Stargate Atlantis

Season 3 Episode 18


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jun 08, 2007 on Syfy

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  • An episode that could have been a lot more

    First, there was the “SGA” version of “Flowers for Algernon”. That was quickly followed by the “SGA” version of “Ender’s Game” meets “Civilization”. Now, we have this series’ version of “The Abyss”. Even Sheppard points that out early in the episode! Thankfully, that’s not an automatic negative, since the purpose of the episode is exploration of the Wraith. Or, at the very least, a reminder of how creepifying the Wraith can be, even after being sidelined for what seems like ages.

    At the end of the day, this is a “bottle show”, which means the order of the day should be psychological character exploration, brought out by the insanity of the situation. Previous “bottle shows” in the Stargate franchise have been hit or miss. This episode seems to fall somewhere in the middle. It gives the writers a chance to focus on Teyla for once, but in the end, there’s the unfortunate feeling that an opportunity has been wasted.

    Teyla ultimately gets to vanquish an enemy that is otherwise nearly impossible to beat, all based on her connection to the Wraith hivemind, granted to her in a first season episode by an infusion of Wraith DNA. The struggle of wills is the highlight of her plot thread, revealing her inner strength in a way that hasn’t been evident in quite some time. That makes the resolution of the episode too simple and pat in comparison; it also serves to put Sheppard and McKay in position, once again, to save the day.

    Speaking of McKay, after the previous episode, it’s hard to imagine him displaying his trademark sarcasm in quite the same way. This has become an ongoing concern, because it’s another sign that the writers struggle with the concept of letting characters grow and evolve. If the movements are too subtle, then they easily fall into the range of variation from writer to writer, and seem less like planned character evolution than planned stagnation.

    As entertaining as the episode is as an underwater struggle against the most powerful Wraith yet, it fails to deliver as a solid Teyla episode, which is what I had hoped it would be. The character has massive potential, but for it to be realized, she needs a strong and non-relationship-driven arc. Perhaps something that emphasizes her role as the leader of her people in contrast to her role with Team Atlantis, as a follow-up to her arc in the first season, would be the right direction.
  • See Summary

    This was a very interesting episode where Sheppard along with his Team and Weir explore an underwater compound thought to have energy generation capabilities. Along the way Teyla claims to feel a Wraith presence. The set was really cool, very spooky, and makes you feel for the characters in the situation. Eventually the team dertermines that a most powerful Wraith Queen is down there with them. She had been dormant for years since the Great Battle for Atlantis, when her ship sunk, and she fed upon her own to survive. Teylas presence alerted her that she had a chance to escape, but in the end Teyla fooled her, and the Team saves the day again. Very entertaining episode.
  • At the bottom of the ocean...

    It was great variety for a while - this season they have not had many wraith episodes and now they found one - on the most unexpected place - at the bottom of the ocean of Atlantis. And it was great - all the excitement, when they are blocked out, Teyla is controlled by the wraith... And that one - being able to swim there and not giving up - again one very defiant wraith.

    And the ending. The spirit and strength it most have been taken from Teyla to make the plan work - well done.

    In overall, very exciting episode. Good one, an motion and action episode.
  • pretty good episode...

    The team goes to an underwater station and Teyla senses a wraith. It turns out that a wraith queen has lived underwater for a millenia, unable to reach the surface. I liked the idea of the episode, but Teyla was a little annoying. Honestly, I don't really like her character, so when they do a show about her, I naturally don't like it. I really liked the wraith queen and the random scientist. McKay was prety funny. It was weird seeing Weir out of Atlantis, but it wasn't that bad. Overall, this episode had a good story, good humor, and was generally pretty good.
  • This episode is about an underwater adventure with a Queen Wraith.

    This episode was good, but not great like most of the episodes this season. I think the ending could have told a little better - I found it a little confusing. It was good to have a Wraith on an episode again. It's been a long time since there was one on. I liked the part with Sheppard and the Wraith queen. I forgot the Wraith could control bodies like that. Overall it was a good episode, much better than the week before it. It was, however, okay for Atlantis, which is much better than any currently running series on television.
  • Revealing that the writers are running low on plot resolution mechanisms, that is

    I'd say the plot was average. As per usual in sci-fi shows, in the episode immediately following the death of a major character, it's as if nothing actually happened. What I liked best about the episode was Rodney once again demonstrating his lack of interpersonal skills, as he's too busy and important to correctly learn the names of the people who work for him. What made that really pay off was the dialogue between his two underlings about calling him Dr. McCoy.

