Stargate Atlantis

Season 1 Episode 2

Rising (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jul 16, 2004 on Syfy

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  • Legendary

    Quite simply one of the best ever tv pilots ever. Great guest appearances by Shanks and Andersson and Joe Flanigan is great too. Awsome story, This show should have had 20 seasons, not 5. :(
  • Look at episode summary

    Wow another awesome episode! This series is taking the Stargate Franchise to a new level. In this episode we really get a good look at the primary villians of this series, the Wraith. A powerful enemy that challenged even the Ancients, the Wraith are definitely an enemy worth watching out for. I like the dark, vampiric feel of the Wraith, and the actress who played their queen did a great job, instilling fear into the audience, and perhaps more frightening than the Goa'uld or even the Ori. The Wraith have mysterious origins, and I can't wait to see how they are explained further.
  • SG1 was the beginning!

    The beginning of the next series in the Stargate franchise proves to be not only worthy of the name and watching but highly entertaining and the same good quality sci-fi action adventure i've been used to with SG1. The Atlantis and SG1 character crossover has performed good in SG1 it should work wonders here as well. The mythology continues to do the trick in Atlantis too and this only being the beginning of yet another beautiful show. The intro episodes (Rising 1&2) make an absolutely incredible start for the new adventure of John Shepard and his new soon to be crew taking on some of what proves the be a new powerful enemy to the Stargate franchise but new to the Atlantis series...the Wraith, and Dr. Weir and Rodney McKay (whom we've known from SG1 as well) start settling down in their new home away from home...Atlantis the magical underwater ancient city that comes to life in all it's splendor.
  • After going to another planet Colonel Sumner, Teyla, and a few others are captured by the Wraith. Sheppard convinces Weir to attempt a rescue of the prisoners. Atlantis rises to the surface of the ocean with the failure of the main power systems.

    Part two of the initial episode of Stargate Atlantis. Sheppard, Lt. Ford played by Rainbow Sun Francks, and a contingent of soldiers go through the stargate using an Atlantis "Puddle Jumper" or fighter to enter the stargate in orbit around a Wraith held planet. On the planet Colonel Sumner is being interrogated by a female Wraith and she learns of the planet Earth. She is quite excited by the information of billions of humans to feed on. The Wraith technology is advanced but it seems they can be killed despite it being a difficult task. They feed on humans like cattle. It seems like they drain the energy by aging the subject being fed on.

    During the rescue Sheppard interrupts the feeding of Colonel Sumner but not before he is almost dead. Sheppard puts him out of his misery and kills the Wraith. Unfortunately in killing her he sets in motion the awakening of what looks like hundreds or thousands of Wraiths that were in slumber.

    After an interesting battle in space, the team and their rescued prisoners return to Atlantis safe and sound.

    An exciting conclusion to the first full episode of the new story. This is really an interesting setup and could be a lot of fun. Thanks for reading...
  • Sheppard tries to convince Weir to mount a rescue mission to free Colonel Sumner, Teyla and the others captured by the Wraith. Meanwhile, Sumner faces the Wraith themselves.

    Visually, "Rising" is stunning. From the set design to the direction to the amazing special effects shot of the city lifting out of the ocean, the visual effects and cinematography are consistently impressive. Director Martin Wood starts with off with beautiful wide shots of the helicopter over Antarctica, and finishes with the big fight scene between the puddle jumper and the Wraith darts. The shot of the drones circling towards the Wraith dart and exploding near the space-borne Stargate will absolutely become a classic shot for this series. The lighting was very well done, almost becoming a character itself. Atlantis out of the water is filmed as warm and glowing, while the Wraith planet is blue and cold.
  • What have they done now?

    Wow.. the way it was left last time and what is going on now - the events on village and the new enemy - they look stylish and the way Sheppard can with thoughts get the things - and space ships. And rising Atlantis - wow - that was one of the most impressive scenes. Such a great view and they have not hold back the visual impression. It looks stunning.

    And all the story, the mystery, excitement. They got it running and it sounds, looks and feels so good. And now the have Atlantis and can do what they came from. A new adventure has just started
  • good episode...

