Stargate Atlantis

Season 5 Episode 1

Search and Rescue (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jul 11, 2008 on Syfy

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  • A great way to start off the new season.

    The episode starts off with the characters trapped under several feet of fallen building. I loved how Sheppard kept telling Ronon to leave and Ronon kept giving Sheppard his "you're stupid" look because like Ronon was really going to leave Sheppard all alone while Sheppard was hurt. I also loved how Sheppard refused to let Keller operate on him because he to go rescue Teyla. It just goes to show how much a teammate means to him.

    I loved the fact the McKay delivered Teyla's baby. The scene was both funny and moving at the same time. McKay was completely freaked out and I loved how Teyla's in so much pain and Rodney is babbling about the time he had a kidney stone and Teyla has a sarcastic tone when she tells him how sorry she is for his pain. I think my favorite line in the episode was McKay freaking out as the baby came, his line "Am I allowed to touch you down there?" had me laughing for a long time because it's a completely McKay thing to say. Overall the episode was a great way to start off the show. The character dynamics were great. I'm glad that the characters were with people they normally wouldn't be with in these types of situations. It was good to see Michael again. He seemed way creepier than normal, but it'll be interesting to see where they take this character in season five.
  • Nice conclusion and a new beginning!

    This was a nice start to the new season! Finally the group is back with the rescue of Teyla. Nice to see Lorne again, and even Ford! Every character performed heroically and selflessly in the episode. Here are some more thoughts:

    Daedelus had to lower shields for the Asgard teleportation - since when?

    So what will the dynamics be now with the new baby? What happened to Kanaan?

    Did Michael steal the jumper? Does he now have the ATA gene?

    Vega - I want to see more of her. Tough, little soldier - the gun was bigger than her!

    McKay small-talking and comforting Teyla was funny.

    Changing of the Guards - Commander Woolsey! I hope to see a little more Carter because that was such an abrupt ending for her on Atlantis.

    Overall, a nice season opener - I hope this season will bring more action and story arc than the last one!
  • Time is the only enemy here.

    Let's face it Stargate puts out great episodes every year however I was quite concerned when the Season 5 permier would be only about three (think 2) months after season 4 wrapped up.

    The result is a great story and good character moments. The biggest drawback is the visual effects. Solid at times but some shots were just cringe worthy (Wraith in hyperspace and the first part of the wraith dart being shot at by the female soldier, forget her name) . This is not the vfx department's fault they do a bloody good job and if they were given a bit more time, another 2/3 months the show would be a lot better both practacly and visually.

    If the show gets picked up for a sixth season (probably will) I hope they get a lot more time to do the show because they truly deserve it.
  • If the season continues in a similar way, I will be a very happy camper indeed! Awesome!

    This episode rocked my socks like you wouldn't believe it. So much character stuff! And action. But especially the character stuff. Ronon refusing to leave Sheppard, Sheppard refusing to stay in the infirmary and joining the rescue mission even though Sam forbid it, McKay all selfless with both hurt!Lorne and hurt!Sheppard, McKay helping Teyla give birth to her child...

    I loved the scene in the jumper where Ronon and McKay kept watching Sheppard and then Ronon poked McKay to say something. They were so worried, and justifiably so! And when McKay suggested that Sheppard should stay with the jumper, oh my, John's look! But then, when John reached into his vest on the hive ship and his hand came out all bloody... Scary! And I loved the way Joe Flanigan played his part, the way he talked so silently, almost whispering the whole ep through...

    I loved the space fights between Daedalus and Michael's hive! Oh and Michael, he was much creepier than in the past. Also, this episode... "looked" different. It felt much more like a movie and not a TV episode, really cinematic. And even the script felt different - sure, flashy but there was much more stuff about the characters, their interaction, the way they cared!
  • A great start to the season!

    The fourth season finale was a bit of a letdown for me, especially the very end, so the writers had a difficult task to perform. Not only did they have to kick off the season well enough to justify some of the changes, but they had to overcome my skepticism. For the most part, I think the writers did what they needed to do.

    In some respects, I think the production kicked things up a notch. The pullback effects shot in the teaser was completely gratuitous, but it was still a great way to get the audience's attention for what is, in the end, a simple story. The survivors of the explosion at the end of the fourth season finale (all name characters, of course) need to be rescued, but Michael's little trap included a high-tech silent alarm. So Michael is ready to come calling to finish off the enemy, and Team Atlantis needs to race against time to rescue the survivors. Oh, and since Teyla is on Michael's ship, it's inevitable that her rescue will be in the cards as well.