    What annoyed me most about the episode was that in the end, the crisis was solved by essentially the same stratagem that we saw used very well in The Return, part 2: finding a way to plant misinformation that leads the enemy to take exactly the actions that allow the heroes to win. I'd say it's rather soon to be repeating that plot device.

    [ logistical issue: I don't know if anyone with the power to do this actually reads these reviews, but it would be nice if TV.Com gave us a classification option that was more noncommital than the options on the current list. I didn't feel that any of them fit very well for my reaction to the episode.]
  • Great episode! Great cast!

    I thought this was a great episode. Again demonstrating why this is right up close there with Sg-1 being the one top sci-fi shows that are on tv now. Who could not possibly be thrilled to once again see another wraith, and not just any wraith, the original wraith queen who was part of the first attack against the ancients? Her power was extremely strong, but neither being more powerful or smarter could she beat the Atlantis team.

    Teyla is such a great asset to the Atlantis team. Without her powers the team would be in much more difficult situations.

    I feel Atlantis still has so much more to do with where they're at. They have a great team and I know the future holds new additions to the cast. I hope the networks see that this show can only go up.
  • The wraith are back!!!

    I was so happy that the Wraith appeared again in this episode...after a lot of episodes that although were original, they were also a little boring...Going under an ocean, the team finds some kind of a station, where they lok for energy, but where unfortunately a Queen Wraith finds her way....although she manages to make some damage by taking over Teyla's body, Shepard and McKay manage to eliminate her...It is fascinating to see how weak these creatures are presented...a few bullets were enough to kill her... this episode was exciting, full of unpredictability...although it was just 1 Wraith, I stll enjoyed the episode...very agreeable by the way.
  • The team found a portable drilling platform that may be using the geothermal energy on the planet to generate power, however a Wraith queen still lived in a Wraith cruiser that drowned during the Ancient war, the activation of the platform awakened her...

    We haven't seen much of the Wraith in the whole season, but throwing one in for an episode is somewhat lame. After Echoes, they really could've done better. A water predator, creepy crawlies of the deep sea, hell, thrown in the sea monster from 1000 leagues, they're still much better than an uber old Wraith queen going "You will all die."

    The cool thing here, which I'm not sure they'll use again in future episodes because it would be so lame (yes, again) to throw in the Wraith queen to show that Teyla can twist the truth from a Wraith using her mind-link. Previously we know she can hint things to the Wraith, but this shows that obviously she can do more, she can actually show the Wraiths only what she wants to show them.

    It's the same old thing, nothing new, and even in the last episode on Atlantis' 'original' planet (First Strike 1), the drilling platform wasn't used much except in passing, which was a dissappointment.
  • Very good.

    This in my opinion was a good episode of stargate atlantis becuase it was something a little different from the usually adventures they go with them being underwater, it was really good becuase it invovled a wraith queen and makes you wonder you how she got there and what she was planned so from an episode where it seems like mckay will get them out of a situation where something goes wrong, it turns into an action episode almost with the team having to deal with a wraith queen so it adds an interesting plot and makes the whole episode worth watching.
  • *spoilers below* This episode was well written but not one of the best episodes.

    This episode started off a bit weird and i had no idea why everyone was so tense, but then the not so subtle 'bringing the audience up to speed' was issued and i got it.

    Its funny how in a show like this you can just 'find' something new and have a pretty believeable explination as to why it was not found before. in this case a mobile drilling station. When an undetected wraith takes control of teyla making her harm ronon in an amusing scene (dont know why i found that funny) she is locked up as no one trusts she is free of the wraith control.

