Stargate Atlantis

Season 5 Episode 11

The Lost Tribe (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 10, 2008 on Syfy

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  • A totally awesome storyline ruined by one reveal...

    And that was the Asgard. Seriously... The Asgard? What were they thinking? They had these seriously bad-ass aliens in suits, hell bent on destroying the Wraith, and they turn out to be Asgard. Is it really, really, REALLY that hard to come up with a new enemy? Is it necessary to just reuse the same aliens we saw on SG-1 over and over again? And even then, it just seemed to end so quickly. More Wraith destruction, no 'quick fix' to replacing the Stargate, and another idea than just opening a hyperspace window through the planet again, and this episode would have been SO much better. Very disappointing in my opinion.
  • A wonderful episode. Loved seeing my Daniel again, just wished he had taken Vala with him.

    A wonderful episode. Loved seeing my Daniel again, just wished he had taken Vala with him. Seeing Daniel and Rodney work together was quite funny. The Asgard thing was a bit surprising but then again why wouldn't some of the Asgard have been on the same lines as Loki and got separated from the rest a long time ago? It was nice to see their little gray butts again ;o)
    I have been enjoying the "battle over Jennifer" these last episodes between Ronon and Rodney but I was very disappointed when she chose Rodney. I mean come on... I honestly think that Rodney is the main reason I like SG-1 better then Atlantis. If we could put my Daniel and Vala on Atlantis and transfer Rodney... say to the afterlife or something... It would be the perfect show.
  • See Summary

    The Lost Tribe was another great episode of Stargate Atlantis. It was a pleasure as usual to see Dr. Jackson in action. It was interesting to see an off shoot of the Asgard in the Pegasus Galaxy with their own agenda. This episode was good because it had plenty of action, but also because the characters were steeped in drama, that they have no choice but to over come. In the end every thing works out, as per usual. The Wraith named Todd has become more bold in his strategies, and Atlantis itslef has become less central this season so far. I look forward to the future!!!
  • Too much story for one episode?

    This has to have been the shortest mid-season hiatus in years, which is probably a good thing. The mid-season cliffhanger was a great episode for the series, and if Sci-Fi Channel wants to have any credibility while claiming that this is the "greatest season of Stargate ever", then they'll need all the help and momentum they can get.

    This was a good resolution, but I don't think it was as impressive as it could have been. The intention was to set up another shift in the status quo for the Pegasus Galaxy, leaving plenty of room for future exploration, so a number of elements were left wide open. I wouldn't say that it was sloppy, but with so little left to the series proper, it does increase the chances of major dangling plot threads.

    I'm also not entirely sold on the revelation that the new galactic threat is an offshoot tribe of Asgard. They might as well have made them leftover warriors from the time of Anubis. I'm not sure what to make of this particular turn of events; perhaps they were sorry about the decision to wipe out the Asgard in the series finale for "SG-1". Whatever the case, this left me underwhelmed, It was hard enough to take the Asgard seriously when they were allies. Who can argue that the enemy from "The Daedalus Variations" wouldn't have been a better choice?

    Also, more time could and should have been spent on Todd and the philosophical struggles over the future of the alliance. Todd seems to have believed John regarding the presence of a new enemy, thus letting Team Atlantis off the hook, but as edited, the episode left his intentions and thoughts a bit remote. The implications for the alliance were rather grim after the previous episode, especially any chance of Dr. Keller's treatment seeing the light of day, so it would have been nice to see that explored.

    On the other hand, how could they hope to resolve the mid-season cliffhanger, if they had kept those philosophical concerns intact? Even the restoration of the Atlantis stargate was dealt with in passing. Oddly, Sheppard's semi-relationship with the Travelers saw more screen time than, say, what Ronon was doing for the second half of the episode. There was simply too much to cover in a single episode.

    In the end, was this a bad episode? Not at all. But I think the loose ends are more glaring in the light of the series cancellation. It's felt like the past few seasons have often squandered opportunity, and I don't want to see the final season fall into the same unfortunate pattern.
  • A great continue to previous episode

    Wow.. They ended with such a amazing place last episode and the first some moments are the aftermath and rehappening of the explosion - visually very impressive and after that we have story that just does not slower the tempo - always something is happening and something going on.

    I love the travelers in and Zelenka there on the hyperdrive. I love the asgards.. wow.. I did not see that coming either.. What a turn on story.. what we did all imagine would be behind those suits.. but those.. I used to love those little grey people..

    Overall, amazing episode. A one worth watching.
  • Great episode, Spoilers included...

