Stargate Atlantis

Season 1 Episode 11

The Eye (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 21, 2005 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • Atlantis has recovered at least four Wraith stunners, which are held in a weapons storage room. These were most likely acquired during the episode "Suspicion."

    • Five naquadah generators power Atlantis, one responsible for a discrete section of the city.

    • When McKay bandaged his arm at the end, he did so over his shirt and jacket, not against his skin.

    • Nitpick: When Sheppard first goes to the Power Generator station, he sees a large sign with McKay's writing saying, in large letters, - "Really, Really Dangerous. Don't Touch. McKay." Sheppard ignores the sign and takes apart the generator. However, when he returns to put the generator back together the sign has vanished.

    • Lt. Ford refers to the events of the Stargate SG-1 episode "The Torment of Tantalus" when he mentions that lightning has been used to power the Stargate before.

  • Quotes

    • Weir: You'll just have to stall him some more.
      McKay: Well, I just told him how long it will take.
      Weir: Well find another problem with it! I… Tell him that the power-loop interface isn't jiving with your walkabout! Something!
      McKay: Isn't jiving?!

    • Teyla: I intend to fight along side you.
      Sheppard: And I intend for you to fight with us. Once you get in position lower the ship into the gateroom, open the weapons pods, that should create a distraction for Ford and me to go in. We take back the control room, get the shield up, city safe, Weir and McKay safe. Take the rest of the day off.
      Ford: Sounds like a plan, Sir.

    • Weir: Nice work, Rodney.
      McKay: Did you ever doubt me?
      Weir: Yes. Several times.
      McKay: Oh

    • Sheppard: You're not going anywhere, I will shoot you if you don't let her go.
      Kolya: And risk hurting Dr. Weir?
      Sheppard: I'm not aiming at her…

    • Beckett: What kind of plan is that?
      Sheppard: A Rodney McKay kind of plan.

    • Sheppard: McKay figures if he can harness the storms lightning he can fire up the shield.
      Beckett: This lightning?
      Ford: SG teams have done it before to power the Stargate…
      Beckett: There's a big difference between powering a star-
      Ford: I didn't say you could talk.

    • McKay: If this doesn't work…
      Weir: It will.
      McKay: I'm just saying if it doesn't work…
      Weir: It will.
      McKay: I'm sure it will! But in the unlikely event that it doesn't I-
      Weir: Rodney! Please.

    • Teyla: We should leave this area more Genii will be on their way.
      Beckett: I couldn't agree more.

    • Ford: You okay, sir?
      Sheppard: I've been better…I've been worse. My shoulder's a little sore.

    • Guard: Turn around. (Sheppard stands and turns to them hands raised, behind the two guards are Ford, Teyla and Beckett.)
      Sheppard: You turn around.
      Guard: What?
      Sheppard: If I have to turn around, you should turn around.

    • Beckett: Oh, don't you blame me for this. I'm not an engineer. I really only have a basic understanding of how Rodney and his team configure the power so don't expect me to-
      Ford: You just can't stop talking can you? Can't help yourself. No matter what I say, you-
      Beckett: Aye and you're such a nice young lad. Until you're put in charge you cheeky little bugger.

    • Ford: Alright, I'll take point. Teyla you're on our six. You don't open your mouth until I say so. Only shoot at what I tell you to shoot at.
      Beckett: Don't be so bloody pushy.

    • Ford: Anything I see moving is gonna get shot.
      Beckett: So what if it's the Major?
      Ford: Then he'll get hit with a wraith stunner instead of a P-90.
      Beckett: What if he sees us first?
      Ford: He'll probably hear you first.
      Beckett: Are you telling me to shut up again?
      Ford: Again.

    • Kolya: There are two flaws in your plan.
      Sheppard: I'm always open to constructive criticism.
      Kolya: One, the assumption I would believe you'd rather destroy the city than let it fall to us, is childish.
      Sheppard: That doesn't sound like me.
      Kolya: Second, if and when I determine Atlantis unsalvageble, Doctors Weir and McKay become obsolete.
      Sheppard: Weir's alive.
      Kolya: Dr. McKay was able to make a strong case for keeping her alive.
      Sheppard: Let me talk to her.
      Weir: Sheppard, we're both here.
      Sheppard: It's good to hear your voice.
      Weir: Yes, it's good to hear.
      Kolya: We have less than one hour before the storm hits full force. If power is not returned to grounding station three within the next ten minutes, Dr. Weir dies.
      Sheppard: Again you mean.
      Koyla: Her death will buy you another ten minutes, after which, should the power still be out, Dr. McKay dies. We will then leave with what we can, and the city will be destroyed.
      Sheppard: Well that's not enough time.
      Kolya: If you don't mind destroying Atlantis, stay where you are for the next twenty minutes...Starting now.