    This episode was an interesting watch but in my opinion it was a bit predictable, whether that was the intention, to make us aware that teyla was possesed before the team did i dont know. I also am finding that Dr Weir is getting on my nerves more and more these past episodes. she has unnecissary scenes and stupid words, there really was no reason for her to be there this time. this was a scientific trip with the team for security and well because there a team, anything could have gone wrong and there was no need to have a civilian with no survival training or qualifications to be there.
  • This episode was great, and was a whole team episode, which I love. There was a lot of Teyla, but I'm happy that Weir also received a part in this episode.

    The beginning scene was very funny, because it showed how much like a family the team really is, and the parts with Sheppard pretending to be the dad were nice. I think, overall, the first and last scenes of this episode were the best. *spoilers: do not read if you have not seen the episode*

    The ending bit reminded me of the end of "The Defiant One" where McKay comes out and fires at the wraith, and Sheppard has to tell Rodney what to do. Although, instead of McKay asking John what to do, he fired his whole P90 clip at the wraith, and, as he said, things did not go as planned, so Sheppard had to step in. The conversation between the two was priceless after that, and some real good acting on David Hewlett's part. All in all this was a good episode, with neat team moments throughout, but I think it could have been better, because it was like, 'okay, we know that, could we please move on to one of the reasons I watch this show? action!'.
  • Now this was good

    We had so much great stuff in this episode.

    The Ancients had a massive underwater drilling station to try and draw geothermic energy from the planet's core; similar to the season 2 episode where the Orion was discovered. While at the station Teyla detects that there is a Wraith nearby except the sensors show nothing. Teyla offers to open her mind to try and detect the Wraith and it all goes horribly wrong. The Wraith takes over her mind but manages to hide it to begin with. Thinking everything alright, they decide to split into teams to explore the base because the others are under the illusion that there is no wraith.

    Teyla goes with Ronon and when they are alone she knees him in the worst place to knee a man and then kicks and beats him til he blacks out. She is then to be seen fiddling with an Ancient control panel. The lights go out in various sections of the station, and then she unloads and entire clip from her 9mil into the crystal panel. All of a sudden she stumbles, and our Teyla is returned to us, apparently unaware of what has happened.

    After much discussion they realise that Teyla is very susceptible to this new Wraith, mainly because she is a Queen rather than a regular goon. They go after the Wraith Queen because she set off various force fields around the station, cutting everyone off from the jumper. The Queen goes to the jumper but because she does not have the ancient gene she cannot fly it. After killing one of hte nearby technicians she kills the other after making him send out a radio message to Sheppard calling for assisstance. He comes up and she tries to make him fly her out of the station. Ronon fires, and surprisingly misses. Instead he takes out the window of the jumper, bringing forth the oceans through a very small hole.

    Everyone is thrown clear and emergency force fields are activated. When Sheppard and Ronon come to they realise the WRaith is still out cold so they take her and tie her up. Then follows much itnerrogation with several Teyla moments of her trying to see what the Wraith is hiding. She seems overly confident that the humans will die, and Teyla manages to discover that the Queen was in charge of a great WRaith alliance, and she led the first attack on Atlantis. Her ship was damaged and crashed beneath the waves. Cut off from everywhere else she fed off her own people, but eventually had to hibernate for hundreds and then thousands of years. Sensing Teyla she woke up, set the self destruct on her ship and then swam over to Atlantis rigging station.

    Unfortunately the ship is position on a part of the planets crust which is very thin. The self-destruct will blow a hole in it, destroying the planet.

    Teyla manages to convince the Wraith that her ship was not nearly as damaged as she thought and that Sheppard and McKAy have fixed it, and Sheppard will fly it out. The Wraith Queen escapes back to her ship and turns off the self destruct. Only for McKAy to bury a clip in her and Sheppard to then join in with his 9mil.

    With the self destruct aborted everyone sits down to rest only for McKay to come in and say that Atlantis has already sent another puddle jumper down, and that they should keep working to do what they came here to do which was to try adn get mroe energy/power. Teyla, Sheppard and Ronon opt to sleep on it.

    This episode was awesome, with the potential of a new type of power, with more Teyla moments, not to mention she took on a Wraith Queen and won. I thought this episode was brilliant.

    Bring on the season finale.