    We delve into the wraith more and really start to figure out what they are and what they do. Sumner and some others are captured on a wraith hive ship and Sheppard attempts a rescue. Sumner dies by getting the life sucked out of him, ouch, and the rest are rescued. I really liked this episode because it really amplified the creepiness of the wraith. I love the idea of the wraith and I hope they go on with them. It also brought Telya a little more into the story, which is bad in my case because I don't like her. Overall, good episode, and a great start to a great show.
  • After three seasons still one of my favorite episodes!

    After the short introduction of the characters, this part of the pilot tells you what Stargate Atlantis will become. A great SciFi series with all a SciFi fan need. Personal relationships between the characters, battles with the worst enemies you can imagine, rescue missions , because "you don't leave your people in the hand of the enemies" and stuff like that.

    A new galaxy means new friends, new enemies, new planets and many more stuff to explore. Stargate Atlantis had great opportunities at this time and has used it until now.

    I love this show with all characters and locations. The second part of the pilot makes you curios what will happen in the next episodes. Hey, and you see, I'm still into that great series. So many more things to be curious about!
  • Great...

    This episode continued off from the last one and Sheppard wants to go and rescue Colonel Sumner, Teyla and the others but Weir won't allow it. She eventually does. Those Puddle Jumpers are pretty cool ships. But it just wouldn't be a Stargate series without an enemy, and the enemy is the Wraith, they feed off humans. I didn't really want to see Colonel Sumner die they probably could have kept him around for at least a few more episodes. To make things worse they awaken the wraith after killing one of the queens. The funny part about this episode was when Sheppard was in the Puddle Jumper and he kept on asking for things and they always came up and then he said "A turkey sandwich would be nice" and nothing comes up. Later...
  • Awesome.

    this is part 2 of last week's episode, it's action packed once more, the story is fast paced, it moves quite a bit, it's not boring. i had a really good time watching it. it's a good episode, something expected from a premiere, the story is well written. you don't have to think much about the plot, the action will unravel everything for you, after all watching should be fun. that's what this show is, it's a fun ride. this show gives sci fi a new meaning. the sci fi world don't have enough good shows around, stargate atlantis is a good one.
  • Again full of promise!

    The show will have a long way to go in order to match up to the brother show as so far they are full of promise as well as with great writing and acting.
    The doc and Major are trying to rescue their friends captured by the Wraith while butting heads on who is in charge there.
    And despite not seeing eye to eye, still I think there will be room for improvement between the leads as they grow in a platonic but friendly and strategic relationship!
  • The story is sensible decipherin was simple..Sheppard tries to convince Weir to mount a rescue mission to free Colonel Sumner, Teyla and the others captured by the Wraith. Meanwhile, Sumner faces the Wraith themselves

    I like this ep iso de very much. The story is sen sible dec iph erin was simple. What to write ab out the story . It 's sim ply ex ci ting .
    u can be hip no ti se d . . . . . . . .
    Sh ep pard tri es to con vin ce Weir to mo unt a re scue miss ion to free Co lonel Sumner, . . . Te yla and the other 's captured by the Wraith . .
    The first time we see the life si gns detector in use, in a hand shot
    or point of view shot,
    . . . the hand used was Martin Woods' doubling for Joe Flannigan. Most of the hand shots throughout the season are by Martin Wood.
  • The conclusion is great!

    Part 2 is an improvement over the first half. Having a Stargate in space is a really interesting idea as it shows that not all of the gates are on land. The new villains, the wraiths, are probably one of the coolest aliens I have ever seen on a TV series. There is still a bit of talking, but more action is thrown into this two part conclusion. Visually, the episode is really stunning. From the space battles to the wraiths. This looks to be a more serious series than SG-1 since there really aren't any jokes so far in the series. Worth watching, but so far, I tend to like SG-1 more.
  • I love this episode.

    When the people from Earth encounter the Athosians, I was disappointed. I was thinking something more advance technology and more diverse, instead we find ourselves in a little village that is rural. This episode was revealing since we now learn the threat in the Pegasus Galaxy. We find out the Wraith's intention and the history between the Atlantians and the Wraiths. This will be a good conflict.
  • this isn\'t really a spoiler.

    “The Rising (part 2)” is a really good episode and a great ending to “The Rising (part 1)”. You learn a lot more about the wraith you find out what happens to the people that the wraith took prisoner. Again, like the first part, it keeps you continuously wondering…what will happen next?Will the people back at Atlantis find a way for the shield to hold? Will they find some alternative? Will Dr. Weir let Sheppard go rescue his friends and team? Will they save all the people trapped in the wraith hive ship? (obviously not because right off someone is taken). Most importantly what are the wraith?
  • The conclusion to the Pilot with some interesting twists.

