Stargate Atlantis

Season 4 Episode 18

The Kindred (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 22, 2008 on Syfy

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    The Kindred was a great episode full of revelations and perhaps new questions. There is a lot going on in this episode, where multiple story lines converge. Teyla seems to think that she is recieving visions from her baby's father, whom is missing in action and wants to pursue what little information she has to go on. There is a plague that seems to be popping up on worlds at random, but there is more to this sinister plot than meets the eye. There are old enemies and than there are older enemies who appear in this episode. There was plenty of action, intrigue and drama to keep me poised to find out what happens next!!!!
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    Well...I'm mixed about this episode. I'm not a big fan of Teyla and her character annoys the crap out of me...I also don't like Michael...and I HATE when characters some back from "dying" so I don't like the bulk of the episode. However, the story was mildly interesting. I actually liked the idea of Michael making an army of wraith/human hybrids. I think it'll bring the story line of the show to interesting, new places. Anyways, I love Carson, but I like when character die that they stay dead. I know he's a clone...but still. I thought his 5 seconds at the end were stupid. This is just not my type of episode. It still had great character interactions, but I just don't like Teyla and her episodes...
  • It was about time we saw the whole cast play a role in the story.

    I thought this was a great episode. The interaction and development of the characters made this one. It definitely showed how close the team is and how much they all care about each other. Rodney faking to Teyla that he believed her vision showed some character growth on his part. The scenes with Teyla being reunited with Kaanan were pretty moving. Teyla's reaction to what Michael did to her people was pretty powerful. I knew that we would see Michael again since Vengeance but the way they did it was really good. I kinda knew that Carson was back in this ep, but it was still shocking. I am really excited to see how this one plays out. And if Atlantis keeps up with this pattern so far this season the second part will be even better.
  • I'm so glad I avoided spoilers for this ep!

    I've really become bored with the whole Tayla storyline, but it's great that Michael is back since he's the most interesting villain that the series has produced.
    And I am SO glad I avoid spoilers for this episode - the last 10 seconds had me laughing out loud in delight!
    I knew that this event was going to happen, but wasn't at all sure how or when, and it was such a wonderful surprise.
    It's just a shame that there are only two episodes left, now.
    Overall, this has been a much better season than the last one, though.
    I'm relieved they managed to avoid the annoying 'comic' characters like last season's 'superhero' (whose name I've forgotten and CBA to look up).
    With Todd and Michael and the potential 'rogue' Elizabeth out there (assuming they all survive), the next season could shape up to be a corker.
  • A John and Teyla look at Kindred pt 1 with other analysis thrown in. A pivotal episode for all, telling for John & Teyla and exciting visually. Old friends appear with some exciting twists. Season long arcs finally come to a head.

    I wasn't as impressed with it as I thought I would be - I think I was right about it being bigged up too much. Saying that, the second parts are always better! For one, John's lack of reaction at first when Carter asked where Teyla was was a little concerning. Saying this, however there were those moments. The way he didn't react to her talking about Kannan can be taken two ways - he doesn't care, or he's got a really good mask. When he says "First sign of trouble" and she replies - TOTAL married couple material; her reaction and then his reaction to her reaction are all very funny. Then again when Rodney is talking to him about her first vision, and then when he goes to Carter "It's Teyla..." He doesn't say one way or another whether he believes her or not but he trusts that she thinks it's important and he's willing to do this for her, even if it is just to ease her mind. Then it's towards the end the John angst gets good when Ronon says to him "We'll find her". It's just so much a reminder of Teal'c to Sam in Paradise Lost and then Jack when Sam went missing. And we all know what that means! Then Carter saying about Todd coming through - for "you" - not the team but specifically John. If you check out JM's blog, you can see that this scene he wrote was completely different and is so telling for John and Teyla. And then him telling Caldwell not to destroy the Wraith ship... sweet. His reaction is just so... scrumptious! It's the fact that he's willing to have Caldwell put the crew of the Daedalus at risk just so he can have a chance of saving Teyla that really shows the depth of his feelings for her.

