Stargate Atlantis

Season 2 Episode 10

The Lost Boys (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 23, 2005 on Syfy
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Episode Summary

The team is captured by Lt. Ford, who is now leading a renegade band that is taking the Wraith enzyme. He tries to get Sheppard and the team to help him take out a Wraith hive ship.

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  • Ford has a purpose finally!

    An episode i can honestly say it was great. Making Ford an outcast and the leader of them was a great idea. He no longer stays in the shadows of others and has got his own part to play in this, that's good, i like him like this. Then there's some nice interesting fight scenes all based on the wraith enzyme they've been taking, which 2 members of the team consider taking it. And then there's Shepard and wraith dart ship eventually flying on a Hive ship and the hive looks incredible from the inside, finally a big perspective on one of those ships. Then there's the same good acting and plot i've seen so far in Atlantis. Enjoy!moreless
  • See Summary

    The Lost Boys was Stargate Atlantis's 2nd season midway 2 episode story. Sheppards Team gets captured by LT Ford who now has a bunch of followers also taking the Wraith Enzyme, and it was interesting to see his darker side still, though he was more rational in the past. He started dosing Teyla, Ronin, and McKay with the enzyme and planned to blow up a hive ship. Sheppard flew a Wraith dart to the hive ship, it went on auto pilot and docked. The inside of the ship was pretty cool, especially the docking area. The team is being held in a Wraith holding cell when a Wraith comes for the one who piloted the Dart, Sheppard then finds himself before a Wraith female, presumably the Hive's Queen, and she looked like one of the scary middle class, or male Wraith with black clothes, and white hair. She was scary though, and pretty bad ass the way they can penetrate the human mind with commands such as kneel. If the Goa'uld only knew of these impressive hosts, imagine how scary that would be.moreless
  • Nothing important happened today...

    It was a very bad episode in general. Nothing important really happened. They dragged stuff out into infinity to fit it into the episode.

    Like the training sessons, the unnecessary chit-chat and then the long trip into the hiveship when nothing actually happened. The episode could easily have been trimmed down to 20 minutes and still contain everything it contains now.

    What's even more horrible is that this is a mid-season finale! What a horrible mid-season finale!moreless
  • Sheppard and his team are summoned to a planet to meet with a mysterious ally. It's a trap and Lt. Ford and his band of followers start by giving the Wraith enzyme to everyone but Sheppard to prove its effectiveness and then there is the plan.moreless

    Disappointed immediately by the fact this is a two parter. It seems that way too much time is spent on long story arcs that really aren't that good and stories with promise are limited to a single episode or loose something in a single episode story. A good example was the last episode Aurora and Condemned both could have been a much more effective as two parter shows.

    This episode did nothing for me. The first part reminded me a lot of the initial episodes without all of the unknown. Sheppard knew that going through with this mission was not a good idea. How he allowed it to go this far is beyond me.

    So you have two thirds of the team and the remainder of Ford's group captured and McKay and the rest of Ford's guys at the planet. Also this will clue the Wraith into the fact that Atlantis is not destroyed. Notch another one up for Ford. Obviously he is not thinking straight and that is the real problem with the enzyme.

    We'll see how this all works out in the end. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • Ford, again...

    It never goes easy and this time the team walks into the trap what Ford has made for them. He needs Sheppard and his team for little mission. They play a little came hopping to get to the dart and then fly home but Ford plays with Sheppard again and McKay is taken prison and other's sent there.

    So, they go but the dart does not work the way - dart goes autopilot and they set the alarm. They have stylish fight but in the end, there is not much they can do against the hiveship full of wraiths. Great episode, but I am sure the conclusion will be better.moreless
Joe Flanigan

Joe Flanigan

Major / Lt. Colonel John Sheppard

Rachel Luttrell

Rachel Luttrell

Teyla Emmagan

Paul McGillion

Paul McGillion

Dr. Carson Beckett

David Hewlett

David Hewlett

Dr. Rodney McKay

Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa

Ronon Dex

Torri Higginson

Torri Higginson

Dr. Elizabeth Weir

Aaron Abrams

Aaron Abrams


Guest Star

Woody Jeffreys

Woody Jeffreys


Guest Star

Paul Anthony (VI)

Paul Anthony (VI)


Guest Star

Rainbow Sun Francks

Rainbow Sun Francks

Lt. Aiden Ford

Recurring Role

James Lafazanos

James Lafazanos


Recurring Role

Mitch Pileggi

Mitch Pileggi

Colonel Steven Caldwell

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • McKay: He's taken all the necessary control crystals. Something I showed him how to do on a mission, I might add.

      McKay is referring to the season 1 episode "Home."

    • Ford: (to Ronon) You know, it's funny. You ask a dozen people who they thought would win a fight between you and me, people would choose you hands down. Hell, I'd choose you. But we went toe to toe.

      This refers to events in the episode "Runner."

    • It is revealed that the D.H.D. stores gate addresses on it's crystals but there is no way to tell which order they were dialed in. However in the Stargate SG-1 episode "The Quest (2)", the Ori Adria was able to distinguish the last address dialed by SG-1 and follow them.

    • Jace reveals to McKay that they have discovered that the Wraith are more territorial and not a united force as was previously believed. He believes that because of Teyla's ability to access their telepathic network, each ship is becoming compartmentalized in terms of sharing information. This way, if she or someone with her abilities were to access a ship's telepathic link, only that vessel would be compromised. He also believes that they are fracturing more because of lack of food in the galaxy with so many Wraith awake at once.

    • Kanayo, second in command of Ford's coalition, is a former Genii spy. He reveals that the Genii have spy's all over the galaxy as well as off-world safe houses on several planets.

    • The planet Major Lorne and his team investigated was called Jenev. Its inhabitants were a polite people but wish to have absolutely nothing to do with Atlantis or the expedition.

