Stargate Atlantis

Season 3 Episode 14

Tao of Rodney

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 04, 2007 on Syfy



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    • Flowers For Rodney?

      The plot of this episode parallels the story line of Flowers For Algernon by Daniel Keyes, about Charly Gordon, a severely retarded man who undergoes experimental surgery which makes him super-intelligent. Eventually, the effects of the operation gradually reverse themselves, leaving him unable to understand the studies and discoveries he made while enhanced. Similarly, Rodney ends up unable to comprehend all the discoveries he made while partially ascended. Flowers For Algernon was published as a novella in 1959 and won a Hugo Award for best short fiction. Six years later, it was expanded into a novel and won the Nebula Award for best novel. It was also adapted for the screen twice: for television in 1961 on the The United States Steel Hour starring Cliff Robertson as Charlie, and in 1968 as the movie Charly, again starring Robertson with Claire Bloom, winning the best actor Oscar for Robertson.