    As for the arc with Kannan! What has Michael done to her people?! Oh my god. That's a pretty nice arc - we knew that he was involved somehow, but transforming the Athosians is both brutal and brilliant! Obviously, choosing the Athosians is something that Michael didn't do at random. It was all to get Teyla to come to him because he has a thing for her. If you think about it, I think you'll also think the baby is a product of Teyla and Kannan caring for one another and it's somehow played into Michael's plans... She said she's known him since childhood.

    If we go with the Michael intervention, I still think the child was conceived naturally and there is something about the fact that both Teyla and Kannan having the "gift" that makes it more susceptible to Michael's plans. The only thing is: what will he do to Teyla? Will he try and turn her into his queen? I think he'll try something like that, for sure. I think he knew she was pregnant; I imagine he's been keeping tabs on Teyla for a while now. Why else would he be so interested in bringing her to her people? I don't know... He's a cunning wee human/Wraith hybrid. As for the return of Carson... I'll wait 'til next week to be a judge on that. I'm not so keen on them bringing him back now after re-watching Sunday. I only hope he's not a clone -and that seems to be the only explanation. I think he'll be a Replicator - it's the only thing "organic" to the rest of the season. I especially can't wait to see Rodney's reaction to this news. And of course we know that John doesn't find Teyla so... I can't wait til next week. Hopefully all the action of the penultimate episode will be next week!

    In regards to Kannan, I certainly think Teyla cares for him, whether or not it's love... I could perhaps see that, yes. And it's painful to watch. BUT she also hesitates to reach out and touch his hand in the scene where she is meditating, so I don't know. I think she wants to care for him more because he is the father of her child and if she hadn't been pregnant by him, she'd worry about him equally with the rest of them. I think I could have liked Teyla's Kannan... not the one he's turned into, obviously. Was it just me, or did Connor/Michael look different??? He looks a lot thinner... maybe it was the new outfit. He looked a lot more human, too. Maybe he's engineering his DNA to make him look more human – more like the hybrid he's turned Kannan into. I love the Michael storyline – I love his fascination with Teyla and I love how they brought up how the two are similar. He feels he's connected to her in a way that is unique and disgusts Teyla. As he said, he reached across thousands of light years to her... that's got to mean something. As for John being harsh on Teyla in the market scene... I think he thinks she needed to hear that. Maybe he thought she needed someone to ground her and it came across like he was being condescending. He was a little, but he'd already gone above and beyond the call of duty. He knows that they are spread thin because of the plague that's sweeping the galaxy and he does mention that they've asked everyone everything twice already. I think he was just trying to let her down gently. To him, there was nothing there and he felt it was the best thing to do. I'm sure she understood that too. As always, the JT moments were subtle. The best kind.

    A good episode but it did feel like I was watching only the first half of an episode. Kindred pt 2 promises to be good.
  • A good start to the end-of-season event

    This is the classic example of how a network promo can completely undermine the intentions of a writing staff. A number of plot threads were finally coming together, and the time had come to trigger the return of a beloved cast member. Even with all the press releases months ago, I had managed to forget about Dr. Beckett's apparent return. It would have been a pleasant surprise, as intended by the writers.

    Instead, Sci-Fi Network felt the need to reveal, in the promos for the episode, Beckett's return. Not only did this ruin the end of the episode, but it put far more emphasis on the rest of the episode to make up for the lack of dramatic tension. Thankfully, there was more to the story than the discovery of Beckett's apparent survival. (And the current promo, discussing the possibility that Beckett is a Replicator like those found in the mid-season cliffhanger, doesn't spoil much, since it's the obvious conclusion.)

    In an unexpected turn of events, Teyla's search for her people comes to an end when she is drawn to their location by a series of psychic visions of her child's father. This is ultimately a trap set by Michael, who has been out of the picture for far too long. As it turns out, Michael's previous plans were never abandoned so much as refined, and Teyla's people were at the heart of his scheme to create a new human/Wraith super-species.

