Stargate Atlantis

Season 3 Episode 17


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jun 01, 2007 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • Katie: (to Rodney) Well, you had another consciousness in your body, one that took over during our first date, and made you kiss me....

      In the second season episode "Duet", while being reintegrated from a downed Wraith dart, McKay's mind ended up housing the consciousness of Lt. Laura Cadman as well as his own.

    • Five of the six pall bearers for Carson were the people who didn't go fishing with him. Rodney because of Katie, Ronon and Sheppard because of golf, Lorne because of his painting, and Zelenka because of the chess tournament. The other one is Dr. Cole who had a migraine when Carson came in to the infirmary to catch up with some paperwork, which is why he was on call in the first place.

    • This marks the first episode where we see Mike Branton, a potential love interest for Elizabeth Weir.

    • At the start of this episode, it is revealed that Teyla has feelings for someone. We are not told who, only that Teyla doubts he would be like to confess any feelings he might have to her.

    • This episode marks the first time Ronon refers to John by his first name.

    • This episode is the first one to openly suggest Teyla and Sheppard as a couple.

    • This episode marks the first time that Ronon goes to Earth, although he is not seen there.

    • It is revealed that Major Lorne likes to paint a hobby fostered by his mother, who was an art teacher, and was creating a painting of the Atlantis skyline.

    • This is the first episode showing Sheppard and Lorne in their Air Force dress uniform.

    • During his conversation with Beckett, Zelenka mentions Dr. Mallozzi and his anime collection. This is a reference to Stargate Atlantis Executive Producer/writer Joseph Mallozzi, who, in his blog entries, frequently talks about his anime-watching habits.

    • We find out in this episode that Sheppard was once married.

  • Quotes

    • McKay: I should have just gone fishing with him.
      Ronon: Don't.
      McKay: No, if I'd gone fishing, if I'd checked the machine, if I hadn't assigned two junior guys to catalog the lab.
      Ronon: Rodney...what's done is done.
      McKay: I know. And uh...that's what's killing me.

    • Teyla: How are you doing?
      Sheppard: Me? I'm fine, but I didn't have major surgery 2 days ago.
      Teyla: That is not what I meant.
      Sheppard: It hasn't hit me yet. I'm not looking forward to it when it does.
      Teyla: I feel a great sadness. He....I feel a great sadness.

    • Brown: And I like you a lot, too.
      McKay: I know. And, to be honest, I…I…I find that just baffling!
      Brown: Oh, come on now.
      McKay: No, no, no, there's other people. They find it baffling, too.

    • Ronon: When are you getting married?
      Sheppard: I've already done that. Not very good at it. Besides... there really
      isn't anyone here that... you know.
      Ronon: See, I always thought you and Teyla would, um... you know.
      Sheppard: Really?
      Ronon: Yeah. Why not?
      Sheppard: Mm...

    • Beckett: How'd it go back on Earth?
      McKay: It was, um, it was awful. Your family was amazing, though.
      Beckett: Aye, they are. Good turnout?
      McKay: Oh, packed the church.
      Beckett: Oh, that's good to hear!

    • Weir: We've said goodbye to a lot of friends today. Our mission is a dangerous one. We lose people; a fact we're all painfully aware of. But Carson was... I can't remember anyone coming to me with a complaint against him. Ever. He was a kind soul. He was... He was a healer. And he will be very deeply missed. Georg Fabricius said, "Death comes to us all, but great achievements, they build a monument which shall endure until the sun grows cold." Every single life Carson saved is a monument to him. And that gives me great comfort.

    • Beckett: Aye. Um, I don't suppose there's any chance you'd like to come fishing with me on the mainland, is there?
      Lorne: If you'd got to me earlier, maybe, but I kinda wanna finish this up.
      Beckett: Och, it looks done to me.
      Lorne: That is why I am the painter and you a doctor.
      Beckett: Very good point.

    • McKay: Exactly! So I figured if I told him we finally had an afternoon where I could take you out to lunch or something, then he'd have no choice but to let me out of it.
      Brown: I can't. I need to babysit the ferns.
      McKay: Right. Well. If I had a nickel for every time a girl used that line! You know what? Let me bring lunch to you. We can eat here.
      Brown: Rodney, you wanna babysit ferns with me?
      McKay: Hey, in the battle between ferns versus fish, ferns continuously win a decisive victory.

    • McKay: I need an excuse to break those plans.
      Brown: Why's that?
      McKay: Well, because we're going fishing. And to be honest, I cannot think of a more torturous way of spending a day than, you know, up to my... hips in water trying to get worms on hooks and having all the time in the world to listen to Carson's many views on what I'm sure are a vast number of impossibly boring subjects. I mean, it is unappealing in every way.

