Stargate Atlantis

Season 4 Episode 18

The Kindred (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 22, 2008 on Syfy

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  • A John and Teyla look at Kindred pt 1 with other analysis thrown in. A pivotal episode for all, telling for John & Teyla and exciting visually. Old friends appear with some exciting twists. Season long arcs finally come to a head.

    I wasn't as impressed with it as I thought I would be - I think I was right about it being bigged up too much. Saying that, the second parts are always better! For one, John's lack of reaction at first when Carter asked where Teyla was was a little concerning. Saying this, however there were those moments. The way he didn't react to her talking about Kannan can be taken two ways - he doesn't care, or he's got a really good mask. When he says "First sign of trouble" and she replies - TOTAL married couple material; her reaction and then his reaction to her reaction are all very funny. Then again when Rodney is talking to him about her first vision, and then when he goes to Carter "It's Teyla..." He doesn't say one way or another whether he believes her or not but he trusts that she thinks it's important and he's willing to do this for her, even if it is just to ease her mind. Then it's towards the end the John angst gets good when Ronon says to him "We'll find her". It's just so much a reminder of Teal'c to Sam in Paradise Lost and then Jack when Sam went missing. And we all know what that means! Then Carter saying about Todd coming through - for "you" - not the team but specifically John. If you check out JM's blog, you can see that this scene he wrote was completely different and is so telling for John and Teyla. And then him telling Caldwell not to destroy the Wraith ship... sweet. His reaction is just so... scrumptious! It's the fact that he's willing to have Caldwell put the crew of the Daedalus at risk just so he can have a chance of saving Teyla that really shows the depth of his feelings for her.

    As for the arc with Kannan! What has Michael done to her people?! Oh my god. That's a pretty nice arc - we knew that he was involved somehow, but transforming the Athosians is both brutal and brilliant! Obviously, choosing the Athosians is something that Michael didn't do at random. It was all to get Teyla to come to him because he has a thing for her. If you think about it, I think you'll also think the baby is a product of Teyla and Kannan caring for one another and it's somehow played into Michael's plans... She said she's known him since childhood.

    If we go with the Michael intervention, I still think the child was conceived naturally and there is something about the fact that both Teyla and Kannan having the "gift" that makes it more susceptible to Michael's plans. The only thing is: what will he do to Teyla? Will he try and turn her into his queen? I think he'll try something like that, for sure. I think he knew she was pregnant; I imagine he's been keeping tabs on Teyla for a while now. Why else would he be so interested in bringing her to her people? I don't know... He's a cunning wee human/Wraith hybrid. As for the return of Carson... I'll wait 'til next week to be a judge on that. I'm not so keen on them bringing him back now after re-watching Sunday. I only hope he's not a clone -and that seems to be the only explanation. I think he'll be a Replicator - it's the only thing "organic" to the rest of the season. I especially can't wait to see Rodney's reaction to this news. And of course we know that John doesn't find Teyla so... I can't wait til next week. Hopefully all the action of the penultimate episode will be next week!

    In regards to Kannan, I certainly think Teyla cares for him, whether or not it's love... I could perhaps see that, yes. And it's painful to watch. BUT she also hesitates to reach out and touch his hand in the scene where she is meditating, so I don't know. I think she wants to care for him more because he is the father of her child and if she hadn't been pregnant by him, she'd worry about him equally with the rest of them. I think I could have liked Teyla's Kannan... not the one he's turned into, obviously. Was it just me, or did Connor/Michael look different??? He looks a lot thinner... maybe it was the new outfit. He looked a lot more human, too. Maybe he's engineering his DNA to make him look more human – more like the hybrid he's turned Kannan into. I love the Michael storyline – I love his fascination with Teyla and I love how they brought up how the two are similar. He feels he's connected to her in a way that is unique and disgusts Teyla. As he said, he reached across thousands of light years to her... that's got to mean something. As for John being harsh on Teyla in the market scene... I think he thinks she needed to hear that. Maybe he thought she needed someone to ground her and it came across like he was being condescending. He was a little, but he'd already gone above and beyond the call of duty. He knows that they are spread thin because of the plague that's sweeping the galaxy and he does mention that they've asked everyone everything twice already. I think he was just trying to let her down gently. To him, there was nothing there and he felt it was the best thing to do. I'm sure she understood that too. As always, the JT moments were subtle. The best kind.

    A good episode but it did feel like I was watching only the first half of an episode. Kindred pt 2 promises to be good.