Stargate Atlantis

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 06, 2004 on Syfy

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    This was an exciting episode. We got to see more of the Wraith, and in my opinion they never show enough of the villians or get deep enough into their backgrounds, however, this episode keeps everything moving forward. The writers of this episode created multiple conflicts between characters, some resolved others not, by the end of the episode. The Athosians now live on the main land of the world occupied by Atlantis. This will lead to more interesting stories for sure. I still think its great to see primitave peoples ignorant of advanced technology, i.e. Teyla's Necklace, and I'm sure we'll see more of this in the future, as we did in SG-1. Can't wait for more!!!!
  • After a number of run ins with the Wraiths on Stargate searches Dr. Weir and the Security Head suspect an Athosian of being a traitor. The Anthosian's move from Atlantis to the mainland. They capture a Wraith and bring it to Atlantis?!

    Some significant things occurred in this episode unfortunately it was another filler type of episode otherwise. We find out that the Wraiths can track the Antlantian genes. That the suspicion of someone among the Athosians being a traitor was unfounded. That the planet Atlantis is on has a massive amount of land formations. Finally that the people running Atlantis may be smart but maybe not that smart.

    It turns out that the pendant Sheppard found was actually activated by Antlantian gene contact. Meaning that this was a centuries old device handed down as a memento and Major Sheppard was the one who unknowingly activated it not Teyla. It is a tracking device used to help the Wraith find the ancients.

    Dr. Weir and friends were embarrassed by the need to suspect the Athosians but Teyla understood. She reassured Dr. Weir that she would have done the same thing in her shoes.

    When Sheppard and Ford go on there little joy ride they discover that the planet has large land formations which turn out to be fertile enough that the Athosians have begun planting to feed their people. There may even be some good waves for surfing. Cool Dude!

    Finally when they learn of the necklaces function they think of the brilliant idea of capturing a Wraith and bringing it back to Atlantis. Of course they don't know if they are telepathic, or can contact one another somehow? A very bold move but not really a good one. Think about how they treated the Athosians with no regard for their feelings. This could be a bigger security breech and makes no sense.

    The action was good and the acting solid. The storyline leaves a little to be desired but hopefully there is a plan. I am a little concerned about the direction of the storyline but one has to wait to see where things are going for real before making final judgment. Thanks for reading...
  • After a series of run-ins with the Wraith, the team begins to suspect their Athosian allies of having a spy in their midst.

    The Atlantis base receives an intense radio transmission from Major Sheppard's team: they are fleeing from the Wraith back through the gate. Dr. Elizabeth Weir orders the shield protecting the Stargate to be lowered to allow the team safely through, and the gate room is riddled with energy blasts from Wraith weapons. The team comes through, but Dr. McKay is struck by one of the blasts before the shield can be raised again.In the infirmary, Dr. Beckett tells McKay that he's going to be alright. The Wraith energy weapons are designed to immobilize their pray, not to kill targets. McKay will suffer some paralyses and is unable to talk, but the effects will wear off. Meanwhile, Weir confronts Sheppard with a suggestion that is now inescapable: His team has met the Wraith on five of their last nine missions. It's clear that they have a spy in their midst.
  • Good action, plot and character development.

    I have just started watchin SGA and after the piolt episode this one has been another great instalment. There was lots of action. I really enjoyed the different styles of camra work that went into this episode and as far as i can tell this series is really takeing off in it's first season. Can't wait to watch the rest. The action seamed pretty good and the take on a well used plot template was well done. My only complaint was that the wraith must be really cocky or really stupid because they onoly seam to send about four or five troops everytime the SGA team encounters them.
  • Traitor without knowing it...