    It's nothing new to take a real-life pregnancy and turn it into a plot to use said child for some nefarious purpose. It's probably the cliché with the greatest chance of success. If Michael were to steal Teyla's child for his experiments, it would propel the character into a more substantial future arc. Such a search would also be a cliché, but it could be handled well enough, especially if Michael's new species becomes a new threat to Team Atlantis.

    Michael is also the cause of a plague running through the galaxy, touching on previous continuity, which makes the act of feeding fatal to the Wraith. Unfortunately, it also has a casualty rate similar to the recent Asuran campaign. From the Wraith perspective, this is a very bad thing. Team Atlantis is hardly thrilled about it either, especially when it's clear that the source is Michael, making them indirectly responsible. This brings Todd back into the equation, which is always fun. (Who else thinks a Michael/Todd showdown would be a great idea?)

    Michael's plan could lead to some interesting changes in the Stargate universe, should it come to pass. Will Team Atlantis try to stop Michael from creating his new species, or will they be forced only to mitigate the human cost of the anti-feeding virus? Whatever happens, the impact on the Pegasus Galaxy will be substantial, and if there's the slightest negative result to the SG mission objective, it could be another excuse for the IOA to meddle in the command structure. The writers do well when such stakes are in play, so I have high hopes for the resolution of this season arc.
  • We finally see Kanan--no Kanaan onscreen.

    The father of Teyla's unborn baby finally appears.

    In "Be All My Sins Remember'd," he was Kanan (the same name as the Tok'ra symbiote Jack O'Neill was blended with in SG-1 Season 6 episode "Abyss"). Now he's Kanaan (a belated last second spelling tweak?) Tomato. Tomatoe.

    Not having met Kanan--er, Kanaan until this episode, he didn't strike me as being particularly memorable or charming. Intellectually, I know he's supposed to be important to Teyla since she reveals that she's known him since childhood and he shares the same ability to detect the Wraith as she does. Emotionally, he wasn't built up for me to connect with him. Teyla receives dreams of Kanaan (an ability she's never had before), telling her to search for signs of him on the planet Croya. The dreams are so lucid and clear that it feels like an oversight when Kanaan doesn't say where he actually is. I wonder how the dreams would've been if Teyla and Kanaan had walked walked through a marketplace that she vaguely recognized and Kanaan had said something cryptic about how important the planet Croya is?

    At the same time, Keller reports to Carter and Team Atlantis that a new illness is spreading througout the Pegasus galaxy that kills 30% of the humans it infects and all the Wraith who feed on them. Keller also knows already that it's a variation on the innoculation developed by the Hoffan people in Season 1 "Poisoning the Well" to make humans toxic to the Wraith.

    Teyla goes to Croya, where she finds a man selling Athosian jewelry. She gets him to show her where he found the trinkets, but a dart beams her up on the way to the stargate. A set up.

    Meantime, Todd the Wraith sets off a subspace beacon to signal Sheppard to come to a meeting, where they trade info on the Hoffan protein for the location of Michael, the Wraith-Human hybrid, who by process of elimination must be behind the latest attack on the Wraith.

    Teyla wakes up on a Wraith ship, where she finds Michael staring at her. He shows her that the feeding orifice on his right hand is gone thanks to genetic engineering and tells her he sent the dreams, posing as Kanaan, has plans for her baby, says he created a new uber race to replace the Wraith by mutating the Athosians, and displays Kanaan, who's a brainwashed Wraith-human hybrid. With Todd's help, Sheppard and Lorne take their teams to a planet, where Michael may have a base. Caldwell transports them on the Daedalus. After he beams them to the base, a Wraith cruiser jumps out of hyperspace, and he commences to skirmish with just conventional rail gun batteries. Sheppard and Lorne's teams have an average fire fight with some Wraith worshipping humans armed with single shot hand stunners. No contest.

    The Wraith cruiser (presumably with Teyla on board) flees into hyperspace when the Daedalus belatedly uses its Asgard beam weapons and Sheppard and Rodney find Beckett in a holding cell.

    Beckett is wondering what took them so long, and things cut out at this point to be continued next week.

    Lots of telling and infodumping in this episode with no drama.

    Kanaan, unseen for 4 years and newly invented this season, has no impact and is a victim rather than an active character.

