Stargate Atlantis

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jul 29, 2005 on Syfy

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    This was a good episode, it was primarily focused on finding LT Ford. They basically found evidence of him on a planet that has little to no ozone layer and has intense radiation from the sun. McKay is very conscerned with his well being in a somewhat selfish way, but who wouldn't want to take every precaution. LT Ford is a little crazy, but maybe he really is still good and can use his abilities to help. I wonder if Teyla can sense him, that would be interesting in many ways. There was also a new character introduced, Ronan, who was also a military man, but he is now on the run from the Wraith who implanted a tracking device in his back to find and hunt him for sport, training, or who knows, but Dr. Beckett removed it. LT Ford ended up running into a Dart's tractor beam and was taken, and Ronin is now in Atlantis, so can't wait to see what happens with these characters!
  • While searching an uninhabited planet Major Lorne finds a Wraith killed by gunfire. When Sheppard and a team return looking for Ford he and Teyla are captured by a human they find out is a Runner. Someone the Wraith cannot feed on and hunt for sport.

    Introduction of Ronen Dex as a principle character to the series. It looks like no matter the effort Ford is not going to be brought in and helped. He has become more dangerous to the Wraith than they are to him. An interesting turn of events. I am sure we will see him again. Also there have to be more like Ford in the galaxy.

    We are seeing the conflict between Colonel's Caldwell and Sheppard that I think we can expect to see for a long time. It took Colonel Everett almost being killed to really understand the nature of survival and the reality of life in the Pegasus Galaxy. I guess we will have to wait for the same thing to happen to Caldwell for some clarity there as well.

    I am glad to see some new faces under Sheppard from the military side. Between the security forces and various doctors I was beginning to feel like Star Trek's red-shirts every time a new character is introduced. Major Lorne and Lt. Reed look like they may be a round for a while.

    It will be handy for them to have Ronen Dex as well as Teyla now added to their team. A few people capable of fighting the Wraith on a one to one hand to hand basis. It would have to be devastating to learn that your home world has been destroyed and everyone you knew dead. It will be interesting to see how Ronen melds into life with the humans on Atlantis. He does seem to be a rather heroic character. On the run, staying alive for seven years, alone being hunted by the Wraith.

    An entertaining episode with not too much McKay nonsense and the acting was good, production values and special effects wonderful as always, and the dialogue appropriate for the various interchanges that occurred. Thanks for reading...
  • Last of his kind...

    A lovely episode - first the Ford storyline what was left us wonder what have happened with him - now we learned and we had some really fun moments with him and McKay. McKay be very lucky that he is so important as some really might not resist shooting him.

    And all the storyline with Runner - it was incredible. The story, the way he was brought in and that past he had - he will be very interesting character.

    We had lot of action, running around on woods (what was really great), then the wraiths too and some beautiful moments. And Carson on other planet looking like little camel with all those things he ware. Great episode.
  • The wandering warrior, Ronon

    With Lt Ford driven mad by the addiction to the wraith enzyme inside him, Lt. Aiden Ford of season one is no longer with us and the Atlantis team needs a new member. While searching for Ford, they meet a runner, a human hunted by the Wraith by use of a transmitter in his back, named Ronon Dex of Sateda. by the way in japanese the word ronin which sounds like Ronon was the name given to wandering samurai of the Feudal Era. That fits Dex perfectly. A brand new character sort of taking the place of Teal'c is introduced bringing a whole new facet to the show. I look foward to him in the later episodes.
  • we meet Ronan....

    Sheppard and his team go out after Ford and Ford tries to prove to them that he's ok, but he's obviously not. I really don't like Ford and I hate his story line. Every time he comes back he's trying to prove himself. It's annoying. Sheppard and Teyla get captured by Ronan, a runner that has been hunted by the wraiths for years. Carson takes out the chip in Ronan's back and Ronan comes to Atlantis. Oh, and Ford gets away again. Another reason I didn't really like this episode was because it was the introduction of Ronan. I really don't like Ronan. He's just the musles that doesn't say much and when he does, it's something blatantly obvious. I don't think he adds anything to the show. Oh well, the story wasn't very interesting either. Overall, not a good episode.
  • Another great episode.

    This was a great episode and we finally got to find out more about Ford. It seems like ages since we have seen him, and it's sad that he is no longer a major cast member. By the end of this episode it appears that Ford will not ever be going back to Atlantis. But all is not lost we are introduced to a new character Ronan who lost his home world to the Wraith. It appears that the Wraith like to chase some of there prey almost like its a sport or a game. I wonder if we will incounter more of these runners. Well so far this season is looking very promising.
  • Ford is trying to prove he's OK and doesn't need to be worriesd about. Meet Ronan Dex, on the run from the Wraith for 7 yrs.

