Stargate Atlantis

Season 4 Episode 18

The Kindred (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 22, 2008 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Teyla and the team are on a planet preparing to light the funeral pyre of Kanaan. However, as the flames begin, Kanaan comes back to life and asks Teyla for help. Sam and Sheppard hold her back as Kanaan is incinerated… and Teyla wakes up in her quarters on Atlantis.

Sam meets with Keller who reports there has been a plague spreading across planets with little or no outside contact… and an 80% fatality rate. Later, McKay approaches Teyla and gives her a present: recordings of his scientific theories to play for her unborn child. Teyla tells him about her vision and her belief it was a precognitive vision. McKay is skeptical but that night Teyla has a vision of waking up in a forest. Kanaan appears to her and asks her to save him and the rest of her people. He shows her a pendant she bought him and tells her to come to the planet where she purchased it. She passes the info on to Sheppard and Sam who authorize a mission to the planet and the village Croya.

A local informs Teyla that the man who sold her the pendant is dead, who died from a disease. Meanwhile, Keller determines that the plague is based on the disease that the Hoff created to destroy the Wraith.

Sheppard orders them back to Atlantis where they get the news about the Hoff disease Sheppard and McKay goes to Hoff while Kanaan visits Teyla while she's meditating and asks her for help. Sam is skeptical but when Teyla insists, Sam sends Major Lorne and a team with her to go back to Croya. On Hoff, Sheppard and McKay find survivors and discover all the medical records have been taken.

At Croya, Teyla spots a merchant with the pendant and takes it, then finds he has other pieces of jewelry from her people. The merchant offers her a chance to meet with the person who sold him the items.

On Atlantis, the team receives a signal for their sometime ally Todd the Wraith, requesting a meeting.

At Croya, the trader arrives and the merchant calls Lorne over. The major demands answers and the trader makes a break for it until Teyla takes him out. Lorne interrogates him but he's unimpressed by the do-gooder Earthers… until Teyla interrogates him. The trader reveals he got the items from a dumping ground for dead bodies, and found a fresh grave. All that was in the grave were the items belonging to Teyla's people. She insists that he take them to the world and they head for the gate, but a Wraith dart flies over and teleports Teyla and the trader away.

Sheppard and Ronon meet with Todd and discover that the Wraith are dying of the Hoff disease as well. Todd wants them to come up with a cure… but just for his Hive. In return for their help, Todd offers them the name of the person who distributed the disease.

Teyla finds herself in a cell and meets with her captor: Michael. Sheppard and McKay figure Michael is involved and suggest they give Todd their research. Lorne's team returns with the news that the entire thing was a setup to capture Teyla.

Michael reveals to Teyla that he captured her people and is working with her Athosian people, which he captured. He also reveals that he had help in developing the new retrovirus.

Sheppard's team returns to meet with Todd and he confirms Michael is responsible. They ask him to use his sources to locate Teyla in return for some of their research on the drug.

Teyla refuses to eat and Michael insists that she do so. He points out she's a hybrid just like him and she should eat to take care of her child, which he has great plans for.

Sheppard's team gets word from Todd about the coordinates to where Teyla may be. Sheppard and Lorne and their teams head out along with the Daedalus.

Kanaan comes to see Teyla but he is under Michael's influence. Michael reveals that he sent her the false visions and took her people to convert them into human-Wraith hybrid drones that don't need to feed.

Sheppard and Lorne's teams go down to the planet at the coordinates and find a facility with a cell with guards. In orbit, a Hive cruiser attacks the Daedalus while Sheppard and his men take out the guards. One of them reveals that they came too early and their superior is returning with an alien prisoner. Assuming it's Teyla, Sheppard tells Colonel Caldwell to avoid destroying the enemy ship.

The cruiser escapes while Sheppard and the others break into the cell and find… Dr. Carson Beckett.