Stargate Atlantis

Season 3 Episode 4


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 04, 2006 on Syfy

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  • One of my two favourite Atlantis episodes

    Ronon gets captured. Kills a lot of Wraith. Gets saved. End of review.

    If you don't get the reference above, you probably aren't a fan of Ronon. If you do do get the reference above, this episode is for you.

    Ronon Dex finds himself on a planet that he finds familiar. It turns out that this planet is the one he stayed at for too long, and brought the Wraith to. The team is captured but later freed as Ronon is to be given to the Wraith, who gave the villagers a way of contacting them if Ronon returned. Ronon is then captured and put back on Sateda, his home planet, where he is made to fight for his life.

    Wraith after Wraith comes to attack Ronon, while he deals with the painful memories of his loved ones being killed and culled by the Wraith. Eventually, Atlantis managed to find where he is and sends a Jumper to Sateda, via one of Earth's space vessels, to save Ronon. Surprisingly, both Rodney and Carson agree to come along.

    During Ronon's one on one fight with the big bad, he gets beaten to a pulp. Not knowing that Ronon threatened to kill anyone who killed the Wraith he was fighting, Carson and Ronon decide to shoot him with a drone, killing him. Everyone flees into the jumper and they fly off.

    Ronon then asks who shot the drone and both Rodney and Carson say it was them. John then tells them what Ronon told him and Teyla, and they decide to put the blame on each other, but ultimately onto Carson. Ronon then surprisingly hugs Carson before fainting from exhaustion.

    All in all, this was a great Stargate episode. Lots of action and character development, as well as backstory development. Just what an episode needs.
  • See Summary

    Sateda was an excellent episode where we learned more about Ronin, and his past. It was nice to finally get more of a background on him, and see where and what he has come from. We also get more involved with the other characters, as Sheppard and Teyla have an exchange of feelings. It was also interesting to see how people feel about Ronin in relation to the situations at hand. The people of the world the team initially visited, was previously visited by Ronin as a Runner and the Wraith were upon the people, and this time they wanted vengence. Their deal with the Wraith was not honored, but what did they really expect? It was also cool to see a new Wraith, perhaps a male equal to the Queens, though we don't know for sure, and he is apparently destroyed. Always nice to learn more about the Wraith. The writers do a great job of building the complexities of the characters, and the actors do a great job of making it believable, and getting the viewers invested.
  • Ronon's episode

    This was really stylish and visually impressive episode. First the style what was so different from the usual - that kind of one man episode, filled with hunting and action - the start did not promised it, but it came out better than expected.

    And the emotional level of this episode. First, the flashbacks to Ronon's past what really opened us that char more and more and then the friends theme. Everyone suddenly started to like him. It was funny to watch. And then the end, where Sheppard did not shot the wraith as Ronon disallowed him and then Beckett comes and shots him from the jumper and the way McKay already gets worried and...

    Really beautiful episode. Special and different episode.
  • Ronon vs Wraith in "let's see what you're made of"

    It was about time i saw an all Ronon episode, to see and know how he became the brute that he is. In so many ways Ronon's character seems like Teal'c from SG1. Well this episode proves it totally. He has the same anger, the same strength and willing to turn around those he can call friends for honor and the sake of battle. Still this episode was very needed, Ronon being a key member of Atlantis and a successful character. Here he gets to prove what he's really made of, sticks and stones DON't break his bones, or lasers, wraith and pretty sure lots of other wonderful stuff.
  • we delve into Ronan's character...

    The team goes onto a planet that Ronan was when he was a runner. Ronan feels guilty for bringing the planet death and allows himself to be given up to the wraith. The whole feeling guilty for past actions reminded me of the SG-1 episode where Teal'c was on trial for killing a man's father. Anyways, this episode was way better. The wraith place a chip into Ronan and turn him loose on his home planet. After interesting flashbacks and kick-butt action, the head wraith is killed by Carson's drone. This episode had a lot of character development. I'm not very fond of the character of Ronan, but he was great in this episode. I loved all of the other character's reactions. Carson and McKay were halarious. Overall, very good episode.
  • yet another brilliant episdoe

    I'm writing this having seen up to episode 18 of this series, so I can look back with hindsight.

