Stargate Atlantis

Season 2 Episode 11

The Hive (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 06, 2006 on Syfy

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    The Hive was very interesting. It was neat to see more of the Wraith, as usual. This queen was much different than the first, keeping with the all black clothing and white hair. She got upset at one point and eventually another Hive ship joined hers in hyperspace, and they eventually destroyed each other. We learned that the Wraith are dividing into factions, since resources are scarce because of the Great Awakening. Sheppard and Ford rescue a cocooned woman who says the prophecy of the Great Awakening is coming true and its the end of days. It is kind of interesting to see the paralells written into the stories from our own world and experiences. Sheppard is now proficent at flying Wraith Darts, and can't wait to see what happens next!!!!
  • A major shift in the balance of power as Sheppard and his crew escape from their Wraith cell and ignite a battle between two Wraith Hive ships. Ford maybe lost again. Teyla, Ronon, and especially Rodney end up in withdrawal from the Wraith enzyme.

    A major comeback from the part one of this episode. The first part was disjointed and really went nowhere. Once the team was captured on the Hive ship things started happening. We learned a number of things.

    There are humans which worship and serve the Wraith. One tries to get Sheppard in a moment of weakness to tell her where he is from. The Wraith are more than treacherous. They allowed the first escape so that Sheppard would come upon this girl and try to save her. Then when they re-imprisoned them they made sure she was with Sheppard.

    The Wraith truly are territorial as much or more as other humans are. They also mistrust other hives as well. So at least a little of what Ford's intell he was spouting was true. Near the end Sheppard fires his Darts weapons at the other Hive ship causing a battle to erupt between them leaving the Daedalus alone and destroying each other. It also makes sense but each hive must have a queen which holds the supreme decisions over the rest of that hive. So they don't seem to work as much in tandem as thought.

    So the Earth crew now has a functional Dart they can use as well. This must be of some use for at least an idea of the technology being used by the Wraith.

    So we've seen seven Hive ships, at least two Cruisers or more, and hundreds of Darts destroyed so far in this season. Maybe an eighth to a seventh of their fleet. Not a huge number but enough to at least maybe give the Wraith pause in their pursuit of the Earthlings. Unfortunately they need to feed so that drive will overcome everything else eventually.

    It will be fun to see how the humans work to even the score over time. Nice second part of the two parter. A brilliant turn around from a mediocre first part. Thanks for reading...
  • New strategy..

    It was really lovely episode. First the knife thing - how many knifes Dex has - as many as needed. But it still looks that they did not had enough knifes as the first escape, it was a trap as they got some people they tried to save and one of them - a pretty was - was just meant to get information from him. He did not buy it.

    The fight, the Rodney, taking too much that wraith drug and then going back to earth. It again proved how talented actor most play that role as it was stunning acting, again. And Carson on infirmary when Rodney was detoxing. All those words...

    Plus the end - the fight between wraiths and Ford and his last "seen" stand.

    Fantastic episode.
  • As Elizabeth Weir and Colonel John Shepard lead the Atlantian fight against the Wraith, old faces appear, friends say goodbye, and the exploration continues.....

    This episode had on the edge of my seat, but I think eveyone knows by the ending line that Ford isn't dead.
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  • Great conclusion...

    Well I kind of missed about 10 minutes of this episode. I guess that Sheppard some how got away from the wraith queen but he ended up getting imprisoned anyway. They take him out to see the queen again and she is going to feed off him but ford saves his life. they save teyla and ronan. Rodney is back on Atlantis I guess he took a bunch of the enzme now he is going crazy. When the Hive explodes they never saw anymore of ford but Shappard said that knowing Ford they might end up seeing him again, I hope they do. I think the funniest line of they episode is when sheppard fires Ronan's gun and he says "I gotta get one of these". This was also a very great conclusion to the previous episode. later...
  • Probably the best show on TV.

    Watching the characters interact with each other, though the two new native characters Zena and her counterpart aren't the best character additions, they don't really ruin the show like new characters on other shows do. Rodney is the man, without him the show would be much less. The episode brought the conclusion well, it seemed to be more of a let's get this done so we can move on than something that really mattered to the back stories or main storyline.
  • A series still suffering from some basic writing issues...

