darts around the Stargate in orbit of the planet, the wall of the Puddle Jumper behind Major Sheppard keeps changing between shots from a blank wall to having a white box with the SGA mission patch on it. This was due to later re-shoots to make Sheppard's character less calm like a veteran pilot would be and more emotional to amp up the action.

    • On each orbital gate there are three power nodes, every third of the way around, which serve to both power the gate and maintain its orbit.

    • At the end, McKay's allergy to citrus -- originally revealed in the Stargate SG-1 fifth season episode "48 Hours" -- is briefly brought up when he asks if there was lemon in what he was eating.

    • As Sheppard and McKay demonstrate the Puddle Jumper's stealth mode, it is clearly shown that the Jumper still makes a rather loud humming noise while in stealth mode, which would seem to be quite counterproductive. It is possible that the noise just seemed loud due to the fact it was in an enclosed space. Plus, there is no sound in space. The 'stealth mode' was designed to keep a Jumper invisible to sensors and the naked eye while dealing with the Wraith who would be in their own ships.

  • QUOTES (25)

    • Ford: I guess this is home now.
      Sheppard: Guess so.
      Ford: I'm thinking of a little place with an ocean view. Out of the way.

    • Sheppard: If we're not gonna do this now, and I mean right now, let's just turn tail and pack up, because they're coming.
      Weir: You don't know that.
      Sheppard: Our people are in the hands of the enemy, Doctor. Do you know what that means? It is just a matter of time before the Wraith figure out that this is the base of our operation-
      Weir: I just need more information. I mean, who knows, maybe we could negotiate a peaceful-
      Sheppard: Peaceful? Are you kidding? We weren't there for more than a few hours before they showed up.
      Weir: Is it possible they came because of you? (Sheppard nods) And that one of these people you brought back here with you tipped them off?
      Sheppard: It's possible.
      Weir: See, that is exactly the kind of snap decision I'm referring to.
      Sheppard: They're not all bad people. And you know, if we're gonna stick around here, we need friends.
      Weir: Okay. I see your point. Now you see mine. I will not authorize a rescue mission unless I'm sure there's at least a remote chance of success. I'm not sending more good people, including you, to their deaths.
      Sheppard: Okay.

    • Weir: I was hoping for another day. It looks like we just got a whole lot more than that. Let's not waste it.

    • Weir: Not in my wildest dreams did I hope to find the lost city of the Ancients so completely untouched, so pristine, and we have no choice but to walk away from this?
      McKay: In order to save it.
      Weir: To save it for whom? We don't have enough power to send a message. As far as Earth is concerned, we're just going to missing, presumed lost.

    • (To Teyla)
      Sheppard: Well it's just you and me now.
      (A man of Teyla's tribe stands up)
      Sheppard: And him.

    • Weir: Well, you are the ranking military officer now, or do you need to be reminded of that? We need to get back out there; do what we came to do.
      Sheppard: You realize that could get us into all sorts of...trouble, right?

    • Sheppard: How's the hand feeling?
      Wraith: Much better.
      Sheppard: I'm sorry to hear that.

    • Sumner: Why do you care?
      Wraith: Hunger is distasteful.
      Sumner: (looking at Toran's corpse) Looks to me like the food didn't agree with him.

    • Sheppard: Flight, this is ... (he smiles) Puddle Jumper. We're go for launch.
      McKay: Er, this is Flight. I thought we were going with Gateship?
      Sheppard: Negative, Flight.
      McKay: Stand by. (to Weir) It's a ship; it goes through the Gate, I ... Fine (to Sheppard) Puddle Jumper, you are clear for launch.

    • Weir: Ready?
      McKay: I have no idea. This technology is so far beyond us, I haven't clue what we're dealing with. For all I know, we could ... (Weir gives him a look.) Yeah, ready.

    • Beckett: As long as these cells are properly nourished, I don't see a life form like this ever dying of natural aging the way we do... and they'd be bloody hard to kill.
      Weir: I don't like the sound of that.
      Beckett: I don't blame you.

    • McKay: (after seeing that their MALP is floating in space) Well, there goes that MALP!

    • Teyla: (after the Wraith ignored Sumner) They have no need to explain themselves.
      Sumner: Yeah, I got that.