    It was good seeing this episode to find out something about Ronon's history, besides guns. Incidentally we still don't know where he got his gun from, cos that certainly ain't genai or satedan. While some of this episode seemed 'lame' to others I thought it was all brilliant, and done with the Stargate flare. Ronon has a massive gunfight with about 8 Wraith in a factory where he has already laid out weapons in strategic locations so he does not need to reload.

    The fighting is immense, as are the explosions, the man-grunts and the running, yada yada, while it is nothing immensely new, it was very well filmed, the acting was good, we got to find out a little more about Ronon, we got to see how the rest of hte characters reacted to his abduction.

    This episode was brilliant.
  • A well written and directed episode of Stargate.

    Sateda was one of the best episodes of the Stargate Atlantis this season. You got to know Ronan a little more in this episode. Robert Cooper did a fantastic job at writing and directing this episode. The music for the episode was really awesome, one of the best arrangements of both Stargate shows. I thought the fighting scenes were intense, which makes for a great episode. One of the best scenes in the episode is the scene where Rodney gets shot in the ass by one of the arrows. The visual effects for the episode were cool, they could’ve had a few more but as intense as the episode was, the number of visual effects was just fine. I think this episode might get an Emmy nomination for writing and directing for a Drama Series and Music for Television series.
  • we finally see what exactly happened on Sateda [Ronons homeworld]

    Sheppard and the team get attacked on a planet Ronon went to after getting the Wraith tracking device in him the villagers believe the Wraith will stop feeding on them when they turn Ronon over but in the end it means they\\\'re end...

    and Sheppard finally expresses his feelings about his team and Beckett well he tries...

    its a good episode espacially the action is done very well good camera angles and nice action music in one word:

  • This was the best EP ever. It made your emotions run wild and want to scream and laugh at the same time. I love this EP and want to see more like it.

    I love how I got to see into Ronon's past. It was nice, because before, all we knew about him was that he was a military officer on a planet called Sateda. Now we know a lot about him. I would personally love to see more into all of the characters past, and I would like a lot more development on them. This EP really made me like Ronon more. Before, to me, he was just a big guy who was made in Teal'c's image. (Big muscles, silent type of guy and was introduced into teh show trying to kill our main characters.) Now, he seems more like a stand-out character.

    And in this EP we don't only see development on Ronon. I think it was a big step up for Sheppards character to admit out-loud that he would do anything for anyone on his team. I mean, sure, we already knew he felt that way, but him saying it out-loud (Kinda) was a big step for him. I also think that it showed just exactly bad he is with feelings. (Reminds me of O'Neill.)

    This was a wonderful EP all in all, and I could watch it a hundred times over!

  • Glad to finally see some character development for Ronan.

    This was really a very good episode. Totally different from the previous one. There was a lot more action and some great character development.

    I was really happy to see some of Ronan's past, since I was wondering where he got the killing skills and the combat training. They did a very good job portraying him as a human being and not just a caveman with fightingskills. I absolutely enjoyed the chance we got of getting to know him a bit more.

    The humour in this episode was once again great with: Rodney being shot in the butt, that was hilarious!! And Sheppard saying he killed more Wraith then Teyla.

    An all-round great episode.
  • Ronon, Teyla and Sheppard get attacked by villagers who are out for revenge against Ronon.

    A great episode mixing in character development and action this episode is all about Ronon. We learn a greta deal about his past, his time as a soldier against the Wraith, his past lover and much more.

    Sheppard and Teyla are eventually let go when Ronon tries to commit suicide. The villagers make out a stupid pact with the Wraith and of course are killed off.

    It seems the Wraith want to use Ronon as a battle simulation of sorts and the rest of the episode has a great ct and mouse game that is supplemented with great special effects and action.

    I agree with the rest of the viewers this is probably one of the best and most important episodes of Season Three.
  • Finally we get some more background for Ronon.

    While I liked the previous episode Irresistible, Sateda shows just how much potential the SGA series has. Shot with a larger budget both in terms of money and time, the episode proves that the Stargates can be as great of quality as the Battlestar Galactica series given proper resources.

    The slow-mo effects were used a little too much and got a little silly after a while, but overall the special effects were marvelous. I liked the washed-out coloring used on Sateda. I liked the "wraith-vision."

    However, what I liked the most about the episode was how well it played true to all the characters. Sheppard's team is such a family-unit, and this episodes shows how much they are willing to do for each other. Ronon will give himself over to the Wraith to save them. John, Teyla and Rodney without a second thought head to a Wraith-infested planet to save one man. They love each other, and that is what I really like about the show.