    Beckett is supposedly the real Beckett even though he was killed in Season 3 "Sunday." I'll wait for the explanation on how this is possible. It was nice to see Beckett again, but I don't feel that he should've been "killed" in the first place.

    Carter and Teyla had a small bonding moment when Carter let Teyla go to Croya even though she thought it was a trap, telling Teyla to call her Sam. Moments like this were few and far in between this season. And ultimately irrelevant since Carter was around only part time and will not be a regular character next year.

    Compared to other season finales and two-parters, this story leaves me uninvolved and skeptical.

  • Great character development. I love it when Michael is back. He is becoming a great thorn in Atlantis's side, albeit a very attractive thorn. He has a certain aspect that makes you feel that you understand why he's trying to do what he's doing.

    I found this to be a great episode. The Michael character is the one that got me hooked on Atlantis in the first place. I loved Connor Trinneer on Star Trek:Enterprise and when he first appeared as Michael on Atlantis I was thrilled to see him on a series again. Awaiting his recurring appearances have kept me watching Atlantis. The Michael character is perfect for Connor. He is very versatile actor. He can make a person feel empathy for a character when perhaps there shouldn't be. But considering what Dr. Beckett tried to do feeling empathy for him isn't difficult (at least for someone who wouldn't appreciate being forced to be something they aren't). The surprise return of Dr. Beckett in this episode was terrific. He became one of my favorite characters after starting to watch Atlantis. I knew that he would be returning at some point as I had read it on the Atlantis website but hadn't thought about it being in this way. I'm looking forward to the second half of this storyline to see just how or who this particular Dr. Beckett is. And as much as she may hate to admit it, Michael is kind of right when he tells Teyla that they really aren't that different; they are both hybrids. Albeit, Teyla was born that way and Michael was forced to be so. I admit Michael is one sexy bad guy and I wish they could do more than just one or two episodes a year with him. Not every week mind you but maybe 3 or 4 episodes?? This was a great storyline and I am so looking forward to seeing where it goes next!
  • Great story, with some nice twists, and which will probably play a big role in future episodes.

    Part one of "The Kindred" is very well written, and introduces many plot elements that can be expanded on, not just in the next episode, but in future seasons as well.

    This episode starts off as Teyla is having visions of her Baby's father, telling her where to go to look for their people. As they go to look for them, they don't find anything, and head back, but the visions continue. Teyla goes back to find them. She finds a clue to where they might be, but is captured by a Wraith dart.

    This part of the episode was pretty interesting, showing Teyla's need to find her people. It also shows that some of the people on Atlantis think that this need to find them is affecting her enough to make her have these visions in order to give herself hope of finding them.

    Meanwhile, Atlantis discovers that a virus is spreading on different planets. It is soon discovered to be the virus that was introduced in the season one episode "Poisoning the Well," which was given to people in order to poison the Wraith's food. Atlantis now has to discover who is poisoning these people. This leads them to the Wraith Todd, who was indirectly responsible for the attack on the Midway station in the previous episode.

    I'm really glad that they brought that virus back, because that was an interesting episode that was never mentioned again until this episode. The virus was completely forgotten, and I had assumed that it would never be brought back again, so it was a very pleasant surprise when it was used in this episode.

    I was also glad to see Todd again in this episode, because he has become a very interesting character. He wasn't given a big role in this episode, but it was still really nice to see him again. Hopefully this gives hope for the development of his relationship with the people of Atlantis.

    Meanwhile, on the Wraith dart, Teyla discovers that it was Michael that took here, and shortly after finds out that it was also him that took her people. He's also the one that has been spreading the virus on the different planets. It is all part of his plans to wipe out the Wraith and the humans, and replace them with some form of Wraith/human hybrids, which eliminates the Wraith's needs for feeding. He has been experimenting on himself and her people in order to test out his ability to turn people and Wraith into these hybrids, and based on the end of the episode, he has been successful. He also tells Teyla that he has "plans" for her baby.

