Stargate Atlantis

Season 3 Episode 4


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 04, 2006 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Sheppard's team is exploring a planet and Ronon has a bad feeling about it, but can't identify the planet. They arrive at a village and the inhabitants scream in terror and open fire, wounding McKay. The team retreats to the Stargate but only Rodney makes it through, the others are darted unconscious.
Ronon relates how he wandered into the village the last time he was there and they gave him aid, and then the Wraith came and attacked them. The village leader, Keturah, reveals that he has summoned the Wraith to take Ronon from them. McKay undergoes surgery and they try to get answers from him despite his drugged status.
Ronon calls for the village leader and takes one of his captor's hostage until Keturah returns. He offers his willing surrender in return for the villagers releasing Sheppard and Teyla, then holds himself hostage since the Wraith want him alive. Keturah agrees and Teyla and Sheppard go back to Atlantis to get reinforcements. The Wraith arrive and recover Ronon, and Sheppard and the others return to find the camp a burning wreck.
The Wraith Captain places a tracking locater on Ronon then drops him off on Sateda, his home planet that was wiped out by Wraith, and he quickly starts running for his life as the Wraith give pursuit. Sheppard is sure Ronon is alive and has McKay try to get a fix on the Wraith locater using the one they took out of him before.
Ronon makes his way through the ruins improvising weapons while remembering his previous life on Sateda before the Wraith came. He attacks and kills one Wraith then takes off again.
Rodney tracks into the locater frequencies and determines there are seven signals, and one is on Ronon's home planet. Ronon is still running as the Wraith release a drone to find him. He ducks into the sewers to evade it but it goes in after him.
Atlantis can't dial to Sateda and Caldwell warns the Daedalus isn't fully repaired yet and refuses to risk his crew. Caldwell agrees to drop them off so they can take a cloaked Puddle Jumper in.
In the sewers, Ronon finds the skeletons of his former soldiers and borrows their weapons. He then gets the drop on another Wraith and shoots him down, then destroys the drone. As he does, he relives how he tried to get his wife Malena off-planet when the Wraith attacked. She argued that they shouldn't fight back but he refused to surrender.
Ronon acquires more guns as the Wraith beam down in larger numbers to hunt him. He kills one in a warehouse and the rest open fire. Ronon remembers his team being killed in a similar fire fight and goes berserk, gunning down the remaining Wraith with no concern for his own life and using various guns he's hidden around the warehouse. After disposing of the last run he sees it has a self-destruct device and runs out just before the entire place goes up in flames.
Aboard the Daedalus, Teyla talks to Sheppard and expresses her appreciation for the fact Sheppard is gong to such efforts to rescue Ronon, an outsider. Sheppard admits his team are the closest thing he has to a family, and he'd do anything for them.
An injured Ronon staggers out of the warehouse, while Beckett wonders why McKay came along. Rodney reluctantly admits he likes Ronon. Ronon makes his way to a hospital and remembers that Malena was there as a nurse, and he does some improvised surgery while remembering how he tried to get her to the Stargate but she refused to leave the injured and the hospital was attacked seconds later. The Wraith close in on the hospital and one of the drones move in, but Sheppard and Teyla arrive to dispose of it. Sheppard tells Ronon they can get him away but he refuses.
Beckett and McKay monitor the Wraith while Ronon explains that he had a deal with the villagers and he's going to stick to his end of the deal. Teyla tells him they're all dead but he still refuses to go until the Wraith responsible is dead. Sheppard offers him his hand and says he'll be with him – Ronon isn't too impressed.
Ronon plans to kill the remaining Wraith on the planet to bring the leader down, even though they're outnumbered seven to one. Beckett decides to go to help them and even McKay goes to help them. Ronon cuts through the Wraith and by the time Beckett and McKay are done arguing, the Wraith are taken care of. Ronon taunts the Wraith Captain to come after him, and warns Sheppard to stay out of his way.
Ronon goes out into the street as the Wraith Captain beams down and they fight while Sheppard and Teyla watch from above. The Wraith Captain defeats the wounded Ronon…but Beckett shows up in the Puddle Jumper, uncloaks, and kills the Wraith. They all get in and fly out as the Hive ship opens fire. Beckett admits he killed the Wraith Captain and Ronon…thanks him. And then thanks the rest of them for their help before collapsing.