    Unfortunately the Sci-Fi channel doesn't fully appreciate what it has in terms of SGA, so I doubt we'll get an episode that meshes so well both writing-wise and effects-wise for a while.
  • Jason shined in the most fantastic episode of the show so far this season.

    Jason shined but the entire cast made this episode one of the most memorable, in particular the scene with John and Teyla talking aboard the Daedalus. The two actors played this perfectly and finally gave some kind of background to John while giving Teyla something other to do then just being there for window dressing. A fantastic scene in an over all fantastic episode.
    The stunts were amazing and all due credit to James Bamford (BamBam) for putting together some truly enjoyable fight scenes and all due credit to Jason for actually preforming them.
    All downside I found with this episode was the lack Torri Higginson and the fact that there was no Elizabeth and Ronon scenes, but I guess if they weren't needed in the telling of the episode there's very little that can be done about it
  • This is an episode about Ronon. It finally shows the good side to him that I was waiting to see.

    This is possibly the best Atlantis episode yet. We needed to know Ronon did more for the show than just fight the Wraith. This episode made Ronon my favorite character on Atlantis or SG-1(Jack O'Neill excluded).
    The end of this episode was extremely great. I liked it when Ronon was grateful for everyone's help. This episode showed what being in a family is all about. It showed people really caring about the lives of others.
    All in all this is so far the best Atlantis episode. I loved how it showed that Ronon was actually a very caring person.
  • Ronon gets a visit from his past when going to another planet and has to face the consequences of his past life.

    Great episode far better then the last one that realy let me down seeing that this is a great series. The episode gives a wonderful insite into Ronon where he came from and what happened to him. McKay was his usual self again getting shot in the butt and \\\'not\\\' complaining about it one bit. lol Ofcourse its also a kickass episode with lots of action and dying on part of the wraith that is. The acting is up to a good standard as always. It would have been a perfect episode if the endfight would have lasted a bit longer and Ronon did the killing himself somehow. Nevertheless wonderful episode.
  • Exciting

    This episode is so good you'd want to forgive them for 3x03. Good show! We now know a whole lot more about Dex. He was beginning to come across merely a grunt and this episode tells us his pains and what made him so hard and ruthless and dead set against the Wraith. He is loyal, putting his friends' lives before his. He is noble, preferring to fight and die so that the villagers could live. Now what more could you ask of a heroic character?

    I love the fight scenes and this one is full of them. The way Ronon despatched the individual Wraiths was truly exciting. The episode captured the essensce of the man - courage born out of anger and hatred for what the Wraith did to his home world. Here we see a man not fearing death, but he'd take another Wraith or the whole bunch with him before he gave up! A man with no hesitation whatsoever because he had nothing else to lose. The final one-on-one with the chief Wraith was one of the most one-sided fight I have seen, credit goes to the writers for not giving us the hero-triumph-over-all staff, and instead allowing the good doctor to finish of the fight.

    Humour - you must admire the writers for being able to pull that off in a serious episode like this without being distracting to the overall tone of the show. It shows up everywhere here - Sheppard's clumsy attempt at expressing his feelings, Becket and MaKay bantering and arguement in the poddel, Sheppard wondering whether to shoot the chief Wraith. The SG-1 and now Atlantis have made an art of this.

    All in all, thoroughly enjoyable. Here's looking at more.
  • The best thing I can say about this ep is that writer/director Robert C. Cooper must have been watching ALOT of Battlestar Galactica before production, because never before has the quality of Atlantis come so close to matching BSG. Very well done!

    The best thing I can say about this episode is that writer/director Robert C. Cooper must have been watching ALOT of Battlestar Galactica before production, because never before has the quality of Atlantis come so close to matching BSG.
    Watching this episode was a different experience than any previous Atlantis episode. Everything \"felt\" different. The angles, the colors, the lighting, the pacing. The show, which often seems sterile and distant had never before seemed more earthy and alive.
    It had the usual humor we\'ve come to expect from the Stargate universe, but it had something extra - real emotion. We got deeper into Ronon\'s character than we\'ve ever been allowed before, and the flashbacks of his previous life truly helped add depth to a character that up until this point had been not much more than a 2d cutout.
    Ironically, I\'ve watched every Atlantis episode that has aired, and the \"scenes\" and previews of this episode made me groan and set my expectations lower than at any previous time. I\'m very glad I didn\'t skip it because it instantly became one of my favorite episodes ever.
    I just hope they can continue this season at the high level of originality and passion that this episode clearly represents.
    Very well done!
  • Not a very interesting episode, and it does not seem consistant with the series.