    • Sheppard: Grab the other guy's flag, huh, that's it?
      Ronon: That's it.
      Sheppard: No penalties and stuff?
      Ronon: What?
      Sheppard: Well, if the other guy pulls your hair or tries to bite you...
      Ronon: Bite back.
      Sheppard: Right.

    • Beckett: Rodney and I are heading to the mainland to catch a fish that seems to be just like a trout. Care to join us? Sport of kings.
      Sheppard: I thought horse racing was the sport of kings?
      Beckett: For the boring kings, maybe.

    • Ronon(learning golf over the ocean): So this is a water hazard.
      Sheppard: Well, we don't have a course yet. All we have for now is a driving range where you...
      Ronon: ...just hit a little ball.
      Sheppard: Pretty much, yeah.

    • Ronon(after Teyla weaseled her way out of learning golf): You know, uh, John, I've got mission reports too.
      Sheppard: Nice try. It's gonna be fun.
      Ronon: Fun, uh-huh.

    • Weir: I just don't think...
      Branton(interrupting her): It's probably best you don't think.
      Weir: Would you stop interrupting me? You have a tendency to do that.
      Branton: I do not!
      Weir: Yes, you do. I hate it when people interrupt me.
      Branton: Well, if I hadn't interrupted you, we would never have had lunch. Life needs a little interrupting every now and again.
      Weir: Alright, I don't completely disagree.

    • Weir: I should really get back anyway.
      Branton: What are you doing tomorrow?
      Weir: Mike...
      Branton: Look, I like you, and I'm extremely charming. (after they both laugh) I'd like to see you spin those into negatives.

    • Branton: And you believe that?
      Weir: Yes.
      Branton: Truly and in your heart you believe that?
      Weir: I do. (after Mike shakes his head in disbelief) What?
      Branton: I just don't know that I can ever respect you again.
      Weir: Come on.
      Branton: You think "When Harry Met Sally" is better than "Annie Hall"? You're a crazy person.

    • Weir: Friends is one thing.
      Branton; Oh, you think... Oh, wait a second, I see what's happening here. You think I'm asking you out on a date. No, no, no, no, this isn't a date. This is... This is lunch. This is the mandatory refuelling of our bodies. This is putting food in your mouth and chewing it and having something more engaging than a wall sitting across from you. That's all it is... I mean, come on, you've gotta admit, I am much more appealing than a wall, no? (after Weir looks at him) Well, you don't have to admit it, but it'd be a massive blow to my ego if you thought otherwise.
      Weir: You are more appealing than a wall.

    • Weir: Look, it's nothing personal, but I make it a point to not have relationships with people who work for me.
      Branton: I don't work for you.
      Weir: I'm your boss.
      Branton: Well, you're my boss' boss, actually.

    • Branton: I was thinking about grabbing some food. Care to join?
      Weir: I can't. I've...
      Branton: You're not capable of having lunch?
      Weir(laughing): Yes, I'm capable.
      Branton: Are you planning on eating today?
      Weir: Of course.
      Branton: Great. Eat with me.

    • Teyla: I could never just say that to him!
      Hewston: Why not? You like him, don't you?
      Teyla: That is not the point.
      Hewston: I think that's exactly the point, actually.

    • Hewston: The second we realized it was emitting radiation we turned it off.
      McKay: So what, you want a medal? My four year old niece could figure out to turn something off if it was emitting radiation. That does not make you smart. That just makes you a little less stupid.

    • Sheppard: You dating anyone?
      Ronon: You mean like a woman?
      Sheppard: Or a man...

    • Ronon: Round three. (stands on one leg)
      Sheppard: Oh come on. Oh you are making this stuff up. This is not a traditional Satedan sport. This is an excuse to make me look dumb and kick my ass.

    • Sheppard: I think we're gonna pass.
      Carson: Alright, but don't be jealous when I return with a record breaking space trout. (holding his hands apart to show how big it is and snaps his fingers) Thank you.
      Sheppard: We'll try to contain ourselves.

    • Beckett: Do you have a hot date?
      Weir: What?! Who told you that?!
      Beckett: No one, I was joking. I was right. Who is it? (Pause) None of my business. Have a lovely afternoon Elizabeth.
      Weir: Thank you.
      Beckett: You smell good too.
      Weir: (Calls back) Shut up!

  • Notes

    • The story is told in a nonlinear fashion, using multiple flashbacks to show where each character was and what they were doing during important points in the story.

    • Daniel Bacon previously played a Technician on several episodes of Stargate SG-1.

    • International Air Dates:

      -This episode aired in Canada on January 15, 2007 on Movie Central and January 29, 2007 on The Movie Network.
      -This episode aired in the UK on February 21, 2007 on Sky One.
      -Syndication Premiere: April 26-27, 2008.
      -This episode aired in Australia on June 19, 2008 on Channel 7.
      -This episode aired in the Czech Republic on June 15, 2009 on AXN Sci-fi.

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