    So much is crammed into the premiere that it's surprising how much character ends up in the final mix. Granted, Michael and his hybrids are reduced to the usual storytelling clichés, but the team gets a chance to shine. John and Ronon got to have a "last stand" moment (which was obviously going to end in a last minute rescue), and the characters were well suited for it. McKay got to demonstrate his technical brilliance and deliver a baby. Even Keller is starting to assert herself more, which is a nice touch.

    Perhaps not surprisingly, the writers finally gave Carter the chance to demonstrate some strong leadership, and it's the end of her command. I found the various comments about her work on Atlantis, particularly McKay's summary of how well she did over the past year, to be a bit ironic. In fact, it could be seen as an example of the writers' lack of self-awareness. Carter was practically tossed in a corner and forgotten for most of the fourth season! Then again, as far as the team is concerned, maybe her hands-off approach was the best thing about her.

    Sheppard, on the other hand, must be trying to win a Most Manly Tough Guy Award contest with Ronon. The man gets a spike to the liver and multiple crush wounds, and he's still forcing himself to stage a rescue. They managed not to ignore his injuries completely, but it would have been nice for Sheppard to suffer his way through the rescue op just a bit more than he did. Since his survival was never in question (Sheppard and McKay will live forever, I guarantee it), why not put him through the wringer?

    While I've been soundly dismissed for fronting the notion previously, I think this episode underscores the semi-romantic nature of John and Teyla's personal relationship. I will agree that there's little chance that John and Teyla will end up together, since that's not quite how the Stargate franchise works. Characters are far more likely to dance around each other for years or (as with the father of Teyla's child) conduct romances off-screen. That said, the bond is more than strictly professional; the end of the episode is practically overflowing with "significant glances".

    If there's one quibble I have with the episode, it's the removal of Michael and his hybrids from the story. Michael spent most of the fourth season setting up his grand plan, and it seems like a waste of potential to eliminate him before he can truly step into the spotlight. Michael was one of the better recurring villains, because his actions were the direct consequence of a questionable Atlantis experiment. I thought it would have been a clever choice to have Michael be the true villain of the series because it would have justified the Wraith (who have yet to fulfill their potential) and could have unified the series as a whole. Unless Michael stages another miraculous escape and survives, that opportunity is lost.

    Yet I will admit that Michael's apparent demise is not enough to ruin the episode for me, and within the context of the premiere itself, his defeat makes sense. Sure, the writers took the easy route and had Teyla's love interest overcome his programming at just the right time (that cliché I mentioned earlier), but if one can accept that Teyla could give birth on Michael's ship without alerting anyone at all, a few clichés are par for the course.
  • Solving cliff hanger...

    Now, after not too long wait we can see what comes after the collaps at the end of last season. I most say I had my hopes high. Maybe because it ended in interesting place, maybe because there haven't been nothing new for some time and this serie was one thing to be waiting for.

    Anyway, because of my higher hopes, I think I did got little disappointment. I liked it, do not get me wrong but it could have been better. There were some amazing scenes and action, very well written dialogs and things that really worked and made amazing atmosphere but also, there were some low moments and together it felt like very bumpy ride on country road.
  • Space battles, huge explosions, damsels in distress, bad guys turn good, danger, defiance, evil enemy runs ways. Just some of the phrases used to describe Search and Rescue.

    I have wanted to see this episode since the end of Last Man. It has everything I look for in an Atlantis episode. I love it when the Daedalus and Michaels Cruiser battle it out. The fighting on the Cruiser was great, the fact that Teyla had her baby and they weren't attacked in just weird. Also how did Michael steal the jumper? I have my theories. One is that he forced Beckett to give him the ATA Gene, so he could use the jumper and other Ancient Technology. This wasn't the best season openers on Atlantis, but it was very good none the less. Also if you listen, the Daedalus shields make the same sound as Atlantis's shield when it's raised or lowered. Keep an ear out for it.
  • Pretty darn good! Something happened to this show's budget, because the effects were the best that they've ever been.

    Absolutely great episode. Without having read anybody else's reviews here, I noticed the superior quality effects. I'm not sure whether the show's budget has been increased or not, but whatever they're doing different is showing.

    Simply great space battle and character development. Loved the introduction to the tiny, hardcore women that nearly shoots a wraith dart down with a gun twice her size and hope to see more of her. The hyperdrive knock-out in the nick of time was a very nice piece of work; it just shows that Major Marks can shoot rings around whoever's firing for the Apollo.