    Being a tech geek, I\'m not really into this whole \"tough guy\" thing, and the flashbacks that Ronon has are very uninteresting and superflous. If I recall correctly, Wraith have amazing regenerative capabilities which are not shown even once in this episode, and they are quite easily stopped by a couple of bullets to the midsection making it more of a slaughter than a battle. The final battle is a joke- as far as I can see Ronon just runs towards the enemy waiting to be knocked over, and his excellent fighting skills are promptly ignored. In short, the episode does not contribute to the overall spirit of the series, and is a huge disappointment for anyone with a taste for detail.
  • Amazing Ep... Fantanstic

    Amazing Ep didn\'t think from the over view i was going to like it.. was a fresh approach to a ep.. and i think worked extremely well.. had reminse of \"The running man\" film with arnold swazinegar..Although feel as though this may have been a filler ep.. but if it was use this for a bench mark for further eps, and sure atlantis will be running for 10 seasons plus like stargate SG1, So insumary An Amazing Ep give use couple more like this one.. 10/10

    Would also be nice to see future eps maybe exploring the vastness of the city Atlantis... maybe the approach in this ep could be adapted to creat a similar ep with in the city.

    Would also be nice to see when ships land, to see how this happens to bring little more reality to the situations of them landing, and people and equipment going on and off them.
  • Poor direction saps the strength from an interesting premise

    This is one of those episodes that has me caught between appreciation of what the writers, cast, and director attempted and reaction to how it all came together in the end. This episode came with a lot of praise and hype from the producers, and sometimes that can be a letdown. After all, shows like “Dead Zone” talk about how every episode is another example of how creative and inspired they are, and the audience wonders if they’re talking about the same thing. “SGA” has been falling into the same trap lately, and this episode is a good example.

    On paper, this must have looked impressive. And conceptually, it is a cut above the average storytelling on “SGA”, especially since the first season. The flashbacks were slightly confusing, but it fit the scattered and frantic tone of the story, and it was good to see a bit more of Ronon’s past. Even the resolution of the episode must have looked good on paper. So why was I left feeling annoyed and even embarrassed for everyone who said that this was one of the best episodes yet?

    I think it had a lot to do with the direction. I understand the stylized choices made to give the episode edge, but in a few instances, it made the whole thing look ridiculous. Had the main storyline retained a certain darkness, the disconcerting flashbacks would have worked very well. This could and should have been shot at night and it should have been horrific. Ronon should have looked like he was in shreds.

    Instead, the director shot the episode like it was a bad action film. All the faux-Matrix shots, the slow motion cuts, the all-too-obvious staging of the action set pieces, and especially the showdown between Ronon and the Wraith commander all felt like something that would come out of a film school graduate on his or her first assignment, grasping for anything that might look badass.

    I’ve been willing to give Jason Momoa his due when it comes to a relatively two-dimensional character. He plays Ronon well, especially the moments with edge. But in this episode, there are several scenes where line delivery is unconvincing, to say the least. This happens a lot in the final act. It certainly doesn’t help that he was saddled with those badly staged action scenes.

    In terms of the staging, I should explain what I’m talking about, because it’s a fine line that gets crossed. Ronon knows that an ambush is coming, so he places weapons in certain places so he can respond. This all looks very smart, but some of those weapons are in plain sight. It’s hard to believe that the Wraith wouldn’t notice any of that, and that a hunting party would show such a lack of coordination. It didn’t make Ronon look like a survivalist; it made the Wraith look stupid. And that didn’t serve either Ronon or the Wraith well at all.

    The bottom line is that the Cooper both wrote and directed the episode, and that led to shortcuts. The writing may have involved some contrivances, but good direction will help smooth out the worst excesses. In this case, the direction did little more than expose the shortcomings in the writing. As much as I wanted to like this episode, it fell short in some fundamental areas.