    The gang is exploring a planet with absolutely no animal life, but diverse plant life that has adapted to the imense raditation of the sun. While studing the planet, they come across a dead wraith who's enzyme sac has been removed. Hoping to find Adien, they bring more ppl out and search. McKay goes and gets paired with Lorne who thinks Mckay is stupid for wearing a rubber radiation suit when it is cloudy, humid and warm outside. As they are travelling, Adien sneaks up on them and stuns Lorne and takes Mckay sort of hostage. He wants to prove to him that the ppl back on Atlantis can trust him.

    Elsewhere, John and Teyla are captured by Ronan. A runner from Sateda who has been running for 7 years from the Wraith. They offer to help him, but he refuses, saying he has to get moving before the Wraith find him again through the tracking device in his back. John offers the service of Carson to remove the device and free him.

    Carson come to the planet and removes the device from Ronan, much to his dislike of where the device is and the fact that Ronan doesnt want any drugs to ease the pain. Ronan passes out after the device is removed, but when he awakens, escapes and goes after Adien, as he promised to help John get him back for removing the device.

    Ronan and Ford fight for a bit, with Mckay hanging by one leg in the air (stepped into a trap set by Ronan while running from "crazy Adien"). Ford escapes from the planet via jumping into a Wraith dart beam, and Ronan comes back to Atlantis with Sheppard. With Sateda destroyed, he deciedes to stay on Atlanits.

    Great scences where you get to find out about Ronans past, and why he doesnt trust anyone. Carson finally goes off world after Hoff (although, not to happy about what he has to do), Rodney screeming like a girl while he runs away from Ford and hanging upside down is priceless.
  • Good cat-and-mouse episode, with more than one kind of cat and mouse.

    Sheppard and the others from Atlantis try to locate Lieutenant Ford on a planet which happens to have a lot of UV radiation coming down on it. Rodney wants to have nothing to do with a place that might give him terminal sunburn.

    The rest of the team is pretty committed to finding Ford.

    People do encounter him and the results are a little unexpected.

    The dialog in this episode is really good, and of course all-dead-pan when it comes to humor. Rodney gets some good lines in as the very disingenuous friend. Ford gets to play the aggrieved completely innocent acquaintance, which he does very well.

    Good action, fighting, running, and shooting in this episode too.

    A new character is introduced, and a couple pivotal things happen in it.
  • A fine job of introducing a new character into the mix and a great job of casting.

    After Seige 3, we were all wondering what exactly happened to Ford, and maybe more importantly, who would take his place in the team.
    Enter Ronan Dex, an ex-military commander turned Wraith plaything hell bent on destroying every last Wraith in the galaxy. Mind you, he\\\'s doing a remarkably good job of it so far!
    A great episode in which we get a preliminary idea of the life Ford has chosen for himself, Beckett gets to travel off-world and we have one of the best fight sequences the show has seen yet.
    To top it all, the crew did a fantastic job of making a cold, wet, miserable Canadian day actually pass as an extremely hot, uncomfortabel planet (misty breath aside!)
  • I like the new guy

    Good ep, introduction to a new character. Seems he's superstrong or geared up on something because he was able to fight Ford who's juiced. And hopefully no more silly ship based episodes that look all too much like startrek.

    But future eps should be interesting exploring the new guy's past, seems like lots will be enlightend about the rathe.

    The whole radiation thing was stupid. They should have all been wearing hats and balaclavas much like in a Stargate SG-1 episode.
  • It starts with the hunt for Aiden Ford and they end up making friends with a Wraith killer: A very cool idea.

    It starts with the hunt for Aiden Ford and they end up making friends with a Wraith killer: A very cool idea.

    David Hewlett‘s performance, though a little over the top, was good. I can see why the Air Force officers and Weir are getting annoyed with McKay. He is utterly irritating in this episode. But it did make for some funny situations, even though his obsession with the radiation makes you think he really doesn’t care about Ford.

    The confrontation between Ford and McKay I didn’t really like. Lieutenant Ford was really lame as a half-Wraith, at least that was my opinion. He seemed to have a god-complex and loss of memory, which could be a very dangerous combination but instead he was just weird. That was unfortunate.