    • Ford: You're always saying that you're not military. You don't have to take orders.
      Beckett: Aye.
      Ford(after handing a P90): Now you do.
      Beckett: So long as it's temporary.

    • McKay(to Kolya, who is holding him and Weir captive in the rain): Perhaps we could be under shelter while we wait? I'm liable to catch a cold like that. (After Kolya gave him a look) I take it that's a no?

    • McKay: If he asks what's taking so long you have to do all the talking, okay?
      Weir: You'll be fine.
      McKay: No, no, I won't. I'm a terrible bluffer. I've lost fortunes in poker. Look, my eye twitches. I laugh inappropriately. It's not pretty.

    • Sheppard: Okay, what would Mckay do?

    • Weir: Why did ya tell him you could have this fixed in 15 to 20 minutes?!
      McKay: Oh, I don't know… Maybe…uh… So he wouldn't kill us!

    • Laden: You're right on top of him!
      Officer: Yeah? I think I would see him if I was.

    • Ford: Don't screw with those controls. We're heavy enough.
      Beckett: Can't be too careful
      Ford: Yes, you can. You can be way too careful.

    • McKay(stepping between Weir and Kolya, who was pointing his gun at Weir): You can't do this. This is crazy. You need her.
      Sora: She's right! Commander.
      McKay: I'm not kidding there are codes required to activate the shields. Codes that only she knows! You can't do it without her. Well, you can't do this without me either. I mean… We're a package deal… You take us out of the equations and… and… and… and you don't have an endgame. Uhmm… granted… that's a chess term… I'm, I'm… my point is… we're the only ones who can fix the grounding station, we're the only ones who can activate the shields, we're the only ones who can solve problems that I can't even think of yet! You kill either one of us and you don't get what you want! That's how important we are… It's impor-
      Weir: Rodney, Rodney he gets it…
      McKay: Oh…

    • Beckett: I'm a medical doctor, not a magician!

    • McKay: Trust me, I'm not that brave. I would help you if I could.

    • Sheppard: You say these things happen every 20 years, right?
      Weir: That's what they tell us
      Sheppard: How far in advance can we book days off?

    • Beckett: These three dots don't tell much about who's who. How do we know which one is the Major?
      Ford: He'll be the dot getting rid of the other dots.

    • Beckett: Are you telling me to shut up again?
      Ford: Again.

    • Kolya: You said this would work!
      McKay: I don't know if you noticed or not, but I'm an extremely arrogant man who tends to think all of his plans will work.

  • Notes

    • Rainbow Sun Franks read the "Previously on Stargate Atlantis" line.

    • Awards:

      -This episode won a Leo Award for Best Visual Effects in a Dramatic Series.
      -Jeremy Presner was nominated for a Leo Award for Best Picture Editing in a Dramatic Series for this episode.
      -This episode was nominated for a Gemini Award for Best Visual Effects.

    • Sora (Erin Chambers) is the only character, besides the series regulars, to appear in all three parts of the Genii trilogy ("Underground", "The Storm", and "The Eye").

    • International Airdates:

      -This episode aired in Canada on November 8, 2004 on The Movie Network and Movie Central.
      -This episode aired in the UK on December 21, 2004 on Sky One.
      -This episode aired in Australia on May 26, 2005 on Channel 7.
      -Syndication Premiere: January 22-23, 2005.

  • Allusions

    • Allusions to the movie Die Hard:

      Peter DeLuise: And because we're vulnerable, and we have to evacuate the city, the Genii come in a terrorist act, and actually attack us when we're most vulnerable and we only have a skeleton crew there. They come to take our crap, and they try to kick our butts. That's kind of a 'Die Hard' episode where Joe [Flanigan] is sneaking around the hallways and kicking the crap out of the bad guys.
      Actor Allusion:
      Actor Robert Davi, who plays Commander Kolya also played FBI Johnson in the film Die Hard.

    • Beckett: I'm a medical doctor, not a magician!

      This seems to be in imitation of Dr. McCoy, from the original Star Trek series, in which every now and again he would complain about being asked to do something he wasn't sure he could with very similar words --- the phrase would go something like "I'm a doctor, not a bricklayer/engineer," or "I'm a surgeon, not a psychiatrist," for example.

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