    This episode was every bit as good as the first part and then some. It also delivered one of the biggest shockers in Stargate Atlantis history. Who would have thought we would ever see the Asgard again? They are reintroduced in this episode not as the fun loving little grey guys with no pants but as these pissed off little grey guys whbig baattle suits. That was a very interesing twist. To top it alll of the chemistry between McKay aand Daniel continues and is stilvery entertaining. Hopefully we get to see some more of the Aagard as bad guys later this season. maybe the Atlantis team can put those suits they stole from them to good use. It's too bad Daniel had to leave. I would have prefered gim to stick around for a couple more episodes. He had a great run.
  • I can honestly say that I wasn't expecting that

    Wow, ever since I started watching SGA I've been pissed that they've been copying too much from SG-1... first with replicators and story lines... now they bring in the asgard? What? However, I was pleasantly surprised. I thought they did a good job introducing the enemy as the asgard and explaining what happened to them and why they're doing what they're doing. It should be interesting to see how they play in to the future. This episode was full of great humor. I loved the beginning with Todd and Woolsey - that was hilarious. I also loved Daniel and McKay's character interactions. The end when Daniel got injured was weird... I thought it wasn't well done. It just felt like they stuck that in there because they needed another minute or two... I just think it did not for the story or the characters - well, it showed that McKay is arrogant, but that's it. Overall, good episode and conclusion to the two parter.
  • I loved this episode!

    The Lost Tribe had it all for me! I thoroughly enjoyed watching Rodney and Daniel speaking faster than the speed of light, that was just hilarious! I believe Rodney finally met his match. The space battle scene was fantistic. I don't think I've seen two space ships firing on each other in quite that way before and it just blew me away! Todd and Woolsey...oh man that was good! I kept looking at Woolsey, his facial expressions were too funny! A twist on who The Lost Tribe are...I loved that! But mostly what I loved about this episode was that it was about saving your friend/teammate. Each scenario was about fighting to get to your teammate to save their life. This is what I love most about Stargate Atlantis! Now, how in the world can this show be canceled! Even SciFi promos are calling this season the best ever! And TPTB canceled it!? What the heck!?
  • It was a great, action-filled episode! But!

    I loved:
    - the space battle between the tribe and the Travelers! - Teyla in charge! - Sheppard protected Zelenka! Aww... - Katana was hot! - Sheppard asked about Larrin talking about him XD - The revelation of the lost tribe's identity! Wow!

    And now the not so good things:
    - Keller. I'm sorry but I do find that she's becoming blander and blander as the show slowly reaches its conclusion. Her only purpose now is Rodney's love interest. And getting kidnapped of course. - I would have also preferred more scenes with Teyla. Why do we get less and less of Teyla and more and more of Keller? Because Teyla is a mom and settled with a baby so Jennifer is now the "hot chick"?

    So yeah, a great episode but if they dropped the whole romance angle, it would have been excellent :(
  • The enemy of my enemy is...

    an unfriendly Asgard faction, which was a big surprise! Why did they use those big suits instead of smaller ones? Maybe just as a deception, although it would seem harder for them to manipulate in. Anyway, we finally have a bit of knowledge about how old the Asgard race really is - about a hundred thousand years, which makes them far younger than the Ancients.

    Nice to see Daniel again. Even though I prefer the McKay/Carter banter, the McKay and Jackson combo was also good.

    It was also nice to see the Travellers again, even though Larrin wasn't there. I did like the new captain and the young engineer!

    I thought the Atlantis Stargate was special, but maybe just any Pegasus Stargate put on Atlantis is special.

    So after all this, what happens between Atlantis and Todd?

    The love triangle seems to be over, unless McKay bumbles it up, which wouldn't surprise me! Poor Ronon, but something had to give.

    Overall, a good episode.
  • It is good, entertainment episode, with some silly stuff here and there.

    First, I am biased to all SG episodes, so unless it really boring or suck, I would give each of them a 10.

    It is pretty silly that Dr. Keller's hairstyle changed when she and Ronon tried to crippled the Deadalus's engine, and suddenly so flat when she was interrogate with Tod, and changed back when Ronon rescued her. It may be a small stuff, but it definitely ruin my moment. How she could find a hair dresser and the time when Deadalus was captured by the Wraith?

    Another thing, I guess all races have bad seed, and now we have bad Asgards. Rodney is a Rodney. "I thought they need me, and that you (Dr. Jackson) is expendable." really made me laugh.

    Overall, it is a good entertaining episode, though I am beginning to confuse on how the future SGA storyline will continue. I wished they are still fighting with those Asurans, and off course still have Dr. Weir.