Stargate Atlantis

Season 1 Episode 18

The Gift

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 11, 2005 on Syfy

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  • Teyla discovers the source of her special powers

    This is a once only view episode. I've seen the episode twice and it isn't as good the second time around. The story with Teyla is interesting and it has parts that have to be seen so things can be explained, but when you already know what is going to happen, this is one of the episodes that just doesn't hold up after one viewing. If you have never seen this episode before, I recommend it. But, the more you watch it, for me, the duller it was. Maybe I'm not like everyone, but it is still worth a watch.
  • Teyla like many others on Atlantis is experiencing nightmares. In her case after some investigation it is suggested that she possesses Wraith DNA in her gene pool making it possible for her to communicate telepathically with the Wraith.

    Very introspective and stunning episode in which we learn that Teyla's family comes from stock that was genetically altered by a Wraith scientist. This was another episode I was skeptical about but in the end was quite fascinating. Sgt. Bates can be a little annoying at times but this time he does come through being prepared for the worse. He actually saves Teyla and the team from being permanently damaged.

    The capability Teyla now possesses does tell Weir that the Wraith are coming to Atlantis to figure out a way to Earth as they are all awake and don't have the populations to feed on.

    Also the revelation that the Wraith are a by product of humans left on a planet by the Ancients is a fantastic breakthrough. Maybe they can be better understood. They are obviously reaching a crisis level in their society themselves. It says something for their culture. Also it is interesting that I don't think the Wraith can feed on themselves or a person with that DNA is not susceptible to being culled in the normal way. Witness the fact that the Wraith came back and destroyed the civilization in which the experiments were done on.

    We also met Psychologist Kate Heightmeyer played by Claire Rankin who is an interesting character that hopefully we'll see more of in the future.

    Really in the end I'm not sure they learned anything other than the Wraith want Weir and Atlantis for the purpose of going to Earth. It's not that big a difference but maybe a direct attack will not occur. It will be interesting to see. Thanks for reading...
  • See Summary

    The Gift was a very interesting episode which delved deeper into Teyla's character, history, and future. A new storyline has been created based off of Telya's ability to sense the Wraith, until now she never realized it is actually so much more than that. I think this episode had a good range of emotions in the characters, and also made the viewers sympathize. Teyla has been having nightmares, and terrifying ones at that. It was interesting to watch her visit with Atlantis's resident Psychologist, and open up to helping herself. There is a theme in the episode that could be applied to viewers real life experiences and so it was really easy to connect with Teyla in this episode.
  • Telepathy.. we all love to have telepathy.. but not sure if it is a special connection with wraiths...

    This episode was really - different. The scary and horrifying start by Teyla's dreams and then the psychologist and all the thing trying to make Teyla understand what is going around and I think she was quite close to understanding itself but going that planet and getting those logs - there was so much new information for us. There was some little information that really gave some advantages, all other was just great to hear and learn. Wraiths as a thing Ancients created by accidentally and later became their doom. Poor them. But why waist time with this? They need ZPM. They need shield...
  • I like this episode because it revealed a lot about The Wraith, their origins, and Teyla.

    This was a really enjoyable episode.

    At last, The Wraith are understood!

    It was easy to guess some things about them - but these were just guesses. Now, it is not just a theory but a fact.

    This episode had a lot of Teyla in it. Almost every scene, it seems like. The actress who played her did a really good job.

    There were some pretty demanding scenes in terms of emoting as well as being physical. She got to do some stage combat and a lot of being under physical/emotional distress.

    This show has such great actors that when there is a great story like there was this week - it is like a double feature. Not just the tale but the actors themselves make it a double treat.

    And thank goodness the writers finally tell us what is going on!
  • Teyla begins to have nightmares about the Wraith.

    This episode centered mainly on Teyla and her ability to sense the Wraith. As the episode goes on, we learn just why Teyla and a few other Athosians were given the "gift" to sense the Wraith. It was an experiment a lone Wraith was executing that didn't go as well as he planned. He released his test subjects and some of them survived.

    Teyla's ancestors were among some of those who survived.

    This was an episode that showed us the lengths Teyla would go to help those close to her. And the lengths the others would go to find some sort of information that could help them in their battle.

    Great episode.

    However, the line Teyla said about she's sure she has to make the connection first, while may be true, when I heard it I thought that the writers could be foreshadowing for a future episode....

    We'll see.
  • great

    this was a great episode and it developed the skills for Teyla's ability to sense the Wraith coming and tells us the story behing why only she and a few other people can do this. The team also has the threat of the Wraith attack which is coming closer and closer by the minute which is going to be a great story in the second season premier.