Stargate Atlantis

Season 3 Episode 14

Tao of Rodney

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 04, 2007 on Syfy

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  • My Favorite Episode of Stargate: Atlantis to date.

    The Tao of Rodney is currently my favorite episode of Stargate: Atlantis to date, moste definitely my favorite of Season 3. It, of course, showcases Rodney McCay and how he would react to getting close to becoming Ascended. When it was done with Daniel Jackson on Stargate: SG1, it just seemed too easy for a character to become a higher being (even though Dr. Jackson had a little help from Oma Desala). With Dr. McCay it was entirely different. When Rodney McCay got subjected to the radiation from the Ancient device, it was more dynamic than Dr. Jackson's path. Rodney develops "superpowers" as he gets closer to the point of where he needs to Ascend or die. This was handled quite well with the character not being capable of concieving of Ascending. With death looming for Rodney, he decides to use what little time he has left to help his "family" as well as humanity. From performing a tea ceremony for Teyla, removing Ronan's scars from his back, or even writing a 500 page book for Dr. Weir, this shows that there is more depth to Rodney McCay that what is seen at first blush. Whereas Dr. Jackson just succumbed to radiation sickness and, after a heartfelt talk with Jack O'Neil, Ascends. Everyone in Rodney's "family" gathers in support for him and shows that although he usually gets on their last nerves at times, they actually care for him. At the telling moment where Rodney either ascends or dies, the solution comes to him and he becomes human again. David Hewlett did an exceptional job with bringing another facet to Rodney McCay and just not leaving the character as a stereotypical "grumpy scientist". As an actor, he is to make the character he plays as believable as possible. He gives a performance where the other actors can interact and work off of which makes this story, to me, have a little more impact than the Ascending on Stargate: SG1. The feeling of family comes forth in this episode (along with the episode "Sunday" that was also in this season) and makes you actually care about what happens next. Isn't that what great Television Shows are supposed to do?
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