Stargate Atlantis

Season 1 Episode 12

The Defiant One

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 28, 2005 on Syfy

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  • A Dental Conumdrum

    If the Wraith feed by plunging their right hands into the chests of their victims to draw off energy, why do they need teeth? Does energy need to be masticated? Mind you, their unnecessary dentures do make for rather cute smiles!
  • Dr. Gaul has made a discovery of a large Atlantian Defensive Satellite named La Grange. Sheppard, McKay, Gaul, and Abrams go to investigate and find a Wraith distress signal on the planet. While down there they run into a Wraith who refuses to die.

    Can you say filler episode. This reminds me of those old Star Trek episodes where they go down to the planet and have some kind of mano a mano situation. Either man against alien or man against the elements. Basically you go out to the desert and shoot a really inexpensive episode to make up for the really expensive ones you ran the prior or following weeks.

    You always felt sorry for the red shirts in those episodes as you knew they were going to buy it sometime during the show. In this case it was the superfluous doctors that were on the mission.

    Really not a whole lot to say about this episode other than I watched the whole thing. In the end Weir's good common sense saved the day as it took a shot from a second puddle jumper to take out the Wraith.

    You have to wonder how long McKay's mouth can keep writing checks he can't cash. Unfortunately I believe this character is on the series during the complete run. So no quick death. One thing is for certain though they don't need any faulty plot lines to get into trouble. They just have to have McKay along making his usual ridiculous suggestions. This time two others paid for it with their lives.

    The satellite was sort of cool. Maybe they can come back and explore it again sometime like they should have this time. The Wraith ship has been there for centuries and would have been there for centuries longer so they could have come back to investigate that when they were more prepared.

    Very mediocre episode without a lot of positives about it. I am finding Atlantis to be a mixed bag. Either really great or very mediocre. Fortunately it has real potential so I'll keep watching. Thanks for reading...
  • They turn gold into ...

    Again and again you have to wonder how bad the writers can be. They do literally everything wrong in this episode.
    Investigating that Wraith ship is always hazardous, and yet they say 'oh let's just do it'. Dr Weir is much too careful to allow such nonsense, and Shepperd and McKay both know too well how many things could go wrong, so this makes no sense.
    When they go in, the first thing that comes to mind is "haha, I bet the other two guys will die." And then they just do. It isn't necessary for the story at all, it is just dumb.
    Then Shepperd has his first clash with the Wraith. After shooting the Wraith Shepperd just walks up to him. This is sufficiently explained later, but the problem is that the audience knows all the time what will happen. It is just plain boring.
    Later the Wraith is dumb enough to pick up the radio just because Shepperd tells him to.
    And finally, Shepperd and McKay have to be rescued by deus-ex-machina Ford.
    These people are supposed to survive because they make less mistakes than others, because they are a little smarter. Yes, the writers may have them survive on sheer luck sometimes, but not every week.
    I am not going to say 'I could write better scripts', but I am 100% sure there is fan fiction out there that is better than this.
    So again, just as last weeks, story sucks, everything else is fine. Too bad that the story is the most important part.
  • See Summary

    This was a decent episode. It wasn't too exciting but there were some good action sequences. It was fun to watch Sheppard vs the Wraith and though some of their actions were stupid or didn't make sense, it was still ok to watch. It is just basically another filler episode that gives us some minor details, like we know that the Wraith have supply ships, only that people are the main cargo! This episode reminds me of Thors Hammer in SG1 where Oniel and Teal'c go up against an Unas. It was interesting to see a little more and another side of the Wraith.
  • 3-2 to Sheppard in the end...

    That Wreight, it was great. Very defiant one. To survive all those years alone on that planet. And how Sheppard used it - you are the last one and they won and wreights lost.

    And all the thing what was going on before the found that wright. It was really nerve wrecking. It was looking really horror. And I loved those little yellow things. They looked great.

    And then the rounds on the desert.. near the ship. It was funny and great interlude for a while. And Sheppard is really becoming more and more - humorous.

    Great episode and humorous. Great interlude for a while.
  • good episode...

    The team explores a planet far from Atlantis where there is a downed wraith ship. There is one survivor that is very hard to kill. In the end, of course, they kill the wraith and go home. Anyways, I really liked this episode. McKay was halarious when he was shooting the wraith. It was sad that the random scientists died. They always seem to kill random people in Atlantis but it still seems that there is no shortage of personell...hmmm...oh well. I really liked the idea of the energy creatures taht were attracted to food and that was how the other puddle jumper was able to kill the wraith. Overall, good episode, good action, and we learned more about the wraith. I really like the wraith because they're creepy and hard to kill. The supersoldiers in Stargate SG-1 were hard to kill, but they looked so funny in their costumes that they never scared me. I love the wraith because they scare me. They are my favorite bad guys (except for Ba'al).
  • Sheppard and the others investigate a Wraith destress signal and soon wish they didn't.

    With not many characters in the episode, the story holds its own as Sheppard and McKay battle a Wraith that has been stranded on a planet by itself for many years. This is not typical Wraith and it is definitely the strongest that has ever been on this series so far. Not even a nearby grenade could kill it, giving hints on how strong the Wraith really are. There some great scenes such as Sheppards hand to hand fight with the Wraith, which is desperate to get off of the planet. I give it a 8.9 just for personal enjoyment factor alone, it is a fun episode.
  • Wraith\'s eat each other after a very long time when their food supply runs low, that was a little disturbing but interesting.

    The best funniest episode i have ever laughed my head off. The bigger they are the harder they fall. And this Wraith just wouldn\'t stay down and it was darn funny! A missile from the Jumper made him hit the dirt fast enough, and the cute little fireflies were sweet. They seem to like Sheppard and Mckay. Cute little bugs. This Wraith though seemed to once be a soldier whose mask must\'ve fall away over the ages. Just by the look of his armour suggest that he was a soldier for only Commandors were the big long trench coats and they are mostly the ones that leads the soldiers.
  • This was not a very good episode and nothing really happened.

    The discovery of th ancient weapons satilite was the only good part at the start of the episode the rest was just to fill in time. The lone wraith surviving and then taking control of the jumper was not a very interesting story line to me so i think that this episode was just a filler.
  • An average episode with a few highlights.

    An episode in which one wraith, who is a little different and stronger than all the others? That sounds a lot like a Stargate SG-1 episode we already saw in season 1: “Thor’s Hammer”.
    But some interesting things happen in this episode anyway.

    There is a very funny scene from the fact that Dr. McKay and Major Sheppard want the same thing for once. How they work together to convince Weir to let them investigate the Wraith ship was very funny to me. Having McKay and Sheppard team up is definitely a plus in the episode.

    This episode also releases a lot of courage. First we see McKay struggle with the fact that he was ordered to stay with Dr. Gaul, where he is safe, but he wants to go and help Sheppard. Then the courageous act of Dr. Gaul to shoot himself. This way he is out of the picture and Mckay can go help Sheppard. Also we have McKay who shoots at the Wraith, risking his own life in the process. And at last there is Sheppard. He tells Ford to shoot, even though he is dangerously close to the Wraith.

    What I didn’t like about the episode is that Higginson, Luttrell and Francks only had a few lines in the episode. And the situations weren’t very original. That’s why I rated the episode as average.
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