    (As a sidenote: I also have a podcast associated with my various reviews called “Dispatches from Tuzenor”. Recent episodes cover the “Stargate: Atlantis”, so it might be something of interest. Go to if you want to listen!)
  • Ronon Dex is a "runner" again, enough said

    Looking at the fact that Ronon is my least favorite main cast member from either SG-1 or Atlantis ever, I kind of figured that I really wouldn't be too thrilled about an episode where he is the driving force of the story. Ronon is once again forced to become a wraith runner and is placed back on his homeworld, Sateda. I was hoping for a little more from Jason Momoa in this one, but I will admit that I did enjoy the ending of this episode. Yes the actual plot ending was quite predictable, but I enjoyed seeing Ronon's attitude at the end of the episode. McKay and Beckett provided what I needed to keep me involved and it was an action packed episode.
  • The trailor didn't do this episode justice. Honestly i feel as if this was a less then perfect episode, but compared to the SG-1 episode they had on the same week, this one was gold.

    This is asentially an episode talking about the interaction between the Tau'ri personel, and the pegasus native personal. This basically showed that no matter how much they may not be from earth, they will be rescued in there time of need, no matter the cost. I also felt this story gave ronin more depth, before we all knew he was the pegasus bad ass who can kill any wrath he wanted, but this added a dimention of humanity into him. In addition this episode added a feel of shepard reaching out to both Teyla and Ronon as if they were family.
  • A great action packed, thrilling episode in which Ronan comes into his own.

    Ronan finally came into his own, his home world history re-told for us, and some great \\\"Preditor\\\" style scary action. When Ronan is recaptured by the Wraith he is left on his destroyed home world where the Wraith plan to kill the \\\"one which got away.\\\" They dump him on his own world in order to hunt him. What follows is a thrill a minute race to the death, with the Atlantis team on their way to help their crew member. How Ronan\\\'s home was destroyed is told via flashbacks, which give a better insight into this man. He was in love, he had friends, he was a different man, until a Wraith attack destroy his friends and the love of his life, in front of his eyes. Present day, after he kills the many Wraith soldiers sent after him, in many inventive and gory ways, the Wraith hunter piloting the Hive ship finally comes to kill his prey. He is too strong for Ronan and the puddle jumper, flown by McCoy and Beckett kill the Wraith hunter. The gang are reunited, and I think this is a turning point for Ronan, he finally realises what these people will do for him, and the Atlantis team finally empathise with Ronan\\\'s history. Great episode.
  • More than just an episode of Stargate Atlantis.

    There have been some very flattering reviews of this episode and some very harsh ones. Now I\'m not the best at this kind of thing, but I\'ll give it my best, and layout in honest terms, my opinion.
    The premise of \"Sateda\" was promising. The team visit a planet that Ronan visited when he was a runner, which had inevitably brought the Wraith down on the Village. Understandably they are upset and capture the team with only Rodney escaping. After Ronan bargains for Sheppard and Teyla\'s life, he is taken aboard a hive ship, the village is destroyed and he is taken to his homeworld, where he is forced to participate in a game of cat and mouse, for the entertainment of one pretty hardcore looking Wraith, while John, Teyla, Rodney, and Carson will stop at nothing to get their friend back.
    Some people have said the action was great, some people have said the action was to over clichéy. Some people loved the character development, some people thought it was mediocre and some thought they focused on the wrong character.
    In my opinion \"Sateda\" was more than just a 1 hour episode on TV set in a fictional universe. It is so rare that someone like myself can watch a piece of fiction and walk away feeling like you have learnt something about yourself. However Sateda is an episode that will stick with me, and many other Stargate fans for a long time.
    This is a story about true bravery in the face of defeat. About camaraderie and family bond that has formed during a time of great peril. Between the scenes with Sheppard and Teyla on the Daedalus, Ronan and friends on the jumper, and the interdispersed friendly banter between Rodney and Carson, you get the feeling that the writers were doing more than just filling a 1 hours time slot. They wanted to convey the sense of friendship and loyalty that these main characters have developed over the past 3 years (1 year for Ronan) and the heights they will go to, to bring one lost man home.
    It truly was... Inspirational.
  • Finally some entail on Ronon's story

    This episode was pretty good for the fact that it gave us a little information on the life of our not so open Ronon. I can see first hand why he never wanted to go back home, too many painful memories. There wasn't anything left there for him, he watched the one person he cared about get killed by the wraith. That can scar a person. No wonder he is always bruiting in the shadows, and is never open about who he really is. I also liked where they took McKay's character in this one. He was really funny for a change. Normally I can't stand him, but the morphine scene was priceless. All in all a fair episode, not much new information, but it was entertaining. The "running" scenes were great though.
  • This season seems to be going down the drain...

    first irresistible that was a decent not good just decent episode and now this, I can barely stop all the ywning this thing is producing me, anyway, nice action scenes, boring flashbacks, and I sincerely give a rats ass about ronin\'s past life.