    Ronin Dex is a great character. His caution and appearance is very realistic. The story of how he came to be there was also very good. A prisoner released in a forest so he can be hunted? It proves how evil the Wraith are, if you didn’t already get that. After a while he opens up a little so he is more then just a guy, he becomes a real person. I also liked Beckett acting with Dex and the fight of Ronin and Aiden. This character pulls the episode from ‘below average’ to ‘kinda good’.
  • A good episode that did what it was meant to do

    I think that this episode was well done and did what it set out to do. It introduced Ronon and did some good character developing for Ford. I am a little disappointed that he will only be making guest appearences from now on since something finally happend to his character. I think they also did a good job introducing Ronin to us and also showed us what he was like and that he was a competant warrior. I think he will be a good replacement for Ford and will make the show a little bit more intresting since he is so serious about everything. All in all I think that this was a very good episode.
  • A very good episode.

    Woah, I didn't expect to see Ford so soon. I thought they'd give him half of the season or something. One of the best Atlantis episodes I have ever seen. Great jokes by McKay, always liked watching and listening to him. Looks like Dex is going to be a part of the team. I'm not so sure if it's a good idea. I guess we'll find out in the next episodes.
  • Sweet!

    After watching this episode I was so stoked I didn't even care about the new episode of Battlestar Galactica (and I love that show too). This episode was the epitome of what is great about the Stargate shows. Great plots, great action and good comedy. The fight scene was awesome. Instead of having overblown special effects it actually looked like two guys with decent army martial arts skill fighting. The Ford character has finally gotten the quality onscreen time he deserves. We actually got to see what Rainbow Sun Francks is capable of, and I'm impressed. He does a brillant job of keeping Ford's main personality while making him more paranoid, violent, and overall better. What made this episode even better was the constant comedic relief from McKay and Beckett. If the rest of the episodes this season are nearly as good as this one, it would be a sin to miss an episode.
  • Out with the old, in with the new

    Robert C. Cooper is one busy guy. Not only did he completely revitalize “Stargate SG-1” (haters, look elsewhere) by steering a three-part epic, but he’s also been knee deep in giving Lt. Ford a makeover and a new motivation. Ford’s been begging for a reason to exist since the series began, thanks to a spare supporting role that even the writers knew didn’t have enough to it. So things had to change, and this is the episode where it comes together.

    Rainbow might have been a little pissed when the initial idea came across the table, but he seems to have embraced the concept wholeheartedly since then. The fact is, the man is being replaced. The character of Ford is given an arc that ought to give the actor good material, but he’s been sidelined in favor of a more dynamic character. Given a choice between Ford and Ronon Dex, it’s not even a contest. Ronon gets one hell of an introduction in this episode, and for me, it works.

    In a nice bit of continuity, Ronon’s introduction is directly tied to the ongoing search for Ford. Ford is running around a dangerous planet, and a team is dispatched. The team splits up almost instantly, but the writers let the story evolve organically. It doesn’t take long for Ronon to get a drop on Sheppard and Teyla (who are supposed to be rather good at this sort of thing), and in the process of gauging a potential enemy, Ronon demonstrates some serious warrior skills. The man is simply badass, and for the ladies, let’s just say my wife was paying a lot more attention once he was on-screen.

    The writers do a nice job of giving Ronon a background that plays into the overall series arc. A couple of intriguing elements are introduced. Apparently, the Wraith have some interesting ideas about organized sports, because some of their prisoners are turned into “runners”, who the Wraith implant with tracking devices and then hunt down. Why the Wraith would do that is probably going to become important as the season marches on, but for now, it gives a solid reason for Ronon’s somewhat paranoid response to visitors.

    Ford is a lot more fun with his neat personality shifts. He provides a nice counterpoint to Ronon’s paranoia. Ronon is paranoid because he has absolutely good reason for it; Ford is riding high on a chemical cocktail that keeps his judgment from kicking in. Ford seems to want to retain the confidence of his former friends, but his temper and paranoia keep getting in the way. In the name of proving that the “new man” he has become is a good thing, he keeps escalating an already very bad situation.

    Prior to this episode, it looks like Ford was taking it to the Wraith, perhaps for the purposes of testing his worth. That’s what makes his decision to jump into the Wraith beam so disturbing. Does he think that he can take down a Wraith ship himself? Far more likely, he will be handing the Wraith a rather interesting biological experiment.

    Early on in the episode, McKay gets to play the sarcastic and bumbling scientist again. Once Ford grabs him, however, McKay is locked in a duel of wits, and his desperation shines through. McKay seems to be the go-to character for that kind of material, but the writers need to be careful. Like Daniel Jackson before him, McKay needs to get character development to remain fresh. It doesn’t have to be much, especially since the seeds have already been planted in the first season.