    All of this stuff was very interesting, and very promising for not just the next episode, but also the future seasons as well. I'm really glad they got rid of those monster things from season three's "Vengeance." I thought they were pretty good for a one-time enemy, but I couldn't see them being that good for an enemy which is as important as these Wraith/human hybrids seem like they'll become in the future. The hybrids seem like a much more threatening, and interesting idea than the creatures from that episode could ever be.

    The virus is a very interesting idea in this episode, being used as a threat to both humans and Wraith. It adds a lot to make Michael's plans seem more threatening, and make Michael himself seem more interesting and evil. I'm not sure where they will take that story in the future. I don't know if it would be a good idea to kill off the regular Wraith, but if that's the way that they're heading, at least we'll get the Wraith/human hybrids, which are a very interesting idea, and shows a lot of promise for the future of the show.

    I am excited to see what all this means for Teyla as well. She's been looking for her people for a long time, and now that she's found them, they are now turned into those Wraith/human hybrids, including the father of her child. In addition to this, whatever Michael's plans are for the baby can't be good. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out, and could be really good for Teyla's story line in the future seasons.

    Last, but definitely not least, is the surprise ending. The search for the person that was responsible for making the virus leads Atlantis to a planet that is used as a kind of prison that is being ran by Wraith worshipers who are guarding a prisoner. After fighting off all of the Wraith worshipers, Atlantis discovers who the prisoner is: Carson Beckett.

    I usually don't mind seeing the previews for the TV shows that I watch, with the exception of 24, but this is one time that I wish I hadn't seen the preview. I can't believe that the people who do the previews actually showed that he was going to be on it. If it wasn't for that, this would be one of the biggest surprises of the season, but they ruined it.

    This does, however, bring up a lot of questions. Is it the real Beckett? Is it a clone? Is it some kind of experiment done by Michael? Whatever the story is, it does make a great cliff-hanger for the episode, and could bring another great story in the future.

    Overall, this episode was a very good one, which shows a lot of promise. It could easily be one of the most important episodes of the season (if not the most important). Now I'll just have to wait and see how it all plays out withing the next episode.
  • All old friends together

    It almost looks that only replicators are missing so that everyone we know who is still alive would be part of that mess.

    First the Todd thing - I somehow saw that they are in hostile with him but looks like there is room for another "common ground". And I specially enjoyed the Teyla storyline and those vision - oh, Michael really most have some great plans to do all the trouble and I hardly can imagine what he is up to.

    Ok, what I lie. No matter about the Michael nor Todd. It was all what I have been waiting so much - to hear that accent over a long time again - return of Beckett.

    I cannot even describe how happy I am that he is back. He is and always will be my favorite char on this show and the way they refind him - stunning faces. I so much wish to know how they will explain him being alive.

    A great and very special episode and really cliff-hanger. What will come? What is it all really about?
  • Nice episode

    Good episode. It's sometimes difficult to judge the first episode of a "real" two-parter, because the first part is bringing all the members of the story together and building things up. But overall it was done well, and I anxiously await for part two! Here are some thoughts:

    Todd and Michael in the same episode - nice. Seeing Major Lorne in action was nice, too.

    Michael - for just one person/wraith, he has really done a lot and has become a big pain in the mitka for everyone. First the wraith bug monsters and now poisoning the well, and also what has he done to the Athosians? He makes a good villain.

    Who really is the father of Teyla's child?

    The poor fetus/baby will be listening to McKay's recordings!

    Sam's a scientist, so she can't believe what Teyla says about her visions? They've seen visions of the future, telepathy, and alternate realities, not to mention time travel, body switching, and resurrection, among other things.

    Carson - woohoo!!

    Looking forward to the next episode!
  • It started off slow but it ended up making me feel like I was gonna have a heart attack!!!

    The Kindred part 1 was a awesome episode!!I loved it! I cant wait to see next weeks episode! I would have given it a 10 if there would have been a little more carson...But they had to have something big to start off part 2!! :) And boy...Was that big! I think everyone who has ever watched SGA knew it was coming but it was still a surprise :) Beckett is one of my favorite characters and I cant wait to see him next week! Season 4 has had alot of filler episodes but this was not one of them!