Stargate Atlantis

Season 1 Episode 11

The Eye (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 21, 2005 on Syfy

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  • Die Hard Atlantis

    The two-part Stargate Atlantis episode entitled "The Storm/The Eye" is basically the original Die Hard film, set on an alien planet.

    Atlantis stands in for the Nakatomi Tower. John Sheppard stands in for John McClane. Acastus Kolya stands in for Hans Gruber.

    That's not a complaint. Merely an observation.

    It was fun watching Sheppard stick it to Kolya, and give this thuggish aggressor his well-deserved comeuppance.

    Sad to say, the US Imperium behaves toward other nations exactly the same way. Instead of treating people of other nations as allies, the way Dr. Weir suggested, the US Imperium takes what it wants from others using brute force, just like Acastus Kolya. To wit, Middle Eastern and Central Asian oil resources.
  • See Summary

    This was a very good conclusion to the mid season 2 part story. There was a lot of tension and urgency played very well by all of the actors. Each episode weaves the complexity of the characters together more and more, which makes me the viewer sympathize with them. I was kept wondering if McKay and Weir could keep stalling for more time, even though the commanding officer of the Genii didn't seem to be very patient. The Genii plot line is now some what wrapped up, as far as the drama between Teyla and the Girl who wanted revenge. I think that the actors in the show do a great job making something so extraordinary seem so real!
  • A great outline of the bond between the characters!

    While no ruthless overwhelming enemy is present in these two episodes ('The Storm' and 'The Eye'), this is by far the most exciting story Stargate: Atlantis offers so far! You clearly SEE the impotance of the city to everybody, not just to the Earth colonists, but to the Geni people as well, who, while 'we' still don't agree with their methods, have the same goal as 'we' do: defend against the Wraith.

    The episode emphasises the strong relationship the main characters have; OBSERVE how they help each other even when they don't know what the others are doing, even if it means risking their own lives!

    I believe that with this installment, "Stargate: Atlantis" has finally defined itself as an individual 'universe', that doesn't just complement "Stargate: SG-1", but separates itself from it, giving birth to a new family, the Atlantis family.
  • This is a great second part to the mid season 2 parter. The performances by the actors were very good and the charchters developed some closer relationships

    With the storm rapidly approaching Sheppard must make a quick desicion about saving the life or Dr Weir and Dr Mckay or letting himself be captured. In the end Lt Ford and a strike team arrive from the mainland and help the major gain control of the city and rescue McKay and Weir. Mckay then uses the storms energy to get the shield up.
  • Sheppard must out-smart Koyla and the rest of the enemies if he wants to save Atlantis and his friends

    What a great conclusion to an exciting two part story in this series. Once again, I have to hand it to Robert Davi, he really adds so much to this story as Commander Kolya. Not only was the acting great in this episode, the special effects that they use looked great. The coolest special effect used in this episode is when the shield protects Atlantis from the gigantic wave that passes by. Overall, this and the episode proceeding it are HIGHLY recommended episodes to watch for those who want to know what Atlantis is. It is actioned packed and very satisfying
  • Sheppard to the rescue. Rodney and Elizabeth are held captured by Kolya, and are waiting for Sheppard to save them and hopefully Atlantis too

    The episode continues from "The Storm" where we were left with Mckay and Weir getting plastered by the freezing rain and Sheppard making his way back to the generator to provide power for Mckay to repair the grounding station to save Atlantis. In this ep. we get Carson, Teyla, and Ford to join the mix. They fly a puddlejumper from the mainland, picking up some more athosians, over the storm and trying to provide assistance for Sheppard. There are some funny moments with Carson and Ford. Ford has a little power drive in part of this episode as he keeps telling Carson to in essense "Shut Up" so they get back to Atlantis and help Sheppard. Great references to Dr. McCoy from star trek with beckett, as Carson doesnt want to fly the jumper through a hurricane. When they get back to the city, they 3 eventually meet up with Sheppard, but split up again, as Ford and Sheppard go to the gateroom and Carson and Teyla go through the storage back to the gateroom. Teyla and Carson meet up Sora though, who knocks Carson out cold with one punch. Teyla and Sora fight it out, Teyla wins hands down, and Sora realizes how wrong she was. They all eventually meet up in the Gateroom with Rodney and Elizabeth being forced to go through the gate as Kolya orders a retreat, but sheppard shots him in the shoulder and Kolya falls throught the gate. Rodney runs back to the controls and activates the program to store the lightening and saves the city.

    Again, amazing special effects for when it came out, the story had lots of high notes with action and suspense. Worth watching!
  • a group of genii special forces were able to get to atlantis and took weir and mckay hostage. it's up to shephard to save them.

    kolya and his strike team changed plan. instead of just gathering C4... they plan to take the whole city.

    shepherd on the other had a great tactical advantage over the genii, plus he was well equiped. he was able to find his way arround atlantis, disable power generators and avoid detection. he was able to wipe out a whole company of genii soldier entering the stargate.

    meanwhile, dr beckett, was able to fly the jumper through the eye of the storm. when they reached atlantis they(beckett, ford, teyla) were able to help shephard in retaking atlantis.

    genii scientists were still decades away from understanding ancient technology. weir and rodney were able to stall kolya and his men.
  • Wonderful and amazing episode...

