Stargate Atlantis

Season 2 Episode 10

The Lost Boys (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 23, 2005 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Sheppard's team is searching a planet based on one of Teyla's tips when they are ambushed and stunned by several men and quickly taken through the gate. They wake up in a room and are greeted by…Ford.

Ford feeds them and is quite friendly, and explains how he escaped the Wraith dart – he didn't go unconscious due to his altered stamina, took out a Wraith guard and stole his enzyme patch, then escaped and made his way to a bar. He then contacted other men and revealed how they could use the Wraith enzyme and they agreed to take it as well – they now have the same powers Ford does. His men now hunt down Wraiths for the enzyme, and then keep them alive to harvest them regularly for the enzyme. He also reveals that the food he's been giving them is drugged with the enzyme. Sheppard confronts Ford privately, and Ford reveals his food wasn't tainted and he'll be the one to report back to Weir about his plan.

Although Ford has left them free to roam, he's taken the control crystals and Sheppard suggests they play along. Back on Atlantis, Major Lorne's team returns and a concerned Weir sends them out to find Sheppard's team. Ford insists that Sheppard's team goes along to see one of his team's ops…but doesn't give them weapons and he keeps Ronon and McKay as hostages. Ford's second-in-command, Jace, was a Genii spy and they're going to attack a Genii base. Rodney is comparing notes with Ford's scientist while Ford tries to convince Ronon he did the right thing. Lorne's search for Sheppard on their original planet turns up nothing. The raiding team takes out the Genii and moves in and finds the C-4 the Genii took from them. Jace reveals they're going to use the C-4 to destroy a hive ship – and they're going to force Sheppard to help them.

Ford shares their plan and reveals he has a ship, a damaged dart. But they need McKay to get it working and Sheppard to fly it. Sheppard is amenable but McKay isn't buying it – Sheppard talks to Rodney and reveals his plan to fly to Atlantis using the DHD on the dart ship. Dr. Zelenka is trying to get the information from the DHD but the odds aren't very good, so they take the information back to Atlantis. Sheppard talks to Ford and convinces him to cut down McKay's enzyme treatment, then asks him to let him bring the whole team along. While Rodney works on the ship, Ronon and Teyla are given more of the enzyme against their will and begin getting the increased abilities. Ford wants to go home but is insistent on proving himself first. Teyla and Ronon start fighting among themselves and only snap out of it when they hit Sheppard – it's clear they're becoming addicted to the stuff.

They're preparing to leave when Ford announces a change in plans – McKay is going to stay with them since Ford's figured out their plan. He's also made sure the DHD only goes to the system where the hive ship is and then back to the planet they're on. Sheppard lifts off then beams aboard Ford and the team, but as he approaches the ship the autopilot engages and the dart lands automatically. Sheppard beams down the "cargo" blind and two of Ford's men materialize on a ledge and plummet to their deaths. Ford goes to radio silence while the dart ship canopy opens automatically and Sheppard has to flee after shooting the inspecting Wraiths. An alarm goes off and the Wraith attack – Sheppard is stunned, while on Ford's team Jace and Teyla are stunned and hauled away. Only Ronon and Ford are left and they both go down as well in a flurry of gunfire.

Sheppard wakes up with the others in a holding cell and the Wraith arrive to take Sheppard to a female Wraith who prepares to feed on him… (to be continued)