    The only fun thing was Mckay\'s arrow complaining along with the usual sarcastic jokes.

    At least it ended with a repeated but still funny scene of \"Who shot it?\" and then they start exchanging blame and now I\'m just ranting cause I couldn\'t make the 100 words minimun with what I intended to write in the first place.
  • A Ronan-dedicated episode with Lost-alike flashbacks, a flat storyline and silly western action.

    Our favourite characters check out a planet Ronan has visited before during his running from the Wraith.
    Since the village on this planet was destroyed by the Wraith hunting Ronan, the townspeople (after being tortured, fed upon and many of them killed) decide to leave a device, so that the eldest can call them again in case Ronan comes back.
    Of course they capture Ronan, use the device, and are yet again tortured, fed upon and killed - this time all of them. Ronan gets his good old hunting-game transmitter beacon back implanted, and is set out on his homeworld with the stargate disabled, to be yet again hunted.
    In an insane rescue mission after Shepperd\'s plain speech about \"No man is left behind\" and even Rodney expressing his worries about Ronan (which are fine and make him appear sympathic but are presented in a totally unrealistic way that doesn\'t fit his character), it is decided to drop a cloaked jumper near Sateda to rescue Ronan.
    And then the script finally dies: Silly action clichés like Ronan walking slowmotion in front of a dropped handgrenade, a shakecam showing hardcut close-captions of him shouting angry, and of course him killing 15 Wraith (if i remember correctly) with all kind of oversized guns take this episode to the grave. This is not scifi action, this is the poorest Western I\'ve ever seen.
    I\'m a true fan of both Stargate series, but this episode was really a pain to watch. Imho it\'s the worst ever made, and definitely not worth watching.

    Guys, pretty please with sugar on top get a real script and include Daniel Jackson while he\'s still on Atlantis.
    I know character development is important, but this is not development, it is destruction.
  • An episode that was full with a bunch of action and character development for Ronon.

    This was a totally cool episode was some really great action, I also love the camera angels and the slow motion action that used during the episode, that made this Atlantis episode very different from the pervious ones. I love seeing the back-story about Ronon and his people, that there was more to them had him. That they were an advanced race of humans that had a great technology and medical knowledge, plus Ronon had what could be either a wife or a girlfriend, or she could even been somebody really close to him, that detail about his life wasn’t given to us in the episode. I also love seeing Ronon the one-man Wraith killing machine, that we were given the impression that he was one, but in this episode it clearly showed that he was one.

    This episode also showed that while Ronon might be a loner, but deep inside he does care about the Atlantis team and he did apprenticed their effort to save his butt in the end. That type of feelings that Ronon had about the Atlantis team is also shared by Atlantis team as well, despite the fact that he might be an outsider to them, but being with for almost a year both of them had grown attached to each other. That they will do anything and everything that can do to save him.
  • Lot of action, however I thought way too much of Ronan just running.

    My one complaint about this episode is the fact that the Wraith were originally hard to kill. One wraith in the city or on the planet use to be such a threat, now there are 25 coming and no big deal. "Let's go and kill some wraith."

    I did like the bonding part. I did like Shepherd's moment with Teyla, however is there something between the two? First season I would have said yes, Second season maybe and now season three she seems to be into Ronan. Ronan also seems to be into her. Reminds me of the Riker, Troi and Work relationship in ST: TNG.

    Best line in the show was with Beckett and McKay in the Jumper, McKay say's to Beckett "you are Rambo now."

    Average episode, better than last week.

  • A good luck into the character of Ronin.

    While on yet another visit to another planet in the Peagaus Galaxy, the team comes upon a villages that had been previously visited by Ronin while he was a Runner from the Wraith (while he still had the tracker).

    On the previous visit, there were disastrous consequences for the village, with Ronin blaming himself for their deaths. This time around, he negotiates for the freedom of the other members of the team.

    When the Wraith return, they return Ronin to his home planet where he has to manage to survive, as he has countless times before, while the rest of the SG:ATL team tries to find and rescue him.
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