    Of the three “Sci-Fi Friday” series currently on the air, I was least satisfied with the first half of the season for “Stargate: Atlantis”. I felt that the writers weren’t capitalizing on the strength of the concepts and characters nearly enough, and in general, the series was in a slump. This conclusion to the mid-season cliffhanger has a number of the same problems that plagued the first half of the season, as well as the same relative potential strengths.

    One thing I was happy to see (and hear) again was a full opening credit sequence and theme. I love the opening theme for this series and missed it terribly during the first half of the season. It gives the series an epic tone that I think it wants to achieve. Of course, it helps when the story hangs together better than this episode did.

    It struck me, throughout the episode, that while some moments were rather clever (if a little predictable), like the enabled escape attempt and the concept of Wraith-worshipping humans, the final act of the episode relied on a number of vague assumptions and several plot conveniences. Sheppard manages to create an effective civil war between two hiveships far too easily, especially since the Daedalus was a juicy target already under fire.

    The writers never explained how McKay recovered so quickly, after putting him in immediate jeopardy, and likewise, they never explained how Sheppard managed to get his hands on a Dart in the middle of a crowded hanger bay during an alert condition. Sure, they mentioned that the Wraith are becoming territorial to the point of insanity, but that doesn’t cut it when the conflict erupts in such an abrupt fashion.

    Equally egregious was the overwrought manner of Sheppard’s survival. There was no chance that the three main cast members would die in the firefight, so the entire mess felt needlessly manipulative. The fact that it didn’t work made it even worse. The writers found such an unlikely way for the characters to survive long enough to escape in the Dart that it would have been ridiculous for them to die within reach of freedom.

    The writers needed to preserve the safety of Atlantis while wrapping up the mid-season finale with some semblance of logic. As entertaining as it was, once the plot conveniences started filing in at a rapid pace, the quality of the episode suffered proportionally. That said, there were some good points. It was interesting to see the effect of withdrawal from the enzyme, Ford’s apparent heroics, the Cute Exposition Wraith-Worshipper, and there were some great comedic moments (that bit about clowns was inspired). And Ronon continues to be a fun character to watch.

    I’m just looking for this series to bring back some of the storytelling richness and depth that was present in the first season. It’s possible that I’m missing some of the context without the second half of the season, but it still feels like the series is finding its own voice. There’s still a lot of time to turn things around, especially with a third season already in the works, but for now, I’m still worried about where the series is heading.
  • This is how you fumble a return from hiatus

    Ugh! This is why the Stargate franchise needs to close shop and go away for a while. First you suffer in comparison to BSG and then you churn out cliched, trite stuff like this one. Who didn't see that hot girl in Shepard's cell is a spy for the Wraith?!? Come on!

    They drop the potential interesting plotline of there are people who worship the Wraith so we can get some stuff getting blown up real good! Sorry, but big explosions do not a quality show make. This one constantly sacrifices good ideas for action. This one was a huge waste of time and effort by all invovled.
  • A very good conclusion to the The Lost Boys episode.

    First off, Shepard gets a break from the queen when the other Hive ship shows up. Ronan pulling all those knives out was funny, but it worked they were able to escape, if only for a few minutes. Then they got seperated to smaller groups. Rodney taking all that enzyme and what his reaction to it was hilarious. Shepard rescues "a prisoner" and almost gives up some vital information to her. We are told about the "Wraith Worshipers". The team is able to escape again and gets both ships to shoot it out with one another. The only thing is FOrd may or may not have escaped. But everyone else makes it back to Atlantis.
  • mckay comes with daedalus to save joe, teyla and ronan from the hive ship

    it is a bad episode this one. i like the idea that joe is trying to make believe the queen that captured him that the queen commander of the second ship wants to kill her. it\'s a very good episode for mckay because he is acting very good;
    i like the idea that some people choose to serve the wraith instead of their death
    the last minutes of the episode are very interesting and the special effects ... oO i\'m talking about the part when the 2 hive ships are fighting each other; i hope ford managed to escape :) :)