Stargate Atlantis

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 06, 2004 on Syfy

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  • After a number of run ins with the Wraiths on Stargate searches Dr. Weir and the Security Head suspect an Athosian of being a traitor. The Anthosian's move from Atlantis to the mainland. They capture a Wraith and bring it to Atlantis?!

    Some significant things occurred in this episode unfortunately it was another filler type of episode otherwise. We find out that the Wraiths can track the Antlantian genes. That the suspicion of someone among the Athosians being a traitor was unfounded. That the planet Atlantis is on has a massive amount of land formations. Finally that the people running Atlantis may be smart but maybe not that smart.

    It turns out that the pendant Sheppard found was actually activated by Antlantian gene contact. Meaning that this was a centuries old device handed down as a memento and Major Sheppard was the one who unknowingly activated it not Teyla. It is a tracking device used to help the Wraith find the ancients.

    Dr. Weir and friends were embarrassed by the need to suspect the Athosians but Teyla understood. She reassured Dr. Weir that she would have done the same thing in her shoes.

    When Sheppard and Ford go on there little joy ride they discover that the planet has large land formations which turn out to be fertile enough that the Athosians have begun planting to feed their people. There may even be some good waves for surfing. Cool Dude!

    Finally when they learn of the necklaces function they think of the brilliant idea of capturing a Wraith and bringing it back to Atlantis. Of course they don't know if they are telepathic, or can contact one another somehow? A very bold move but not really a good one. Think about how they treated the Athosians with no regard for their feelings. This could be a bigger security breech and makes no sense.

    The action was good and the acting solid. The storyline leaves a little to be desired but hopefully there is a plan. I am a little concerned about the direction of the storyline but one has to wait to see where things are going for real before making final judgment. Thanks for reading...
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