Stargate Atlantis

Season 1 Episode 16

The Brotherhood

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 25, 2005 on Syfy

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  • Sheppard's team is on the planet Dagan to search for a ZPM held the Brotherhood that was destroyed centuries before. They seem to receiving help from the local population. The Wraith scan Atlantis and the Genii are back to cause trouble again.

    A very disappointing episode after three good ones in a row. The terrible Genii return with their single simple minded strategies. The Wraith scan Atlantis. The Dagan's are just as bad as the Genii in a different way. Finally Dr. McKay is just as dumb as always.

    First of all how can McKay's character be so poorly written. Just about everything bad that has happened in the sixteen episodes has occurred because of this supposedly most brilliant man on the Atlantis team. Not only is he not brilliant but he is obnoxious as well.

    Really the Stargate Atlantis writers need to get over the Genii. Robert Davi makes a reappearance as Commander Koyla now a little more somber than even before. They again let the Atlantian team do all the work and expect to zoom in for the prize, but they are thwarted in the end.

    The Dagan's manage to step in at the last minute and take the ZPM from the small team that retrieved it. What is with that? This is the most important thing the whole of Atlantis needs and they have four people securing it. Right, they deserve to fail really.

    The Wraith are brilliant in sending a Dart on a one way suicide trip to Atlantis to send the uploaded information of Atlantis situation to the fleet of three hive ships. Without the ZPM Atlantis is done for and they also managed to lose another jumper as well. Not a well planned tactical defense to fly directly in the path of the oncoming enemy ship when you have a three to one advantage.

    Disappointing episode most definitely. Nothing really great about it. The acting was OK, the dialogue a little annoying especially McKay, and the story not very well written. There is a real tendency to go up and down in the quality of these episodes. I think I might have dropped this another half point if the last three hadn't been so good. Thanks for reading...
  • What about the other 4 gate addresses on the note from future Weir?

    This episode was ok, not great. It was obvious when the locals' attitude changed after they learned that the SG team had only been at Atlantis a month. The double-cross was clearly in the works from then on.

    Following this episode, the storyline becomes all about impending wraith attack, and the power problem. They never mention the remaining 4 gate addresses...which makes no sense. Why wouldn't they check them all out? If they find a ZPM,they can defend themselves. Seems like it would be their top priority.
    I'm wondering if I missed some reference to the 4 planets and why they didn't try -- or if they tried and failed. Anyone know about the other 4 gate addresses?
  • I hate the team's mentality in Stargate Atlantis.

    Another episode where they go to a planet to find a ZPM and when they find it they just assume that they can have it. Then when the people of the planet say they want to keep it the team is shocked. What is wrong with them? They must have a severe superiority complex.
  • Predictable. Find a ZPM and the answer to all Atlantis's problems; therefore must LOSE the ZPM before the end of the episode.

    Predictable. Just a soon as the team finds a ZPM and the answer to all Atlantis's problems; to advance the storyline we must therefore LOSE the ZPM before the end of the episode.

    I could have seen that coming a mile off. Just once I'd like a Stargate episode where they actually acheive something they set out to do, and it actually happens rather than it being a dream sequence, vision of the future, or some temporary plot device that is undermined before the episode ends.
  • The team learns of a ZPM hidden on this planet.

    The team goes in search of a ZPM that may be hidden on this planet they must solve many puzzles and riddles. The Genii learn of there plan and try and steal it but the team stops them but then the inhabitants of the planet turn on the team and put the ZPM back into hiding.
  • See Summary

    The Brotherhood was a fun episode to watch. The writers did a good job of intertwining the story lines that exist, and keeping things open for future episodes. Sheppards Team is working with some natives on a planet where they believe they can find a hidden ZPM. As they get closer to finding the pieces of the puzzle an old foe from the Genii appears and has some plans in the works. This episode had suspense, mystery, and intrigue. The main native of the planet was very nice and seemingly on the Atlantis teams side, until she found out that they were not from there originally, but of earth instead. The Wraith even made an appearance, scanning Atlantis and self destructing, and Atlantis detected 3 hive ships on their way, so this should be a good season wrap up in the next few episodes.
  • Wraith are coming...

    This was somehow really Indiana Jones like adventure episode with buried treasure. And this time the treasure was ZPM what they so badly need - as while Sheppard and his team are solving mysteries and dealing with geniis (oh, I hate those people. The have the habit appearing in worst moments), Atlantis is discovered by dart and then scanned and signal sent somewhere is space. Later it is discovered that there are three wraith hive ships coming. Not good at all.

