Stargate Atlantis

Season 1 Episode 16

The Brotherhood

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 25, 2005 on Syfy

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  • Sheppard's team is on the planet Dagan to search for a ZPM held the Brotherhood that was destroyed centuries before. They seem to receiving help from the local population. The Wraith scan Atlantis and the Genii are back to cause trouble again.

    A very disappointing episode after three good ones in a row. The terrible Genii return with their single simple minded strategies. The Wraith scan Atlantis. The Dagan's are just as bad as the Genii in a different way. Finally Dr. McKay is just as dumb as always.

    First of all how can McKay's character be so poorly written. Just about everything bad that has happened in the sixteen episodes has occurred because of this supposedly most brilliant man on the Atlantis team. Not only is he not brilliant but he is obnoxious as well.

    Really the Stargate Atlantis writers need to get over the Genii. Robert Davi makes a reappearance as Commander Koyla now a little more somber than even before. They again let the Atlantian team do all the work and expect to zoom in for the prize, but they are thwarted in the end.

    The Dagan's manage to step in at the last minute and take the ZPM from the small team that retrieved it. What is with that? This is the most important thing the whole of Atlantis needs and they have four people securing it. Right, they deserve to fail really.

    The Wraith are brilliant in sending a Dart on a one way suicide trip to Atlantis to send the uploaded information of Atlantis situation to the fleet of three hive ships. Without the ZPM Atlantis is done for and they also managed to lose another jumper as well. Not a well planned tactical defense to fly directly in the path of the oncoming enemy ship when you have a three to one advantage.

    Disappointing episode most definitely. Nothing really great about it. The acting was OK, the dialogue a little annoying especially McKay, and the story not very well written. There is a real tendency to go up and down in the quality of these episodes. I think I might have dropped this another half point if the last three hadn't been so good. Thanks for reading...