    • Jace: We stole a Telnorran generator. They're a pain to keep serviced, but they do the job. Actually, we just got our hands on some Pilation solar cells, but I haven't been able to figure out how to interface them yet. Have you used them before?

      Nitpick: Why has the expedition never sought out the Telnorrans or the Pilations? Even though the power devices listed are available on Earth, these societies are obviously more technologically advanced than most of the worlds the team visited. They might have something more advanced than generators and solar cells. Wouldn't they be interested at least to find out what kind of fuel is used in the generator?

    • Goof: When Ford tells about how he went into the bar to sell the Wraith weapon, in the background you can see very distinctive Earth-type Venetian blinds. Even by Stargate standards, that's pretty absurd.

    • Goof: In the scene where Col. Sheppard throws a grenade toward a Wraith, the Wraith reacts to the explosion slightly before the explosion occurs. In the same scene, there are little bits of digital corruption around the edges of the explosion effects.

  • QUOTES (24)

    • Ford: We have a spaceship.
      McKay: Oh, yeah? Really. What's that made out of, huh? Bark?

    • McKay: Well, couldn't we have met these people on a tropical beach planet, populated by tall, blonde women? Hmm?

    • McKay: I just want to make it clear that every second I'm out of my lab is a second the galaxy goes without another groundbreaking... (cut off by shots).

    • Ford: I can't believe you screwed up.
      Sheppard: I did what?
      Ford: You set off the alarm. You ruined the mission.

    • Teyla: (to Sheppard as he awakes) You all right?
      Sheppard: We're in a holding cell....
      Teyla: Yes.
      Sheppard: ...on a hive ship?
      Teyla: (nods) uh-huh.
      Sheppard: Then, no, I'm not doing so good. (sits up)

    • Lost boy: Worrying really isn't going to do anything.
      McKay: Well I subscribe to a different school of thought.
      Lost Boy: They're fine.
      McKay: You can't possibly know that.

    • Sheppard: R2 I need you to turn the auto-pilot off. Now.
      (pause. nothing happens.)
      Worth a try.

    • McKay: You see, I would've thought of that myself before I became a drug addict.
      Sheppard: I'm sure you would've.

    • Sheppard: Right and uh, which plan would that be again?
      Lost boy: All will be revealed when the time is right.
      Sheppard: Oh good. I'd hate for things to be revealed too early.

    • Sheppard: I know. Just be patient
      Ronon: Historically that hasn't been a strength for me.

    • McKay: .... I ate my face off and I can tell you I feel it working.
      Sheppard: There's a good possibililty that everything you're feeling right now is psychosomatic.
      McKay: Oh, is that right Professor Science? Is that your expert opinion?
      Sheppard: Yes, it is.

    • Ford: I know you think I'm crazy. I brought you all here to show you that you're wrong. Do I look crazy? Do I seem out of control?
      McKay: Are we speaking in relative terms or uh...

    • Ford: (explaining about wraiths, turns to McKay) You taught me that.
      McKay: Yes. Well. Good for me.

    • Ford: Woh, that's a lot of questions.
      Ronon: Pick one.

    • Lost Boy: If we release you from your bindings do you promise not to attack us?
      Ronon: Sure.
      Sheppard: Yes, we promise.

    • Sheppard: (to Rodney) Keep complaining about it maybe we'll get there faster.

    • Sheppard: We can't complete the mission, Ford. It's a bad plan.
      Ford: You said it was a great plan.
      Sheppard: You didn't fall for the "it's a great plan" speech did you?

    • Ford: (to Ronon) You know, it's funny. You ask a dozen people who they thought would win a fight between you and me, people would choose you hands down. Hell, I'd choose you. But we went toe to toe.

    • McKay: (upon realizing he'd unwittingly ingested the enzyme) I'm itchy. I'm itchy all over. This is exactly what happened when I toked pot once in college!

    • Ford: Settle down, McKay.
      McKay: No I will not settle down! I've been drugged against my will, you little punk!

    • Ford: You want me to fail. You want me to look bad.
      Sheppard: (sarcastically) Yeah, that's right you snot-nosed brat. I put my team's life on the line just to prove you wrong!

    • Weir: Colonel Sheppard's team is three hours overdue.
      Lorne: It wouldn't be the first time. Any radio contact?
      Weir: None since they left.
      Lorne: Well, you know those guys.
      Weir: What do I know about those guys?
      Lorne: Just that they tend to get caught up in whatever it is they're doing, and sometimes they don't check in. They forget how much you worry.... that we worry. Collectively, I mean.
      Weir: Yes, we do.
      Lorne: Yeah... we do. Okay guys, it looks like we're heading back out!
      Weir: Thank you, Major.
      Lorne: You're welcome.

    • Ronon: If you want to live, stay behind me.

    • McKay: Well, it strikes me that this is a mission better suited to one of the, uh, lower-echelon teams.
      Ronon: "lower-echelon"?
      Teyla: He means to say less important.

  • NOTES (12)


    • Independence Day:

      The premise for this episode is like that of the movie Independence Day. In both, an alien ship piloted by humans flies into a mother ship to plant explosives. There are various other similarities between the two such as the human pilot being exposed to the aliens and the mission going wrong. Also, the interior of the hive ship's docking area is very reminiscent of the interior of the alien mothership in the film.

    • Sheppard: R2, I need you to turn the autopilot off.

      This is a reference to Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, in which Anakin Skywalker makes a similar request.

    • Title:

      The Lost Boys were the children who lived in Neverland with Peter Pan and couldn't/wouldn't grow up. Joel Schumacher named his 1987 film about a gang of adolescent vampires in a small California coastal town after these James Barrie characters. The movie starred a young Kiefer Sutherland.