    This episode continues the story from The Storm when a terrible storm is coming to wipe out Atlantis. The Genii have taken over Atlantis and taken Weir and McKay captive. John is resisting them and Tayla and Ford are on their way from the mainland to help. Basically John kicks a lot of Genii butt and closes the sheild on the Stargate while the soldiers are coming through killing over 50. Koyla is pretty pissed, he's the captain of the Genii, and they need to diconnect something and do some other scienfic thing to prepare the city for the storm. In the end John, Tayla, Doc, and Ford retake the city before the major part of the storm hits and save it. Whoohoo...kind of predeicatble at the end, but still very good. Overall, great story line and seeing a great character in Koyla.
  • Taking back the city...

    This was great. All the excitement, nerve wrecking moments and all the tension. Wow, this was just incredible. The scenery again - the storm, the shield up, those waves - it was really impressive and visually gorgeous. Just cannot get over it - this is the great plus of this serie over SG-1 as they really have the visual impression on maximum.

    All the storyline, Sheppard playing cat and mouse with those Geniis - it was so enjoyable and the way that one man was able to do so much. Ok, I know it is too much and not very believable but it was great to watch.

    Incredible episode.
  • Major Sheppard believing Weir is dead takes back the city killing one Genii after another. Ford and his attachment come back to Atlantis through the eye of the storm. It's a race against time to get the Atlantis shields up and running in time.

    Again unfortunately because of the poor setup this episode must receive a lower score than I would usually give it. When a shows whole storyline is based on a faulty idea then it suffers for that reason. Too many main points in the story didn't make sense or were glossed over.

    This episode was intriguing in that it was fun to watch Major Sheppard surgically take the Genii apart. What a blow when he killed fifty five men in one sequence by turning off the Stargate. Brutal but brilliant. Koyla's major mistake was telling Sheppard he had killed Weir. Based on that fact Sheppard was not going to stop until he was finished. Koyla is a warrior and that was another big pretty stupid plot line. They really built this guy up as an Art of War type chess player warrior and then they came up with some pretty weird responses to his situation. He seemed to have no contingent plan which would not be realistic. Basically if you are going to have a character of his ilk you need to follow through and write the whole story that way not drop things out to make the story convenient. The sad part is they had eighty-four minutes to work with. It's the length of movie! The best part of this episode other than Sheppard's portrayal were the special effects especially at the end with the large tsunami wave. That was pretty cool.

    Sora's revenge almost turned into an after thought by the time it came up. She seemed to lose her drive pretty quickly as well. Also there was no completion to the episode. There was no ending except they repelled the Genii and held Sora and a few other Genii prisoner.

    I guess I am a little disappointed by the poor story setup and the poor follow thru to the plot objectives. The acting was great and the special effects were tremendous. Matter of fact they were worth the price of admission by themselves. Thanks for reading...
  • Best of Atlantis so far!

    Ok we got ourselves a Die Hard situation going on here, the Genii have decided to take whatever they need for their own personal vendetta but Shepard spoils their plans cleverly taking them out step by step, he clearly has the home advantage and the intruders know nothing of their surroundings so they get easily fooled. This episode as well as part one are among the most entertaining i've seen so far in this season. This is also the first time i can actually feel the chemistry between the team and clearly noticeable that they work great together. There is also a great setting (the coming storm), and some nice visual effects. Mostly gave it 10 because the performance of the main actors and the finally proper created bond between them.
  • I think it’s a good episode, with outstanding performances from Joe Flanigan and Paul McGillion.

    The Eye
    This episode continues at cliffhanger where Commander Acastus Kolya is about to shoot Elizabeth Weir. I already liked The Storm, and I liked The Eye even more.

    At the beginning of this episode we again see Dr. McKay change in more than a scared scientist. Instead of backing out when Weir is threatenend, he helps her. Even outside in the freezing rain he tries to keep Elizabeth warm. I like this new Rodney McKay. This McKay is the one that saves Atlantis at the end of the episode.

    What I also liked about this episode was the fact that Kolya told Sheppard that Weir was dead. The reactions after revelations like this always tell a lot about how a person really feels about another. Here Sheppard gets mad as hell and starts killing Genii men.

    In The Eye Liutenant Ford also learns how to take charge, it is however at the cost of Dr. Carson Beckett, who is supposed to fly the puddle jumper and find the right generator. The fight between Sora and Teyla I didn’t like so much, it was a bit weird. Also I don’t believe Sora would switch sides so easy.

    I think it’s a good episode, with outstanding performances from Joe Flanigan and Paul McGillion.