Stargate Atlantis

Season 2 Episode 2

The Intruder

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jul 22, 2005 on Syfy

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  • this episode can be considered as an epilogue episode to the Siege trilogy...

    over all, i liked this episode. i can see that some people wouldn't like this episode because nothing new happens but i disagree. this episode wasn't about starting something new. it was about bring closure to last year's episodes.

    the strong point of this episode was the senior staff being back home at Stargate Command. they had to deal with the ramifications of their actions on Atlantis and, my favorite scene, was them explaining that Ford might be lost to his family. it was almost touching.

    Dr. Weir took it that hardest in this episode. you have to watch it because i'm not going to spoil anything but you really feel bad for her. this scene was very nicely written.

    i was thinking about giving this episode a 9 but i cranked it up to 9.3 because my new favorite character was in the episode. i love the alien in engineering!!! it makes sense. some of the technology is beyond what humans have experience and they need someone to handle it. i always wondered how long until they had an asgardian character. i'm glad it's on Atlantis. I love how he (or she or does Asgardians have gender? they don't even have sex anymore!) swears under his breath in his native tongue. very nicely done!

    the hmmm point of this episode is would the u.s. government really spend billions of dollars to build a spaceship than risk losing it sending it on missions between Earth and Atlantis? i spend time thinking about that question than i remember that this is just a television show built to entertain me.

    and it suceeded. this episode was very entertaining and should be watched on this fact alone (plus the alien is really cool!).