    I wasn’t thrilled with Teyla’s involvement in this episode, but the writers are letting her have a quick connection to Ronon. They probably have more in common than the rest of the characters, and Teyla is supposed to be quite the competent warrior herself. I say, “supposed to be”, because she’s not been utilized much this season at all. Since I enjoy the very sight of Rachel Luttrell on my television screen, I’d like it to include more of the fierce substance that marked her earlier appearances.

    Going into this episode, I wasn’t sure how the new character introduction was going to go. It could have been a lot more heavy-handed. Instead, the transition was handled as elegantly as the more obvious transition on “SG-1”. Ending this episode with a nearly exact repeat of the confrontation from premiere was a stroke of genius by the actors (who demanded it be so, to hear tell). Add to that some great flashbacks to Ronon’s Wraith-repelling days and one damn fine fight scene, and this continues to keep the series moving in the right direction.
  • Great episode! Stargate Atlantis get's better and better!

    With no space fights and big special effects episode was pretty impressive and with lots of action. It is breathtaking for all 40 min. That fist fight was lot better made than in most of the hollywoods action movies! it even had it's own drama.
    great job everyone who made this!!!
  • Great episode!

    This episode the new Major and a doctor are on a new planet when they find a dead Wraith. They report back to Atlantis and they realize that Ford probably did it due to an enzyme sac being removed. The main group returns to the planet (with McKay being comical as after) and McKay comes across Ford while Teyla and John meet Ronan who holds them hostage.

    The scenes between McKay and Ford were great to watch. I got a tiny bit of sanity from Ford which I didn't pick up on before. I thought he had gone completely insane, but the drugs just really messed with him. He's now searching for Wraith to kill so he can retrieve the enzyme in the Wraith.

    Those were great scenes in this episode. Ford being happy for John being promoted... It was just super! I like Lt. Ford now with this storyline than I did in the first season. Love it. I might just go watch it again :-)
  • This is the sort of thing Atlantis should strive to be.

    Usually I'm not impressed with Atlantis' plot or characters, but this particular episode is a much different story. The interactions between the characters seem much more real in this episode, rather than awkward (except for the general what'shisname that Sheppard's obviously going to start hating).

    The plot in this episode is something interesting with a possible new character and a lot of action that doesn't take away from the character development like it did with the season premiere. Ford's character especially received a great deal of development which was nice considering what a backseat character he was in the first season. I'm very interested in seeing how this situation with him pans out, and this episode gives a lot of insight while still leaving enough to make it interesting.

    Of course there are a lot of sections of humour, delivered by both Rodney and Dr. Beckett wonderfully. A lot of one liners from both characters and some ridiculous but believable scenes from Rodney put a dash of sugar on the episode that makes it all the more enjoyable.

    The new character thrown into the mix, Ronan I think his name was, is very mysterious which could end up hurting his character with obscurity. But the flashbacks he has reveal the possibility for more depth based on his character which is always good. Here's to hoping that that allusion to depth is carried out.

    All in all the episode manages to be both entertaining and informative, managing a balancing act of so many different plot elements by the end of the story and wrapping them all up neat and tidy. Not to mention they managed to keep the ongoing Ford situation and add in a new character. Overally I rate this episode superb. Definitely worth watching.
  • i thought this episode was suppose to be an intro for Ronan Dex but Ford stole the show...

    my favorite quote of the episode: "I don't typically do house calls but, than again, this isn't a house"-Dr. Beckett

    Ford showed growth in this episode. in fact, he showed more growth in this episode than he did the whole first season. i don't know what they were trying to do with his chracter last year and i was afraid of the whole enyzme-addict storyline but i'm starting to dig it. Rainbow Sun Francks is the an excellent job of playing the role of an addict. there are times when the old Ford shines through but he also plays the unstable, rapid mood-swinging sides of addiction real well. Ford wants to go home but he doesn't want to change back to plain old Ford. i don't blame him. Plain old Ford was plain old boring.

    Ronan Dex didn't impress me. he looks cool, a character with dreds always looks cool but he isn't anything new. he seems to be the typical mysterious guy with a haunted background. maybe it's too early. i'll save final judgement after a few more episodes.

    Beckett and McKay provide much comic relief in this episode. Beckett has some great one-liners in this episode and it's freaking funny watching Rodney running through the woods screaming like a little girl. those two make this episode very enjoyable.

    the hmmm point of this episode: if Ford has super strength or something, why didn't he wipe the floor with Ronan Dex during the fight scene??? either Ronan Dex is a really good fighter or Ford isn't that enhanced...hmmmmmm.

    watch the episode. it isn't a waste of your time. it's interesting and funny at the same time, something that Stargate: Atlantis seems to be excelling at.