Stargate Atlantis

Season 4 Episode 20

The Last Man (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 07, 2008 on Syfy

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  • A fresh approach to a season finale.

    As far as season finales go, there have definitely been better ones but this for me was still an excellent episode. A look into the future and a look at how things might be if the Atlantis team was to fail. This episode really showed character spirit. We rarely, if ever, see our favourite characters die. With this alternate time line we got to see how the characters reacted with certain death. Although we have seen them face almost certain death before we could be confident that they would find a way to escape and survive. Ronons death for me could have been more dramatic but it was how I imagine he would act in that situation, sacrificing himself for the success of the mission and the safety of his men. I am a big fan of Todd the wraith and was pleased to see him fight and die side by side with Ronon. Carters death was also extremely self-sacrificing and heroic. Carters role in Atlantis, I feel, is very different from SG-1. In SG-1 she was a scientist and a soldier. But in Atlantis she is a leader first. I thought her alternate story line really brought back the character which we loved to watch through out all 10 seasons of SG-1. With her working on the Phoenix with McKay, then sacrificing herself to save her crew. This is definitely the Carter I remember. Teylas appearance in this episode is very small although understandable as Rachel Luttrell was pregnant at the time. Though she isn't seen much, Teyla is still a main part of the episode and the story line. A lot of people don't believe McKay would have abandoned Atlantis so easily but this episode is telling the story over, I suspect months in Atlantis after Sheppard's disappearance, then years back on Earth. The loss of all three members of McKay's team could have easily caused him to re-evaluate his role on Atlantis. I understand Keller not wanting McKay to waste his life obsessing about fixing everything but this is the McKay we know and love and he wouldn't have it any other way. Major, or should I say, General Lorne's role was a good addition to the story. I thought it was good to see a loved character had survived in Pegasus and made it home. Although I thought McKay's line to Lorne, "You saw whats happening in Pegasus and you know whats happening here." needed a little more explanation. Although our focus was more aimed towards what happened in the alternate time line, Joe Flanigan's performance really kept our minds on the problem at hand as Sheppard realized he had to prevent all these things from coming to pass. I thought the episode would have been more success to leave us hanging with Sheppard still in the future. The cliff hanger of the building collapsing, I my opinion, wasn't the best way to end the episode as well as the season. All in all this episode was extremely exciting and very enjoyable.