    • Sheppard: Let me guess. You're not gonna le me rescue my people.
      Weir: Major, you don't even know if they're alive.
      Sheppard: You don't leave people in the hands of the enemy. And the fact that we are having this conversation in private lets me know that you know damn well that it's wrong. And it will totally undermine your leadership. So, as ranking military officer, I...
      Weir: All right, just shut up and listen to me for a moment, all right? Come on. What do we know about the Wraith? One of the few things we do know is they are the enemy that defeated the Ancients. When we firse began to use the Stargate we found on Earth we got ourselves into serious trouble. Why?
      Sheppard: I don't need a history lesson.
      Weir: Because the people in charge didn't consider the ramifications before they reacted.
      Sheppard: They took our people. How am I supposed to react?
      Weir: And we're defenseless. You said so yourself. How do you know going off on some half-assed rescue mission isn't gonna bring them all right back here at our doorstep?
      Sheppard: Maybe it will, but it's the right thing to do. Why? Because it is.

    • McKay: Even with the six symbols Lieutenant Ford provided there are still hundreds of permutations ...
      Sheppard: Seven hundred and twenty.
      McKay: Yes. I knew that of course. I'm just surprised you did.

    • Weir: So now can our Naquadah generators supply enough power to the shield for defensive purposes?
      McKay: Not even close.
      Sheppard: On the surface without a shield? We're target practice.
      McKay: I'm acutely aware of that, Major, but thank you for reinforcing it.

    • Sheppard: Step in folks, move away from the puddle.

    • Jinto: I am Jinto
      Weir: He's just a boy.
      Sheppard: She's pleased to meet you.

    • (Of Teyla and Sheppard)
      Beckett: How come I never make friends like that?
      McKay: You need to get out more.
      Beckett: We're in another galaxy – how much more 'out' can you get?!

    • Ford: It's a ship; it goes through the gate. 'Gateship One.'
      Sheppard: Oh no, no, no. That's all wrong.
      Ford: Dr. McKay thought it was cool.
      Sheppard: Oh, okay. Well, it's official. You don't get to name anything. Ever.

    • Sheppard: Ladies and gentlemen – welcome to Atlantis. Please remain seated 'til the Puddle Jumper has come to a full and complete stop.

    • Ford: I thought that was the hard part.
      Sheppard: (Sees a bunch of Wraith darts) Crap. I don't think we've gotten to the hard part yet.

    • Sumner: Go to hell!
      The Keeper: Earth first.

    • Ford: So, we got ourselves a 'life-sense detector'.
      Sheppard: We can name it later.

    • Sheppard: I was just wondering where we go from here?
      (map pops up)
      Ford: So, how do we find them once we land?
      Sheppard: I've been thinking about that too...
      (life-sense detector device appears)
      Sheppard: Now I'm thinking about a nice turkey sandwich...
      (looks around, nothing happens)
      Ford: Worth a try.

  • NOTES (8)

    • The beast's head seen on the table in the Wraith's lair, has been in all three Stargates: Stargate the movie, the SG-1 pilot episode "Children of the Gods, Part 1" and now the Atlantis pilot.

    • The first time we see the life signs detector in use, in a hand shot or point of view shot, the hand used was Martin Woods' doubling for Joe Flanigan. Most of the hand shots throughout the season are by Martin Wood.

    • The set in the final scene where they are having a party and drinking General O'Neill's champagne was originally used in the film Blade Trinity. The cost of dismantling the massive steel construct would have been more then the lot space so the set was given to the production to use. It is seen many times through out the series but most notibly in "The Storm (1)" and "The Eye (2)."

    • One of the first Athosians to step through the gate into Atlantis when they are fleeing the Wraith is a young girl to the right. This is one of Martin Woods' daughters.

    • This episode was shown with the previous one as a two hour premiere and broke the SCI-FI's ratings record by attracting over 4.2 million viewers. It was also the most watched cable program that day.

    • Awards:

      -This two-hour episode received the 2005 Emmy nomination for Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Series.

    • Parts 1 and 2 of the pilot were released on DVD as the Stargate Atlantis: Rising movie.

    • International Airdates:

      -This episode aired in Canada on July 19, 2004 on The Movie Network and Movie Central.
      -This episode aired in the UK on October 19, 2004 on Sky One.
      -This episode aired in Australia on March 27, 2005 on Channel 7.
      -Syndication Premiere: October 1-2, 2005