    I'm hopeful that they will explain in later episodes, how Michael managed to utilize a jumper, much less find it without a remote, while it was cloaked.

    The only reason this episode doesn't rank a 10 for me is that I believe Caldwell could have probably used all of that military training he has to conclude that it's better to risk an attempt at disabling the hive's main weapons, before lowering his shields while under constant attack.
  • See Summary

    Search and Rescue was a Shockingly Great Episode. It was full of action, in depth story lines culminating together, and as always a little comical relief. This was a great start to a new season of Stargate Atlantis. Some older story lines were drawn closer to an end, however there are new questions at hand. I must admit I'm a little shocked at the ending, and skeptical of the future. I hope that the show continues to exude the same quality as it has for the last 4 seasons. There is a lot going on for all of the characters right now, and I look forward to seeing how things play out.
  • good episode...

    John, Ronon, McKay, and Lawrence are all trapped in the wreckage of the facility where they thought Teyla would be. Michael got a signal and goes to the planet in an attempt to capture the survivors of the collaspe. Meanwhile, Sam and a team are also attempting a rescue. Eventually, the US ship comes along and a battle ensues, Teyla is rescued, and Michael is killed. I actually liked the story because it gave closure. Finally Teyla is rescued and her baby born. I loved when John and Ronon were trapped under the wreckage; they have great character interactions. McKay had tons of great funny moments in this episode. Overall, good start to the season because of it's interesting story and great character developments.
  • Search and Rescue picks up where the Last Man left off with Sheppard and his team buried in rubble after Micheals' booby trapped lab collapsed on them and Sam leading the rescue efforts to get them out before Micheal arrives.

    I loved this episode! It had everything that you would want in a season premiere action, drama, and plenty of close calls. Everyone was at the top of their game in this episode and it kicked the season off to an excellent start. Sam showed plenty of leadership abilities and I will miss her character when she leaves. Sheppard, Ronon and Mackay were quintessentally themselves and their concern for Teyla and her baby came through loud and clear with their willingness to put themselves in danger by infiltrating Michaels' hive ship in order to get her back. Of course there was the predictable scene of Teyla going into labour on the wraith ship and mackay helping her deliver but I was totally expecting this so I wasn't annoyed and it did provide some very funny Mackay moments!
    Search and Rescue was an excellent start to the season and I have high hopes for this fifth season.
  • As a series opener this episode was a bit below standards. That being said, many shows go out with a bang and come back with a whimper so I'm really not all that suprised.

    Something just felt off about the episode as a whole. They spent a whole season chasing after Teyla and it all just came together so fast. Normally, I hate recap, but the combination of the season break and me not caring that much for Michael left me feeling lost. Honestly, I really can't remember why was so good about his hybrids in the first place. Something about them not needing to feed or being immune to some anti human cattle poison???

    To recap the episode, John and his team survive the building collapse and Sam leads a rescue party to dig them out. McKay and Lorne are rescued, but Shepard and Ronin have to chill until backup can arrive as Michael shows up when he finds out his baby birthing facility has blown up. Michael sends down his crappy goons to dig Shepard out and a hilarious conversation ensues where Shepard asks them if they like Duff beer to test if they are being saved by Earthlings or bad guys. As usual, his love of the Simpsons comes in handy. The daedalus shows up, beams them out in the nick of time and then proceeds to kick the crap out of Micheal's ship. Unfortunately lowing the shields to beam them from the planet actually let Michael get in a few good hits and both ships are left relatively powerless. Michael still has some weapons though and fires continuously for what seems like an hour without even managing to break the daedalus's shields. Man the Ancients must have sucked to lose to these guys

    Shepard sneaks a cloaked jumper onto Micheal's ship, and blows their hyperdrive, while Mckay does his best not to stare into Teyla's gaping vagina as she gives birth to her son. They escape and blow up the bad guy's ship. Then they all go home.

    I presume Michael somehow escaped in the cloaked jumper even though he wouldn't have been able to declok it, let alone fly the stupid thing since you have to have the ancient gene
  • A good episode, not great, just good.

    It was a good episode but I "feel" it could have been so much more. "The Last Man" was such a great lead for a two (or three) part episode. "Search & Rescue" just didn't match up to what could have been. I wish there had been more scenes relating to the time travel in "The Last Man." In fact, the lack of any acknowledgement of the previous episode left me a little "disjointed" watching this one. It actually could have been a stand alone episode with a few changes. Anyway, it was a good episode. It's not worthy of a season starter but it was worth watching.