Stargate Atlantis

Season 3 Episode 14

Tao of Rodney

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 04, 2007 on Syfy



  • Quotes

    • McKay: Yeah, well, you know what? I don't care if you don't think I was capable of ascension, I never wanted to do it anyway. In fact, you know what? I'm very happy with who I am. And you love me!
      Weir: What?! I never...
      McKay: You so did! Yeah, I may not be able to understand this new math I created, but I distinctly remember that you said you love me.
      Weir: Actually I said we love you and...
      McKay: And what? You were just saying that because you thought I was dying?
      Weir: No, I said it because ...
      McKay: See, you love me! It's true. You said it, now I know, I always suspected it, in fact, you know what? I've always noticed that there's been an indefinable and yet a magical chemistry between us that I think I covered in chapter 10.
      Weir: hmm, Rodney...
      McKay: You had lunch yet?
      Weir: Yes.
      McKay: Mid-afternoon snack then?
      Weir: (smiling) I will keep you company.