    Part two...Hmmm, what to say. My first comment would be that David Hewlett is absolutely spot on in this episode. I thoroughly enjoy his acting. When the people from Earth encounter the Athosians, I was a little disappointed. One would think that things would be a little more diverse considering we are in another galaxy, instead we find ourselves in the usual rural setting of little huts and tents etc.

    The Athosians themselves (considering the fact they have been hunted their entire lives by the Wraith) are a little too relaxed about letting strangers into their village. The interaction between Teyla and John is nice, but it would have been nice if they hadn't clicked so completely on the first meeting. It would have made for more interesting viewing to see a small amount of character conflict before they settled into their roles.

    The Wraith ship is suitably spooky and the naming of the Puddle Jumper is hilarious - especially McKay's reaction since he was rooting for Gateship.

    Joe Flannigan puts a bit more flesh into John Sheppard as we see the horrible indecision on his face when he has to shoot Col. Sumner to put him out of his misery as the Wraith is slowly killing him. The Wraith female is just...well cool. The red hair is a nice touch! We need to see more red hair!!

    The first dogfight in space with the Jumper is cool and they knocked it out of the park when it comes to weapons - drone triads - and don't forget the first Stargate in space - very cool!

    I think this is an awesome episode!
  • This was a very good start to a new series

    This episode was revealing we learn of the threat in the Pegasus Galaaxy the Wraith and this will be a good conflict that will go through season and most likely the next few seasons. It was a very good episode and i am starting to like Atlantis better than SG-1.
  • A good start to a good spin-off

    I recently bought this on DVD and decided to review it. I thought this was a good start to the series and although I couldnt of known this the first time I watched it,I have to say that it was very telling of how the rest of the series would play out. Altough one thing that bothers me is that the way Ford is shown in this episode gives him so much room for character development. Its to bad that they didnt start devoloping his character till after he left the show. I also like the way that they show the Wraith in this episode. It shows you that they are bad and what they are but it doesnt show you their full potentiol. In my opinion that is the best way to do it in a TV show. So all in all I would have to say that this was a well done episode.
  • Well we see what Shappard is made of in this episoide.

    Let's just re-cap what happend in last week episoide, basically SG-A team visit a planet to get resources for their base which lead to the introduction new alien species called Rafe, So the team are under attack and ship taking people include most of the team.

    The Rafe, now we didn't know much about this alien species but at the end of this episoide we knew a lot more like the fact that that planet was it's feeding ground, So unlike Alien encountered in Stargate SG-1, these alien don't want to rule our planet they wants to eats us. now if i had choice of being ruled by alien or eaten, it's obvious which one i would of picked. Also we learn that they can suck our life away, that just seem like a rip-off of sci-fi flim that i saw years ago. The last thing we learn is that they can make us tell them anything they want to know. on the whole these alien are really a nasty piece of work.

    The base, what a brillant S-FX , seeing the base rise to the surface, i didn't expect that but it makes sense they couldn't very well flooded the base so the only problem is that they have is no protection but everything else is ok. i wonder how they will sort this problem out. Now we saw last week episoide those ship but i didn't realise that the ship have a dial-up to the gate , that was good twist on SG story-line. Also i loved the fact that the Stargate was in space not on the ground another good twist.

    ok, now Sheppard is in-charge, question who saw that coming a mile away, it was obvious he's was going to be the star, so they had to kill the other Cornal, i liked Sheppard line at end ' you do reaise i can get myself into a lot of trouble'.

    Can't wait till next week episoide.
  • Exciting! Exciting!? Isn't there something that goes beyond that definition?!?!

    This episode went beyond Rising, Part 1, as it well should have. From when John returns with the Athosians right when the Atlantians were about to evacuate (which Dr. Weir gave the call a little too late. Everyone sure wouldn't have been able to make it to the Gate Room by the time the shields failed).

    Then when the shields do fail, everyone is preparing to die, blah-blah-blah, only to realize that they are -- I'm gonna do it! -- "RISING" out of the water, going to the surface! Ha! How's that for a backup plan? Go Ancients!

    A rescue team goes out to retrieve those that the Wraith had taken, and it was a pretty exciting rescue. We get to see just what the Wraith are capable of... And they are no joke.