    And the quest for ZPM goes bad too as McKay - he talked too much and those local people, they took ZPM from them.

    So, wraith are coming and no ZPM. Two weeks to go...
  • The Return of Kolya...

    This was a fun adventure indeed as they go to a planet only to be confronted once again by Kolya and the Genii. It is true, it does have a feel of Indiana Jones since it deals with archeology and ancient artifacts. Rodney also falls in love with one of the women on the planet. Sadly, this episode isn't as good as the previous two episode that introduced Kolya, but it is still very exciting. There is a puzzle that they have to solve and if they get it wrong, they die. That is definitely the Indiana Jones feel of the episode.
  • An Indiana Jones-like adventure.

    I love treasure movies as well as sci-fi so this was a great mix. It just kept getting more exciting as it went along. Not knowing what was gonna happen. And getting the ZedPM (I'm Canadian!) became more and more complicated as they went along. Sheppard and McKay were great in this episode as usual. McKay was hilarious with that girl, what a dunce. And Sheppard, being the hero as usual. I just found that the episode was so interesting. A great story with lots of twists, and with the same strong characters. Since Stargate all started in the dirt and rocks, I like episodes that remind us of that, instead of always seeing the squeaky clean Atlantis.
  • Rodney and his sidekicks go to one of the gate addresses given to them by Elizabeth (the old one) to find a ZPM and less-than-brilliant storyline.

    The team is looking for a ZPM at one of the gate addresses given them by 10,000 year old Elizabeth, which sends them on a little treasure hunt and leads to some problems. The Brotherhood of 15 (who are all long dead) thought the ZPM was sacred, so the New Brotherhood (all still alive) also regard it as sacred.

    This episode gives some character development for John, although we don't get a lot of follow up on it: turns out he's really smart. Like, Mensa smart. He took a Mensa test, passed, but didn't join. This news is a shock to Rodney, who is a Mensa member and probably can't imagine someone else with a similar level of intelligence passing on an opportunity to hang around with other smart people. It also turns out there's a Mensa chapter on Atlantis (they really did pick from among the best and the brightest, eh?), so I think it now qualifies as an intergalactic society. Not being a member of any society, but rather quite the bookworm, I had a moment of confusion during this scene in which I thought Rodney was telling John that Mensa had a book with a chapter about Atlantis. I figured it out pretty quickly, though. Anyway, being as this whole exchange took place while John was facing yet another life-or-death situation, it was the only funny bit of the episode.

    Rodney's mathematical gymnastics was impressive, but kind of dull. We've grown accustomed to Rodney knowing everything there is to know. What was more interesting was his reaction to Allina's attention. It's probably best that Samantha Carter never gave him the time of day, because he wouldn't have known what to do. The poor man has obviously never had a woman flirt with him, since he seems incapable of recognising it. This was more interesting, as I said, but not by much.

    Back in Atlantis, someone seems to have spilled something on the computer, if Zelenka's comments about food and drink near 10,000-year-old equipment are anything to go by. I only have three-year-old equipment, and I know better than to spill stuff on it. In this case the spillage was fortuitous, though, since it turned on some long-range scanners that they didn't know existed. Not so good is the news they find out from the scanners; the Wraith are on their way. Some of the jumpers are sent up to counter the approaching Dart, one piloted by Carson "It's still irritating when you whine with a Scottish accent" Beckett. Naturally, he is reluctant to agree, going so far as to say, "I'm a doctor, not a bloody fighter pilot!" Heehee! I'm not actually keeping track, but I believe this is at least the third time I've heard Carson use Dr. McCoy's line. Funny or not, I wish the writers would give him some character development, perhaps allowing him to use his Ancient gene without making a huge fuss about it.

    The away team ends up back in Atlantis sans ZPM, since the New Brotherhood was unwilling to part with it, to hear the even worse news that Wraith hive ships are on their way. So we're pretty well set up for the rest of the season.
  • Apparently nspired by the Da Vinci code, this episode is predictable but well written and in the atmosphere of the series.

    Although there were hope that they would get the ZPM if they found it (Alina seems interested in the Atlantis technology), this was only one of the first planets they explored with that purpose. It would have been too easy !

    The storyline was cleverly written. It was a classical treasure hunt ; the clues were a little bit too easy in my opinion.
    I do not deny McKay's and Sheppard's abilities.

    Not only is the return of the Genii a good way to see other people from the Pegasus Galaxy, but it adds an ennemy with whom they share a common goal.

    Back on Atlantis. The sudden attack is not as good as the rest of the episode, but it includes suspense for the rest of the season, and introduces new supporting characters.