    Another really great episode. I like the way their storylines and episodes have much different style than SG-1 episodes. And this episode - the traitor thing. It just felt that they needed to get those refuses out of Atlantis and for that, they wrote it this way. But the storyline itself was good - even thought I would have not suggested trap after 9 trips and 5 hits... as it would be logic that Wraiths are out there. And now they are even madder. I only wonder, why they needed to bring one with them? Did they considered the security risk it will bring? In case the Wraith would send out a signal or escape.
  • The story isn't new, but I love that episode, because it shows the suspicion chich has to be there if you have alien people in your city now!

    I love Bates and how he acts just to protect all of the humans in the city. I like to see how he fights with Sheppard about Teyla and how loyal Sheppard reacts on this.

    And isn't it funny to see how McKay is in the infirmary? He and Carson are so funny to watch. There will be more of that later in the show.

    So you can see I love that episodes, because of the characters developments. Ford is getting a bit to awkward for a military officer, but I guess the writers coulnd't really find a way for him to be in the show. This part looks like an experiment to make fun of him.

    Teyla needs to be seperated from her people to let her be more part of the new team! But I guess Atlantis needs more new inhabitants. Why aren't there people just living there. All the staff has to do some afterwork things.

    Maybe later in the show!
  • Is there a traitor?

    Since Sheppard's team keeps on encountering the wraith on their missions Dr. Weir suspects that one of the athosians is a spy for the wraith. But it turns out there was no traitor. I really don't like that sergeant Bates he is a bit of a Jerk and Sheppard really doesn't like him either. It turns out that the necklace of Teyla's that Sheppard found in the pilot is a wraith transmitter and every time they went to a planet a warith ship would be near and investigate. The good thing is that they captured one of the wraith. I found it funny at the end when the wraith threatened to eat sheppard once it got free and Sheppard replied by saying "I'm going to make a sandwich". He is funny just like O'neill but in his own way. Later...
  • With all of the Wraith attacks happening so suddenly after the Altantis crew saved the Athosians, it is obviously their fault...isn't it?

    This episode was interesting, but the plot didn't really go anywhere and nothing was really accomplished to advance the storyline. True, what they catch at the end of the episode is valuable for the future, but the rest of the episode really felt like a filler. The entire story of the episode can be summed up in the summary above, that's who in depth the story was. Not that it was bad, as I said, it was a fun episode. But, it was not as good as the other episodes that came before it. Overall, this is still a good one, but slack compared to others.
  • A traitor in the team?

    A traitor might be among the team spilt the people apart, it was gonna happen eventually when a new threat is approaching. It was no coincident that they were getting attacked. When that security officer asked the scientist to check Taylor stuff he found a tracking device, what was interesting was that Sheppard activated it. Don't you think it is tiring that there was no traitor in the end when a situation happens like this? I do but a great episode.
  • is they are traitor in Atlantis?, well no but i liked how Wraith was tracking them thanks to Sheappard

    Well another great episode of Atlantis, The fact that a traitor might be among the team spilt the people apart, it was bound to happened when you bring people from another planet on the base. It was no coincident that they were getting attacked. When that security officer asked scientist to check Taylor stuff he found tracking device, what was interesting was Sheppard the one who activated it and I liked how it linked pilot episode . So in the end there was no traitor. Still I liked how they captured Wraith but isn’t that a bit risky?. I mean they fed on human life.

    I really liked how they opened up the city, that was pure accident but it gave people a chance to live in normal life and not the base, I mean I am sure they are happy living in the city rather then base , what was that thing they found and was excited, I think it was lead but why was that important?. I didn’t know they needed lead but the only thing I can think off is that he was used to hide the base from a scan.

    Another great episode and like always can’t wait until the episode
  • Brilliant the team catch a Wraith prisioner and it proves to be quite helpfull

    This was a great episode one of the better ones of the season. The thing that i liked most about this episode was the fact that they were assuming that somebody was giving away their position on purpose but then it turned out to be a very simple and silly mistake that was giving it away. I also liked the fact they some scientific teams went off world in this episode and did work rather than just the military teams and the fact that they got there hands on a live Wraith and were able to catch it was great.